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Snoop Dogg, Daft Punk, and Noel Gallagher invade the Star Wars cantina: Watch the hilarious ad here

So Snoop Dogg, the Daft Punk robots, and Noel Gallagher from Oasis walk into a bar — wait, sorry. I’m telling this joke wrong. Let me try again: Snoop Dogg, Daft Punk, and Noel Gallagher walk into the Star Wars cantina. Laughing yet?

Okay, maybe this would work better if you just watch the World Cup-related Adidas ad I’m talking about. It features the aforementioned musical celebrities, plus David Beckham, Jay Baruchel, Ian Brown from the Stone Roses, Ciara, and others, all quite deftly integrated into the classic Mos Eisley cantina scene from Star Wars. It is hilarious. Snoop, in particular, steals the show.

What are you waiting for? Hit the jump and click play, then let us know which star you think is funniest in this ad. Answers other than “Snoop Dogg” will be accepted, but only with detailed justifications.


New 'Glee' music: Hear Jane Lynch and Olivia Newton-John cover 'Physical'

We’ve already heard Sue Sylvester (the phenomenal Jane Lynch) tackle Madonna’s classic “Vogue.” But now the Cheerios coach is dueting with another blonde pop diva: Olivia Newton-John. The Grease star makes an appearance in next week’s episode of Glee, entitled “Bad Reputation,” and records a new version of her hit “Physical” with Sue. And how does this surprising collaboration come about? Well, Sue is embarrassed when a video of her Jazzercising is leaked and Newton-John comes to her rescue. Says Lynch, “She gives me a call and says ‘Let’s remake the “Physical” video for a new generation. You’ve been humiliated, I was humiliated by my video, so let’s get out there and redeem ourselves.'” Lynch adds that working with the singer was a dream. “We had a little dance rehearsal and then we spent the whole day together,” says the actress. “She’s just a wonderful woman, exactly the way you’d think she’d be.”

What do you think of the new “Physical,” Music Mix-ers? Is it better than the original?

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U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan do Lady Gaga's 'Telephone': Army strong!

Lady-Gaga-cans-hairWhen in Rome, of course you must do as the Romans do. And when in Afghanistan fighting Operation Enduring Freedom, do, in your downtime, as Gaga does.

Members of the 82nd Airborne Division have posted their remake of her bonanza “Telephone” video, and considering their severely limited resources, it’s pretty ingenious—no Marlboro Lights eyewear or Miracle Whip, just duct tape, fatigues, and a plywood-and-garbage-bag set. Watch the boys getting k-kinda bizz-ay in the barracks:


The Roots enlist Joanna Newsom, John Legend, Jim James for new album

Roots-Joanna-NewsomImage Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images;Annabel MehranHere’s your random yet awesome music news of the day: A rep for the Roots confirms exclusively to the Music Mix that Joanna Newsom, John Legend, and My Morning Jacket/Monsters of Folk’s Jim James will all appear on the Roots’ upcoming album How I Got Over.

It’s been ten months since the Roots debuted that album’s excellent title track on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and the rest of the record has yet to appear. That’s okay — we fans are willing to wait, and we all know the Roots are busy with their day late night job. Still, the delay has made me, for one, desperate for any new information about How I Got Over. Last night, Roots drummer ?uestlove dropped just such a tantalizing crumb on Twitter: “yes indeed we are working hard on #HOWIGOTOVER (first look) mixing the Joanna Newsome Jawn.” Could that possibly mean what I thought it meant? Yep! Now we know it’s true: The brilliant indie harpist and the baddest hip-hop band in the land will be together on wax at last.

This combination is as cool as it is unexpected. Just imagine the possibilities: Newsom could sing a hook like no other, sure. Or she could pluck out a counter-melody to Captain Kirk’s guitar and Tuba Gooding Jr.’s Sousaphone on her harp. Or maybe, just maybe, she could get a verse to herself, or trade lines with Black Thought “Double Trouble”-style. After all, Newsom’s complex rhyme schemes often feel closer to hip-hop than anything in typical indie rock. (UPDATE: The Roots’ camp clarifies that the song in question samples one of Newsom’s old songs — from this in-studio teaser clip ?uesto just posted, it sounds like 2004’s “The Book of Right-On” — but that Newsom has also recorded new vocal over-dubs for this track.)


Why is Sir Ian McKellen muttering about 'sexual gladiators' on the new Scissor Sisters single?

Scissor-SistersImage Credit: Solarpix/PR PhotosThe world gets a little less festive, a little less fun, with each passing year that does not bring a new Scissor Sisters album. But don’t fret! The glam-pop troupe officially announced today that Night Work, their follow-up to 2006’s sterling Ta-Dah, will arrive June 29. Even better: For today only, brand-new track “Invisible Light” is streaming from Scissor Sisters’ official site.

“Invisible Light” is a throbbing disco jam that will thrill most Scissor Sisters fans. Jake Shears is in fine vocal form, splitting the difference between Dave Gahan and Barry Gibb. The best part of the song by far, though, is Sir Ian McKellen‘s spoken-word interlude. Trust me, you’ll want to stick around til the end of the stream to hear this. The band’s rep confirms that’s the noted English thespian narrating a decadent scene in which (if I caught all his words correctly) “painted whores, sexual gladiators, fiercely old party children all wake from their slumber to debut the bacchanal.” McKellen delivers these lines in basically the same tone as Gandalf used on the flame of Udûn down in Moria that time. It is awesome.

Check out “Invisible Light” at, then let us know if you’re looking forward to Night Work like I am. Full tracklist after the jump.


Train's Pat Monahan is a Joanna Newsom fan. Really!

Train is riding high right now with “Hey, Soul Sister,” their biggest chart hit since 2001’s “Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me).” I spoke to frontman Pat Monahan about the band’s surprising comeback for the new issue of EW, on stands today. While I had him on the phone, I asked Monahan what’s in heavy rotation on his iPod these days.

Turns out he’s been getting into Have One on Me, the three-CD indie-folk opus Joanna Newsom released last month — an impressively left-field pick coming from a mainstream pop-rocker like him. “That’s new for me,” Monahan told me. “She has a new record, and I was like, ‘Man, what’s this Joanna Newsom thing?’ She’s super hip. All the kids love her.”

Read on for five tunes from Monahan’s iPod playlist, including Newsom and more.

1. Joni Mitchell, “Both Sides Now”: “I always loved so many singer-songwriters. This song is so complexly amazing that I can’t tell you enough good things about it. I’ve been listening to that over and over again. It’s the best writing, word-wise. The song is about how this woman would look up at the clouds and see circus creatures and all this fun, beautiful, magnificent possibility in every cloud — and then later in life, see those clouds as just mechanisms to rain and snow on everyone. What a heartbreaking change. Wow, that’s profound.”

2. Joanna Newsom, “Good Intentions Paving Company”: “She’s really interesting. Even the title is amazing. What a great play on how you say ‘good intentions pave the road to hell.’ What a smart thing to say. Maybe she’s the next Joni Mitchell, I dunno.”


Vampire Weekend are 'Giving Up the Gun' with Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal, Lil Jon, and RZA: Watch their wacky video here

I’m just going to put this out there, and admittedly it is only my personal opinion: Playing tennis with Vampire Weekend looks about a zillion times more fun than going bowling with Justin Bieber. Take a gander at Vampire Weekend’s new “Giving Up the Gun” video below and you might see what I mean.

The clip centers on a tennis match in which a young woman faces off against, in turn, Joe Jonas; Jake Gyllenhaal, who swigs from a flask and rips off his pants; Lil Jon, who sports a Panama hat and speaks in subtitled French; and several other folks who are not famous. The match is judged by the Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA, who is dressed like a character from The Matrix and can apparently teleport. By the end of the revels, actual fireballs are being volleyed across the net.

This is about the craziest celebrity line-up I’ve seen in a music video since Jamie Foxx’s “Blame It” — which, as Pitchfork notes, also co-starred Jake Gyllenhaal. That guy picks his roles well. Watch “Giving Up the Gun” below and let us know what you think.

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'Iron Man 2' pairs up with AC/DC for full soundtrack album

For those about to rock with Robert Downey Jr., we salute you. And by “those,” we mean ageless Aussie thunderstrikers AC/DC, who announced a special soundtrack deal today with the upcoming Iron Man 2, starring Mr. Golden Globe-y Sherlock himself.

Marvel Studios and Columbia Records will pair up for the release of AC/DC: Iron Man 2 on April 19, featuring 15 classic AC/DC songs culled from ten of the band’s studio albums, circa 1976-2008.

The first official video, a mix of a live performance of the Back to Black anthem “Shoot to Thrill” taped last month in Buenos Aires and sneak-preview movie bits, is below; find the full tracklisting after the jump:


50 Cent and Susan Boyle: Would you listen if they collaborated?

According to a British rumor mill (motto: “Gossip gone toxic”), 50 Cent is dying to work with Susan Boyle. “Susan Boyle is hot right now,” the rapper allegedly said. “She’s got an amazing voice, and together we’d get everyone dancing…I got to get her on a track, for real. We’d make a hit.” Also: “She’s cool. I’d love to take her clubbing, show her around my world.”

Given the provenance of these words, I might be inclined to wonder if they ever even left 50’s mouth. But a rep confirms to the Music Mix that the quotes are legit, more or less: “He was asked on a red carpet would he ever do a song with Susan Boyle, and he responded saying sure, if the material was right he would.”

That still doesn’t mean there’s the slightest chance that this will ever happen. In all likelihood, 50 was just kidding around — and now that Boyle has proven herself as a huge seller, she hardly needs to collaborate with him or anyone. Even so, let’s imagine for a moment that this meeting of the minds actually came to pass (it won’t). Would you buy a 50 Cent-Susan Boyle MP3 on iTunes or How about if it was a free stream? Do you think anyone from either of these artists’ fan bases would be interested in hearing them record together?

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Photo credit: 50 Cent: Tina Gill/PR Photos; Boyle: Janet Mayer/PR Photos

The Avett Brothers get budget-shopped in new 'Slight Figure of Speech' video

Folk-rock foursome the Avett Brothers hail from Southern climes (specifically, Concord, North Carolina), but they get the Eastbound and Down treatment in the video for “Slight Figure of Speech,” from their Rick Rubin-produced album I and Love and You.

Jody Hill, the creator of the (NSFW) HBO cult hit series, lassoes the show’s supporting star Andy Daly (you may also recognize him from Reno 911 and this year’s Matt Damon vehicle The Informant!) as the skeezy-lovable host of TAB, “The American Budget Shopping Network.”

Watch him sell aviator sunglasses, knives, candy lamps(?) and… a certain band of brothers and non-related dudes they just call Brothers, below:

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