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Listen to Willow Smith's 'Sugar and Spice,' then bawl your eyes out

“I sat in front of the TV screen / Sad he’s always screaming at me / They wanna puncture me and then wonder why I bleed.”

Lines from a morbid high school student’s poetry blog? Nope, just 12-year-old Willow Smith’s latest song, “Sugar and Spice,” which is, alas, not the ode to the Powerpuff Girls I thought it would be. (Does Willow even know who the Powerpuff Girls are?). Rather it’s a heartbreaking ballad about trying to be two things you’re not (for a boy, obviously). It’s actually a beautiful song that might have made me tear up a bit. Take a listen: READ FULL STORY

Kelly Clarkson covers Madonna's 'Crazy for You' in concert: Watch here!

Everyone’s getting in on the latest frenzy around Madonna — even Kelly Clarkson.

The night before Clarkson performed the national anthem at the Super Bowl where Her Madgesty performed the halftime show, American Idol‘s original winner  got into the spirit of the weekend and performed a lovely, lilting, guitar-riffing cover of Madonna’s No. 1 hit from 1984, “Crazy for You.”

It was actually a fan request: Before each tour date, Clarkson has been soliciting her concertgoers for songs that she should cover. On this particular Saturday night stop in Bossier City, La., Clarkson did a cover of her own choice first — Florence and the Machine’s “Heavy in Your Arms” — before segueing into “Crazy for You.” (It’s all fitting, considering how Clarkson got into the business, right?)

Rather delightfully, she put her connection to the song into context for us. “This is like a couples-skate song!” Clarkson says in the middle of “Crazy for You.” At the end of her performance, she explained, “You know how when you hear a song and it brings you to a moment?” she says. “I was totally at the skating rink thinking of Michael Webb — whatever! So…anyway, I hated junior high and high school. I was that kid that never fit in. Wat wat!” Awwww.

Clarkson has recently covered such favorites as Heart’s “What About Love” and Coldplay’s “Fix You” in concert, but for now, enjoy her take on classic Madge:


Taylor Swift and the Civil Wars debut their 'Hunger Games' song live at the Ryman -- VIDEO


Last night country-folk duo (and 2011 EW breakouts) the Civil Wars made their Ryman Auditorium debut to a sold-out crowd in Nashville.

The twosome were clearly well-received — at one point garnering a standing ovation, after a performance of “Barton Hollow” — but that affectionate outburst wasn’t the only surprise last night.

Between tunes, Joy Williams jokingly introduced a guest performer who “hasn’t had much time on stage” and “is really new at writing songs,” and into the spotlight stepped a faux-shy Taylor Swift, with whom the Civil Wars recently collaborated on “Safe and Sound,” the haunting ballad from the upcoming Hunger Games movie.

Upon taking the stage, Swift, in very T-Swifty fashion, remarked, “Man, this is so sold out right now — do you know that?”

For the first time ever, the three singers performed “Safe and Sound,” and except for one slightly flat high note (via Swift, whose lilt was otherwise lovely and very much in tune) in the first chorus, they sounded terrific.

Swift, an expert at channeling the feeling of a song, stood solemnly with hands clasped and head low, while Williams and John Paul White brushed their crescendoing harmonic flourishes throughout. Watch the collaboration below: READ FULL STORY

British Navy lipsync Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas Is You': I'm On a Boat edition!

Here at EW, we love a good Christmas lip dub. And this heartwarming frolic on the high seas is no exception.

According to the video description, the crew of the HMS Ocean found out they would all get to be going home for the holidays after 214 days at sea, and they just had to celebrate–sometimes shirtless.

It turns out that Christmas joy means the same thing on a boat as it does everywhere else: Breaking out Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” and dancing your Santa-loving heart out.

Watch the crew’s explosion of Christmas cheer, including elaborate impromptu costumes (made only with things they had aboard — crafty!), high kicks and more below: READ FULL STORY

Because she ruled everything else this year: Adele is now tweeting!

Though you cannot technically set fire to the rain, you can light up the internet. Temporarily silenced Adele is now Tweeting @officialadele.

The handle has been in use for a while — with her production company giving admirers updates, such as her recent six Grammy nominations. Up until now, however, Adele herself has been mum. But it seems even the “Someone Like You” star can’t resist the lure of hashtags and retweets.

Yesterday she made her debut, writing, “Right! Its me! I will start tweeting if 10k of u start following @drop4drop &their trip to India this wk. Its a wonderful charity. Go! A xxx”

Naturally, Adelaholics immediately rose to the challenge, hoping to hear more from the 21 songstress.

The cheeky gal (seriously, check out her blog) seems to be holding  up well after her vocal cord surgery. After rabid fan response to her first tweet, she shared a photo, posing in front of a Beyoncé poster, saying, “”F*ck me that was quick! ThankU! I’m in bed, watchin Gladiator, eatin an apple. Here’s a pic of me & Queen B last wk in NYC! X.”

Donning her best fierce face and pretending to be Bey? Stars! They’re just like us.

Readers: Who are your favorite singers to follow on Twitter?

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Florence + The Machine behind the scenes: An EW video exclusive

The dog days may be over, but you can go back to where it all began in the brand-new behind-the-scenes video of Florence + The Machine.

Featuring footage shot during the making of her recent, excellent Ceremonials, viewers are treated to not only exuberant performance of “Shake it Out” and “What The Water Gave Me,” but also her musings on the nitty-gritty of the recording process.

Like? Well, lying on the floor singing seance songs, for one — and explaining a studio instrument that she claims makes a sound, “like a zombie’s face being mashed in.” Listen in at 2:52 and try and tell us that’s not an accurate description of what you’re hearing.

Filmed to support The Creators Project, an arts initiative of Vice and Intel, the clip lets fans follow Welch’s excitement at recording at the famed Abbey Road Studios, as well as a trip down memory lane with Isa Summers to her very first studio–complete with a name-inspiring drawing. Sadly, the spaceman on the picture didn’t make it into the band.

Check out the video below: READ FULL STORY

Adam Levine gets naked for fashion (and love): See the pictures

Is it hot in here?

It’s getting harder and harder to breathe thanks to these new (naked!) shots of Adam Levine in Russian Vogue.

Check out these NSFW pics featuring multiple images of The Voice judge and Maroon 5 frontman giving sexy stares and seducing the camera alongside his Russian-born supermodel girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna.

These two seem to be joined at the (nude) hip: She’s been in the Maroon video  for “Misery” as well as “Never Going To Leave This Bed,” both of which feature the pair in various states of undress.

Inside the magazine, in another naked shot, we see Levine has tattooed  A N N E across his fingers—sorry ladies, I guess it’s serious for now. Can we talk for a second about just how tattooed Levine is? It took seeing him without clothes to realize how fully decked out his (extremely fit) body is. Check those arms!

This isn’t the first time the “Moves Like Jagger” singer has forgotten his pants for the camera. The singer stripped down for testicular cancer awareness in a UK Cosmopolitan centerfold last February. He’s hot and socially aware!

Readers, what do you think? Is he showing too much skin, or not enough?

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Adele releases heartbreaking, beautiful 'Someone Like You' music video: Watch it here

Adele’s soaring, cut-yourself-already ballad “Someone Like You” may have recently dipped to No. 2 on Billboard’s Hot 100, but maybe its just released music video — splendid in its simplicity — will help it reclaim the top spot from Maroon 5’s overplayed “Moves Like Jagger.”

The understated, black-and-white clip promoting the song — which you can catch below — is, in a word: quiet. Honestly, it’s just what you’d want to see for this break-up heart-wrencher. Adele spends the nearly five-minute-long video simply walking around Paris, which is somehow fittingly deserted, as she wails through the haunting lyrics.  READ FULL STORY

Mariah Carey sings five octaves in just over a minute: Listen here!

It’s no secret that Mariah Carey has range, but that’s just become even more apparent: A clever video has surfaced on YouTube that splices together Mimi singing through what the video claims are five octaves, two notes, and two semitones.

“That’s over 65 keys!!!!” the video says at the end. You knew she could do it, but actually hearing her go from low to high in a cascade — with each note flashing on the screen as it happens, each about one second apart — is pretty stunning.

Through the video, you can identify a variety of Mariah’s songs in the background — everything from her soaring rendition of “O Holy Night” to “Forever” — although a huge portion of it is pulled from her two notable Christmas albums. (Go figure.)

If you don’t already appreciate the range Mariah has, you will after the jump:


Washed Out's 'Amor Fati' video: Watch the exclusive EW premiere!

Though his nom de synth suggests something tired and dull, low-fi keyboard king Ernest Greene, a.k.a. Washed Out, is just getting warmed up.

Within and Without, his first full-length album, has been steadily generating buzz since it dropped back in July, and the attention is well-warranted; his combination of moody, swirling melodies and heart-on-sleeve longing only sound better as the leaves fall off the trees.

EW is happy to premiere the Iceland-shot video for his new single “Amor Fati,” in which Greene pairs minimalist swoon with a good old-fashioned road movie that finds his stand-in (fellow musician Luke Rathborne) rambling along country roads, chasing livestock, taking a bath with a beautiful woman, engaging in some verbal foreplay with a hot dog vendor, and generally re-creating the hallucinatory sense of awe and alienation one gets on an extended foreign vacation.

Check it out below. READ FULL STORY

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