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Johnny Marr on his new record and why his Hall of Fame nod's not a big deal

Johnny Marr ends 2014 with one of the year’s most buzzed-about rock albums, the vivacious and aptly titled Playland, and the announcement this fall that his former band The Smiths are among the 2015 inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame clearly doesn’t compare. What’s old is not new for the 51-year-old Manchester, U.K., native—he is focused on the present, which includes his Playland world tour and getting started on his autobiography.

Despite playing guitar for five years in one of Britain’s most celebrated bands, which split in 1987, Marr has recorded as a solo artist for almost as long, creating two lauded albums: last year’s The Messenger and the just-released Playland. In between, Marr joined The The, The Pretenders, Modest Mouse, and The Cribs, and also helmed Electronic, a non-guitar project with New Order’s Bernard Sumner. Marr also worked on the Inception and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 soundtracks. (The latter included a songwriting collaboration with Pharrell Williams.)

EW caught up with Marr after he’d stepped off stage and clambered onto his tour bus, far from exhausted. “We just played a show in Glasgow,” he says excitedly in his heavy Mancunian accent. “We’re all sitting here in the post show glow, which is a very nice place to be.” If The Messenger brought Marr out of the sidelines, Playland, with its driving riffs and melodies, and strong, soaring vocals, seals the deal: Johnny Marr has something to say and he’s just the man to sing about it.


Watch James Franco's 'This Charming Man,' from his upcoming Smiths-inspired album

When James Franco isn’t starring in plays and writing poetry and frolicking naked in the woods, he’s making music. And he has a new music video to prove it.

Franco and friend Tim O’Keeffe formed a band called Daddy in 2012, and their latest album is an ode to the Smithsfeaturing one of the Smiths: Andy Rourke, who plays bass on the entire record.

What would a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction mean for The Smiths?

Earlier this month, The Smiths’ former members didn’t have much reason to be happy. Guitarist Johnny Marr released his second solo album, Playland—and while he probably likes the music on it, it’s a middling effort that shows a marked lack of spark, soul, and originality. Singer Morrissey, the more famous half of The Smiths’ songwriting core, then made a disheartening statement: His recent string of concert cancellations are at least partly due to undisclosed problems with “cancerous tissues.” Leave it to Morrissey to be poetically abstruse while giving a medical update.

Coincidentally, both instances happened on the same day: October 7. Or was it a coincidence? Over the years, Morrissey has proven himself to be a spiteful fellow. Recently, he was even accused of ordering a bodyguard to assault a man who runs a Morrissey fan site. Did Moz purposefully withhold news of his illness until the day of Marr’s album release, in some kind of peevish attempt to steal his former bandmate’s thunder? READ FULL STORY

Lou Reed, Nine Inch Nails make Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees list

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced the list of induction nominees for 2015, including big names like The Smiths, Nine Inch Nails, Sting, and Lou Reed—the rock ‘n’ roll legend who died earlier this year after decades in the business, as the frontman for The Velvet Underground and a wildly successful solo artist. The 15 selections come from a wide variety of genres and decades—from ’60s Motown (The Marvelettes) and ’60s/’70s R&B (The Spinners), to ’70s disco (Chic) and ’80s hard rock (Joan Jett & The Blackhearts) and hip-hop (N.W.A.), up through contemporary pop-punk (Green Day).


Morrissey cancels on Kimmel due to 'moral' opposition to 'Duck Dynasty'

If you’ve set your DVR to record Morrissey’s performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live this evening, well, heaven knows you’ll be miserable tonight.

Moz has cancelled his scheduled appearance on today’s episode of Kimmel due to moral reasons, E! reports. What moral reasons, you ask? According to his rep, the former Smiths frontman “cannot morally be on a television program where the cast members of Duck Dynasty will also be guests.”

Apparently the vegan “Meat Is Murder” singer caught wind that stars of the A&E reality show will also be visiting Kimmel’s studio today, and, since they make products for duck hunters, that means Morrissey’s out.


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