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Hear St. Vincent's 'Bad Believer,' from upcoming deluxe reissue

There’s more where that came from. St. Vincent’s eponymous fifth album was already one of the best albums of 2014 – EW‘s favorite album of 2014, in fact. But forming a complete suite of songs like St. Vincent‘s pulsating, shredding synth rock means leaving some good stuff on the cutting room floor. The upcoming deluxe edition of St. Vincent will feature remixes and bonus tracks , including the new “Bad Believer.”

In the vein of other great bonus tracks like Kanye West’s “See Me Now,” “Bad Believer” lacks the darkness and lyrical complexity that made its album so great, but still makes for a fun jam.

'Girls' will feature new St. Vincent, Grimes, and Family of the Year

Good news: Marnie’s folk songs won’t make up the entirety of new music debuted on this season of Girls. Sorry, Marnie. But Billboard‘s news that the fourth season will feature new tracks from St. Vincent, Grimes, and Family of the Year is a more exciting musical development.  READ FULL STORY

St. Vincent to (temporarily) lead 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' 8G Band

Fred Armisen is taking a couple nights off from his regular gig leading Late Night with Seth Meyers‘s 8G Band next week. Sitting in as his temporary replacement for August 11 and 12 will be Annie Clark, a.k.a. St. Vincent.

The band has had a number of guests join them in the few months it’s been around, including alt-rock guitar heroes J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. and Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles, but Clark will be the first to actually front the band–which includes members of Girls Against Boys and Les Savy Fav–and take on some of Armisen’s responsibilities. The presumably includes selecting songs. Given that in the past she’s covered Nirvana and Big Black, it seems likely that we’ll be hearing some choice ’90s indie cuts, but Clark also likes to keep her audience on their toes, so expect some more unexpected picks.

Here’s St. Vincent covering Nirvana’s “Lithium” at a recent concert in Chicago:

St. Vincent picks her three favorite cult albums

St. Vincent, a.k.a. Annie Clark, is currently one of the biggest stars in the indie-rock constellation, thanks to her excellent recent self-titled album (seriously, it’s that good; go get it if you haven’t yet).

But last week, she took time off of her current tour to share some of her favorite albums by female artists who didn’t quite reach the mainstream, or have been forgotten since their long-ago moments in the spotlight.

Below, her picks:
“It’s interesting because she made records in the 1990s using samples from other records, but she did it before it was easy to do. It was a really painstaking process, sampling records into a sampler and then playing them over in order to make something out of them—they’re really alien-pop and catchy and interesting. It was one of my favorite records growing up.”

“My fiend Cate Le Bon hitched me to her record a few years ago…it’s epically awesome. It’s got a confluence of Turkish folk music mixed with the British and American thing that was happening at the time.”

Cate Le Bon
“Cate is great! She’s got a few records out…but her record Cyrk, I listen to over and over again….I liked her record and asked her to go on tour with me supporting Strange Mercy and then we became great friends. She’s just phenomenal. Great guitar player, too.”

Pick up this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly for more criminally underrated entertainment.

Ten indie albums to get excited for in early 2014

Early winter’s still a notoriously slow time for new music, even in this era of the thoroughly disrupted record industry. But now that we’ve absorbed all the year-end best-of lists—and, of course, Beyoncé—we can look ahead to the quieter enjoyment of a more modest slate of albums in January and February.

Which isn’t to say we won’t be talking about some of these — a few of which I’ve heard in full, and others in bits in pieces — come December. (We’ll also have a 2014 Forecast issue on stands Jan. 10, which will cover major album releases and tours, as well as upcoming movies, TV shows, and more.)

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks, Wig Out at Jagbags
Jan. 14
If you’ve heard one lazy, lovely, wordy Jicks jam you’ve heard them all—and yet, six albums in, the band’s still a gust of fresh and fragrant air in an indie scene as alienated as ever from sensual guitar soloing. Bonus: for “Lariat,” they made the most subtly sexy lyric video ever: READ FULL STORY

David Byrne and St. Vincent release music video for 'Who': Watch it here

In one of the coolest collaborations in recent memory, David Byrne and St. Vincent have teamed up for an album, Love This Giant, which drops Sept. 11.

The duo just released a video for the record’s brassy second single, “Who,” directed by Martin de Thurah.  Shot in crisp black and white, it ostensibly tells the story of an alcohol-induced car accident; but more importantly, it features some of Byrne’s characteristically funky dance moves.  Check it out below.


St. Vincent's 'Actor Out of Work' video: Is it as 'cheesy' as she feared?

When I chatted with her at SXSW last month, Annie Clark played it coy about the video she was about to shoot for her single "Actor Out of Work": "If I describe it, it’s going to sound really cheesy, but hopefully it’ll turn out very well," Clark (who records under the name St. Vincent) laughed. "You’ll just have to see it. I’ll just have to see it to be able to describe it, I think."

Now that the video has finally hit the Web, we can all see and describe it to our heart’s content. Short summary: Clark sings "Actor Out of Work" to a group of underemployed thespians, each of whom spontaneously freaks out and bursts into tears in turn. That’s not quite the reaction I have to this song — mine involves less weeping, more "rock on!" hand gestures — but hey, to each his or her own. Check out the video below and start getting psyched for St. Vincent’s excellent Actor, due May 5.

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St. Vincent talks about her 'beautiful,' 'disgusting' SXSW

Stvincent_lActor, the upcoming sophomore effort from St. Vincent, is an album of contradictions. “I’m happy with how the orchestrated and beautiful parts on the album came out,” St. V. (a.k.a. Annie Clark) told me yesterday afternoon. “I’m also happy about how disgusting and gnarly the guitar parts came out. ” You could say her two SXSW showcases this year split up along similar gnarly/beautiful lines. Her set last night was a brief, blistering blast at the grubby club Antone’s, while her Wednesday night set at the Central Presbyterian Church (pictured) seemed to fit right in with that lofty venue. “Church shows are nice because people are really attentive,” Clark says. “There’s a reverence for the space in general, so it’s really nice to be able to put on a show with some nuance.”

Nuance, clearly, is something that Clark values in her music. And nuance isn’t always an easy quality to translate to a live setting. “It’s a whole other puzzle, and you have to figure out what has to go where to be the most convincing live,” Clark says. “It’s a little bit of a challenge, but it’s not insurmountable.” Judging by her SXSW shows, she’s doing just fine surmounting that challenge. Four accompanists deployed strings, woodwinds, and samplers in an effort to re-create the album’s intricacies. Clark herself is a focused dynamo on stage, quite possibly my new favorite live guitarist. The combined effect is often breathtaking, and I was sorry St. Vincent couldn’t play for longer at Antone’s last night.

Next week, Clark is headed to L.A. to shoot a video for lead single “Actor Out of Work.” (She wouldn’t reveal anything about the treatment she’s using for the video, fearing it would “sound really cheesy.” Mysterious!) After that, she’ll head out for some promo dates in the U.S. and Europe, followed by a full-scale U.S. tour to support Actor‘s May 5 release. Check it out if you have a chance. “Hopefully the beautiful parts [of the album] will be even more beautiful live,” she says, “and the gnarly parts will get even more disgusting.”

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