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Kindness talks 'lack of cynicism' in 'Who Do You Love' video

The video for Kindness and Robyn’s “Who Do You Love” features dozens of sometimes smiling, sometimes pensive faces. From the outside, it might seem like a completely random assortment of people, of unrelated extras — but they’re actually all Robyn and Adam Bainbridge’s friends and family.

“It just seemed so appropriate and perfect for this song,” Bainbridge, who goes by Kindness in the music world, tells EW. “Which, to myself and Robyn, was fundamentally about finding your own place and contentment in relation to the people you’re surrounded by.”

Bainbridge got Daniel Brereton on board to direct, and they filmed the video over a couple days in both the U.K. and Sweden. “It was a pretty amazing thing to see, to see your friends in this kind of sequence of faces,” Brainbridge says. “It’s a generous act for them, to put themselves out there to be filmed so intimately.” READ FULL STORY

Find out the bizarre story behind Robyn and Kindess' 'Who Do You Love'


While listeners love to be able to put their own meaning on the lyrics of a song, sometimes the story behind a track’s inspiration is too incredible to ignore. Such is the case with Robyn and Kindness’ “Who Do You Love.”


Robyn, Avicii, more are getting their own Swedish postage stamps


Sending letters is about to get much more exciting: Max Martin, First Aid Kit, Robyn, Avicii, and Seinabo Sey will be the new faces of Sweden’s stamps.

Sweden is one of the world’s pop music capitals—according a press release, it’s “third in world in pop music exports”—so it makes sense that the country would give some of their biggest stars their own stamps. READ FULL STORY

New tribute LP illuminates Arthur Russell's unappreciated greatness


Covers are stubborn. For every magical Jimi Hendrix-“All Along the Watchtower” combination, hundreds of reinterpretations crash and burn. When Arcade Fire performed a new cover at every show on their Reflektor tour, for instance, they often fell short, because, well, even the Greatest Freakin’ Indie Band will struggle to nail iconic recordings by R.E.M. and Sam Cooke. Sometimes brilliance strikes, like on Cat Power’s The Covers Record, but tribute albums are frequently dull and all too often smack of washed-up stars trying to channel legends.

Considering these challenges, Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell, the new tribute dedicated to one of New York City’s most seminal (and unappreciated) musicians, is remarkable. Arthur Russell isn’t a household name, but this star-studded album could make listeners wonder why.


Robyn and Royksopp float through space in 'Monument' video


Forget yoga retreats in the mountains—judging from Robyn and Röyksopp’s video for “Monument,” space is the place to go for all your meditating needs.

Robyn and the members of Norwegian duo Röyksopp float on a white circle through space, occasionally getting up to dance in slow motion and stare at each other in wonder. The dazed video reflects the dreaminess of “Monument,” a track more ethereal than the dance-pop Robyn’s known for.


Video: Robyn and Royksopp join the revolution in 'Do It Again'


When you think of frequent Scandinavian collaborators Robyn and Röyksopp, you probably imagine thumping club beats, or maybe even lighter, more ballad-like fare. Point is, you might not expect the Swedish and Norwegian team to score the music of a revolution.


Robyn and Royksopp turn the Hollywood Bowl into a Swedish dance party

At the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday night, Robyn performed like one of her pop symphonies come to life. She never stopped moving, just like her songs that build up to a manic beat, and she poured emotion into every word, just like the poignant lyrics that belie her music’s mainstream sound. And she had the perfect partners in crime for her musical mission: Robyn is touring with fellow Scandinavians Royksopp to support their mini-album Do It Again, the first joint project from the frequent collaborators. READ FULL STORY

Kings of Leon cover Robyn's 'Dancing On My Own': Watch it here


Stand back, Hannah Horvath — there’s more than one way to skin the brilliant dance-jam cat this is “Dancing On My Own.”

Last night on the BBC, Kings of Leon gave it the full-on Joshua Tree slow burn treatment. So far away, but still so near –  watch it here:

The Kings will also headline the ongoing iTunes Festival in London tomorrow night; but you can still experience it live in housepants, too.

Robyn unleashes gender-bent video for 'U Should Know Better' feat. Snoop Dogg -- watch it here


The song is almost three years old — that’s why Snoop is still credited as a Dogg, and not a Lion — but “U Should Know Better,” from Robyn’s Body Talk Pt. 2, is finally getting a formal single release.

And now, a kind of amazing video: U should know that “Robyn” here is a teeny mini with a blond bowl cut, Timbalands, and pretty much all the ninja-punching/floor humping “Call Your Girlfriend” moves; “Snoop” is a lady horticulturist in braids, Adidas, and giant hoops.

Watch it below — and don’t blink or you’ll miss the very special cameo, in full-on moto-leather mom drag, at 2:20: READ FULL STORY

The Lonely Island's newest 'Go Kindergarten' features Robyn -- VIDEO


It’s once again #WackWednesday which means the Lonely Island guys — Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer — are releasing a new song off their upcoming third album, The Wack Album, out June 11.

Today’s entry, “Go Kindergarten,” is a hashtag-happy ode introducing a brand-new, bag-over-head dance craze. The video is billed as “Dance Rehearsal” so it’s presumably a preview of sorts. (Otherwise, allow us to lodge a formal complaint that Robyn sings on the tune, but isn’t actually featured in the video.)

Like most Lonely Island songs, the parody lyrics give way to a straight-up catchy NSFW tune. #Check #ItAllOut #Below: READ FULL STORY

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