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Emo revivalists Joyce Manor share the soundtrack of their tour

One of the most heartening aspects of the ongoing emo revival is that most of the bands taking part in it seem to have not only inherited the sound of the genre’s ’90s-era second wave but the heavy streak of egalitarianism that was one of its primary non-musical qualities. That being said, Torrance, Calif.’s Joyce Manor enjoy something of a “first among equals” position, with a fan base that’s quickly growing to legitimate rock star size, a surprising amount of mainstream media attention, and a new album, Never Hungover Again, on the famed punk label Epitaph.

Never Hungover Again combines the earnestly awkward adolescent squawk of emo foundation-layers Cap’n Jazz with Cali pop-punk’s buzzsaw hooks, but on this exclusive playlist for EW, the band shows off some impressively diverse listening habits. Collecting some of the music that they’ve had in heavy rotation while on tour, it includes everything from ska-core heroes Operation Ivy to the Cocteau Twins’ gothy dream-pop.


TV on the Radio premieres Paul Reubens-starring video on Funny or Die


Pee-wee Herman has finally embarked on another big adventure—and while it may not be be as bizarre as his first one, its still pretty strange. Pee-wee actor Paul Reubens has turned up as the protagonist of the new music video from New York indie rockers TV on the Radio.

The Funny or Die-hosted video is for the band’s fantastic new single, “Happy Idiot.” Contemplating a return to his former glory, Reubens flies through the desert in a sky-blue muscle car and racing helmet, hallucinating TVOTR and Karen Gillan (Doctor WhoGuardians of the Galaxy). Vocalist Tunde Adebimpe called the video shoot a “full on geek fest in the desert.” READ FULL STORY

Gerard Way talks 'Hesitant Alien': 'I do believe it's rock and roll'

Gerard Way is an outsider of sorts — and he’s okay with that. “I learned to accept my place in music as, I’m extremely different but that’s how I’m needed and that’s why I belong,” Way tells EW. Hence the title of his debut solo album: Hesitant Alien.

After fronting My Chemical Romance for 12 years, Way announced the band’s breakup in 2013 with an essay that hinted at music to come. Now, just about a year and a half later, Way is back on the music scene with Hesitant Alien, an album heavily inspired by Britpop and missing the dramatic darkness of My Chemical Romance albums like their first, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love or their cancer-centered concept album, The Black Parade. “I think I’m trying to push stuff on the radio in a newer direction,” Way says. “Stuff that hasn’t really been on modern rock radio is what I’m going for.” READ FULL STORY

Hear Bell Gardens' dreamy 'She's Stuck in the Loop of Her Endless Decline'


In their separate ventures, Stars of the Lid’s Brian McBride and Furry Things’s Kenneth James Gibson are heavily influenced by uncommercial styles like dub, minimal techno, and drone. Together, under the name Bell Gardens, they make music that they claim is “more of an experiment than [their] current ‘experimental’ projects,” but the pair are blessed with pop sensibilities that they can’t seem to repress.

“She’s Stuck In the Loop of Her Endless Decline,” from their upcoming LP Slow Dawns for Lost Conclusions (out Oct. 28), has enough delicate sonic textures to satisfy their more avant-garde-inclined fans wrapped around an unhurried, tuneful folk melody that you don’t need to know what “minimal techno” even means in order to enjoy.


Sam Smith takes a victory lap in 'Restart' video

In 2014, Sam Smith went from Disclosure sidekick to bona fide pop star. Now, he’s got a new video out for “Restart”—off his debut album, In the Lonely Hour—where he basically takes a victory lap.

“Restart” sounds breezy on first listen, but also has a fair share of melancholy. In the video, Smith overlooks the song’s general breakup message, instead going for standard-issue footage of good times on tour—complete with audio samples from newscasters discussing his awesome year.

The video may be self-indulgent, but let’s be honest: For decades, that quality has been as tied to pop stardom as a good record and a world tour.

Scientists snuck Bob Dylan lyrics into research papers for 17 years

“How does it feel” to be the biggest Dylan fans in the scientific community? Ask John Jundberg and Eddie Weitzberg, authors of “Nitric Oxide and inflammation: The answer is blowing in the wind.”

According to Swedish news outlet The Local, Jundberg, Weitzberg and three other Swedish scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm have been competing to embed as many Bob Dylan lyrics into their medical research papers as they can before retiring. READ FULL STORY

Led Zeppelin shares new version of 'Rain Song' ahead of October reissues

Earlier this year, Led Zeppelin released remastered, deluxe versions of their first three records. They’ll put out reissues of 1971’s Led Zeppelin IV and 1973’s Houses of the Holy on Oct. 27, so to get fans pumped, the band has shared an alternate version of classic Houses cut “The Rain Song.”

The track—aptly titled “The Rain Song (Mix Minus Piano)”—answers a question fans have died to know for years: What would this revered song sound like without one of its instruments? Probably something like seeing the hot date you picked up at the bar the next morning, complete with frizzy hair and gym shorts. Still beautiful, but not exactly how you remembered. READ FULL STORY

One Direction channels Journey, gets dad-friendly with 'Steal My Girl'

Did One Direction recently spend some time at the School of Rock? It’s possible—if the School of Rock happens to be headed by Journey.

For the boy band’s latest single, “Steal My Girl,” One Direction takes things in a new, ’80s classic rock direction. More specifically, the opening of “Steal My Girl” is enough to give any Journey fan a bit of deja vu, as the song sounds something like One Direction’s version of Journey’s 1983 hit “Faithfully.” One Direction’s mid-song “na na na na na” even recalls Journey’s mid-song “woah oh oh oh.” It feels a lot like One Direction is trying to make a new name for itself—and it’s not terrible.


Reviewing Thom Yorke's 'Tomorrow's Modern Boxes': A surprise delivery -- and a pretty great one

On Friday, Radiohead frontman and dance enthusiast Thom Yorke snuck up on the Internet and delivered another sonic sucker punch. Not only did he announce that he had completed a new solo album called Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, but that said album was already available via BitTorrent.

For a nominal fee of $6, hardcore fans were entitled to download a bundle that included all eight of the album’s tracks plus the unnerving music video for the track “A Brain in a Bottle”: READ FULL STORY

Belle and Sebastian announce new album, 'Girls in Peacetime Want To Dance'

Scottish indie band Belle and Sebastian announced over the weekend that their new, intriguingly titled album, Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance, will be released early next year. The album arrives on Jan. 20, 2015 in North America.  READ FULL STORY

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