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Robin Thicke's 'Paula' is the weirdest album of the year (and maybe the worst)


Robin Thicke’s seventh album felt off from the moment word got out that he was making it. When an untitled Thicke album showed up in Interscope’s release schedule, it seemed like an error, since he was still promoting his incredibly successful Blurred Lines LP from the year before. Thicke confirmed the new record was real when he announced that he was naming it after his estranged wife, Paula Patton, and that it would be an album-length attempt to get her back. It even had a lead single called “Get Her Back” —just to make things unmistakably clear.

The setup was intensely weird. But the album itself, when it finally came out, elevated the situation to fully bizarre. That it was even released in the first place is a testament either to Thicke’s industry heft or his label’s blind faith that after “Blurred Lines” people would buy anything he recorded. Paula sounds rushed at best, unfinished at worst, and confused throughout. At times, it’s as brooding and meditative as you expect a breakup record to be—but there’s a manic, delusionally hopeful tone to some of the songs. Its inability to stick to one influence—from Marvin Gaye slow jams to Neptunes-lite hip-hop—for more than a couple minutes doesn’t help Paula cohere. The album’s perplexing qualities are handily summed up in the “Get Her Back” video, where Thicke pleads for the forgiveness of a wife who won’t even speak to him while simultaneously getting felt up by models.


Robin Thicke admits to drug and alcohol problem in 'Blurred Lines' testimony


Robin Thicke hasn’t stopped talking about his his wife, Paula Patton, since their February separation. There were the many songs he dedicated to her and cried through on tour, the entire album titled Paula promoted as an apology. And apparently, even a legal meeting wasn’t safe from mention of her: In a testimony acquired by The Hollywood Reporter, Thicke mentions his separation from his wife multiple times.

Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and T.I. filed a lawsuit last year in an attempt to protect their 2013 song “Blurred Lines” against Marvin Gaye’s children’s claims that the song is a rip-off of their father’s 1977 hit “Got to Give it Up.” Thicke gave his deposition, which also included confessions of drug abuse, in April. READ FULL STORY

Robin Thicke's 'Paula' doesn't seem to have fixed his marital problems

 A new report from TMZ suggests that Robin Thicke has given up his quixotic quest to win back his estranged wife Paula Patton, “telling people in his camp” that the marriage “has collapsed.” The L.A. home that the two shared until Patton moved out in February is also up for sale now, which makes the split seem even more final. Apparently recording a deeply creepy and not-very-good record that no one wants to buy isn’t the key to winning back a lost lover.

If Thicke really is throwing in the towel, it raises the question of whether this whole Hail Mary of a concept album/plea for forgiveness was really worth the effort. Calling the mission off after not even an entire month suggests this may have all just been a poorly conceived, poorly executed idea that wasn’t any more effective than leaving your ex a bunch of long, drunken voicemails (which Paula feels like for most of its running time).

But anyhow: If Paula Patton finally calls it quits, and she keeps on refusing to engage the celebrity gossip machine, we could finally be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of this whole awkwardly tacky episode. And if Thicke doesn’t come roaring back in the next six months or so with the best R&B record ever recorded, we might even be done talking about him at all.

Robin Thicke has a creepy, desperate new video for 'Get Her Back'


Last year’s inescapable single “Blurred Lines,” which turned Robin Thicke from a marginal R&B singer to a superstar, was great for his career—but maybe not so good for his personal life. After its racy video and a grabby performance alongside (or, actually, very, very close behind) Miley Cyrus at the VMAs turned him into a sex symbol of an exceedingly sleazy kind, his wife Paula Patton, who he started dating as a teenager, left him amid rumors of infidelity.

Earlier this month Thicke announced that he’s releasing an album, entitled Paula, that’s all about their split. Judging by the song titles—“Love Can Grow Back,” “Still Madly Crazy,” “You’re My Fantasy”—it seems less like his Here, My Dear or Blood On the Tracks than a very public, very desperate stunt to convince Patton to reconcile.

How desperate? Well, the new video for Paula‘s lead single, “Get Her Back,” juxtaposes moody shots of Thicke and a disconcertingly Patton-esque woman with snippets of text messages between two estranged lovers, one of whom lists a number of valid reasons as to why they’re estranged (“You drink too much,” “You embarrassed me”) and the other of whom has written an entire album about their breakup. From Thicke’s perspective, it probably seems like a grand romantic gesture—but from anywhere else, it looks like quite possibly the thirstiest video of all time.


Robin Thicke names new album after estranged wife Paula Patton

When it comes to trying to win back Paula Patton, no amount of public wooing is too over the top for Robin Thicke. The R&B singer is now offering a mea culpa in the form of his new album, which he’s naming Paula, EW has confirmed.

It’s the latest in a string of attempts by the pop star to mend his broken relationship. The high-school sweethearts, who were married for nine years and have one son, Julian Fuego,  announced their separation in February.

Since then, Thicke, has been using his music to send a very clear message to the actress. He debuted the first single off the new album, “Get Her Back,” at the Billboard Music Awards in May. He introduced the song by saying, “All right, y’all, help me get her back.” And at recent concerts, he has dedicated the song “Lost Without U” to his lady. READ FULL STORY

Robin Thicke dedicates 'Get Her Back' to Paula Patton at Billboard Music Awards

Apparently, those rumors of Robin Thicke’s very public attempt to woo back estranged wife Paula Patton were not unfounded — the singer did indeed unveil his new song “Get Her Back” at the Billboard Music Awards Sunday night.


Robin Thicke is really really sorry, and he's going to sing about it

Apparently, the corner bodega was all out of apology roses — in a grand gesture intended for his estranged wife, actress Paula Patton, Robin Thicke will reportedly debut a new song at Sunday night’s Billboard Awards for her called “Get Her Back.”

Billboard confirms that Thicke will be performing on the show — and TMZ claims to have obtained lyrics for the song, which includes the lines “I should’ve kissed you longer / I should’ve held you stronger / And I’ll wait for forever for you,” “All I wanna do is make it right,” and “I gotta get her, go get her back/I gotta treat her right/I gotta cherish her for life.”

The Billboard Awards air Sunday night at 8pm on ABC.

Robin Thicke on tour: 'I'm trying to get my girl back' -- VIDEO

It’s not uncommon for artists to get a little personal while on stage. Whether it’s John Mayer apologizing to his fans for something he said, Miley Cyrus breaking down in the middle of singing “Wrecking Ball,” or Beyonce announcing her pregnancy, singers can start to feel pretty comfortable in front of that microphone. And the latest star to blur that line between personal and professional is none other than Robin Thicke.

After Thicke and Paula Patton announced that they were separating, Thicke went back on tour. There, he revealed that he’s not exactly ready to let go of his wife of nearly 10 years: During a recent show in Fairfax, Va., Thicke told the crowd that he’s “trying to get my girl back.” The singer then reportedly dedicated his performance of “Lost Without U” to his ex.

Watch a video of Thicke’s declaration below:


Marvin Gaye's kids settle with Sony over Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines'

Marvin Gaye’s children have settled claims against a music company owned by Sony over Robin Thicke’s Grammy-nominated hit song “Blurred Lines.”

The Gayes had accused EMI of not pursuing a copyright infringement case against Thicke because “Blurred Lines” has similarities to Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up.”

A Los Angeles judge on Tuesday granted Nona Marvisa Gaye and Frankie Christian Gaye’s dismissal of their lawsuit against EMI, which is owned by Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Documents say the Gayes and Sony have an agreement and claims against Sony can’t be brought again. Terms of the settlement weren’t disclosed.

Dueling lawsuits between the Gaye family and Thicke remain active.

Robin Thicke leaves the dancing to the pros in 'Feel Good' video: Watch it here


Robin Thicke will forever have a hard time making music videos, if only because his clip for “Blurred Lines” became so iconic (and was so full of breasts).

Still, he really gives it a go in “Feel Good,” for the latest single from his album Blurred Lines. Once again, Thicke still invites along a group of ladies, though unlike the “Blurred Lines” gals, these women are tastefully dressed in Vegas showgirl costumes (not to be confused with Showgirls costumes). Really, it’s like the old school Sin City version of the Radio City Christmas show — if Dean Martin dreamed up a stage review and set it to a pulsating whisper track.

So yeah there’s no bare boobs, but there are some pretty colors and some top-shelf dancing. Give “Feel Good” a look below.  READ FULL STORY

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