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The Roots, Foo Fighters to perform Super Bowl weekend

Foo Fighters, The Roots, and Imagine Dragons will perform on a cruise ship ahead of the Super Bowl.

The bands will hit the stage on the Bud Light Hotel New York, which will be docked at Pier 88 in Manhattan on the Hudson River. The Super Bowl will be played Feb. 2 at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.

The Roots will perform with Run-DMC and Busta Rhymes on Jan. 30, while Grammy-nominated Imagine Dragons will perform a day later.

Foo Fighters will headline the main event on Feb. 1, where Zac Brown Band will also perform.

Fall Out Boy and country singer Jake Owen will play a concert before the Super Bowl.

The cruise ship will offer lodging for 4,000 guests in 1,900 staterooms.

Check out Darryl 'DMC' McDaniels' new comic book -- EXCLUSIVE

Back in July, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels — one third of legendary hip-hop trio Run DMC — launched Darryl Makes Comics, a new comic book company.

Not only is DMC the CEO, but he’s also the protagonist of the new DMC comic, which is just about to premiere. The book finds McDaniels making the transition from rapper to superhero — just as he did when he made his way from Darryl to DMC.

It’s the long-awaited kickoff of a passion project for McDaniels. “This production is first and foremost respectable and legitimate to comic-book culture,” he told Entertainment Weekly back in July. “The same things DC and Marvel did, the same stories and passion is what this is first. My comic-book passion has always been there, but I never pursued it; but I didn’t want to be a hip-hop dude trying to do a hip-hop comic book.”

Check out the exclusive EW premiere of the first few pages of DMC below.  READ FULL STORY

Darryl 'DMC' McDaniels reinvents himself as a comic book mogul, superhero - EXCLUSIVE

Darryl McDaniels grew up in the working-class New York neighborhood of Hollis in Queens, where he wore glasses and read comic books obsessively. Once he discovered hip-hop, he traded in his Marvel adventures for two turntables and a microphone and morphed into DMC, one third of the most influential collective in the history of rap music.

That transformation has all the makings of a superhero origin story, so it’s only natural that McDaniels now has his own comic book. The Run-D.M.C. co-founder is launching Darryl Makes Comics, a new company that will bridge the gap between the worlds of hip-hop and the fantastic adventures he got wrapped up in as a youth.

“Three years ago, I went to the comic convention in Philadelphia to do a celebrity signing. I just went to make a couple of bucks, and it ended up bringing my love of comics back again,” McDaniels explained. “I went there, and just being at this comic convention, the memories started coming back and filtering in. The problem was I lost a lot of money because I didn’t just stand there to sign autographs—I ended up taking a tour of the whole convention. I remembered a lot of old stuff, but I was introduced to a lot of new publications and productions.”

He was so inspired that he went about recruiting an all-star team of collaborators. He teamed up with fellow comic book obsessives Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez and Riggs Morales, and drafted writer Ronald Wimberly (Vertigo’s awesome Prince of Cats), artist Damion Scott (BatmanBatgirlRobin), inker Dexter Vines (Superman, Wolverine, Civil War), and cover artist Sal Buscema (Avengers, Incredible Hulk). The resulting book, DMC, casts McDaniels as an alternate universe version of himself who instead of growing up to be an MC became a super-powered crime-fighter (albeit one who still rocks Adidas shell-toes).  READ FULL STORY

Run-DMC announces reunion at Fun Fun Fest

They haven’t performed together in over a decade, but the surviving members of Run-DMC are set to reunite this fall at the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas.

Joseph Simmons, now known as Rev. Run, and Darryl “DMC” McDaniels retired the group after their DJ, Jam Master Jay, was killed in 2002. But it was announced Tuesday that the band will be among the performers for the Nov. 2-4 event. Festival organizers say they plan to donate some of the proceeds to the JMJ Foundation for Music, which works to give youth access to the arts.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group is best known for hits like “Walk This Way,” “It’s Like That” and “My Adidas.”

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TV Jukebox: 'The Secret Circle,' 'The Voice,' 'Switched at Birth,' and more music-on-TV moments

The teens were out in full force this week, music-on-TV fans! From first times to first loves — even first scooters — there were notable songs from The Secret Circle, Switched at Birth, Surburgatory, The Vampire Diaries, and Pretty Little Liars. Meanwhile, there was beauty in tragedy on One Tree Hill, The Voice makes it first appearance with a knock-out performance, suspicion ruled on Grey’s Anatomy and Grimm (though only one of the above involved fire dancing I’m sorry to report), a serial killer got his groove on in BBC America’s Being Human, and the gang from Happy Endings got gangsta with it on Penny’s birthday. Want more still? We also liked “show tunes” from Ringer, Californication, and The Good Wife. Check out our picks below. (Warning for those still catching up on DVR: SPOILERS ahead!) READ FULL STORY

DMC wants to tour with Eminem


It's unclear at the moment whether Eminem will follow up the scattered promotional performances he's been giving for his new album Relapse with a full concert tour. If he does hit the road again soon, though, he can already count on at least one promising candidate for his opener slot: DMC, of the legendary Run-DMC. "I'm trying to get to be the opening act whenever he tours," DMC (pictured, right) tells the Music Mix. "Hopefully I'll get to tour with him."

Though he hasn't broached the subject with Em yet, the two bonded at this year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, where Eminem introduced Run-DMC as his longtime heroes. Turns out the respect is mutual. "He inspires me," says DMC. "When I hear him, he makes me go back to my bedroom and sit down and write. I feel that we represent the upper echelon of what we're supposed to do with our craft."

What do you think of this old-school/new-school pairing? Would you buy tickets to an Eminem/DMC concert?

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Why rappers like Run-DMC belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Rundmcrock_lIt happened when the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five in 2007, and it happened again this weekend when the Hall welcomed Run-DMC. "Run-DMC? I have lost all respect for the hall of fame." "rap and hip hop AIN’T ROCK!" "c(rap) and the wonderful word MUSIC should never be said in the same sentence." So said your fellow Music Mix commenters. Blah, blah, blah. I’m trying not to put this in inflammatory terms, but may I ask what exactly it is that bothers some people so much about the idea of honoring undeniably influential hip-hop pioneers in a rock canon?

Here’s the problem with the argument that these self-appointed music cops are making: "Rock" and "hip-hop" are fluid categories. Go ahead and try to define where one ends and the other begins. You can’t, not with any degree of precision. As I noted when this year’s inductees were first announced a couple months ago, the Hall already includes musicians as diverse as Miles Davis, Van Halen, and the Everly Brothers. "Eruption," "Bye Bye Love," and Bitches Brew sound absolutely nothing like one another. That’s okay. They’re all expressions of rock music, reflected through one prism or another. The fact is that this puritanical obsession with boundaries and definitions couldn’t run more counter to rock’s true transgressive spirit. "Rock and roll" means whatever any artist wants it to mean. If you need that magical circle to exclude "King of Rock" because, what — it has a looped backbeat? Its lyrics are proclaimed rather than crooned? The people who recorded it don’t dress like your idea of "rock stars"? — then I’m afraid that’s just your loss.

But please, tell me what I’m missing here. If you’re one of the folks who objects to Run-DMC entering the Hall, enlighten me. Just why does this get under your skin?

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