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Kanye West shows early charisma, stand-up skills on 'Def Poetry Jam' in 2004: Watch it here!

Back in 2004, Kanye West had already made an indelible mark on the hip-hop world by producing the best tracks on Jay-Z’s watershed 2001 album The Blueprint.

He had also scored production credits on a number of major hits, including Talib Kweli’s “Get By” and Fabolous’ “My Life.” But he had not yet scored ample time on the microphone (at least in public), and was still trying to put some buzz behind his debut album The College Dropout.

So what did ‘Ye do? He paid a visit to Def Poetry Jam, the Mos Def-hosted show that aired for several years on HBO, and spit out a poem called “Self-Conscious.” In the clip below, you can hear Mos (or whatever he’s calling himself now) declare Kanye “the future of hip-hop,” and if you listen to the lyrics, you can hear the genesis “All Falls Down,” which became a bona fide hit for West nearly a year later. READ FULL STORY

Haley Reinhart sings 'God Bless the Child' in dim New Orleans jazz club, scats with a trumpet player: Watch it here

Please let this be a sign of things to come!

Interscope recording artist Haley Reinhart (typing that will never get old) was recently down. In New. Orleeeeans. with her fellow Season 10 American Idol contestants — and while there, she stopped by Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse to coo a smooth 11-minute rendition of “God Bless the Child” with Irvin Mayfield and his band.

The laid-back session features some astonishingly high runs, bluesy growls, and an extended call-and-response scat session with a trumpet; check out the video (uploaded by Casey Abrams…) below:


Country star Luke Bryan takes on Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance': Watch it here

Luke Bryan, Little Monster? He didn’t put his paws up, but the “Country Girl (Shake It For Me)” singer did shake it for the birds, the bees, the catfish swimmin’ down deep in the creek — and for “Bad Romance” on his current CMT tour.

Watch below as Bryan puts on a muscular, surprisingly awesome performance — cue the “Crazy Train” riff! — of her Ladyship’s pop smash below: READ FULL STORY

Demi Lovato covers Lil Wayne's 'How to Love' in NYC: Watch it here

When she’s not skyscraping, Demi Lovato is dealing with lower-altitude issues like, for instance, How to Love.

Saturday night found the newly revitalized teen star in a corner tryna put it together (or rather, onstage at Manhattan’s Hammerstein Ballroom) by turning Weezy’s slow-jam lullaby into a first-person confessional/uplift anthem.

“I am going to cover a song right now,” she told the crowd. “It’s by a rap artist, not a rap song, and it’s on the radio right now. Do you guys know what it is?” You do, Music Mixer! Because we just told you. But watch it here, after the jump:


Lady Gaga gets inked by Kat Von D: Watch the video here

File under: Things we maybe didn’t know about Lady Gaga. (And Lord knows that’s a short list at this point.)

In this vintage clip from 2008, we see a not-yet-fully-formed Gaga (Is she wearing pants? SHE IS!) hitting up LA Ink’s Kat Von D for some elaborate lower back art.

The two ladies chat about L.A., Gaga’s songwriting—she just worked with New Kids On The Block!—and her parents’ reaction to all those tattoos. Check it out after the jump: READ FULL STORY

Jim Carrey covers Radiohead, becomes latest in long line of 'Creeps': See it here!

Is there an actor in the universe more ’90s than Jim Carrey? The guy rose from stand-up notoriety to national prominence on the sketch show In Living Color, which premiered in the spring of 1990, and then to international superstardom thanks to flicks like The Mask and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

He finished out the decade with a series of strong dramatic roles—including his turn as Andy Kaufman in the biopic Man in the Moon—but since the turn of the century, he has wavered between the broad stuff he used to be known for (Bruce Almighty, Yes Man) and down-the-rabbit-hole head-scratchers (The Number 23, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). Really, the guy might as well be Billy Corgan.

Which is why it makes perfect sense that Carrey’s band played a gig in New York over the weekend and dropped in a pair of ’90s alt-rock covers into the mix. He channeled Corgan’s Smashing Pumpkins during his read-through of “Bullet With Butterfly Wings,” but he really got into the groove during a version of Radiohead’s “Creep,” which you can check out below. READ FULL STORY

Taylor Swift talks social media, touring, cats in lengthy YouTube interview: Watch it here

In the current generation of socially aware, hyper-connected pop stars, Taylor Swift stands above all others. She has nearly eight million Twitter followers, and her YouTube videos have been watched over half a billion times. (That’s billion, just to drive that point home.)

Of course, she has also sold millions of albums and probably needs a few extra rooms in her house for all of her awards. All of that was driven home during a 40 minute interview posted yesterday as part of the “YouTube Presents” series. According to the moderator, fans submitted 30,000 questions to Swift, though they only had time to ask a handful.

Over the course of the conversation, Swift talked a lot about her songwriting process (she doesn’t know a song is finished until she writes a line that makes her go “Ooh ooh ooh ooh!”), her wackiest fans (a lot of people have been showing up to concerts wearing costumes, including one girl who recently dressed as a chicken), her TV watching habits (she loves Lockup Raw, the MSNBC prison documentary series), and what might be on her next album (she has been writing since she finished writing for Speak Now, though it’ll be at least another year before she attempts to record anything).

It’s a long watch, but Swift is charming enough to hold your attention. And really, do you have anything better to do on a Friday afternoon before a long weekend? Watch the interview after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson; the late King of Pop would have been 53 today

It’s hard not to wonder what Michael Jackson would have thought of last night’s MTV Video Music Awards. After all, he was one of the primary artists responsible, nearly thirty years ago, for turning the little upstart music channel that could into a cultural behemoth, and had countless iconic VMA moments of his own.

Some 26 months after his shockingly sudden death at the age of 50, there are a million things to remember about the King of Pop on the occasion of what would have been his 53rd birthday: His remarkable musical and physical genius; his undeniable eccentricities; his ongoing personal struggles.

Personally, I prefer to think of him at his happiest, purest moments: the ones in which you could see how much he loved what he did, and how ridiculously outsized his talent was — even as tiny, precocious boy in a giant lavender hat, way back in 1969 on the Ed Sullivan Show: READ FULL STORY

Feist, 'How Come You Never Go There' -- hear her first new single here

Our sad-eyed lady of the Canadian lowlands returns with the first single from her upcoming Metals.

And “1234” it is not—but even if you can’t immediately taste the jaunty Nano rainbow, it’s still subtly lovely—and eminently Feisty: READ FULL STORY

Jay-Z and Kanye West release 'Watch the Throne' 'Otis' video -- Everybody's all-American! Watch it here

Jay and Ye’s game of Throne has pretty much owned the pop-culture conversation this week—I’m obsessed with “Why I Love You” and “That’s My B****,” my colleague heartily disagrees—and now hip-hop’s wonder twins have capped it off with an official Spike Jonze-directed clip for the album’s first single, “Otis.”

As bombastic as their pairing already is, they don’t double down on platinum video tricks here; it’s just three minutes of our boys gone Casual-Mogul Friday in jeans and crest-embossed white tees, racing stripped-down cars (not Yeezy’s other other Benz) and dropping verses in front of a giant American flag in a dusty backlot.

Minimal models, no bottles, no problem—spend it on pyro! They look like they’re kind of loving it, and I’m happy too. Watch it here: READ FULL STORY

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