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Ray Manzarek, keyboardist for the Doors, has died at 74

Ray Manzarek, the founding keyboardist for the Doors, passed away this morning in Germany, according to a statement from his publicist. The cause was bile duct cancer.

As a member of the legendary rock band that formed in 1965 in Los Angeles and effectively ended with the death of frontman Jim Morrison in 1971 (though the group continued to perform and release music in other iterations for many years), Manzarek became an enduring symbol of the era — he was portrayed by Kyle McLachlan in the 1991 Oliver Stone biopic The Doors, and wrote a best-selling memoir about his experiences, Light My Fire: My Life with The Doors, in 1998.

The Doors sold more than 100 million albums worldwide on the strength of hits like “Hello, I Love You,” “Riders on the Storm,” “Light My Fire,” and “Break On Through to the Other Side.”

Manzarek is survived by his wife Dorothy, son Pablo, and three grandchildren. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made in Manzarek’s name to

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TV Jukebox: 'Californication,' 'The Game,' 'CSI' and more music-on-TV moments this week

The latest spate of first-run episodes certainly kicked off 2012 with a bang, and boy have we got a supersized Jukebox for you this week, music fans.

Despite how messy things were on screens, the music underpinning them all ended up falling into fairly neat categories. We’ll start with the juiciest hook-ups from The Vampire Diaries and Body of Proof; unfortunately, every relationship must end, and that’s where Jersey Shore and Californication enter the fray.

Somewhere between all that making out and breaking up, fights raged across the networks on Suburgatory, CSI: NY, Mob Wives, The Game, and Once Upon a Time. Peace was made on How I Met Your Mother, Nikita, Grey’s Anatomy, and CSI: Miami. That leaves only Queen V — Victoria Grayson.

The deliciously diabolical Revenge puppet-master belongs in a category all her own. How did music ranging from indie rock to rap figure into all this coming together and falling apart?  Keep reading… (Warning for those still catching up on DVR: SPOILERS ahead!) READ FULL STORY

Jim Morrison's ghost photograph is 'not fake.' REALLY???

There aren’t many headlines that make me declare “Say whaaat?” while doing a loud but poor impression of Scooby Doo. And my co-workers are grateful for that. But I definitely had a “Ray rhaaat?” moment when I came across this headline in British newspaper The Daily Express: RESEARCHERS CLAIM JIM MORRISON’S GHOST PICTURE IS NOT A FAKE.

Does this mean there really is proof of an after life of some sort? What will this mean for religion? For humanity? For DVD sales of The Doors?

This bizarre, and conceivably life-as-we-know-it-changing, tale hinges around a writer named Brett Meisner. In 1997, Meisner’s assistant took a photograph of him at Morrison’s grave in Paris. Five years later Mesiner looked at the picture (wow, his developing place is sloooow) and noticed a ghostly figure in the background which resembled Morrison. (The young, thin, Morrison. Not the slightly-less-young, much fatter version. Hey, even ghosts like to look good, you know!)

The photograph is one of the images to be found in a new book called Ghosts Caught On Film 2: Photographs of the Unexplained. The Express story states that, according to “researchers,” the apparition in the photograph is not a trick of the light and they’ve also ruled out the possibility that the image has been manipulated. Good for them. But, frankly, I’m not going to be convinced that Morrison is really lighting a fire around his grave until some paranormal researchers I trust (like Dan Aykroyd, or even Bill Murray) say it’s so.

But what say you? Do you think Morrison’s ghost is alive and well (or, at least, well)? Have you ever seen the ghost of a rock star? Am I risking a visit from the Lizard King himself by making fun of this whole thing? Let us know!

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