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Miley Cyrus has her cake and smears it all over herself too in new music video

If you had told me five years ago that Miley Cyrus would one day be featured on an Israeli DJ’s dubstep track, I would have scoffed and replied, “Hannah Montana? Are you serious? Also, what’s dubstep?”

But lo and behold, “just being Miley” apparently now means co-heading Borgore‘s latest — a club tune called “Decisions” that features these lyrics: “Decisions / But I want it all / So I get it all / I wanna eat the whole cake / I’m not sharin’ / I’m not sharin’ / You should have learned how to bake.” If you’ve ever yearned to see short-haired Miley get covered in very literal cake at one of Stefon‘s favorite night spots, then by all means, press play: READ FULL STORY

Someone made a Beatles/Ke$ha mashup, and it's surprisingly good

“Ke$ha” and “The Beatles” don’t really belong in the same sentence, unless that sentence is the one I just wrote. But like Miley Cyrus and Biggie or Christina Aguilera and The Strokes, these two vastly different artists can be two great tastes that taste great together — provided an ace mashup artist is pulling the strings.

All of which is a long-winded way of saying that yes, someone named doctordude combined “Tik Tok” with “Come Together,” and yes, the result works much better than you thought it would. (At least, until the dollar-signed-one’s vocals come in.) Hear for yourself:


Axl Rose is 50 years old today, so here's one recording for every one of those years

Five decades ago in a small Indiana town, William Bruce Rose, Jr. was born. Though he ended up answering to many names over the course of his life, he is best known as Axl Rose, frontman of Guns N’ Roses and one of the bigger lightning rods in the history of rock music.

That’s right: Axl Rose is 50. 50 years old! Considering how many of his hair-metal brethren didn’t make it out of the Reagan administration, it’s no small feat that Rose can blow that many candles out on his cake.

Of all the eccentric rock stars we know and love, he’s had perhaps the most bipolar career — rarely has a man been so loved (the Appetite for Destruction era) and so hated (basically any time that wasn’t the Appetite for Destruction era). He’s a singular icon and a firebrand, and he wouldn’t have stayed as famous as he has been without both sides of his personality.

Over the course of his career with Guns N’ Roses, Rose has released a total of six albums (five if you count Use Your Illusion as a single entity) and a handful of one-offs, which contain a grand total of 79 songs (though 18 of those are covers, and a couple are alternate versions of the same song). Here are the top 50 Axl Rose recordings, from worst to first: READ FULL STORY

George is the Beatle most horrified by Ke$ha

A rabble-rouser on Buzzfeed got thousands of people outraged today with this list of 12 Extremely Disappointing Facts About Popular Music. The one below struck me as the most visually disturbing. Why didn’t Photoshop melt down as a drunk and disorderly Muppets extra was placed next to The Beatles? Does the answer lie in the space between Ke$sha’s boobs? So many questions.

I’ve come up with a way to cope, though: Imagine that all of the Beatles are facially reacting to the horror show at their right. Ringo is being so polite and cautious about it, probably because he’s the closest to the danger. John is willfully oblivious, while Paul looks just slightly more dead inside than Ke$ha. George wins this stinkface competition by a long and winding mile. (I feel like he’d also take the most convincing Facebook self-portraits in iPhoto. I hate myself!)

See? It’s easy if you try. Feel better now? [Buzzfeed]

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50 Cent angry at record label, threatens to leak Dr. Dre's next single

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

50 Cent–the same 50 who owned hip-hop less than a decade ago with both party starters and thugged-out cuts–can’t get his Interscope record label to back his forthcoming album.

The rhymer took to Twitter to express his displeasure and even threatened to pull the plug on the album altogether. “I’m not releasing a album,” he wrote Wednesday. “I can’t believe Interscope is this f—ed up right now. I apologize to all my fans.”

Obviously mad he’s not getting the same attention as his label mate and mentor Dr. Dre’s, he then threatened to leak Dre’s next single from his oft-delayed set, Detox. “I love Dre,” he began. “But I’m putting his next single psycho out tomorrow at 2:00.”


Billie Joe Armstrong and his pup sing Green Day: Watch the doggone cute video here

YouTube has a litter of ‘singing’ dog videos, but this might be the finest canine/celebrity musical crossbreeding yet.

From the leisure of their home, Billie Joe Armstrong and his dog Rocky perform “Last Night on Earth” from Green Day’s 21st Century Breakdown. Needless to say, these two together give the tune a new LEASH on life.

Armstrong tickles the ivories while hiding under a hoodie, so the punk frontman’s Cockapoo (hmm, no puns there) truly takes center stage with his high-pitched but surprisingly melodic howling. Watch it here: READ FULL STORY

Ricky Martin and Joss Stone release new duet, apparently sail away to Margaritaville

Ricky-Martin-Joss-Stone_320.jpg Image Credit: Singer Ricky Martin (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/WireI Sit back, relax, and allow Joss Stone and Ricky Martin to take you away — away to a place where the waters sparkle turquoise, the lido deck breezes blow sweet, and the shrimp-cocktail fountain at the endless seafood buffet glows like a sweet crustacean dream.

It is not entirely clear how these two came together on the crest of an easy-listening wave, or when they found it necessary to step to Lost in Translation‘s jazzy Sausalito, but suffice it to say that their just-released duet “The Best Thing About Me Is You” is really livin’ la vida pop caca. Stream it here via Idolator, and tell us what you think in the comments section below. Happy sails, marineros!

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U.K. twin sensation Jedward cover 'Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)': The video—with Vanilla Ice cameo!—you didn't know you needed

Alright, stop. Collaborate and listen: Pompadoured Irish X-Factor twins + real-deal Vanilla Ice cameo = holy Friday YouTube whoa.

Eighteen-year-old identical twins John Paul Henry Daniel Richard Grimes and Edward Peter Anthony Kevin Patrick Grimes, a.k.a. Jedward, are a dancing, singing, follicularly dazzling phenomenon sprung from Simon Cowell’s Idol-esque U.K. singing competition (it crowned Leona Lewis in 2006).

They didn’t win, but that hardly seems to matter; judging by the pageviews their David Bowie/Vanilla Ice mash-up “Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)” in its scant few days on the internet, they’ve already won a different kind of prize.

Watch them below, enacting what one EW coworker describes as “Vanilla Ice plus Nelson plus MC Hammer plus Puff Daddy (the original) minus David Bowie times a bag of s— on fire,” and be amazed:

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Miley Cyrus and the Notorious B.I.G. mash it up: TGIF

It’s NSFW Friday, Music Mixers, and we’ve got one for your cubicle if you’ve got headphones (hi boss!): Biggie Smalls’ ’93 anthem “Party and Bulls—“ and, from the tween who tweets no more, “Party in the U.S.A.”:

Maybe you think it desecrates Big’s memory; maybe you think it just needs more boys with beach balls. Give us your favorite/oddest/most-despised mash-ups below, in the comments section.

'Rock Band: Radiohead': If only this were a real game!

Sad but true: I am such a fanatical Radiohead enthusiast that, upon viewing the parody trailer for a fake Rock Band: Radiohead video game (below), I found myself totally wishing that this were a real product. Even though this clip is pretty much just an excuse to dis Radiohead for making “depressing songs about math and fish.” Whatever, dude — sounds cool to me!

Anyone else wish this were Harmonix’s next project now that The Beatles: Rock Band is finally arriving? Caterwaul your thoughts in the comments below. I’ll be here, trying to memorize the finger-taps required to play the horn part from “The National Anthem” in case this imaginary game ever actually comes to pass.

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