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Conrad Murray on 'Today': 'Something happened when I was not in that room'

Just two days after Dr. Conrad Murray was declared guilty in Michael Jackson’s June 2009 death, the Today show has released a preview of a sitdown between Murray and correspondent Savannah Guthrie. Guthrie’s chat with Murray — filmed before the verdict was handed down — will air in two parts on Thursday and Friday morning in advance of a two-hour special Michael Jackson and the Doctor, which Murray filmed with U.K. Broadcaster Steve Hewlett in November 2009, before he was charged in Jackson’s death. The documentary features behind-the-scenes footage of Murray’s defense team as well as a particularly unsettling set of photos of Jackson’s disordered home. In his Today interview, the doctor steadfastly maintained his innocence, essentially blaming Jackson’s addiction for the singer’s death. See exactly what Murray had to say and watch the full preview after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Michael Jackson's deathbed up for auction

The bed where Michael Jackson took his last breath is up for sale. The queen-size piece is among hundreds of items from the Holmby Hills mansion where Jackson spent his final days that are set to hit the auction block next month. “We want to preserve the history of these items,” said celebrity auctioneer Darren Julien, president of Julien’s Auctions, which will sell the various antique furnishings, paintings and sculptures that surrounded the King of Pop as he prepared for a series of comeback concerts. The Carolwood Drive home where Jackson lived with his three children from December 2008 until his death on June 25, 2009, is separately up for sale.

A note from one of the children remains on a chalkboard inside the home’s sprawling kitchen, where three barstools were lined up against the center island — a perfect breakfast spot for the kids. “I (heart) Daddy. SMILE, it’s for free,” the chalk note reads in childlike scrawl. The chalkboard will be sold as-is, and is expected to fetch more than $400. READ FULL STORY

Katy Perry announces new perfume, Meow; does its name pass the smell test with other celebrity fragrances? Take our poll

Here, kitty kitty: Just in time for the holidays, Katy Perry announced today that her second fragrance will be called Meow, the sister scent to her debut perfume Purr. And yes, Purr did come in a feline-shaped bottle.

With her fairly literal sexy-cat ad campaign for Purr, I’m nervous excited moderately intrigued to see what Perry has in store for us with Meow.

The pop star has been trying to get fans to guess the new perfume name on Twitter this past week, and with picks ranging from ‘catnip’ to ‘furrytail’ and ‘catberry’, it wasn’t too much of a surprise when she announced the big news by tweeting, “My next fragrance & bestie to Purr is MEOW! She’s very sweet & inspired by that magical place, CANDYFORNIA!” READ FULL STORY

Heart2Heart: Is the new Lance Bass-backed boy band for real? Watch here

Move over, Rebecca Black. The Internet has a new horrifically-bad-but-OMG-it’s-kind-of-catchy tune to get out of their collective heads.

Heart2Heart, a group whose appearance seems to be a leftover relic from the glory days of the boy-band years, released a video this week for their new single, “Facebook Official,” an insightful lyrical examination of the corporate takeover of an increasingly capitalistic society.

Just kidding. It’s about changing your relationship status on Facebook.

Watch the epic video—complete with choreography—below: READ FULL STORY

Courtney Love tells 'Vanity Fair': If Kurt were alive 'I'd kill him'

Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Another day, another moment of Courtney Love cray cray.

Asked in the most recent issue of Vanity Fair about whether she’s still mad at Kurt Cobain for committing suicide, Love replies, “Mad? Ya think?! If he came back right now I’d have to kill him, for what he did to us. I’d f—ing kill him. I’d f— him, and then I’d kill him.”

“He tried to kill himself three times!” Love insists, adding that he overdosed at least five times, forcing her to carry around Narcan, a drug that’s used to bring overdosing heroin users back to life. “I was the f—ng E.M.S.” she says. “I was always sticking pins in his balls.” READ FULL STORY

Robert Pattinson reportedly recording an album; teens may possibly be interested in this news

Cue the hysterical screams: Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson will “imminently” be making his own sweet music, according to US Weekly.

Rob-o-philes will note that this is not the first time Pattinson has dabbled in music. He recorded two songs on the original Twilight soundtrack: the guitar-heavy “Never Think” and “Let Me Sign.

Based on this performance from last year, below, Pattinson certainly won’t be embarrassing himself if he were to release some songs. (The hat, however, needs to go).

It might be some nice background noise while you’re re-reading Twilight‘s sexier passages not that I’ve ever done that. Based on these tracks, it seems Pattinson might continue to go more artsy/alternative than mainstream pop: READ FULL STORY

Leona Lewis may or may not have stolen her new single 'Collide': Listen here and decide

Leona Lewis has had a hard time trying to get back to the Oprah-approved level of success she attained with her smash single “Bleeding Love” a few years back, and her latest single “Collide” isn’t going to do her any favors.

For one thing, it is not awesome: EW’s Tim Stack declared it “a misguided dip into dance-pop” that “lands with a major thud” in his review of the track, which appears in the forthcoming issue of the magazine. (In other words, it’s no “Buffalo Stance.”)

But the other thing that may stand in her way is the fact that she has been accused of stealing the track wholesale from dance artist Avicii. They have had a track called “Penguin” that has been circulating for a few months, and Lewis’ “Collide” is little more than her singing over their track. READ FULL STORY

Countess Luann of NYC 'Housewives' releases new single: Hear it and weep

Sometimes one brash atrocity follows closely on the heels of another.

But Countess LuAnn of the NYC Real Housewives was kind enough to wait more than a year before unleashing her second single, “Chic, C’est La Vie,” on the world.

This comatose club thumper is an ode to the “money power and romance” that fill LuAnn de Lesseps’ waking hours. “Life is but a dream/When every day you’re living is featured on TV,” she asserts, but this music video itself indicates that perhaps her musical moments are best left undocumented by camera, tape recorder, or human ear. Watch it here: READ FULL STORY

James Franco adds 'experimental electronic musician' to his giant resume

OK, James Franco. We get it. You are bionically high-achieving.

You go to school, you teach, you write, you act, you paint, you host award shows, you are an excellently homicidal soap-opera villain. You’re willing to give stuff a try, and that’s noble, but it got ridiculous about 67 projects ago.

And now you’re going to drop an EP of experimental electronic tracks with drag performer Kalup Linzy (who acted alongside Franco on General Hospital)?

It’s called Turn It Up and it’s set to drop July 12. In fact, there’s even a little snippet of a song called “Broken”:


Lady Gaga makes debut as V magazine columnist, quotes Picasso, endorses George Foreman grill

Lady Gaga is giving James Franco some serious competition as pop culture’s greatest multi-tasker.

She’s the creative director for Polaroid. She’s accepted an internship with Princess Eugenie’s hat-maker Philip Treacy. She’s exchanged tweets with Harry Reid about ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Oh, and she’s the biggest pop star on the planet. (She’s even ahead of me in my Star Wars reading!)

Her latest venture? Magazine columnist. The new issue of glossy mag V features a Gaga-penned manifesto on fashion, pop culture, “body modification” and artistic thievery, with more obscure references than a trivia night hosted by Quentin Tarantino and Diablo Cody. Case in point, this name-dropping gem about her early aspirations: “I would dream of being a rock star who dressed like Mark Bolan [sic], walked like Jerry Hall, and had the panache of Ginger from Casino and the mystery of Isabella Blow.” READ FULL STORY

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