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Kanye West and Kid Cudi team up for T.I.'s 'Welcome to the World'

TI-KANYE-WESTImage Credit: Arnold Turner/WireImage.comT.I. is back in prison, but he’s still proceeding with plans to release his album No Mercy on Dec. 7. The track that just leaked online should help rev up his fans. It’s called “Welcome to the World,” and it features Kanye West and Kid Cudi, two of T.I.’s most talented peers in rap right now.

The vibe is suitably dark given T.I.’s current situation. West introduces the listener to a lifestyle defined by “fast money, fast cars” but also “fake smiles” over an unnerving piano loop. “If you’re looking for your real love, you won’t find it here/If you’re looking for your real love, well, good night my dear,” he says caustically. “If you’re looking for real love, don’t come around here,” adds Cudi through heavy reverb. Man, these guys don’t make being a world-famous rap star sound like any fun at all.

T.I. kicks a typically nimble verse, full of the chattering flows and casual threats that are second nature to him. But the verse on this song that everyone’s going to be talking about belongs to West. He sounds as furious and focused as I’ve ever heard him here. “You must not really know where I come from/Exactly where my heart,” West raps, his voice rising in intensity. “Or you would never, never, NEVER — where do I start?” After addressing the moronic rumors that he’s part of some Illuminati secret society, he moves to an even more sensitive topic: T.I.’s legal troubles. “They’d rather see a n—- locked up,” West says of unnamed critics. “Why? For stupid s—/Look how they did my n— Tip/Soon as Wayne get out, Tip go in.”

Right now it’s just an unofficial leak, but a rep for T.I.’s label confirms that “Welcome to the World” will appear on No Mercy. That’s great news. Have you heard “Welcome to the World”? How do you like it?

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T.I. calls current prison stint 'truly a pain I've never felt before'

Moses Robinson/

Rapper T.I., born Clifford Harris, recently returned to an Arkansas state penitentiary to serve 11 months for parole violation, and he is calling the experience “truly a pain I have never felt before and that’s saying a lot for a n—- who’s been down locked up as many times as I have.”

I see this as a real ass whoopin’,” he writes on his blog of serving the sentence, four months longer than the one he finished earlier this year for a 2007 felony weapons charge. “I don’ t know what effect this will have on my life moving forward but I’m certainly sick and mother f*cking tired of going to jail, juvie, prison, the pen, correctional facilities or whatever else you want to call it.”

“I’d have been better off doing a 5-10 year bid one time than going in time and time again for days, weeks and months for the last 15 years of my life,” he continues. “Even though it’s been a long road, I’m still standing, barely but nevertheless still standing.”

“At one time I thought my motivation for continuing was for my fans, my partna Philant, my pops, my grandmama, even for the haters or the people I let down. But nah… I got to do this s— for me!!! I’ll be God damned if I’ve come all this way and made it through so much hell to let it go down like this! F*ck that! If an hour in the dark is worth a second in the sun then pass me my mother f*ckin’ shades cause I’m ready to cash my darkest hours in…ASAP!!”

Read the post in its entirety here.

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T.I.'s 'No Mercy' due in December

takersImage Credit: Suzanne TennerTwo days after T.I. reported back to an Arkansas prison to begin an 11-month sentence for probation violation, his album No Mercy finally has an official release date. Atlantic Records announced today via press release that No Mercy will arrive in stores Dec. 7.

No Mercy, originally titled King Uncaged before a recent switch, has seen numerous delays. A tracklist has yet to be revealed, but Atlantic also revealed that Kanye West, Eminem, Chris Brown, The-Dream, and Christina Aguilera will all provide guest vocals.

Looking forward to No Mercy? Let us know in comments.

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T.I. changes album title in light of new prison sentence: He's a 'King Uncaged' no longer

TIImage Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty ImagesT.I. has changed the title of his next album from King Uncaged to No Mercy, a label rep confirms. The repeatedly delayed project is still awaiting a release date.

At the time of his Sept. 1 arrest, T.I. was close to the end of his recording process. “I am completely consuming myself with the completion of King Uncaged,” the Atlanta rapper told the Music Mix two days before crossing paths with Los Angeles police. “And I’ma get it to you, man, A.S.A.P.”

Those plans were interrupted by his arrest on drug charges (now dropped), followed by a judge’s ruling that he must return to prison for violating his probation. It was widely speculated that T.I. would change the name of his album in light of his upcoming 11-month bid behind bars.

The exact meaning of the new title is open for debate. Is T.I. suggesting that the justice system and/or life in general has shown him No Mercy? Proclaiming that his new music will have No Mercy for those who doubt his talents? Just using a cool-sounding phrase with no particular intent beyond that? What do you think? Sound off in the comments.

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T.I.: District attorney drops drug case

TIImage Credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty ImagesT.I. was recently sentenced to 11 months in prison for violating his probation, but in a legalistic irony, the drug case that got him in trouble has been dropped.

T.I. and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, were arrested Sept. 1 in L.A. after police said they smelled marijuana coming from their car during a traffic stop. According to papers filed today, the Los Angeles County District Attorney is no longer pursuing charges against T.I., specifically because an Atlanta judge has already ordered him back to prison. The District Attorney’s office declined to comment on reports suggesting that there may have been additional issues with the evidence against T.I.

“The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office’s decision to reject T.I.’s case was the right thing to do under the circumstances,” said lead defense attorney Steve Sadow in a statement provided to EW. “Both his Los Angeles defense attorney Blair Berk and myself commend the LADAO for exercising its discretion to reject prosecution in light of the legal and factual issues involved.”

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T.I. sentenced to 11 more months in prison

T-IImage Credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty ImagesA U.S. District Judge has sentenced T.I. to serve 11 more months in prison for violating his probation, reps for the rapper confirm.

T.I. and wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle were arrested in early September on suspicion of drug possession during a traffic stop. He was already on probation after serving a term behind bars for a 2008 weapons conviction.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, T.I. told the court that “I screwed up big time, and I’m sorry. I’m truly and sincerely sorry. I don’t want and I don’t need to use drugs anymore. I want them out of my life.” But U.S. District Court Judge Charles Pannell Jr. was not swayed, reportedly stating, “I think Mr. Harris had had about the limit of second chances.” T.I. was born Clifford Harris Jr.

A rep for Atlantic Records, T.I.’s label, released the following statement: “T.I. is such an important and valued member of our Atlantic family. We offer to him and his family our continued love and support during this very difficult time.”

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T.I. apologizes to public on eve of probation hearing: 'I'm tired'

TIImage Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty ImagesT.I. will face a federal judge in Atlanta this afternoon who could send him back to prison for allegedly violating his probation terms. With that moment of reckoning getting closer, the rapper sat down with CNN’s Don Lemon for a candid interview.

“I’m tired. I’m wore out,” T.I. told Lemon. “I don’t have the age, the energy or just the attitude to move forward and continuing in this cycle in this ongoing process of destruction and disparity in my life. I’ve got too many depending on me and counting on me. I can’t do it.”

He offered a heartfelt apology to those he has disappointed: “The only thing that I can say, man, is that all people who have supported me, who were behind me, who believed in me, who were disappointed and were let down, I just offered my sincerest apologies, and I will dedicate my life no matter how long it takes to earn your trust back and to make you proud yet again.”

T.I. also spoke on how he helped convince a man not to take his own life earlier this week: “I believe that I have been put here for a purpose, and I believe that I have an ability to reach people that most people can’t reach, that I can turn lives around that other people, they can’t have the same effect.”

T.I. and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, were arrested in September on alleged drug charges. He was already on probation for a 2008 weapons conviction. T.I.’s hearing in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia is scheduled for 2 P.M. today. Check back at the Music Mix for updates on his case.

What do you think of T.I.’s apology? Do you think the judge will send him back to jail this afternoon? Speak up in the comments.

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T.I. talks down suicidal jumper

T.I. talks down a suicidal jumper

tiImage Credit: Moises De Pena/WireImage.comHe can do whatever he likes, and apparently what he likes to do is save lives. In the best celebrity heroism story since Werner Herzog pulled a pre-beard Joaquin Phoenix out of a car wreck, hip-hop star T.I. convinced a suicidal man not to jump from a 22-story building in Atlanta on Wednesday, the AP reports. The rapper had heard about the situation on the radio and drove over to see if he could help, offering to speak with the potential jumper if he would come down. “I told him it ain’t that bad. It’ll get better, to put the time and effort into making it better,” T.I. told the AP. “I just reminded him … that I know. It looks bad right now, but it can turn around.” This comes only two days before T.I. is scheduled to appear in court for a parole hearing stemming from a drug arrest earlier this year.

T.I.: Album in limbo as court issues summons

TIImage Credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty ImagesT.I.‘s legal troubles continue to mount after his Sept. 1 arrest on drug charges. According to documents posted by E! News (h/t MTV), a U.S. District Court has issued a summons requiring the rapper to appear in court and explain why he should not be sent back to prison.

The documents allege that police found marijuana, codeine, and Ecstasy in T.I. and his wife’s car when they were pulled over in Hollywood earlier this month. It also says he tested positive for opiates in a recent drug test, and that he has spent time associating with another convicted felon. If true, these charges could potentially violate the terms of T.I.’s probation for his 2008 weapons conviction.

A rep for T.I.’s label, Atlantic Records, declined to comment on his legal situation. Atlantic still does not have a release date set for T.I.’s next album, King Uncaged, which he was hoping to finish recording soon at the time of his arrest.

Earlier: T.I.’s arrest: Will he go back to prison?

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T.I.'s arrest: Will he go back to prison?

tiny-tiImage Credit: Johnny Nunez/WireImage.comAs EW reported yesterday, rapper T.I. (né Clifford Harris Jr.) and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, were arrested Wednesday night in Hollywood after deputies smelled marijuana coming from the couple’s car. (The couple was released early on Thursday after they each posted $10,000 bail.) A new beat in the story pegs the arrest to suspicion of possessing methamphetamines. Whether it’s marijuana or methamphetamines, the big question is: Will this land T.I. — just six months into a three-year probation sentence — back in prison? The rapper was just released from an Arkansas federal prison last December after serving seven months on a 2008 conviction on federal weapons charges. UPDATE: The L.A. Sheriff’s Office confirms with EW that T.I. and his wife were pulled over after making an illegal U-turn, and that police who had stopped the rapper smelled pot in his car. The Sheriff’s Office also confirms that the controlled substance discovered in the vehicle was Ecstasy.

While on probation, T.I., currently en route back to Atlanta,  is prohibited from committing any crimes or possessing any controlled substances, and he’s required to submit to drug tests and go through drug and alcohol treatment. So an arrest on drug possession while on probation certainly could lead to more time behind bars. Will that be the case here? Only time will tell, as the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Atlanta says T.I.’s case is currently under review. “The probation office is in the process of determining what happened and will make a recommendation regarding Mr. Harris when they have all the facts,” U.S. Attorney Sally Quillian Yates says. Once the probation office has thoroughly reviewed the details and context of the case, it will decide whether to bring it back to the U.S. Attorney’s office, which originally prosecuted the rapper on the federal gun charges.

“We haven’t gotten anything from the probation office yet,” a spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney told EW this morning. “There’s no automatic formula for such cases.”

The arraignment for the new charges in California won’t likely be for another two months.

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