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Jimmy Kimmel and Brandon Flowers reveal the secrets behind the Killers' 'Joel the Lump of Coal'

Since 2006, the Killers have celebrated the Yuletide season with original Christmas songs, some of which are among the finest tunes in the band’s catalog. (“A Great Big Sled” is a particular standout.) Not only do they help rock fans get into the spirit of the season, but all of the proceeds from single sales go to benefit (RED).

This year is no different, though they called in some reinforcements with their 2014 holiday tune “Joel the Lump of Coal.” The song was co-written by Jimmy Kimmel, who premiered the video last week on his late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live! The song is a sweet, funny, and surprisingly melancholy new take on a Christmas song, and both Kimmel and Killers frontman Brandon Flowers called EW to talk about their collaboration, which you can download on iTunes right now.

EW: Brandon, how did the Killers first get involved in making Christmas songs? 
BRANDON FLOWERS: This is the ninth year we’ve done a Christmas song. Bono and Bobby Shriver have this (RED) campaign, and they started about that time, nine or 10 years ago. They asked me if I wanted to do a Gap ad, and at the time I was feeling a little too cool to do a Gap ad. So I declined sort of reluctantly, because when Bono asks you to do something, you don’t want to say no. But I had this other idea: AIDS Day is Dec. 1, and it’s Christmas time, so what if we gave you a Christmas song? And then it just became a tradition. READ FULL STORY

The Killers cover Iggy Azalea's 'Fancy'

The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers turned Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” into a Killers song—complete with interpretative dance by drummer Ronnie Vannucci, Jr.—at the band’s Saturday V Festival performance in England.

'Glee' actress Dianna Agron channels her inner frontman in The Killers' 'Just Another Girl' music video


The Killers have a new video for their single “Just Another Girl” starring Glee alum Dianna Agron, and it’s essentially a trip down memory lane, filled with the quintessential desert landscapes, bright neon lights, and swanky saloons that fans of the Sin City rockers have come to associate with them.

Agron does her best Brandon Flowers throughout — walking through different scenes rocking various iconic looks Flowers has worn in the past; she even sticks on an impressive looking mustache during one point.

Watch it below:


Stories Behind the Songs: Brandon Flowers talks about the Killers' biggest hits

To celebrate the release of the Killers’ greatest-hits compilation, Direct Hits (out now), frontman Brandon Flowers told EW the tales behind some of the band’s best-known anthems.

“Mr. Brightside” (2003) 
“This was literally the first song that me and Dave [Keuning], our guitar player, wrote. We didn’t have a drummer yet but he gave me a cassette, and it had a few demos with complete songs of him singing, and then there would just be these riffs that he had — so he basically had the guitar for “Mr. Brightside,” and the pre-chorus. I had an idea already of this sort of monotone, linear delivery, and it just fit so well over his guitar line. So I slapped a chorus on it, and it was written pretty quickly.

I remember the first time I heard it [set] to a beat, it was a monumental experience. We wrote a lot of songs after that, but then the Strokes’ first record came out and we ditched everything we wrote except for that song and started 
again. [Laughs] Because that record’s so good, you know? It was just… we realized that they raised the bar. Whether the Strokes know it or not, they really changed our path.”

“Somebody Told Me” (2004) 
“We were going out to clubs a lot at the time. I think it speaks to a young man’s frustration, the difficulty of picking up girls. [Laughs] That’s probably where it stems from. I was just able to run with it, and the band supplied a wonderful backing track.”

“All These Things That I’ve Done” (2005) “I worked at a casino called the Gold Coast as a bellman. This was back when there weren’t cell phones yet, so I used to call the guys and tell them I was gonna call them back and leave an idea on their answering machines. I was very heavily into glam rock at the time, and I felt like [Lou Reed’s] Transformer and [David Bowie’s] Ziggy Stardust — the delivery of those records, sometimes it was almost talking to you, especially Lou. The lines ‘Help me out, yeah yeah, you gotta help me out/Don’t you put me on the back burner, you gotta help me out’? I was just trying to be Lou Reed funneled through the Las Vegas Strip. And the bass line is a direct rip-off of a Bowie track called ‘Slow Burn.’ I can say it now because I don’t think he’s gonna come after us.” READ FULL STORY

Watch The Killers give their best 'Shot At The Night' in new video


As the cautionary adage goes, what happens in Vegas stays in … the new video for “Shot At The Night” by The Killers.

Sin City is their home base after all, and what better way to continue immortalizing their city than with lots of shots of the Strip, an unlikely dalliance between two attractive actors, and a maze of reflective glass surfaces.

Produced by Anthony Gonzalez of M83, “Shot At The Night” is one of two new studio tracks on The Killers’ upcoming singles compilation album Direct Hits. “Shot At The Night” will be released Nov. 4th and the album hits stores Nov. 11.

The video begins with scenes of daily drudgery as a hotel maid (played by Bella Heathcote, Dark Shadows) makes beds and vacuums casino carpets. Driving to work, she’s so transfixed by the lights of the Las Vegas Strip, she nearly hits a cute pedestrian (Max Minghella, Ides of March). Interspersed are reflected profile shots of Brandon Flowers singing from a high rise hotel.

Cute pedestrian is also a guest at her workplace, so naturally they run into each other again. Minghella and friends convince her to neglect her maid duties and come out with them. They give her a makeover, they frolic, they ride scooters, and just like any Las Vegas love story, it ends up with the pair rushing off to … well you’ll see for yourself in the video below:

Lollapalooza 2013 Day 1: The Killers and New Order bridge the gap, Nine Inch Nails challenges, Imagine Dragons blow up, and Icona Pop make it rain


In the video for New Order’s “Crystal”—which opened the veteran Manchester dance-rockers’ twilight set on the first day of Lollapalooza—there is a fake band called the Killers that inspired the name of the real band known as the Killers, who headlined the southernmost stage in Chicago’s Grant Park on Friday night. Those who spent the evening parked in front of that stage were treated to four hours of blissful, rhythmic, guitar-based pop that tapped into Lollapalooza’s spirit of eclecticism and brotherhood.

Even in their first-album youth, the Killers have always played the role of a big rock band—they seem custom-built for festival headlining slots. They did not disappoint; their 90-minute Friday finale was a gimmick-free charge through their impressive, hook-filled back catalog.Frontman Brandon Flowers worked the tens of thousands in front of him like a Vegas lounge revue, strutting and pounding through neutron bombs like “Mr. Brightside” and “Somebody Told Me,” and in a charming bit of hero worship that brought the evening back around for a resolution, he welcomed New Order frontman Bernard Sumner to join the Killers for a cover of Joy Division’s “Shadowplay,” which they turned into a spry, jittery singalong.

In fact, the transformation of Joy Division songs might have been the highlight of Friday’s festivities. New Order finished their performance with three nods to the band they used to be, ripping through “Atmosphere,” “Transmission,” and “Love Will Tear Us Apart” as a tribute to late JD frontman Ian Curtis. In a remarkable bit of alchemy, Sumner (with a healthy assist from a game audience) turned “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” a downer of a song written by a guy who hanged himself, into a (pardon the pun) joyous anthem. Maybe that’s just the power of New Order, who ripped through a hit-filled set of effervescent synth-powered janglers like the dreamy “The Perfect Kiss” and a thudding “Blue Monday.” READ FULL STORY

Possible reveal of Lollapalooza lineup includes Phoenix and The Postal Service

Rumors are swirling that Phoenix, Vampire Weekend, Mumford & Sons, and The Killers just might be the chosen ones headlining Lollapalooza.

Two anonymous Twitter accounts have been slowly leaking names of artists who will be featured at this year’s Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago, and today the Chicago Tribune reported that the three-day event would feature the above bands as well as The National and The Postal Service.

The lineup hasn’t officially been announced yet, but The Killers are participating in Lollapalooza Brasil and according to their tour schedule, Phoenix will be geographically posed to pop in for a show in Chicago on those dates.

The other bands’ tour schedules show an opening during that weekend as well, so let’s say it’s safe to hope. Calls by EW to Lollapalooza organizers for confirmation were not immediately returned.

Early-bird tickets and special packages go on sale this week for the ninth Lolla festival at Grant Park. The festival runs August 2-4.

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Tim Burton, Winona Ryder team up for creepy Killers video 'Here With Me': Watch it here

Thought the Killer’s recent Christmas video “I Feel It in My Bones” was pretty weird? Leave it to Tim Burton to make things weirder.

For their “Here With Me” clip, the Las Vegas band enlisted the Frankenweenie director to helm and Winona Ryder to star — as a mannequin. Yes, it’s as dark and creepy as it sounds, but, in typical Burton fashion, it’s also kind of sweet and touching.

Get spooked out by the Killers’ “Here With Me” video below:


Album Sales: Pink scores her first No. 1, Kanye rides in second -- but Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Kiss' is a miss

A dozen years into her multiplatinum career, Pink has scored her first ever(!) number one album this week with her new disc The Truth About Love, which topped the Billboard 200 with sales of 280,000.

Driven by the success of her Top 5 single “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” — and it’s lippy VMA performanceTruth became Pink’s sixth straight Top 10 debut. Still, until today, her previous chart high came with the 2008 set Funhouse, which debuted at No. 2.

Pink is that rare breed of pop star — the kind that can sell both singles and albums. Not so for everyone on this week’s list though: READ FULL STORY

The Killers' Brandon Flowers on his all-time favorite songs -- Squeeze, Depeche Mode, Tina Turner and more


Nearly a decade after establishing himself as one of rock’s vital voices, the Killers’ Brandon Flowers, 31, is set to deliver another set of snowcapped, arena-pleasing anthems on his band’s fourth album, Battle Born, out Sept. 18. In the meantime, the Nevada native—who lives in Las Vegas with his wife, Tana, and their three sons, ages 17 months to 5 years—sat down with us to talk about the songs that have made him sing, cry, and … sell tacos.

THE FIRST SONG I WAS OBSESSED WITH: “Missing You,” John Waite (1984)

“I’m not sure how young kids get to the point where they’re memorizing and knowing songs, but I knew the words to “’Missing You” from John Waite probably from when I was three years old. For whatever reason, that was the song that I gravitated toward when it was on the radio and I was driving around with my mom. It must’ve been played a lot, because I knew all the words. My sister would take me around to her friends’ parents and things, and I would sing it. [Laughs]”

THE SONG THAT ALWAYS REMINDS ME OF HOME: “Peaceful Easy Feeling,” Eagles (1972)

“I spent some time in Utah, so that’s why I have a bit of an accent, but I consider home to be Henderson [Nevada] and Las Vegas. I love the desert, so there are a few people for me who’ve captured that specific area, like the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac and even Jackson Browne sometimes. I’ll hear that stuff and I’m just there. But if I had to say one specifically, it’d be this one. I hear it and it’s like — I don’t know, I can just see the sun going down in Las Vegas.”

THE SONG THAT MAKES ME THINK OF MY FIRST CRUSH: “What’s Love Got to Do With It,” Tina Turner (1984)

“But my crush was on Tina Turner. [Laughs] That’s bad, right? I think it was the video.”

THE FIRST ALBUM I BOUGHT WITH MY OWN MONEY: Songs of Faith and Devotion, Depeche Mode (1993)

“My mom had bought me a few cassettes, but I got a job at a place called Taco Time in Nephi, Utah. I worked there with my mom, and two of my sisters worked there too. So I was 15, and usually to buy music you had to go to Provo, which is an hour drive, but we had a truck stop. Basically Nephi was like a truck stop, it was such a small town. I was a fan of the kind of bubblegum, early-early Depeche Mode. And I didn’t know exactly how dark that they could delve, and I didn’t know that I would like it. But I bought it for I think $5 on cassette at Flying J. And it’s one of my favorite things, still. Later, we even got to work with Flood [a.k.a. Mark Ellis], who produced Songs, on our album Sam’s Town.” READ FULL STORY

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