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Metallica and Lou Reed's 'Lulu': Listen to the preview here!

Throughout their respective careers, both Lou Reed and Metallica have spent a healthy amount of their creative energy challenging their audiences.

Enthusiasts of both have sometimes had to embrace extreme sounds and ideas that are both deeply noncommercial and passionately counterintuitive. But people keep tuning in because the personalities behind the music are so strong and compelling that they dare you to look away.

So it’s no surprise that a chance collaboration during a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame anniversary concert has now resulted in a full-length album featuring both entities. Lulu hits store shelves on November 1, but there are previews of each one of the songs below.

They’re a strange marriage of Metallica’s turned-to-11 thump, Reed’s catty delivery, and lyrics that tell the story of a dancer who rises through society only to end up a poor prostitute (a tale originally told in a pair of plays written by German playwright Frank Wedekind). Give the tracks a spin below. READ FULL STORY

Coldplay's Chris Martin on 'Princess of China' guest Rihanna: 'She's a much, much better singer than me'

There is still a week to go before the release of Coldplay’s fifth album, Mylo Xyloto, and earlier today the tune that will undoubtedly be the disc’s most talked-about made its way onto the Internet — though the band’s label, EMI, is consistently pulling the song down where they find it.

Back when the track listing was first announced, “Princess of China” immediately stood out, mostly because it contained the note “featuring Rihanna” right after it.

It isn’t the first time a voice that isn’t Martin’s has shown up on a Coldplay song (remember that version of “Lost!” that captured one of Jay-Z’s best freestyles over the piano solo?), but “Princess of China” is a pretty powerful departure for the band, as it not only invites RiRi along for the ride but also locks into something like an R&B groove (or at least the British swoop-rock interpretation of an R&B groove).

“She’s one of the top five singers in the world,” Martin told EW during a recent conversation about the new album (the results of which you can read in the current issue, on newsstands now). “While we were working on it, I was thinking, ‘I wish Rihanna was singing this.’ That was around the time of Rated R, when she was singing dark stuff like ‘Russian Roulette.’ I got nervous to ask [drummer] Will [Champion], because I knew he would say, ‘Well, we don’t really have guests on the records,’ but then I asked him and it was accepted as an idea. But the song itself was always asking for her. The process of getting her to sing on it took ages, but in my head I would have been very disappointed if anyone else had done it.” READ FULL STORY

Taylor Swift duets with Usher, T.I. during all-star sweep through Atlanta: Watch here

It’s Monday, which means it’s time once again to play Who Showed Up At Taylor Swift’s Tour Stop Over The Weekend?

Swift’s indefatigable Speak Now tour made its way to Atlanta over the weekend, and showcased visits from not one but two local superstars.

On Saturday night, Swift welcomed Usher to the Speak Now stage, and the two of them ran through his massive 2004 single “Yeah.”

Sadly, Swift did not take on the Lil Jon part (or the Ludacris verse), opting instead to sing along with Mr. Raymond in the chorus. Naturally, the ATL fans in attendance went ape, including Usher’s two sons, who ran up on stage at the conclusion of the duet.

On Sunday, Swift brought out another member of Atlanta’s musical royalty: T.I. The rapper (who had only been tasting free air for a few days thanks to his release from prison) tag-teamed with Swift on “Live Your Life,” with Taylor filling in for Rihanna.

Sunday’s performance was quite a bit more theatrical, as Swift started out by crooning the song’s chorus (even adding Rihanna’s island lilt on the word “haters”), then calling for T.I., who began rapping from backstage only to make his way down the dramatic, sparkly staircase that serves as the centerpiece of Swift’s Speak Now set.

Follow the jump for shaky cell phone video of each performance: READ FULL STORY

Jack White, Insane Clown Posse, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart walk into a bar... No really, it's actually happening


That sounds like the beginning to a filthy joke about powdered wigs and Faygo, but those three parties are actually getting together for what should be a wild collaboration.

According to the greatest press release ever written by a human, band collector/empire runner Jack White will be producing a new version of a forgotten Mozart ditty called “Leck Mich Im Arsch” (which apparently translates to “Lick Me in the A–” — as Amadeus proved, Wolfie adored a good bawdy joke). To execute the song, White has called on fellow Detroit natives Insane Clown Posse to add new lyrics to the melody that will be played by Nashville garage-metallers JEFF the Brotherhood.

The track will be available on September 13 both digitally and as a seven inch single (it wouldn’t be a White production without some level of vinyl scarcity). The b-side will be a song called “Mountain Girl,” which is apparently an ICP rap about a shotgun wedding and meth addiction.

We haven’t heard the song yet (there is some sort of small preview here), but obviously it’s one of the most awesomely unusual tag-teams to come up in a while. UPDATE: OH WOW.

Then again, considering Alice Cooper is working with Ke$ha and Kid Rock has teamed up with just about everybody, maybe slightly crazy people from Detroit are destined to work in unusual pairings.

Readers, what do you think?

Insane Clown Posse on loving Ice Cube, hosting Charlie Sheen, and surviving this weekend’s Gathering of the Juggalos: An EW Q&A
Jack White and Karen Elson to divorce, throw party
Bob Dylan, Jack White, Norah Jones recording lost Hank Williams songs

'SNL' star Will Forte joins Guster onstage, can sing (!): Watch it here

A hearty helping of Guster with a side of Will Forte and a dash of Air Supply—this morning, Guster served us the YouTube breakfast of champions. READ FULL STORY

Drew Barrymore's cameo-crazy video for Best Coast's 'Our Deal': Watch it here

MTV’s Supervideo series clearly takes it super-osity very seriously: The new video for garage-pop revivalists Best Coast‘s “Our Deal” is directed by Drew Barrymore and stars a calvacade of rising teen and twentysomething actors, including Miranda Cosgrove, Let Me In‘s Chloe Moretz, Teen Wolf Tyler Posey, Community‘s Donald Glover, and Arrested Development‘s Alia Shawkat in a concept they’re calling “a timeless convergence of inspiration from West Side Story, Romeo & Juliet, and Style Wars.”

Or, for a description that fits better on a Post-It, “The Warriors in L.A., with romance and Bumpits.” Watch it below: READ FULL STORY

James Franco stars in music video, continues path toward world domination

Is there any hobby James Franco hasn’t turned into a meme?

Acting with the aid of a mustache, painting portraits of NASA rockets, assassinating soap opera stars… And now, hovering around in another man’s psychedelic vision, at times even smiling as if he’d never hosted the Oscars.

Yes, that’s Franco’s head floating through the new video for “Rising” by Kalup & Franco, the experimental electronic group he formed recently with drag performer and fellow General Hospital alum Kalup Linzy.

Co-produced by DJ /rupture, the track (which appears on the EP Turn It Up) finds Kalup singing acid-washed R&B while Franco drifts through some kind of double-rainbow dream the background: READ FULL STORY

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Smashing Pumpkins pitchman? Watch the video here

As his trip to Bonnaroo this year proved, NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar loves him some alternative music. In fact, he’s so excited about the forthcoming Smashing Pumpkins album Oceania that he grabbed enough air to dunk a pumpkin.

In what must be one of the most unusual album promos of all time, Abdul-Jabbar palms a gourd before slamming it through a basketball hoop and letting it smash on the ground. (Get it?)

He then reminds the world that Billy Corgan’s band has a new album coming out soon. Check out the clip here: READ FULL STORY

Metallica and Lou Reed reveal secret collaboration on full-length album

You read that right: Modern metal’s founding fathers Metallica (left) have recorded an album with alt-rock godfather Lou Reed (not pictured due to shyness).

Although it seems like a curious combination at first—Stephanie Says Kill ‘Em All? Master of Taking a Walk on the Wild Side? Romeo Had Juliette After Entering Sandman?—Reed was the first major rocker to release an album of uncompromising (and almost unlistenable) noise rock with 1975’s Metal Machine Music. So maybe this combination was inevitable. Plus, the Velvet Underground had an album called Loaded: Was it a spiritual precursor to Metallica’s ’90s albums Load and ReLoad? (Answer: no.)

According to a statement on Metallica’s website, Lou and the boys have been “kicking around the idea of making a record together” since they shared the stage for the 25th Anniversary of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a couple years ago. Here’s the full statement: READ FULL STORY

Katy Perry's 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)' video welcomes Rebecca Black, Corey Feldman, Hanson to the party of the year: Watch it here


“Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” is the fifth single from Katy Perry’s 2010 album Teenage Dream, and so far the acompanying videos have featured aliens, giant anthropomorphic gummy bears, lots of heavy petting and, um, fireworks.

Perry’s latest clip raises the bar considerably, featuring the debut performance by Perry’s alter-ego Kathy Beth Terry but also welcomes “Friday” expert Rebecca Black, the three members of Hanson, two stars from Glee, Corey Feldman and Debbie (Deborah?) Gibson to the party (not to mention several dozen extras as well as a copy of Just Dance for the Wii). Check out all the neon-colored action after the jump.


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