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'New Girl' star Jake Johnson: What's On My iPod

FOX’s New Girl returns tonight, with Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel) and Nick Miller (Jake Johnson) continuing to address the fallout of the Kiss Heard ‘Round the Loft (and the internet universe).

Since all eyes have been on Johnson’s character and his panic moonwalk lately, we caught up with the man himself to find out a little about more about his musical tastes. (Hint: His co-star’s band made the list.)

Read on to see what’s on Jake Johnson’s iPod:

Bob Dylan, World Gone Wrong
“I’m going nuts for this these days. I got into Dylan when I was 15 at random, and every few months, I’ll put a different Dylan on. And Dylan’s the only musician for me that kind of sets a tone for how the world should be. You just caught up in his view of Earth, and he’s the only guy where I’m like, ‘I think he’s right. That weirdo’s got it figured out.’

I’m coming off of Blood on the Tracks which is so great, but this is one of those albums I’ve never heard of. And I couldn’t believe it. But World Gone Wrong is early ‘90s, so I thought it was going to be terrible, but it is great Dylan. Because, you know, every once and a while Dylan would have an album where you’re just like, pass. I’m not going down that road with you in the ‘80s, Bob. I’m not doing it! But this is awesome. It’s becoming one of my all-time favorites.”

Mumford and Sons, “After the Storm”

“Olivia Wilde introduced it to me when we were shooting Drinking Buddies, which took place in a beer brewery, and we had to drink so much beer. And you know — as Nick Miller, I can’t get too fat. I can get chubby, but no one’s going to believe the Nick-Jess stuff if Nick weights 240 pounds. So I needed to exercise more, and when she put this album [Sigh No More] on, I just took to it right away. And it actually helped me jog — I would put that album to get fired up when I go running. Mumford and Sons: Will help fat boys get a little less chubby! In fact, my wife and I are actually about to go run up a mountain to it later today.” [Johnson spoke to EW from Hawaii, where he and his wife were on vacation.] READ FULL STORY

'Royal Pains' star Mark Feuerstein: What's on my iPod

Royal Pains‘  fourth season continues tonight with an episode directed by star Mark Feuerstein. But while wearing multiple hats can (and does!) make for some busy days, the actor, who also is a favorite recurring co-host on Live! with Kelly, took some time to peek into his iPod for MusicMix.

Read below for his top five picks — and some highly entertaining stories.

1. “Lady in Red,” Chris de Burgh. “In college we had a roommate from the Caribbean who cranked this song on full blast all day-everyday. Finally I knocked on his door and said ‘Lyndon, how can you listen to that song 24 hours a day/7 days a week?’ His response, ‘Mark, man, how can I not?’ READ FULL STORY

'True Blood' star Stephen Moyer: What's On My iPod

The courtly True Blood vamp, who’s expecting twins with costar Anna Paquin, will also do double duty on the show, directing his first episode July 29.

But when he’s not fighting for Sookie and the fate of the empire, Moyer spends his time listening to raspy-voiced troubadours, genteel indie folkies, and bath-time anthems. Check out what the British actor likes to jam out to below:


'The Big C' star Gabourey Sidibe: What's On My iPod

You likely recognize her from her Oscar-nominated turn as the title character in 2009’s Precious, but Gabourey Sidibe also stars in Showtime’s cancer comedy The Big C, currently in its third season.

On C, Sidibe plays Andrea Jackson, a mouthy student who takes a class from — and becomes close with — the show’s lead character, Cathy (Laura Linney). The actress acts, of course, but one of her other serious passions is music. “I think it’s because my mom’s a singer,” Sidibe recently told EW. “I’ve always had this relationship with music where it’s everything. It’s not just a hobby. It’s not just a thing in my life. It’s everything, whether it’s a profession or not. It’s not my profession, but I grow wary of talking about acting.”

With that in mind, EW checked in with Sidibe about what she’s rocking out to on her iPod, and she happily chatted about her picks, offering up her favorite jams from Jessie J, Flo Rida, Tyler the Creator, Childish Gambino, and more.


'The Good Wife' star Josh Charles: What's On My iPod

His charming Good Wife character Will Gardner may love baseball, but in real life, actor Josh Charles loves music. When he’s not legal-eagling on the screen for the CBS drama, he’s digging into blues, soul, and folk. Recently, he shared his favorite artists, albums, and songs from his iPod, which you can find here:

SAM COOK, NIGHT BEAT “This is the one I really go back to, more than some of his more classic hits, so to speak. I just think it’s such an incredible record. Who sings better than him?”

BOB DYLAN BLOOD ON THE TRACKS For me, there’s Bob Dylan and then there’s everybody else. There really isn’t anything of his music that I don’t have on my iPod, so if I had to pick one record, let’s say, it would be Blood on the Tracks. I just love the whole feeling and vibe of that record. His music is sort of like my bible, and I’m not a very religious person so take that how you want. It would be my default music if I couldn’t figure out what to listen to. I feel like Dylan, at his heart, is a real blues man, and I love his records where he’s stripped them down and done some really good blues songs.”

SKIP JAMES “I’m a huge blues fan, and his songs are just so complex and his voice is so haunting. I’ve been learning how to play songs like ‘Devil Got My Woman’ on my guitar, as well as ‘Special Rider,’ and ‘Hard Time Killing Floor.’ You know, his life story is pretty incredible, too. But his music, I just find it so haunting. Haunting is the word that comes to mind but, also, the guitar playing is unique and really kind of multilayered.”


RuPaul: The Soundtrack of My Life

The First Lady of “ladies” and fierce hostess of the breakout reality hit RuPaul’s Drag Race — whose fourth season premieres Monday, Jan. 30, at 9 p.m. on Logo — shares the songs that shaped him, from Donna Summer’s “MacArthur Park” to Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark.”

Song I first dragged to: Donna Summer, “MacArthur Park”
“I was lead singer of a band and lip-syncing to a song was not something that I did, I just wasn’t into it. But I went to this house party in Merrick, New York, and these rich kids asked if I would lip sync a song, so I did it. It was hilarious and it was a smash hit, and I actually used it as part of my repertoire when I did start lip-syncing in the late ’80s in New York.”

Song I’ll never drag to again: Starpoint, “Object of My Desire”
“It’s a great drag song, but its just that there are so many lyrics to it and so many ad libs that she does, it’s almost impossible to get them all and that’s a big consideration with lip-syncing a song. You want to hit every beat, every ad lib, every riff. I tried doing that song once, and I just couldn’t do it.”

Song that reminds me of my first romance: Bell & James, “Livin’ It Up (Friday Night)”
“It was the song that was always on the radio in the disco era, when I was going to this all-ages disco in San Diego. It reminds me of that time and this first real kiss that I had with this man who was much older than me. Actually, when he kissed me, my knees literally buckled. They buckled because I was swept away. Yeah, it was true: He swept me off my feet. When I hear that song today, I immediately think of that kiss.”


Parker Posey: What's On My iPod

We here at The Music Mix love Parker Posey. Not just because she’s a longtime indie-cinema darling (Dazed and Confused, Waiting for Guffman, Party Girl) and now a recurring Good Wife guest star, but because in everything she does, she is always so awesomely, kookily herself.

Read on to find her eclectic playlist below:

CANDI AND THE STRANGERS “SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY” “I love this song because it has this kind of Spanish feel, really fun and relaxed—you know, put on your muumuu, have a glass of wine, and just be.”

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE “MY GIRLS” “This is always on repeat in my car. It’s so positive, and the lyrics are so good: ‘I don’t care for fancy things/Or to take part in the vicious race.’ I really like this trend of songwriting that is honest and intelligent and serious and longing.”

BOB DYLAN “IDIOT WIND” “Picking my favorite Bob Dylan song is so hard, but this is one of my favorite songs ever. He sings it acoustic, and there’s no track, it was never produced. There’s a tape called Blood on the Tracks, but his acoustic version of ‘Idiot Wind’ is incredible, it’s amazing. It is kind of a mean song. It’s really mean! This is his song about the press. So good! Come on, it’s amazing! Oh my God, it’s so good! He’s the real deal. He’s the man, I think. This song is almost too poignant — I can just picture the producer saying, ‘You know what, this is really too honest. This is a little too real.'”

MIDLAKE “ROSCOE” “Oh my God, I love them. I forget how I got turned on to this band, but usually boyfriends out in L.A. will let me know about them. Or I’ll go to Other Music in New York, and say, ‘What do you guys think I’d like?’ They help me out. I like to support local record stores. I heard it when I was in New Mexico, this album, The Trials of Van Occupanther, and the whole thing feels like it’s got a big frontier vibe, like they’re early-American settlers or something. They really create an atmosphere. The guys kind of present themselves as these bearded dudes who would get water from the well and kill a rabbit.”


Elijah Wood: What's On My iPod

Though he’s probably most identifiable as Frodo Baggins, Elijah Wood had a remarkably eclectic 2011: He played a troubled young man who talked to his dog on the FX series Wilfred, lent his voice to a tiny penguin in Happy Feet Two, and morphed into a time-traveling Beastie Boy for the awesome Fight For Your Right Revisited film.

Wood is a huge music fan — the man did start his own record label — and as you can tell from his selections below:

The Beach Boys, The Smile Sessions
“For years and years it was heavily bootlegged, because there were multiple sessions and Brian Wilson recorded everything in parts and pieces. Fans would try to compile what they thought the album was supposed to be. And then a few years ago Brian Wilson re-created the album, but this is the first time the album and all the sessions have been made available to the public. It’s so amazing. It’s such a painfully beautiful album at times. It’s sort of a triumph, and kind of unheard of that an album that has that legendary status actually sees the light of day and not only that but also all of it, parts and pieces spread out over multiple discs can be analyzed and listened to, and it’s an absolute joy. READ FULL STORY

Kristin Chenoweth: What's On My iPod

Kristin Chenoweth is a busy gal: The pocket-size actress and singer released her fourth studio album, Some Lessons Learned, back in September; is currently shooting ABC’s soapy drama GCB, which will debut in March; and has been tapped to host the second edition of the American Country Awards this coming Monday, Dec. 5, at 8 p.m. on Fox.

Amid all that, though, Chenoweth found time to tell EW about her musical tastes, by revealing what’s on her iPod. For starters, Chenoweth admits: “My iPod music is all over the place.” Honestly, whose isn’t? From Dolly to Adele and Dusty to Chely, here’s a sampling of who trips Chenoweth’s musical trigger:

BLOSSOM DEARIE She’s a jazz artist that I adore. She was way before Diana Krall and could sing a lyric like no one else. I love “A Fine Spring Morning” and “Thou Swell.” What can I say? I was born in the wrong time.

DOLLY PARTON At least once a day, every day, I listen to “Little Sparrow.” I also like [1995’s] Something Special. I covered her song “Change” on my recent album. She is the epitome of the word entertainer. And what a great human. Real heart.


What's on your workout playlist? For Michele Obama, it's a whole lot of Beyonce

It’s not exactly clear why the listening habits of political figures are so fascinating. But they are fascinating, aren’t they?

Thanks to inquiring minds, we now know that Barack Obama is into Lil Wayne and Bill Clinton has a weakness for Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel.”

The latest iPod revelation comes from First Lady Michelle Obama, who while promoting her “Let’s Move” campaign (which encourages young people to exercise and eat right), noted that when it comes to her own workouts, Beyoncé is tops.

“I always love Beyoncé, so anything that’s fast-paced that she’s doing is a good one for me,” the First Lady noted in response to a Twitter question during a video Q&A. “I have very eclectic taste, so my playlist on my iPod runs from fast-paced to a little more mellow.”

Of course, Bey’s “Move Your Body” is one of the big anthems for “Let’s Move,” and in the past has inspired both the First Lady’s Dougie and a Beyoncé-assisted flash mob. And if it’s a faster pace she’s looking for, it’s likely that Mrs. Obama’s favorite 4 tracks include “Countdown” and “Party.”

As somebody who is occasionally maniacal about working out, I can tell you that a gym-related playlist is pretty serious business. Some people prefer the adrenaline spike of hard rap or metal, while I’ve talked to others who prefer something they can get lost in (I knew one guy who swore that Air’s Moon Safari was the best workout album he had ever heard).

My personal playlist includes a lot of ’90s R&B, like Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” and Bel Biv Devoe’s “Poison.” However, when I get into really serious running, I end up listening to a lot of Guns N’ Roses and Eminem. In fact, looking at my workout playlists on my iPod, I see that the two most-played songs are both Slim Shady tunes: the Pink-assisted “Won’t Back Down” and the Ja Rule dis “Go to Sleep.”

So on this Friday, we here at the Music Mix wonder: What songs help you blast your glutes and push you through the end of that 5K? Leave your favorite workout tracks in the comments below.

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