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Willow Smith's 'Whip My Hair' video: Watch it here

willow-smithImage Credit: Solarpix/PR PhotosWhen did nine-year-olds get so very saucy? When I was nine, I had no sauce. Then again, my dad was neither fresh nor prince.

Will and Jada’s child empire continues to rise with the release of the video—leaked early today, then continually pulled until its official debut on 106 & Park tonight—for young Willow’s breakout single, “Whip My Hair.” And whip it she does, like Corey Glover minus the agit-rock politics and the scuba shortie suit.

I confess I was inclined at first to dismiss her quick rise as the worst kind of showbiz nepotism, and the pop stage as an entirely inappropriate and overly sexualized place for one so young. (Exception!) But this clip is about to put a boom in the chiropracting industry (with possible ancillary benefits for housepaint), because girl can snap it: READ FULL STORY

Greyson Chance is on 'Fire': Watch his new cover here

Greyson-ChanceTeen sensation Greyson Chance is busy recording his debut album for a planned fall release on Ellen DeGeneres’ eleveneleven label, but in the meantime he’s keeping his fans happy with another of the piano covers that made him famous.

Chance, 13, just uploaded his version of Augustana‘s “Fire” to his YouTube channel. It’s nothing flashy — just Chance sitting at the piano in his L.A. apartment, playing and singing his heart out. Click through to the jump to check it out.

How do you like Greyson Chance’s take on “Fire”? Who’s looking forward to his album? Let us know in the comments! READ FULL STORY

Guster, 'Do You Love Me': An EW exclusive video premiere

GusterBoston rockers Guster, now nearly two decades into their melodic, good-natured Guster-dom, will release their sixth studio album, Easy Wonderful, on October 5. (Also imminent: a month-long tour).

In the meantime, the Tufts alumni have collaborated with Boston-based fine artist Jon Sarkin on both Easy‘s cover and the video for its first single, “Do You Love Me.”

See the whimsical results—and the band in their long-john underoos—after the jump: READ FULL STORY

Ke$ha before the $: See the high school footage unearthed on YouTube

early-keshaSo, this one time, at band camp, Ke$ha was still just young Kesha Sebert—a Tennessee teen who brushed her teeth with ordinary non-alcoholic toothpaste and needed no shift key to type her name.

Clearly, though, she was already rehearsing for a life of destroyed denim and general Tik-Tokery way back in 2001 as a freshman at Franklin High School Band Camp. Watch it after the jump: READ FULL STORY

The Key of Awesome parodies Eminem and Rihanna's 'Love the Way You Lie' grade-school style: Watch here

Oh, those crazy Key of Awesome kids! The folks who brought you that “Telephone” parody and that other Ke$ha/Bieber/Gaga parody and a bunch of other such YouTube shenanigans have now turned their sights on Eminem and Rihanna’s “Love the Way You Lie.”

In their hands, the somber domestic-violence lesson becomes a cutesy story about two elementary schoolers. “You stole my heart and you stole my bike,” sings a Rihanna impersonator, “But that’s all right, because I love the way you like.” See what they did there?

Click through to the jump to see the Key of Awesome’s “Love the Way You Lie” parody video. Funny? Lame? You tell us. READ FULL STORY

Rapper T.I. debuts Magnum, T.I. role in hilarious Jimmy Kimmel sketch: Watch here

magnum-tiImage Credit: ABCAtlanta rapper T.I. paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel‘s late-night show yesterday to promote his latest movie, Takers. Before bringing T.I. out Kimmel spoke about how busy the artist is–noting that he’s also got an album on the way. And he added that, “He has a new TV show premiering this fall on CBS, I think. It’s a remake of an old show. But with a younger, hipper, more urban twist. Check it out.”

Then came the classic theme song and intro to classic 80′s action drama Magnum, P.I. In a Hawaiian tee shirt, T.I. played Tom Selleck’s role as private investigator Thomas Magnum–mustache and all. For someone who’s known to be too cool for such a skit, T.I. provides some side-splitting humor here. Give it a look after the jump.


Michael Jackson and Nirvana come together in the YouTube mashup of the day: 'Smells like Rockin' Robin'

Here we are now, YouTube, entertain us! I was browsing my Twitter feed this morning when I stumbled upon this gem: Go Home Productions posted a mix of two fantastic (understatement) artists who might be gone, but will not be forgotten any time soon: Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and a then-13-year-old Michael Jackson’s “Rockin’ Robin.”

And now, thanks to the wonder of technology, we can enjoy BOTH songs at the same time. Color me excited. Watch the video after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Levi Johnston to appear in music video. Hasn't that clock hit 15 yet?

Levi-JohnstonImage Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR PhotosAccording to the AP, Levi Johnston is going to appear in a music video. Yes, that Levi Johnston — the former hockey player best known for knocking up Bristol Palin, having trouble staying engaged to her the first time around, spending the past year picking fights with the Palins at large, then magically re-convincing Bristol to marry him, which just proves that love is a magical force we should never, ever fight, because we will lose, or something. Anyway, according to Johnston’s attorney, Levi is looking forward to doing the video. “It will give him an opportunity to act a little bit in front of a camera,” says the attorney. “He’s done a commercial before, but something like this is a little more involved.”

Johnston will be challenging his acting chops as accompaniment to a song called “After Love,” a lukewarm slice of R&B cheesesteak from Brittani Senser, who is the daughter of a former NFL football player. The AP also caught a glimpse of the video treatment: “The couple share tender moments before they are driven apart by the young woman’s mother. Unaware that her mom’s interference forced her boyfriend to go, she ‘throws herself into her mother’s arms. She tells her mother that she was wrong about Levi.’”

I’ve gone ahead and embedded a live clip of Ms. Senser performing “After Love” after the jump. I invite you to spend as much time as you’d like envisioning her sharing tender moments with Levi (pictured above), and then being driven apart by a mother figure. Possibly one toting a shotgun. And bearing a faint resemblance to Tina Fey.  READ FULL STORY

Jack White performs Beatles song at White House for Paul McCartney, Obama: Watch it here

jack-whiteImage Credit: Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage.comStanding in front of the leader of the free world and perhaps the greatest living pop icon in the world, performing one of said icon’s own songs? NBD, dudes.

It’s been a long road for Mr. Jack White from Hotel Yorba to the White House, but the White Stripes frontman/Raconteur/Dead Weather-er/hair artiste keeps his wits about him—while seeming appropriately subdued—in a performance of the 1968 Lennon/MccCartney ballad “Mother Nature’s Son,” from the upcoming Paul McCartney Gershwin Prize special, set to air on PBS July 28.

The show will feature Paul himself, as well as Stevie Wonder, Elvis Costello, Dave Grohl, Emmylou Harris, Herbie Hancock and … the Jonas Brothers. (Malia and Sasha, your vote has been counted).

See White’s solo acoustic performance—to a head-nodding, toe-tapping ‘Bama and Macca—below:


Lady Gaga performs new, never-heard song, 'You and I': Listen here

lady-gagaImage Credit: Kristy Sparow/Getty ImagesLa Gaga gave Jerry’s box seats a break this weekend to debut a new song at her erstwhile partner in duet sparkle Elton John’s annual White Tie and Tiara Ball in London—though it does look like she brought along her Yankees team spirit, in the form of this same demure brassiere.

The singer, in Marilyn hair, knee-high boots, and bedazzled underbits, introduced the “brand new, never heard before, ever” song “You and I” as “a bit of a rock ‘n’ roll tune, which means it will most likely never get released as one of my singles, so I guess it’s OK to play it tonight.”

In fact, it sounds a lot like The Artist Formerly Known as Stefani Germanotta—the husky-voiced, piano-straddling NYU student who haunted lower Manhattan’s open-mic nights and basement bars in her brunette, bepantsed college days.

In fact, Gaga tweeted this weekend that the song was “written in NY on the piano I grew up with,” and it has that pre-Fame (and fame) je ne sais quoi; I like the song’s torchy, slow-burn cabaret quality—no AutoTune, fancy production, or performance gimmicks (other than, of course, her habitual rejection of outerwear, and a gymnastic late-game backbend), just the voice and the instrument. Watch it all after the jump:


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