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Bruno Mars covers 'Little Mermaid' song 'Part of Your World': Watch it here

Oh, Bruno, you always know how to woo us.

During a recent performance at the BBC Live Lounge, the “Locked Out of Heaven” singer unlocked the Disney vault and pulled out “Part of Your World,” from The Little Mermaid.

“It’s the best song ever written,” Mars says, adding that he can never get through it without choking up. (All together now: “awww.”)

Watch the video below to see if Mars is able to suppress the waterworks for the underwater ballad. And catch a bonus Little Mermaid track at the end of the clip:


Someone already wrote Taylor Swift and Harry Styles' breakup song, and it's perfect -- VIDEO

Taylor Swift and One Direction’s Harry Styles are dating now, but let’s be real: they’re going to break up. I’m sure of it. You’re sure of it. Anyone who has thought about Taylor Swift for even one minute over the past five years is sure of it. This is just what she does. Swift kisses and kisses and kisses, and then she tells (with varying degrees of coyness) on her multi-platinum albums.

But thanks to American Idol Season 9 alum Tim Urban (straight outta left field, I know!), we no longer have to wait for Swift’s inevitable confessional about Harry Styles on her inevitable fall 2014 album. Urban’s written one for her, and it’s hilariously, almost unbelievably on-point. Seriously, is he her secret ghost writer?

The opening couplet had me on board right away. “He was the wrong direction with a beautiful face,” Urban sings. “He made me smile on those December days.”

I mean, that’s just classic Swift, right? But it was the sassy kiss-off at the end of the chorus that sealed the deal for me: “There won’t be a next time for him/ And he can keep his accent.” Ahhhh, how is this not already a real Taylor Swift song?!

Check out the full tune below (it kicks off at 0:44): READ FULL STORY

You haven't heard 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' until you've heard DMX's version -- VIDEO

What’s his name? It’s DMX — and he just dropped a f—load of Christmas cheer on all y’all.

During a recent visit to New York’s Power 105.1, the rapper was asked to put his own spin on the timeless Christmas tune “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” Dark Man X complied, waving away a lyrics sheet and reciting the song from memory so excitedly that he sped ahead of his accompaniment.

By the time DMX got past the preamble, he was ad-libbing and sing-rapping like some sort of enchanted hip-hop elf — leaving the radio station with a version of “Rudolph” that deserves to become a classic.

Even Ja Rule has to admit that DMX killed it. Watch here:


'Gangnam Style' becomes most-watched video on YouTube -- ever

We know that some of you want to use that invisible lasso to yank him off the Internet, but PSY’s popularity shows no signs of relenting. Today, the South Korean rapper’s novelty hit, “Gangnam Style,”  earned the honor of becoming YouTube’s most watched video of all time, according to the YouTube Trends blog.


Madonna and PSY mash up 'Gangnam Style,' 'Give It 2 Me' live -- VIDEO

Nobody is safe from “Gangnam Style.” Not Hugh Jackman, not Jar Jar Binks, not you.

And not Madonna, either. Her Madgesty, ever keen on remaining relevant, teamed up with PSY at a live concert to perform the unstoppable “Gangnam Style” song-and-dance routine on stage. The twist? She blended it in with her own (if less popular) single “Give It 2 Me.”

Take a look at the clip below:


From the people who brought you 'Friday': 'It's Thanksgiving' -- VIDEO

You want to listen to some holiday music, but Christmas is still just a little too far away? If only there was a pop Thanksgiving song, you’ve probably thought to yourself at some point. I wish I could pretend a turkey leg was a microphone, and give shout-outs to mashed potatoes over a repetitive chorus complete with a random rap breakdown two-thirds of the way through the track.

Be careful what you wish for. Teen Nicole Westbrook’s song, “It’s Thanksgiving,” has all of the above and so, so much more. For those that cherished the easy reminder of the days of the week from Rebecca Black, this song — by the same team that brought you “Friday” — attempts to replace the calendar in your life. Westbrook lists out all the holidays, and subs Black’s “we we we so excited” for “we we we are gonna have a good time.”

I don’t know why I’m going to nitpick this, but I think my favorite part is right at the beginning, when she is counting down the days on a calendar and Nov. 28 is listed as Thanksgiving Day. That’s not even accurate this year! We we we did not fact check this.

Check it out below: READ FULL STORY

'Gangnam Style' finally gets the acoustic, a cappella covers it deserves -- VIDEOS

If you took a peek at yesterday’s sound-free edition of PSY’s “Gangnam Style” but found it too arty for your tastes, perhaps one of these two new choices will better suit you.

That’s right, the K-Pop sensation is now reaching its viral peak, inspiring new sub-memes nearly every day of the week. The latest offerings include an a cappella cover from Sing Off winners Pentatonix and an acoustic rendition of the song courtesy of the “UC Berkeley Korean rock band” Ra-On.

The acoustic clip features Jaydee Min and Elle Kim sharing vocal duties while Michael Jun handles the guitar.

Check it out in the video below:


Watch this awesome house cat sing along to Collective Soul: VIDEO

If we could adopt any cat in the world, it would be the one that meows along to forgotten ’90s alt bands:


Mumford & Sons release video for 'I Will Wait' - watch it here

There are a million folk and bluegrass bands out there – what makes Mumford & Sons so special?


The London quartet have always had a thing for building seemingly humble songs towards rapturous, arena-ready climaxes.  Now, in the new video for “I Will Wait,” off their upcoming sophomore release Babel, they’ve actually got an arena–the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, to be exact.

Directed by Fred & Nick, the video showcases the group in a recent performance of their grand, foot-stomping single in front of thousands of exuberant fans.  Even in the cavernous space, the group sound like they might bust right through the rock walls:


Members of Pussy Riot release a video for fans, supporters

By now you know the story, or have at least read the headlines: three members of Russia’s feminist punk group Pussy Riot were sentenced to two years in prison for “hooliganism motivated by religious hatred.”  In layman terms, that means they protested Putin’s administration with the recitation of a “punk prayer.”  The convicted members are awaiting a decision on their appeal, but in the meantime the rest of the band shot a video that denounces Putin and thanks the musicians – including Green Day and the Red Hot Chili Peppers – that have spoken out on their behalf.  The masked musicians also shout cries for freedom and burn Putin in effigy – suffice it to say they’re not extending an olive branch.


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