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Vampire Weekend premiere new song 'Ya Hey': Hear it here -- VIDEO

A lot of champagne gets wasted in the new lyric video for Vampire Weekend’s newest song, “Ya Hey,” in which people move in slow motion and shower themselves with bubbly. All the time, the song’s lyrics scroll up the screen. This is the band’s third video for its upcoming album, Modern Vampires of the City (out May 7), following “Diane Young” and “Step.” Meanwhile, the band has also been playing “Unbelievers,” “Obvious Bicycle,” and “Everlasting Arms” in concert and on late-night shows. That’s half the album so far — and a bunch of new sounds to hear. Consider “Ya Hey” practically a VW ballad, driven by drums. Is it about God? It sounds so sad, in a we-have-so-much champagne kind of way.

Watch below. What do you think?


Scotty McCreery's new single 'See You Tonight' sounds shockingly contemporary


Last year’s American Idol winner Phillip Phillips gets a lot of credit for reinvigorating the Idol crown’s significance, but people seem to forget that his predecessor, Scotty McCreery, has had a pretty darn impressive post-Idol career himself.

McCreery’s debut album Clear As Day sold 1.2 million copies and spawned two country hits, “I Love You This Big” and “The Trouble With Girls.” Today, an Amazon listing confirmed what many have recently speculated — that McCreery is about to unleash new music into the world. The deep-voiced country crooner, who’s currently enrolled at North Carolina State University, will release “See You Tonight” on April 9, and it’s safe to assume he’ll perform the song when he visits the American Idol results show two days later.

There’s no official audio for the song yet, but country expert Windmills of MJsBigBlog shared the video below (with great audio) from a recent concert of McCreery singing “See You Tonight.”

My snap judgment? This is by far the best thing he’s ever put out. While much of Clear As Day felt dull and antiquated, both lyrically and musically, “See You Tonight” feels fresh, youthful, romantic, and perfect for the warm summer nights ahead. McCreery’s baritone laces the moonlit lyrics convincingly — especially that “Baby, it’s worth the drive/you’re worth the drive” lyric, which will have a lot of his female fans swooning. The song actually reminds me a bit of Eric Church’s “Springsteen,” another romantic, torchy midtempo number. Give it a listen below: READ FULL STORY

Vampire Weekend premiere new songs 'Diane Young' and 'Step': Hear them here

In between all of the epic Prince sets, Justin Timberlake covers of INXS songs, and Usher drop-ins, it would have been easy to miss one of the more exciting moments of SXSW weekend: the return of Vampire Weekend.

Playing their first North American shows since announcing their upcoming album Modern Vampires of the City, the New York quartet pulled the curtain back on some new music. The album is out May 6, but the band decided to put two new songs on the Internet today. Official first single “Diane Young” is an envelope-pushing blast of power pop, while “Step” is a mellower jam more akin to the band’s earlier material.

Listen to both songs below, and enjoy those mesmerizing images of cars on fire while you’re at it:


Beyonce premieres new songs 'Bow Down' and 'I Been On': Hear them here

No announcements of an announcement for her. Last night, Queen Bey (rather unceremoniously) debuted new music via SoundCloud and Instagram.

Check out “Bow Down” and “I Been On” below.


Jewel and Kelly Clarkson duet on 'Foolish Games' -- VIDEO

If Feb. 5 is too far away (and it is! it’s six days away!) for the Jewel fans out there, have no fear: a cut of your mistress of songs singing with Kelly Clarkson is making its way around the Internet.

The pair teamed up to tackle “Foolish Games,” off Jewel’s soul-saving Pieces of You. The new version — available on her upcoming greatest hits album — is heavier than the original, with less cresting woe. Also: less strings and less of Jewel reaching for the attic end of her upper register. Generally less of everything, except Kelly Clarkson, which has the upside-down effect of making the track even better, and definitely a dash more empowered.

Take a listen below and then chime in: Does this make the wait for Jewel’s Greatest Hits any easier? And who will Kelly duet with next?


You can stream One Direction's 'Take Me Home' in its entirety on iTunes

Pop music promotion is a funny thing. These days, it seems like the more music you give away early, the more albums you’re destined to sell in the first week.

Taylor Swift sold five separate promotional singles in the lead-up to Red‘s record-breaking debut. Phillip Phillips is offering track samples of every tune from The World from the Side of the Moon at Yahoo! Music. But One Direction is giving their fans a whole other level of access. The British fivesome is allowing their sophomore album Take Me Home to stream in full on iTunes in the week leading up to its Nov. 13 release. (Green Day also just jumped into the full-stream fray with their upcoming Dos!, over at READ FULL STORY

The Band Perry are still fixated on dying young on new single 'Better Dig Two'


Just in time for tomorrow night’s CMA Awards, breakout country act The Band Perry, whose self-titled first album went platinum and spawned the crossover smash “If I Die Young,” is back with a new single called “Better Dig Two.” It’s the first song released from the sibling trio’s upcoming second album, set to hit retailers in early 2013.

“Better Dig Two” is a sly, banjo-plucked confession of love (read: obsession) that’s amped up by a gigantic dose of crazy. “I told you on the day we wed / I was gonna love you til I was dead,” Kimberly Perry drawls with a newfound edge in her voice. Unable to bear the thought of being separated from her man, Perry continues, “If you go before I do / I’m gonna tell the gravedigger that he better dig two.” It’s all teetering on the edge of insanity, and it’s all great.

On their first album, The Band Perry showcased a Southern gothic thematic, and they seem to have augmented those vibes while steering them into new sonic territory (bring on the drums!) on “Better Dig Two.” Sure, it’s not as melodiously pretty as singles like “All Your Life” or “Postcard from Paris,” but I’m thrilled by the idea of a more dangerous The Band Perry.

Give the song a listen below: READ FULL STORY

One Direction release 'Little Things', still 'love' you even though you're fat and terrible


One Direction dropped their new Ed Sheeran-penned single, “Little Things” — a followup to their hit “Live While We’re Young” and the second track released from the upcoming Take Me Home — this morning, and as expected, there’s nothing “little” about its online reaction.

Though the official lyric video has only been live for a few hours, it has already received over 127,000 likes and 55,000 comments on YouTube, and as young girls across the U.S. wake up today and check their Tumblrs, those metrics are only going to soar higher.

Because of that massive, adoring fanbase of occasionally irrational Directioners, I realize what I’m about to write might not be especially popular, but I’ve got to be honest: this song is kind of messed up.


What's the best song on Taylor Swift's 'Red'?


The great thing about the release week of a new Taylor Swift CD is that everyone — that includes mega-fans, “which famous ex-boyfriend is this one about?” decoders, and outright haters — wants to talk about it. That’s just how it works when you’re one of the biggest stars on the planet.

This fact is especially true for Red, Swift’s latest album, which dropped yesterday. The disc finds the pop-country vixen pushing her musical boundaries further than ever before, and it’s causing a ruckus in the industry. “Country radio has been a little taken aback by it because it is so obviously pop,” Scott Borchetta, the President of Big Machine Records, Swift’s label, tells EW. “[But] we haven’t’ been hiding behind what she’s been doing.” he says. “She wrote this record with Max Martin, and Shelback, and it’s a big pop record with some country leaning.”

“We’d be in the studio,” Borchetta remembers, “and I’d say, ‘This record wants to do more than what you’re doing to it, and she’d say, ‘What do you mean?’ and I’d say, ‘If it’s country, run toward it, if it’s pop, run toward it, if it’s rock, run toward it. You have artistic license to do your music. I want to encourage you to go to the edges.'”

And go to the edges she did. Red finds Swift flirting with U2-esque arena rock on “State of Grace,” dubstep on “I Knew You Were Trouble,” Katy Perry party-pop on “22,” handclap-happy piano celebration on “Stay Stay Stay,” and crooning alongside Brit Ed Sheeran on “Everything Has Changed.”

It’s a lot to digest on a first listen, but now that you’ve had a whole day to process Red, let’s talk about the songs that work and the ones that don’t: READ FULL STORY

Taylor Swift channels U2 on new track 'State of Grace': Hear it here


If Taylor Swift has made one thing clear in the lead-up to her fourth album Red, it’s that her genre is nigh impossible to pin down.

First came the outright pop of her first no. 1 Hot 100 hit, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Then came the plaintive, slow country sound of “Begin Again.” After that, we got more pop and sonic vocals with “Red.” And last week brought the dubstep-laden “I Knew You Were Trouble.” So obviously the next logical step was… Brit rock? READ FULL STORY

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