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Hear Santigold's 'Rock This' for the Sandra Bullock/Melissa McCarthy comedy 'The Heat'- EXCLUSIVE

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy aren’t the only bad girls bring The Heat this summer. Their buddy-cop comedy hits screens this Friday, but the movie’s soundtrack drops tomorrow, with renegade ladies Kreayshawn, Angel Haze, and Kimbra supplying some of the top tracks.

Also on it? Santigold‘s brand-new original “Rock This,” which you can hear exclusively here:


Santigold releases video for 'Girls'

When it comes to celebrating the exuberant women of New York City, Santigold’s giving Lena Dunham a run for her money.

The singer, whose song “Girls” is featured on the official soundtrack for HBO’s Girls, released a video for the track yesterday. It’s a giddy montage of ladies dancing and lip-syncing, interspersed with clips of Santigold and her two backup dancers going ham in what looks like a hotel bedroom.  Should offer just enough feminine pride to hold you over until next week’s episode.

Watch the video after the jump:


Seven great moments from Governors Ball festival in New York City: Kid Cudi, Major Lazer, and more

There might not have been any conflicting set times at Governors Ball in New York City this past weekend, but with nearly 12 hours each day of non-stop music between two stages — including Fiona Apple, Kid Cudi, Beck, Built to Spill, Santigold, Modest Mouse, and more — it was a lot to take in.

Here’s what you may have missed on Saturday, the more electronic and hip hop-oriented day of the festival, while you were busy snacking away by food trucks and paying too much for smoothies. READ FULL STORY

Santigold graduates to the next level at SXSW with pom-poms, equines

Friday afternoon’s South By Southwest party hosted by Spin magazine was a microcosm of this year’s festival. There were mixtape rappers (Big K.R.I.T., G-Side), indie darlings looking to buck the sophomore slump (Best Coast, Chairlift, the Big Pink), and a healthy dose of WTF-ness (the sprawling disco orchestra Escort). And like most of the bigger showcases over the past few days, it ultimately centered around the anticipated arrival of a star.

At Stubb’s BBQ on Friday afternoon, that star was Santigold. Following the critical and commercial success of her debut album, she has been missing in action for too long, and her second album Master of My Make-Believe, which has been completed and sitting on the shelf for a year, has had a few rumored release dates (it will finally arrive on April 24). With so much time on the bench, what would Santigold 2.0 look and sound like?

The jury remains out on the new material, but even if the songs go completely south, there will at least be something to look at. Santi took the stage with a pair of, as she described them, “badass b—–s who will f— you up.” To call them dancers would be a bit of a misnomer; while they did indeed execute precise choreography, they were more like those interpreters who translate musical performances into sign language—except in this case, they were explaining Santi’s songs to aliens. READ FULL STORY

Santigold premieres new song 'GO' on Jay-Z's new site, invites Karen O along for the ride

We already know that Jay-Z’s new website has plenty of confusing design elements and interviews with famous actresses, but today it also became a source for new music.

Santigold, who is signed to Jigga’s Roc Nation Management, dropped a new bomb called “GO” on the site today, and she invited friends: The track features contributions from two-thirds of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Karen O provides  backing vocals, and Nick Zinner lends his trademark guitar noise), and the song was co-produced by Q-Tip, Switch and Santi herself. Give it a spin here. READ FULL STORY

Q-Tip talks 2011 plans: A multilingual new album, collaborating with Drake, and more

Q-tip-musicianImage Credit: Johnny Nunez/WireImage.comQ-Tip is making big plans for the coming year. The sometime A Tribe Called Quest rapper phoned the Music Mix earlier today to fill us in on all the projects he has on the way, including a new solo album recorded in English, Spanish, and French. He’s calling it The Last Zulu, and ideally he hopes to complete three separate versions of the set (one for each language).

“I feel like my fans have been so gracious over the years,” Q-Tip says. “They’re so smart that I want to extend the grace back to them and speak to them in their tongues.” One slight problem: The Abstract Poetic is fluent in neither French nor Spanish. “I’m going to have to brush up!”

He plans to start seriously focusing on The Last Zulu in February, with a tentative release target of late 2011/early 2012. Here’s hoping it doesn’t fall victim to the label shenanigans that delayed 2008’s The Renaissance for so long.

So far Q-Tip has a few rough ideas for songs and a general concept involving vintage rhythms. “It’s going to take us back to the days of when it was breakbeats, when [Grandmaster] Flash and [Afrika] Bambaataa was throwing on them hard beats. It’s going to have a lot of that energy, and it’s going to feel really big and anthemic. It’s going to be unlike anything I’ve done before.” READ FULL STORY

Devo plays the Winter Olympics! Mark Mothersbaugh talks about tonight's Vancouver show—and the band's first new album in 20 years

“I love the Winter Olympics,” says Devo frontman Mark Mothersbaugh. “As a matter of fact, I wish they would hire me to help spruce them up a little bit.”

Well, as a matter of fact—and as the deadpanning Mothersbaugh knows—that is exactly what the Olympics have done. Devo are playing this very night in Vancouver at the end of Victory Ceremony. How exactly did the new wave icons-cum-art project get the plum gig? “We were on a shortlist of bands and, when they priced it out, they found we were the best value per dollar you could get,” explains Mothersbaugh. “They said, ‘Okay, let’s get those guys, they’re cheap.’”

Mothersbaugh reveals the band will perform both old material and new tracks from their forthcoming CD—the band’s first in 20 years: “We are going to try a few of things out on the unsuspecting populace. And we will definitely be looking for their opinion, to see if they think we should keep them, or if these are songs that should be carefully buried out in the tundra while we’re there.” Devo will also make a new track called “Fresh” via the band’s official website immediately following today’s show.

After the jump, Mothersbaugh talks about Devo’s collaboration with Santigold, the band’s new, allegedly bulletproof, stage outfits, and why his Wikipedia page is full of lies!


Norah Jones reveals her current listening and the identity of her CD cover canine costar

Norah Jones’ new CD, The Fall, (out yesterday) finds the chanteuse heading off in a rockier direction with a collection partly inspired by her break-up with boyfriend and musical collaborator Lee Alexander.

All of which has little to do with the burning question EW wants Ms. Jones to answer: Who is that gorgeous monster-hound with her on the cover? “His name is Ben,” she tells EW. “He’s just somebody’s pet in Brooklyn. The photographer had this idea to have 15 dogs swarming around, but this one was so beautiful we took some solo shots. I didn’t bring my own dog. He’s a poodle, but he’s 20 pounds and looks like Fozzie Bear and he would have incited chaos.”

Jones also revealed what music is currently making her go “Woof!” “I just loved that Santigold record, and MGMT. I love Elvis Perkins, I’ve been listening to that a lot. But I’m, like, obsessed with Neil Young. I’m listening to Zuma and Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere a lot. He seems like someone that just does whatever the hell he wants. And God love him for that!”

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Santigold remix project 'Southerngold' gets shut down

Southerngold-mixtape_l It's becoming a familiar tale — call it "Grey Album Syndrome." First, an enterprising DJ creates a new piece of art by collaging and re-contextualizing creative (if technically not quite authorized) samples of one or more popular albums. Next, lawyers representing the source artist(s) swoop in and serve the DJ with cease-and-desist letters prohibiting the project from being sold or distributed. Then, if the project is actually any good, a minor press frenzy ensues. The latest victim/beneficiary of this routine is Terry Urban's Southerngold, which lays beats based on samples from Santigold's excellent 2008 debut underneath vocals from Southern rap hits by the likes of Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and Young Jeezy. Cool concept, clever title, fun cover art, murky legal underpinnings: Southerngold hits all the bases for full-blown Grey Album Syndrome, and sure enough, Terry Urban says that Santigold's label, Downtown Records, just hit him with the old C&D. Let the buzz begin!

I'm no lawyer, but I can't for the life of me see what Downtown would gain by shutting down Southerngold. As Urban recently wrote: "I'm not selling this… I'm not making a dime… I'm encouraging everyone to BUY Santigold's album." Free promotion for an album that came out well over a year ago — where's the harm in that? I reached out to Santigold's camp this morning to see if she's aware of this situation; they haven't gotten back to me yet. We'll see how this shakes out, but for now, Southerngold is still out there on the Web for anyone who cares to look for it, and it's pretty great at times. I particularly recommend the track that blends Santigold's "Lights Out" with Rick Ross' "Hustlin'," as well as the one that pairs Santi's "Shove It" with Mike Jones' "Still Tippin'." What do you think of this little controversy?

FRIDAY MORNING UPDATE: Santigold has responded to yesterday's reports, and she doesn't sound too happy about her label's reported actions. Here's her statement in full, issued last night:

"Some kid just hit me up about this on MySpace. It wasthe first I ever heard about it. I've never heard anything about thisDJ or this remix, and certainly did not send a cease and desist letter.I'm a supporter of mixtape culture and intend to get to the bottom ofit."

We'll keep you updated as any further information emerges.

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