Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift's VMAs moment: What was he thinking?

Is Kanye West the new “Soy Bomb”? Moments after Taylor Swift’s win for Best Female Video (“You Belong With Me”) was announced tonight at MTV’s Video Music Awards (check out our live blog), a furious Mr. West ran onstage, grabbed a mic, and interrupted her acceptance speech to announce his belief that Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” deserved that award instead.

Now, we can argue all day and night about whether or not Beyonce was robbed — hey, I like both videos in question — but that was a pretty uncool move on Kanye’s part. We’re talking about a 19-year-old. Let her have her moment! I’m sure an artist as poised and graceful as Beyonce wouldn’t have approved of such obnoxious behavior. And what happened to “I don’t get offended anymore,” Yeezy?

Of course, for all we know we’ll find out tomorrow that this whole thing was a publicity stunt. It sure looked real, though — a whole lot realer than, say, the Bruno/Eminem encounter from this year’s MTV Movie Awards. What did you think of what went down?

UPDATE: Kanye apologizes for interrupting Taylor Swift’s VMAs moment

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  • Mike

    It was another, very typical Kanye moment. It always has to be the Kanye show. If it’s not, something’s wrong!

    • Jamie

      In Kanye’s mind, it’s not only wrong – it’s racist too.

      • Ashley

        ok, how is it racist? people over use the word. if he thought it was a better video then ok! but he didnt say he liked it because beyonce’s black, like for real, ur not in his mind

      • smilie12

        Just another person using the race card. Taking away Taylor Swifts moment was hateful. She had nothing to do with the decision on who receives the award and certainly didn’t deserve his hateful act. If Kanye ever wins an award (hopefully not) maybe someone should go up and steal the microphone from him and make a good comment about someone else.

      • Jake

        I agree he’s a bigot.

      • jim bean

        it was racist b/c if it had been a white guy doing it to a black girl then it would have been racist… but for some reason we choose to give kyane the benefit of the doubt and it would seem racist if white people would call him racist. kyane is a maggot and i know im spelling kyane wrong just cause i can

      • Joe

        He is racist… Attention people… black people can be racist too and I am not trying to say white people aren’t racist sometimes but come on, he clearly is.

      • Jake

        Ashley, if you dont realize that that was racist than you are completely 100% arrogant. Get real

      • alex wilhelm

        actually i think he was commenting on how kanye was sayin bush was raciest

      • Jamie

        Thank god someone understood it. I didn’t mean that his act was racist, I meant that if it’s not all about Kanye, then Kanye feels that it’s racist in some way. He’s obsessed with himself.

      • embarassed mama

        Kanye is a complete idiot ,,,,his weak attempt at an apology sums it up… only in America can someone like that can capitalize on such a embarassing moment. what an fool..thats right people should bbuy more albums and make him richer

      • Ugh

        there is absolutely no race involved at all! if ur gonna bitch about this, do it intelligently

      • n/a

        swift should have said kayne hates white people!

      • BA

        To all of you who are arguing that Kanye is not racist, keep in mind that the last scene he made was about how black people never get awards. I can’t remember if this was the Grammys or what, but he absolutely feels that people are racist against him, and therefore reacts in a racist way himself. I thoroughly agree that if ANY black entertainer had won that award, he would NOT have been up there.

      • Sally in Chicago

        Kanye is a legend in his own mind, but in his defense….he’s probably frustrated at seeing black artists & singers lose to white artists all the time (or almost all the time) at the VMAs. The VMAs have ghettoized the awards,much like the grammys. All blacks win in the Hip Hop category only, but hardly any win best song, best record.
        Next time the VMAs should be boycotted.

      • ARH

        So…sally in chicago, ghettoized?…how offensive and small-minded of you…and Eminem is not black? He won in the hip-hop catagory, or were you watching the same show we were all watching?

      • sg

        It was very RACIST – I only wish he did it to someone like PINK – cause she would have knocked him right off the stage!!! Taylor is too sweet and sings some great music. He needs to get over himself – he is a loser – put him with Chris Brown!

      • carole

        Kanye is not a racist – he is just the biggest JERK and PRICK on the face of the earth – Taylor won the award – get over it and stop embaressing yourself and your supporters in what has to the biggest Human Jerky Nature move…

      • relef23

        I do think KW was absolutely wrong. However, people are throwing this race word around to often these days What ever happened to he was flat out wrong. He did not agree with the results and spoke his mind in a extremely offensive and inappropriate manner, but it was not about race. Racism goes all ways, white to black, black to white and so on. This was not a racial moment this was an offensive moment. Please know the difference before insulting entire classes of people.

      • Tim

        I will tell all of you why it’s racist. If a black artist would have won the award he would have sat there. He wouldn’t have said a word. If a white artist would have done what he did to a black artist that won it would have set off a riot and no I’m not white. I’m black. Kayne is racist and he’s an idiot!

      • shelly

        it was not racist b/c beyonce won for video of the year…he is slime

      • T-Man

        Not only am I shocked but I am very disapointed in Kayne West. While I love his music, the man showed NO CLASS last night. To embarrass that sweet child, that was so uncalled for. Who the F does he think he is? It was not Taylor’s fault she won that award. It doesn’t matter what Kayne thought should have won, Taylor got voted that award, she deserved that award and she did NOT deserve the disrespect Kayne gave her. HOW DARE HE! He has had things happen to him, like his mother dying, but that is NO excuse for his behavior. I don’t think race had anything to do with this. If anything he might have thought that “Country” doesn’t belong here but don’t think he meant it as a race thing. If he did, DOUBLE SHAME ON HIM! Poor Taylor, the look of embarassment on her face is so sad. To ruin this first award memory for her is outrageous! He can say he is sorry for all its worth, you can’t take that moment back, nor can you make it go away for Taylor. I hope he is hit with fan backlash and the media for a long time to come.

      • Josh.

        are you joking? how do you think this is racist? you have no way of proving that. Beyonce should have won it, and yeezy spoke his mind about it. This had nothing to do with race. So keep your mouth shut until you actually know the facts. this is how all these damn rumors get around.

      • Amanda

        ashley, if he had an opinion he should have keeped his mouth shut. cause nothing good came out of his mouth.

      • bill

        He is totally racist..you think if another black person was nominated and awarded he would have jumped up there and did that for beyonce. How are ppl so blind to not see he is racist…not specifically this moment just the guy in general. I’m sure his mom is real proud

      • Karen

        What did he say that was racist? Why are you pushing your racist agenda? Try to say something thing important.

      • Daniel

        You people all fail. Jamie was facetiously making the implication that Kanye West thinks everything is racist.

      • Grace

        To Daniel Thank goodness you’re not the teacher. Kanye said nothing about race but you did.

      • kane the F West

        yo sally from chicago,bounce lost because she can’t attract that many fans or have that many fans. be FN real take a good look around, these country folks still attract more fans to their concerts than hip hop for the fact that they can’t perform worth of c rap live. And i’m surprised that noone threw him a or should we have the president speak on that subject about this act of stupidity on kanye’s part, my bad he won’t he’s black.

      • Peace

        TO Kane Stop being racist. Do something constructive. Go buy a pair of jeans and help the economy or something.

      • tracy

        Racist? Get over yourself. Not everything is about you (Kanye) or about race. It was determined that Taylor’s video was the winner, it was her moment. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it was incredibly rude and inappropriate to express his opinion in that manner, maybe he should try blogging like other mortals. As for being about race, I believe its supposed to be about talent. Beyonce is indisputably talented and gracious enough to give credit where credit is due. Maybe Kanye should develope some grace.

      • Baby Toya

        He is a Dumba** for what he did but hes not a racist though

      • bobbysnutts

        Its racist because he didnt say it was randy travis best video but chose a black person in beyonce.

      • Alyssa

        You are so right Jamie, Kanya West is not supposed to do that it was rood of him to do that right in front of Taylor Swift

    • Monique H

      Well he got exactly what he wanted all of us talking about him.

      • smilie12

        Perhaps people will reconsider his album when another singers album is also available. He can’t sing anyway. Now he has proven beyond a doubt that he is a jerk too.

      • Amy

        Truer words have never been spoken!! Why does this idiot continue to get press when he pulls stuff like this? It is another pathetic attempt to get any spotlight time. I remember MTV when it actually used to be about the music. But, I shouldn’t be surprised. They ruined the Carolina Panthers Superbowl halftime show a few years ago too. Absolutely pathetic.

      • Lil Tonie

        I’M A RAP ARTIST FROM ATLANTA AND HE IS RACIST …To Sally in Chicago…your funny and ignorant and Relef23 think before your speak….Was it racist? Keep in mind the first time he did this was to Grechin Wilson when she won best new artist. HE CALLED THAT MOMENT A RACIST MOMENT…Then he does this to Mike Myers about Bush saying all that was RACIST and he did it when his second album came out and he lose all five awards he was up for..Then Calling MTV RACIST…Has anyone listen to his first to albums…He does this to Taylor Swift..hum be correct and know your facts…As much as he uses that term him self he should know better…BE REAL WITH YOUR SELF……Myspace.com/LilTonie33 hit me up anytime…

    • bill pryor

      If this was not a publicity stunt I will never buy another Kanye release again. It was the most pathetic act I’ve ever seen from a Man – should I say “boy”. Grow the – up kid. Can you (you reader) imagine doing this to someone without considering the outcome? HE GOT BOOED ALL NIGHT FOR IT. Grow up man.

    • mary

      Kanye west is a pig. No one wants to hear what he thinks as he just has no brain function. I just hope everyone stops giving this jackass money. Beyonce, nice save.

      • Justin C.

        I agree with everything posted here. Kayne West has never been someone i even like I guess I always saw him for the real piece of trash that he is. To berate a child winning her first VMA which she was trying to say she always dreamed of winning as do most artist growing up watching mtv. for all you ignorant people who thought this was funny i saw shame on you. you may not have to like the fact that she won the award you dont even have to agree with it. but taking a mic away and saying what was said was not funny or entertaining or even the least bit classy. it just goes to show who will work at mcdonalds and who will run the country one day. im going to laugh when vh1 does where are they now on kayne and it shows him sleeping under a bridge one day.

      • niles

        That accident he was in really screwed up his brain.If that wasn’t racism I don’t know what is.Its the white college kid tha made him rich!What a big Ego! Lol

      • Beau

        You are a waste of flesh. You have no rhythm. You are ridiculous and obnoxious. You are the moral equivalent of a leech. You are a living emptiness, a meaningless void. You are a disease, you puerile one-handed slack-jawed drooling meatslapper.

    • Delon

      What a loser ! He completely lost his credibility with me. Why are you sh*tting on a 19 y/o girl’s moment?!
      An undiluted a**hole !!!!

    • Lil Tonie

      I’M A RAP ARTIST FROM ATLANTA AND HE IS RACIST …To Sally in Chicago…your funny and ignorant and Relef23 think before you speak….Was meant to be racist? Lets think back.. Keep in mind the first time he did this was to Grechin Wilson when she won best new artist. HE CALLED THAT MOMENT A RACIST MOMENT…Then he does this to Mike Myers about Bush saying all that was A RACIST MOMENT and he did it when his second album came out and he lose all five awards he was up for..Then Calling MTV RACIST…Screaming to the camera ” LET A Nword win.” Has anyone listen to his first and second albums…He has racial comments although it…He now does this to Taylor Swift..hum a pattern all white people..Be correct and know your facts…As much as he uses that term him self he should know better…BE REAL WITH YOUR SELF……Myspace.com/LilTonie33 hit me up anytime…

      • Baby Toya

        come to think of it you are completely right but i still dont agree with you though because alot of people pull the “racist” card no matter what ethnicity you are all people do it but he just used it to the advantage because he didnt get what he wanted do its a win win situation

      • Grace

        How did he use the race card in this situation? Did he bring up race while he was on stage? Maybe I missed that.

    • canine

      Kanye is a punk. Hey Kanye news flash you suck.

    • Beau

      You are a waste of flesh. You have no rhythm. You are ridiculous and obnoxious. You are the moral equivalent of a leech. You are a living emptiness, a meaningless void. You are sour and senile. You are a disease, you puerile one-handed slack-jawed drooling meatslapper.

      • Beatriz

        As much as I agree with most of your descriptive insults, I don’t reckon Kanye’s a waste of flesh. No-one is.

      • Truth

        Stop hatin’ on him! Just cause you can’t rap doesn’t mean you have look down on someone because they can. Man, people now and days just wanna complain about others because they are unsatisfied with themselves and their accomplishments! And by the way God created everyone for a reason, so you should never say Kanye is a waste of flesh. If people were a waste of flesh because they said something hurtful or did something hurtful then we would all be of waste! (yes, including you)

    • d caldwell

      you know… if you think about it really… if beyonce’s video is one of the best all time.. and it didnt win best video.. what is that saying about taylor swift’s video.. it could be the best? i think Kanye needs to think once in a while.. not a smart guy.

    • Julia

      In the business of country music, if you disrespect someone like this, you suffer big time. Just ask Travis Tritt, the Dixie Chicks, Mark Chesnutt or KT Oslin. The comments they made weren’t necessarily on national television either. Too bad Kanye won’t suffer any consequences for his cruel and utterly rude action and comment. I much prefer Beyonce’s video and music over Taylor Swift’s, but his actions have endeared her to America, making her even more popular.

    • Emily

      you are absolutley right , im 13 and dont know this stuff, but he had his opinion, he didnt have to say it out loud. we THE PEOPLE voted , so the majority won , taylor won!! beyonce lost!! i mean i dont agree with the award either , he needs to stop being so imature and GET OVER IT! he did the SAME excact thing to gretchen to . they need to kick him out

  • Rachel

    If it was a publicity stunt Taylor definitely didn’t know about it and that was really mean of Kanye to do that to her…poor girl!

    • Teresa

      This. She looked like she was holding back tears to me.

      • Chris

        Look at her face when she won, too, she did not expect to win at all. maybe she was thinking the same thing as kanye?

      • Kim

        I will never buy anything kanye is associated with. I hope stations quit playing his music. He is so rude. He should be banned from award shows. How many times has he made a scene? Taylor Swift is a class act as well as Beyonce. His apology was ajoke and self serving. GO AWAY KANYE!!!!!!

  • Becky

    I thought this was so incredibly rude of Kanye. The look on Taylor’s face was so sad! And really, its a freaking VMA-Kanye needs to let go and find some real things in his life to care about.

    • Javabooknut

      I almost started to cry based on the shock and sadness on her face. It would be one thing to say you disagree with the winner the next day but that was horrible. And Beyonce immediately mouthed “Oh Kanye”. She would never have approved him doing that. And his appology wasn’t really an apology. I’ve overlooked his personality cause i like his recent music but I’ll have to reconsider that now.

      • Amanda

        i was absolutey appalled for what kayne. when i saw that my jaw was hanging, literally. He is a joke. and so was his apology. As you said, he apology meant nothing.

  • Tony

    I don’t know what he was thinking, but I was thinking “What an a-hole!” Aren’t his 15 minutes up yet?

    • Jake

      Apparently not since there’s alot of losers out there that like auto-tunes.

      • Scott

        That’s right! Any artist that uses a vocoder cannot and probably will not ever be able to sing.

      • ARH

        Cher and Celine Dion have used Auto Tune sweetie…it was around long before Kanye! Do your homework!

      • Nate

        Vocoder made it possible to actually make a brief comeback; Celine Dion could already sing without it, and did on almost every other recording.

        Auto Tune just makes it possible for Kanye to “sing” without sounding like ass.

        That isn’t the issue, though. The issue is that Kanye is starting to let these kinds of acts distract from his music – which I will admit, even though I am not a fan, is not horrible.

        Grow the hell up, Kanye. You’re supposed to be a man. Real men don’t whine like a baby because something doesn’t go the way they want it to; those are the breaks.

  • Casey

    I really hope the bosses at mtv wouldn’t do that to a 19 year old. Because even if it was planned, it still must have hurt Taylor. But I definitely think it was real, and uncalled for. Extremely poor taste on Kanyes part. If I were Beyonce, I would offer some of my time to Taylor if she wins an award.

    • Angela

      Re: Tony – 15 minutes up yet? Kanye West has been around for YEARS. Whatever.

      Maybe I’m just mean, but I thought it was hilarious. Oh well. Maybe because its MTV. Its not like she won a freaking Grammy or was at the American Music Awards.

      • jules

        wow, you sound like a real doll.

      • pluck

        Angela, thank you for answering the burning question, “Can women be d-bags?”
        In your case, the answer is yes.

      • Jace

        How would you feel if you won an award and someone came up to you and said that somebody else deserved it and not you?

      • Nicole

        Maybe it wasn’t a Grammy or the American Music Awards, but for a 19 year old girl all the award shows i’m sure feel the same. Who are you to judge the way she feels when she gets an award. Kayne West is a D-bag. He always has been and always will be.

      • k-sahn

        You’re a piece of work. Kanye has always been nothing more than yesterdays news. Amazing he’s even invited to these things

      • BA

        Yes, you are just mean. I am not a Taylor Swift fan, but she was sincerely surprised and in the middle of giving a very heartfelt thanks, which Kanye ruined. What a JERK

      • Mike

        Ture. It is just VMA award. So why doesn’t Kanye get that?

      • sharksfansd

        You must be part of the Joe Wilson fan club too.

      • iliana

        it’s a big deal..you don’t have a vma so you wouldn’t know! it was in poor taste, bottom line.

      • Holly

        Anglela- Let me know when you win a MTV award! Ugh.

      • pb

        vary good point…mtv is a big joke..no real class at all..

      • Jason

        Kanye West nice job big guy … on the big stage once again … sipping on some hennessy being a thug … needing to get your name out there maybe for record sales ??? who knows what your deal is … but let me tell you something you play the race card like you went thru it !!! your ancestors had it rough … and they are the ones that have a right to be upset … not you … and for you to steal the limelight which you didn’t deserve from a 19 year old girl … come on … wake up … you make me sick … I wish the ginnie could give me three wishes right now … I would waste one of them on your sorry soul … and make you disappear !!! but I know that won’t happen … so everyone I am letting you know now !!! if another white young up and coming female wins an award … Mr.West is going to make a fool of himself and play the race card !!! last time I checked we have a black president !!! and he is doing a damn good job so far … you should be ashamed of yourself … my 14 year old daughter who is black not white thinks that you are a loser now … nice shot !!! you should be proud … remember you were nothing not that long ago …

      • Tracy

        I understand completely that it’s just a moonman. An award is still an award and an achievement. If it’s not a big deal then why is Kanye whining about it on stage? It’s obviously a big deal to Kanye.

      • Cece

        Kanye west dissing her, doesn’t change the fact that she’s hugely successful or that she’s won the award. That’s why i don’t mind. Plus i agree with kanye. I think it was funny but i also think it’s a publicity stunt.

      • rOXI


      • Teresa

        Angela – Beyonce did just that. After she won, she called Taylor on stage and let her finish her acceptance speech even though it was her moment to shine. Classy thing to do Beyonce.

    • niles

      You’re not mean. They should wire his mouth shut before all awards shows.

  • flicketyflack

    I suspect publicity stunt. This is the way the VMAs roll. Swift will of course be cemented as America’s sweetheart after this, it’s a publicity boon.

    • shelly

      i just hope after today, no one gives him anymore time…if it was a stunt, it needs to backfire and he needs to be ostracized

  • emily

    that was unbelievable. i stood in front of my tv, shocked for a good 5 minutes. how incredibly classless! and how in the world did MTV let that happen? the only bigger atrocity this year is Russell Brand as host. I don’t think he even prepared – it seems like he’s just making it up as he goes along. and it’s not funny. t-swizzle should spend her time elsewhere from now on. these unclassy and uncool people aren’t worth it.

    • carole

      MTV let it happen – because MTV STAGED IT – just like every other thing that happens on that network – it’s the lets see who needs some on air face time – so let’s make sure that happens – Taylor Swift deserved the time too – KANYE THE PRICK LIVES and SO DO THE JERKS AT MTV

  • Monique

    KAYNE IS A D*** Poor Taylor looked like the coolest kid in school just called her a nerd.

    also FIRST!

    • ha.

      how’s that first working out for you?

    • Tom

      This and other reasons are why I stopped watching MTV Awards long time ago. They’ve lost their class.
      Not even sure they ever had any and it’s just the fact that I smartened up.

      • taylor

        if youre “too smart” for all this, why are you taking time to comment about it?

  • Rachel

    He’s the Serena Williams of the VMA’s. Bad week-end for hissy fits!

    • Benoreno

      I don’t know what Serena Williams outburst has to do with Kanye’s boorish behavior. Senena acted badly, due to a bad call. Unfortunately, she thought that she could do the same thing that John McEnroe does and get away with it. Kanye just loves being in the spotlight and being contraversial. I think that Serena and Kanye issue were two different issues. The only thing in common between Serena and Kanye is obviously that they are the same race. But, of course if one Black person does something, it taints every other Black person on the planet. If Britney Spears does something stupid, does that reflect poorly on every single, white young mother? I think not.

      • Grace

        Very good point.

      • Alex

        Actually, in the case of white Southerners (like Britney), it often does. How many intelligent Southern people do you see in the media? Not many; you really have to search for them. People from outside the area tend to still think of that particular group as living in the background of “Gone with the Wind.”

  • Margarita

    Kayne is one of the most self-entitled performers I have ever seen. That he stole Taylor Swift’s moment is just…well what I think of it can’t be typed because it would be promptly deleted. He not only embarrassed himself but put both Beyonce and Taylor in the untenable position of having to continually answer questions about his bad behavior. Just ridiculous.

  • lilkunta

    KW was wrong. If BK dont have a problem y did he? TS won bc her fans r ubder fans & voted & revoted many many times.

    Plus bk has won repeatedly. Let some 1 else shine.

    • Erika

      I agree. Besides which, all Beyonce’s videos are exactly the same. She’s writhing around against some wall or on a floor. That’s about it.

  • Monique

    damn not first….

  • ivan tapia is a jerk

    Kanye went to legendary status in my book

    • crispy

      Legendary d-bag

      • Yeezy is the King

        Legendary Dynasty Of Yeezy just went up

    • Luke

      ur as much of an idiot as he is

    • seth

      i agree

    • Tom

      Get a life!

  • blinky

    Kanye West is just a spotlight grabber, used to like his music until he bacame an ass. He has no class.

  • Jess

    Kanye’s outburst was completely unacceptable. If you are going to go to award shows you need to accept the rightful winner even if its not your choice. Taylor besides being so young, is a special talent to be winning a VMA as a country artist. This is a huge breakthrough for Taylor to be there representing the genre. She should have been able to have her special moment. I hope Kanye issues a thoughtful and public apology.

    • blake

      don’t call her country – I might not like country but let’s be honest here. She is AT MOST a psuedo-country-ish influenced singer.
      Kanye might be a D-bag but that won’t make her any better.

      • rOXI


      • eclav

        Whether she is a country artist or not is monumentally irrelevant to a discussion of Kanye’s actions.

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