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Katy Perry is back with a 'Roar' -- hear her new single now

In a promo for her new single “Roar,” Katy Perry tongue-in-cheekily lays to rest her old bubblegum image, as starlight-mint pinwheels spin on a casket and purple-wigged fans wail. But fans shouldn’t worry about Perry straying too far from the formula that made her famous: “Roar” has arrived, and it’s just as upliftingly poppy as her previous megahit “Firework.”

The song’s clear jock-jam aspirations — sample lyrics: “I got the eye of the tiger, the fire/Dancing through the fire, ’cause I am a champion/And you’re gonna hear me roar” — will likely make the song a fall-football staple (the Bengals should just send her a check now).

Listen to the full track below:

Katy Perry's latest 'Roar' teaser lays her old image to rest -- WATCH

In an epic new teaser—at 24 seconds, it’s four times the length of a Vine—for her album, Prism (out Oct. 22), Katy Perry attends the burial of her old spinning-popsicles image. Just a few days ago, of course, she released a video of herself burning a blue wig. What’s next? Will she put a sweater on over a cleavage-baring dress?

All we know is that Katy’s not revealing anything about her album, or “Roar,” the hashtag and apparent song title flashed in each video. She’s only telling us what Prism will not be—another Teenage Dream. (Hopefully it won’t be Adult Reality either.)

This much is clear: Lady Gaga’s septum-piercing video is looking pretty lame right now. (To say nothing of her non-metaphor about applause.)


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