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Janet Jackson: 44 and still nasty during Number Ones show at New York's Radio City Music Hall

Not many artists so far removed from a hit record can fill up a venue as large as Radio City Music Hall. Nearly a decade has passed since Janet Jackson last topped the Billboard hot 100 singles chart (“All For You,” 2001). But there she was Friday night—hair short and slicked—in a sexy, tight gray jumpsuit singing to a packed house on the first of three nights of her Number Ones tour at the famed New York venue.

Oh, how easily we forget. Or perhaps it was just me… Janet’s got hits! Obviously, it’s called Number Ones for a reason. She has ten that have reached the No. 1 spot on the hot 100 during her career, 26 altogether in the top 20, and of those smashes several have ranked above all in their respective R&B and dance charts.

Jackson opened with her 1987 R&B chart topper “Pleasure Principle” and continued with a blitz of classics. Somehow I remembered the words to them all. As did my fellow fans, pausing from reciting lyrics only to squeal or hoot. “Alright,” “Miss You Much,” and  “What Have You Done for Me Lately” all came partnered with the crisp choreography from there ’80s videos. Her voice, both feathery and gruff at times, was strong all evening. There appeared to be no lip-syncing, which she’s often accused of.

In true Janet fashion, the show was sexually charged. READ FULL STORY

Madonna in 'Out': Young and gritty photos from the summer of 1982


Out magazine’s Ladies We Love issue, which featured pop chanteuse Britney Spears on its first cover that came out last week, just keeps delivering the gay goods: The issue’s second and final cover has hit, and it’s another lady they (and we) love from the world of music: Madonna.

But they didn’t put together just another profile of Madge. Instead, they’ve constructed a pretty cool (and never-before-seen!) photo portfolio from one of Madonna’s earliest photo shoots, just before she was about to hit it big. The gritty photos— hot in and around the apartment building that Madonna lived in in New York City’s East Village—were taken by now-famed photographer Richard Corman, who contributes a short essay about this experience with the diva to the package, in the summer of 1982. A preview of the cover is here, but you can find the entire set of photographs on Love the name of the package: “I Shot Madonna.” Tee hee hee.


Beyoncé and Alicia Keys' 'Put It In a Love Song' video: Watch a delightful preview here

An all-important piece of any great diva-on-diva collaboration is a killer-fabulous music video. Just think back to some of the best, more recent diva duos that churned out amazing clips—for instance, the mind-boggle that is Gaga and Beyoncé’s “Telephone” and that deliciousness put together a decade ago by Missy, Christina, Pink, and Lil’ Kim in “Lady Marmalade.”

There are, of course, many more. But one that we’ll likely be adding to that list? Beyoncé and Alicia’s video collab for their song “Put It In a Love Song.” We’ve already seen on-set photos from the video shoot and we’ve, of course, heard the actual song, but the fine folks over at Idolator discovered this fun behind-the-scenes preview thingy for the forthcoming video, which you can watch after the jump.

The duet is already a sultry blast, but could this sparkly, tribal, showgirls-filled video potentially send it into the stratosphere? Methinks, yes, hopefully. And: Beyoncé and Alicia look stunning, especially Alicia’s juicy-red lips. Watch the preview here and tell me what you think afterward:


Jennifer Hudson says new album covers her 'four different lives'

Jennifer-Hudson-OscarsImage Credit: Rick Rowell/ABCSinging and acting talent Jennifer Hudson has plenty on her plate. And judging by her newly slimmed figure, hardly any of it is topped with food.

In addition to promoting her upcoming album, Hudson attended the 83rd Academy Awards last night. The 2007 Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actress in Dreamgirls was on hand as a presenter last night, and on the pre-show red carpet, the American Idol alum told EW a bit about the meaning behind her forthcoming I Remember Me, out March 22.


Beyoncé's dark face makeup in French photo shoot causes a racial ruckus: Is this art?

beyonceBeyoncé is catching some heat today, as pictures from her shoot in French fashion magazine L’Officiel Paris have hit the net.

In their 90th-anniversary issue, the pop icon pays tribute to African culture, donning head wraps and gorgeous gowns. But one picture in particular seems to be getting the most attention. In it Beyoncé wears dark face paint, transforming her fair-skinned complexion to a dark brown one. Whoa, right? How could she? …Okay, America. Chill out. Not every blackened face is blackface. There’s a fine line between artistry and mockery. And several things must be considered before thinking that Beyoncé, of all people, would be the one to spit in the face of her own culture.


Adele sings 'Natural Woman' beautifully on 'VH1 Unplugged' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

If British chanteuse Adele had been included in Sunday’s Grammys-opening tribute to Aretha Franklin (and honestly, why wasn’t she?), it’s worth considering: What ‘Retha song should/would/could she have contributed?

Well, any and all of course — there’s little this lady can’t do. But based on her explosive, emotive rendition of “Natural Woman” in this exclusive clip from an upcoming episode of VH1’s Unplugged, we here at EW would vote resoundingly for Carole King’s woman-empowered classic that Aretha popularized in 1967. As you might imagine, the rebooted Unplugged atmosphere is just perfect for Adele’s fiery singer-songwriter sensibility. Plus, it showcases the fact that this gal can sing. She don’t need no backup. No synthesizers. And no dancers. It’s all about her.

VH1 Unplugged: Adele premieres online Thursday, March 3, at 7 p.m. at and will air on VH1 Friday, March 4, at 11 p.m. The online premiere on March 3 will be accompanied by a live viewing party where fans can watch and chat with one another. Watch the beautiful clip of Adele singing “Natural Woman” here:


Rihanna performs 'What's My Name' on the Late Show with David Letterman

Last night Bajan siren Rihanna performed her No. 1 Billboard smash “What’s My Name” on the  Late Show with David Letterman. In a hot Dolce & Gabbana polka dot getup and her new long red hair, she belted out the pop love song. Rihanna’s doing well using her island culture for mainstream success  and sounded pretty good. She’s not known for powerful vocals, but she’s no slouch either. Check out the performance and let us know what you think.

Rihanna’s LOUD is in stores now. Have you gotten it yet? Will you?

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Rihanna's 'Only Girl (In the World)' video: Finally, fun RiRi returns!

rihanna-only-girl-worldRihanna has made it through the rain. Or, at least that’s what her flouncy, candy-colored video for her latest, delicious and dancey single Only Girl (In The World) seems to suggest. After a year of dropping dark videos for heavy songs like “Hard” and “Russian Roulette”—clips so brutal they could have made a Kremlin guard rethink his steely gaze—RiRi seems downright elated and happy to be living life in Only Girl. There is little storyline for the video, but it near-perfectly mimics the care-free lyrics to the song, which suggest that, for one person, she is the “only girl in the world.” In fact, there’s not a backup dancer in sight! Not one other living soul appears in the clip, making it as if Rihanna is speaking directly to you, the viewer, and she is your one and only amid swallowing rolling, beautiful, swallowing landscapes. It’s an effect that makes you focus squarely on RiRi, who’s ensconsced in flirty outfits and sporting that fire-red ‘do she wore to the VMAs last month.

Rihanna recently spoke to about the video and explained the concept a bit more. “It’s really, really beautifully shot in these crazy, crazy, crazy places,” the 22-year-old said. “We shot landscapes that we found a couple hours outside of L.A. It looks so unreal. It looks fake, like something out of a postcard with the beautiful hills… We had a lot of sunshine those couple of days, so it really worked with the whole essence of the video. But really, the video just shows this big landscape and the only person there is me.”

The single comes from her upcoming studio album LOUD!, which hit stores worldwide on November 12. Until then embrace the beauty of Only Girl (In the World) here:


Rihanna's sexy 'Only Girl (In the World)' single art: What do you think of it?

rihannaThis week Def Jam revealed the cover art to Rihanna‘s new dance single, “Only Girl (In the World).” In it the Bajan pop princess sits nude in a field, blanketed by a red rose dress. Though she’s somewhat naked, it doesn’t come off as a risqué look like some of the other racy shots she’s taken in the past. Remember those pictures she took for GQ in January?

This, more fashion house artsy and elegant, has nothing on those. Let us know what you think of it.

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Colbie Caillat kicks off the NFL season

In the Music Mix’s continuing coverage of sports, we now turn to last night’s NFL season opener between… Nevermind, I can’t keep up this ruse and be bothered to even do a quick search to see who was playing last night. So let’s just get to the EW connection: Songstress Colbie Caillat provided the pre-kickoff National Anthem for the first official game of the NFL season! Woo! And disclaimer: I’m already a huge Colbie fan (“Fallin’ For You” gets me every time!). But I have to say, she did a deliriously nice job with her guitar-laced, sorta countrified, lilting, delicate version of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” It’s totally Colbie! Totally not lip-synched! And totally…NFL kickoff worthy? You decide:


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