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Members of Hold Steady, Vampire Weekend, more join Jerry Garcia tribute live-streaming this Friday

As those of you on the golden road (to unlimited devotion) already know, today would have been Jerry Garcia’s 70th birthday. And while the beloved Grateful Dead frontman is no longer sitting on top of the world, he’s still got plenty of friends truckin’ on his behalf, seventeen years after his death at age 53 of a heart attack.

Dead guitarist Bob Weir has announced that his TRI Studios will be live-streaming a Jerry Garcia tribute concert this Friday for the occasion. The high-definition webcast will be emceed by actor Luke Wilson and viewable at both TRI’s site and at Yahoo! Music starting at 6:30 pm PST, and feature a range of fans and friends.

So far, the announced roster includes indie-rock favorites like Hold Steady members Craig Finn and Tad Kubler, Vampire Weekend-er Chris Tomson, and California songwriter Cass McCombs, as well as folk-slash-jam artists like Phish vet Mike Gordon, psych dude Jonathan Wilson, and Willie Nelson and Paul Simon offspring Lukas Nelson and Harper Simon — all of whom will be headed by Weir.


The Hold Steady perform an acoustic version of 'Hurricane J.' Check it out now!

All this week, the Hold Steady are co-hosting the SIRIUS XMU morning show while a SIRIUS XMU Session by the Brooklyn indie-rockers will air on Wednesday May 12 at 9pm ET. What’s that? You want a taste of this Hold Steady/satellite radio interface right now? Why didn’t you say so. After the jump, you can hear the band perform an acoustic version of their recent single “Hurricane J” and see guitarist Tad Kubler perfect his impression of UK Office creator Stephen Merchant.

Check it out, and tell us what you think.


Craig Finn of the Hold Steady talks new album, 'Heaven is Whenever,' at SXSW

Craig-FInn-Hold-SteadyImage Credit: Whitney Pastorek/EW.comCraig Finn of the Hold Steady has to be one of the most gregarious guys in rock, a characteristic that’s always more than apparent in their fist-pumping, fast-clapping live shows. Now he’s getting to put his genuinely friendly nature to a different use, interviewing bands and serving as a sort of in-studio anchor for IFC’s Crossroads House, an outpost for web-streamed live performances here in Austin. We caught up with the always-positive bandleader on Thursday for a chat about surviving South-By as an adult, and the band’s fifth album, Heaven is Whenever, due out March 4 (with a limited-edition vinyl preview on Record Store Day, April 17, available only at your local non-box-store music retailer). He also had some kind words for the words of the late Alex Chilton; read those here, and check out for their live webcasts of his work throughout the weekend…

Entertainment Weekly: You guys are finishing a new album, and not playing SXSW this year. Why are you here? Can you just not keep yourself away?
Craig Finn: It just seemed fun. I love music. It was a reason to be down here and check out things and see a lot of people but not have the hassles. We did four shows last year — the shows are actually the easy part. Getting between the shows is the hard part. I’m talking to all these bands — I think Dawes said they’re doing 10 shows and I’m like, Oh my god. There’s a million bands, you can’t park anywhere. There’s so much stress about all that, and it’s hard to make it about the music. And it’s funny, I’ve been asking a lot of people how they get into the headspace to play their shows, and everyone has their answer which is, “No, you just do it!” But it is kinda hard. So, we’ve been working on this record a lot, and this is kind of a little vacation for me.

How are you as an interviewer?
Um. Getting better. My second one was with Lemmy [from Motörhead], so that was — I’ve been trying to talk to people as a peer, you know? As a musician. Lemmy’s not really my peer. Nor is he anyone alive’s peer, really. So that one was intimidating. I’m not even sure they got anything they could use. He kind of mumbles, and he’s drunk, and there’s not much connection there. The other ones are pretty cool, and a lot of them are my friends — you know, the [Drive-By] Truckers were here, and Jakob [Dylan] and Neko [Case]. Comfort level helps a lot. READ FULL STORY

Alex Chilton, R.I.P: Paul Westerberg of the Replacements, Craig Finn of the Hold Steady, and Patterson Hood of Drive-By Truckers share their thoughts

Alex Chilton’s death yesterday immediately made many people think of the Replacements, who gloriously paid tribute to the Big Star/Box Tops singer in “Alex Chilton”: “Children by the millions / sing for Alex Chilton… I’m in love / What’s that song / I’m in love / With that song.” Replacements frontman Paul Westerberg released the following statement today: “In my opinion, Alex was the most talented triple threat musician out of Memphis — and that’s saying a ton. His versatility at soulful singing, pop rock songwriting, master of the folk idiom, and his delving into the avant garde, goes without equal. He was also a hell of a guitar player and a great guy.”

At SXSW in Austin, artists spoke about the influence of Chilton’s work on their music and careers. Two of his most passionate fans — Patterson Hood of the Drive-By Truckers and Craig Finn of the Hold Steady — share their memories with after the jump.


The Hold Steady's concert DVD: An exclusive full-song preview

On April 7th, The Hold Steady (aka my favorite band of the last five years) will be releasing their first live DVD/CD, A Positive Rage, and we’ve got the exclusive full-song premiere here on the Music Mix. Combining documentary and concert footage from 2006 gigs in London and Minneapolis, Rage is sure to be a handy conversion tool for anyone bent upon spreading the gospel of Craig Finn’s madly poetical antics to those in need. But that’s enough from me — like the man says to his hometown crowd in "Stuck Between Stations," below, "words won’t save your life." The Hold Steady, on the other hand, just might. Stay positive!

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New York Dolls, Hold Steady go yum-o at Rachael Ray's SXSW day party

Rachael Ray’s second annual day party (sponsored, everyone should know, by Rose’s Mojitos) was set to kick off at noon on Saturday, and half an hour before the doors were scheduled to open, the line stretched literally around the block. I was about to write “inexplicably stretched literally around the block,” but it’s not hard to figure out how this event has become a SXSW powerhouse. You can start with the free food and drink — this year, chilaquiles shared stomach space with those infamous mini burgers — but then go ahead and throw in a consistently excellent lineup of bands that make it hard to dislike the lifestyle maven, despite her blatantly transparent agenda. I mean, her husband does front a rock band. And if you had the ability to let your husband’s rock band open for, say, New York Dolls and The Hold Steady, would you not use it?

Indeed, John Cusimano was the luckiest guy in Austin today, as his unfortunately named band The Cringe scored a prime slot on a patio packed with fans of those two better-known groups — though jury’s still out on whether he managed to do anything particularly memorable with it. The downstairs stage, meanwhile, played host to a flock of worthy up-and-comers including Ra Ra Riot and Airborne Toxic Event, smartly cross-programmed against NYD/THS in order to give the kidz something to enjoy. “If I’m drinking coffee at a show, isn’t that way too f—ing early?” asked Thermals singer/guitarist Hutch Harris during their opening set of repetitive but bouncy rock. The answer might be found in the way I recoiled at the near-dozen members of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros: I like enthusiastic L.A. hipsters funnying about with the 1960s as much as the next girl, but they were way too merry for that hour, even if their expansive soundcheck (“Okay, now can I hear the trumpet?”) was decent entertainment in and of itself.

Details of New York Dolls — declared by Ray to be “possibly the greatest band on the planet” — and the Hold Steady after the jump…


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