Kanye West and Taylor Swift: Why do people care so much about this story?

Thirty-six-plus hours after Kanye West made his spur-of-the-moment decision to run onstage at MTV’s Video Music Awards and interrupt Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video, the Internet isn’t close to done freaking out. I’ve seen this firsthand here on the Music Mix: All I have to do is mention the words “Kanye” and “Taylor” in a headline to watch the strongly-worded comments piling on West roll in. At this point, it seems like some members of the public are far more outraged than either Swift or West was at the awards ceremony in question. What’s going on here?

It’s worth taking a step back to review exactly what has happened since Sunday night. The story began, of course, when Kanye West did something obnoxious. I said as much at the time: Grabbing the mic from another artist the way Kanye did was rude and unprofessional, no question about it. Not violent, not out-of-control — just very impolite.

By the end of the night, Beyonce, whom Kanye’s outburst was meant to defend in the first place, had graciously invited Swift back on stage to finish her thwarted acceptance speech. That could have been the end of the story, but the public seemed to want something more. So Kanye apologized, sort of, on his official blog before the night was through. When the world reacted with a near-universal “that’s all you’ve got?!”, Kanye followed up with a more heartfelt mea culpa on his blog yesterday afternoon. Then he sat down for an interview with Jay Leno, who extracted yet another apology, stopping along the way to gratuitously use the memory of West’s late mother against him. Finally, this morning, Kanye called Taylor Swift while she was on The View to apologize personally. She accepted and told an interviewer that things were “definitely” cool between them now.

Yet I’m still seeing people online wishing for Kanye’s career to be over, or worse. What’s motivating such extreme rhetoric? One factor that’s been cited again and again is age: West is 32 years old, while Swift is 19. It’s certainly not nice for an adult to treat a teenager the way that he did. We should remember, however, that Taylor Swift is not a helpless child. She is a very talented artist of voting age, one who has been working successfully in the music industry for years now. Indeed, while she seemed justifiably stunned by Kanye’s VMAs outburst at first, she collected herself enough to perform “You Belong With Me” a few minutes later, like any other pro would do. Today on The View, she smiled and joked about Kanye’s haircut. These are not the actions of someone whose life has been wrecked, or even of someone whose feelings have been seriously hurt.

Then there’s the other context underlying this story: namely, race. I want to make it 100 percent clear that I am absolutely not accusing everyone who’s criticized Kanye’s VMAs conduct of having racist motivations. That would be ridiculous, not to mention hypocritical. But racism is a undeniable part of this controversy. Not just from the Twitterers and blog commenters whose first instinct has been to spew truly vile racial slurs in Kanye’s direction. (Blogger Harry Allen has compiled some of the most disgusting examples; warning, lots of NSFW language.)

I’m talking, too, about all the characterizations of Taylor Swift as a victim of some awful crime. When a black man speaks rudely in the presence of a younger white woman — and that’s all Kanye really did — and it gets described as an “attack” or a “violation” or an “assault,” you bet that’s playing into centuries of racist tropes. When a black man does something impolite, making no reference whatsoever to race, and he immediately gets crucified for “hating white people” or “reverse racism,” that itself is a form of racism. Here’s a question for those who use this line: VMAs host Russell Brand made some pretty gross jokes about Katy Perry and Lady Gaga during the broadcast. Does he hate white people, too?

It’s fine to say that Kanye West is a narcissist or a baby or (thank you, Mr. President) a jackass. Hey, he’s a celebrity, and celebrities are frequently all of those things. That’s one of the reasons we watch awards shows like the VMAs at all — when a famous person goes off-script, it’s often entertaining. Sometimes that kind of behavior rings a sour note, as Kanye’s moment of improv on Sunday shows. If that changes your opinion of him for the worse, that’s fair enough. But if you inflate this relatively minor transgression into a four-alarm scandal of the type described in the previous paragraph, then maybe it’s worth considering whether you’re the one crossing a line.

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Photo credit: West: Adam Bielawski/PR Photos; Swift: Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos

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  • Morgan

    I saw the word “douche” so much online yesterday I’d be happy never to hear it again. At the end of the day, yes, he was awfully rude but there are so many people in the world worse than Kanye West.

    • Dave

      Yes that is correct—However this is a post about West not other people

      • Mike

        Exactly. I think the reason people continue to talk about this is that it was so suprising, Kanye disrupted the very first award. There’s just something about that arrogance that just rubs people the wrong way, and it really wasn’t fair how he stole our attention the way he did — it’s just wrong.

        And it just left us feeling sorry for Taylor, how that inconsiderate ssA could just indirectly insult her like that. …Though, frankly I agree with Kanye, her video was NOT the most impressive.

      • Mike

        BTW it’s not racism, at least not for me. I’m a black man and I’m still pissed at Kanye for that, and the rest of his grandiose behavior. He needs counseling.

        As for Russell Brand, regardless of what you think about what he had to say, it least it was his own moment and wasn’t just charging up onto the stage interrupting people like what he had to say was so much more important that the people saying what they have to say (besides, he wasn’t that preachy, he said something he felt and balanced it out with a joke, so we knew he wasn’t taking himself too seriously).

      • Jennifer

        It’s very sad that he can humitiate her to her face but can not apologize to her face? He is a big jerk for that comment. Who the heck does he think he is? He is just jealous that his career is not going as good as Taylor’s. Man, if I was Taylor, I would have knocked his big head and bigger ego right off the stage. KANYE – you’re a LOOSER and a big fat JERK!!!!!!!!

      • My opinion only

        On one hand, Kanye has been a jerk for a while now and you can see people just being fed up this time. But on the other hand, would anyone be as up in arms if a drunk Spencer Pratt interrupted Lil Mama? Or Raven Symone? I can’t see it. So maybe there is a little bit of “big black man picks on young pretty wholesome blonde girl” thing going on here. Perhaps.

      • emerald

        The comments I’ve read about it only being a big deal because he’s black are so utterly racist! If The Prez Obama, who also happens to be black thinks he’s a jerk and said so after Kanye’s arrogant behaviour why can’t anyone else be allowed the same opinion hm?! It’s not about racism, the fact is he went up on that stage and stole Taylor Swift’s first VMA award moment from her, grabbing the mic out of her hands to make a pointless comment on Beyonce’s video being best!! It was humiliating for her and seeing as it was the public who voted he had a duty to accept their judgement without ruining it for the winner!!
        Kanye has become more egotistical, more diva like and more out of control in the past few years and he is quite honestly a disgrace!! You don’t ever steal another celebs thunder without there being a fallout, the fact Taylor is so young and this was her first award is what made the audience of celebs boo his sorry ass!! I for one believe if Taylor Swift was black the reaction would have been equal by the celebs, it’s not about race, it’s about the ignorant and insensitive behaviour of a man out of control!!
        Karma’s a bitch baby and boy Kanye have you got some coming to you, in spades!!
        If they do decide to let Kanye attend in future perhaps they could seat him at the back with a bouncer on hand to kick his sorry ass out at the first sign of trouble!!
        He should have been made to apologise live, on the night in front of the viewers and audience, to Taylor instead of being permitted to wait until it was such a media fuss he was basically forced to apologise for his own p.r – I have no doubt he has no real regrets about doing it and would do so again, after all he’s stormed the stage before!!

    • Emma

      No one’s comparing him to Chris Brown. Obviously what he did wasn’t criminal. It was just so insensitive and SHOCKING that people are still in awe. It is rare to see a celeb lose their head like that and insult another celeb right there on stage. Plus, it’s only been a day and a half, hardly a century.

      • Jordan

        Hahaha. Rare? Nah. Not even close. Everyone should cool it. Who hasn’t been insensitive in their lives. The only difference between a similar situation involving me or kanye west is the amount of people who were watching.
        I think it’s funny, people think it’s ok to degrade women all over the internet and television, raise their kids like crap, or disrespect anyone who does the slightest thing wrong. But once Kanye West does something pretty small in comparison (especially after the apology) Everyone freaks out and attacks him personally. The immaturity of this nation doesn’t even surprise me anymore.

      • Casey

        Jordan, yes interrupting someone accepting an award on television like that is rare. Then again, Kanye has a history of outbursts at awards shows so maybe it wasn’t rare in this case. Get real.

      • peidodeveio

        but im sure if it wasnt a famous person they would go to jail lol.

    • Olga

      I wouldn’t be as pissed at Kanye for what he did but this isn’t the first time he has shared his opinion on live national tv (e.g. Bush hates black people). For that reason is why i am less forgiving this time around. I have never been much of a fan of his but this just make me even more not a fan of his, so really im not losing much.
      *Also Russell Brand doesn’t hate white people. He is a sexist pig who should not be called a comedian.

      • AR

        As previously stated Kanye has a history of similar behavior. He stormed the stage during the Euro MTV awards to complain that he should have won, totally disrespecting the artist that DID win. His sense of entitlement is second to none. To quote Pres Obama: ” Hes a jackass”!

      • gowchamp

        jeesh, u gys r taking this way to seriously, cawm dwn

      • Fronk

        You guys are taking this too serious.Kayne was wrong but Kanye doesn’t need any of us to forgive him, just the ones that he offends. We all answer to a higher power and it’s not your emotions. Why should you forgive Kanye, did he do something to you personally?

    • Lucy

      I actually thought, enough already, Kayne! It was like the icing on the cake regarding his egotistical and selfish behavior.

      • Gaile

        I think Kanye is disgusting and I will never listen to his music, he is just rude and yes his mother would be upset with him. Now he wants to use the excuse that he needs time, whatever. TO do that to that sweet innocent girl is degrading, yes Beyone is great, but Taylor deserved her moment. I hope noone plays his music, he thinks he is god anyway. Can’t stand him or his music. GO AWAY and STAY GONE. You are a disgrace to the music world and yourself.

      • LaRue

        Kayne took the focus of of so many great moments on the awards–Pink did an extraordinary song while on a trapeze–Janet Jackson doing her tribute to her brother. I tuned in to be entertained, not to be left with the feeling that a MAN had snatched a microphone out of a young womans hand and robbed her of her moment.

    • Angela

      The reason so many people talked about this is because it’s NOT an isolated incident on West’s part. It was yet another in a very long line of “it’s all about me” self-worshiping behavior that has been escalating steadily. Did he kill someone, well duh, no. Did he beat up his girlfriend? Well, duh, no. But he’s been a trainwreck heading for that last curve for a long time now. It didn’t have anything really to do with Swift, he would have behaved the same way no matter who won. Will it ruin his career? Of course not. Those who love the vocoder will always buy his CDs as fans always find way to overlook bad behavior. I had to LOL at his bit about taking some time to “reflect”. As Conan said last night, yes, that’s his problem, West doesn’t think about himself enough…

      But look, but this is running its natural course. 1. Incident. 2. Media over-covers the incident. 3. Media then questions its over-covering of the incident then, 4. ….ooooo something bright and shiny! 5. Incident forgotten

    • Tim

      I thought Spencer Pratt had a copyright on that word.

      • LaRue

        Good idea for to get rid of both jerks for a while, convince Pratt and West there is a new reality show, put them somewhere for 6 months and the cameras unbeknownst to them DO NOT follow them around.

      • Kellyann

        That’s funny.

    • G-Mom

      Aside from serial killers, chiid molesters, etc. I can’t think of any. Kanye West is one of the most obnoxious jerks ever born! I have ALWAYS disliked him and this just adds to the list of why.

  • Alison

    I don’t understand the interest in this story either. Wish the media would just stop covering it…

    • A

      Like Katie Perry said in her Tweet, “He stepped on a kitten”. Taylor is only 19 and precious.

      • Michael

        If this hadn’t happened, we’d all be rolling our eyes about the way the VMAs are voted by tweens, and the pretentiousness of Taylor Swift’s horse-drawn carriage arrival.

      • Bill

        The VMA’s are votedon by tweens because noone else has any business watching MTV much less caring so much about who gets their “awards”. I don’t agree with some of the things being said about Kanye but I do believe he is racist at least on some level, just like everyone in the world. However, trying to make out Swift to be the bad guy on this one for just being in the worng place at the wrong time, is just foolish.

      • andwhat

        Amen to Michael’s comment

      • Barbara

        Amen to Bill’s comment! Michael…learn how to prioritize: Kanye stealing a lifetime moment from someone or Taylor riding in a carriage – Um, where’s the rational? This is about bad behavior NOT your personal preference.

    • Q

      We’re still early in the media cycle. Hours 0-12 is the “OMG, did you just see that???”. Hours 12-18 is “Reaction to the shocking events”. Hours 18-24 is the apology and reaction to the apology. Hours 24-47 is trying to apply the story to some larger part of humanity as 24-hour news networks try and fill their day. Hour 48 is “We interrupt this story to bring you breaking news, OMG did you just see that?”

      • Sheree

        LOL! You’re absolutely right. This will blow over in 3 …2…1 and if Michael Richards and Mel Gibson can back from their outrageous offenses, Kanye can come back.

      • Gabby

        @Sheree: I don’t think what Kanye did (as douchey and selfish as it was) is nearly on the same level as the racist bile both Richards and Gibson spewed. I don’t think either of those two has bounced back and they shouldn’t. They will always be associated with their disgusting, revealing outbursts. The only difference is I don’t think Mel is very sorry for his..but he went to rehab, so who knows? Maybe his anti-Semitisism is all better now! Ugh.

    • DanB2666

      The reason the media keeps repeating it is because their job now is to:

      Distract Distract Distract. They don’t do actual journalism anymore, so this story was so cut and dry for them and it was on tape. They didn’t have to research.

    • Sally in Chicago

      It was at most a 10 hour story and then it should have ended. But he should have apologized earlier and to her in person.

    • LaRue

      I am soo glad to hear someone stop talking about Micheal Jackson….Let his soul rest in peace……it was time for people to leave Micheal alone and talk about something else..this was news–new news!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Linda

      Thank you! I think this whole thing is ridiculous. Who cares? It’s not like you know these people.

    • bdwest81

      exactly, I will admit I voiced my dispappointment with him on mtv’s site. But there are over 2000 comments from people who are out for blood. What he did was pretty sorry. But just look at the comments floating around on on the mtv websites alone. I mean, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Kevin

    Just a thought about racism though in relation to Kanye – when has he ever jumped on stage to defend a white artist? Its always a black artist or himself? That by definition is reverse racism.

    • Drew

      Ok this is what i meant to say. Better put than my response!

      • Michael

        That “by definition” is “reverse racism”??? Are you kidding me??? Not defending a white artist is RACISM now? Oh my gawd!!! You are sickeningly clueless!

      • Ama

        Some people need to get their heads checked. A black person who prefer music by black musicians is racist? That is one of the dumbest statement I have ever heard. There are millions of white people who don’t listen to rap or r’n’b, are they racist? Country music artist are predominantly white. Would you call a country music fan racist for thinking a country artists should win over black rappers and singers? By your logic, the white people who voted for taylor are racist for not voting for Beyonce. It says a lot about America when something like this happens, and it is reduced race. There are different genres of music and you are allowed to have your preference. Kanye is NOT racist for thinking his friend whose music video had a huge impact in pop culture deserves an award. I agree it is time to put the story to rest.

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      I agree, he always defends the black artists, never the whites. Too bad Pink didn’t win, if he tried that with her he wouldn’t have been able to walk!

      • Ashley

        Are you serious he’s good friends with artist, Adam levine of Maroon 5, if you go on his blog you will find out that some of his favorite designers and music artist are white.
        By the way there is no such thing as reverse racism. White is a race and there for can be treated with prejudice based on their race just like any other race, that’s not reverse that’s just plain old racism.

      • Sally in Chicago

        He collaborates with a lot of white artists. I think his clothing line is co-owned with a white….nah, he sincerely felt that Beyonce should have won — as does most of America…however, whenever he protests a win it is usually because a black artist was slighted including himself. Nothing wrong with that, and truth be told a lot of people feel the same way.

      • Peace

        When have you seen him defend anyone. He just said he prefered Beyonce’s video. He picked a very wrong time to do it. Why are you pushing racial hate and trying to divide people? Is that what a person of peace or kindness tries to do?

      • yeff

        I would love to see him trying to do that to pink!!!!!ja,ja,ja it would be so fkn funny….

      • Laura

        Thank you Ashley for your enlightened comment… One of the only that makes any real sense here. I’ve never understood what one means by “reverse” racism. No such thing, racism is racism, period.

      • Mayri

        I agree—If Pink woul have won, he would have got what was coming to him. But in a way—I dont think he would have the UU to go up on stage if she would have won!

    • Aaron

      Actually, at the 2007 Grammys, he publicly stated onstage that he OR Amy Winehouse should win Album of the Year. Jus’ sayin’.

      • gayle

        He sure did. I remember that. But since our new administration (Obama), the (white sheets) have been coming out in full force. Amy Winehouse was pre-Obama and before the racially charged energy that we now have.

    • Bethann

      This is the first time he’s ever done anything like this on behalf of someone other than himself. So STFU about reverse racism. Egotistical or narcissistic to think he’s the greatest artist known to man? Absolutely. But it diffuses the impact of *actual* racist behavior to claim that Kanye West thinking he’s more talented than anyone else — including other black artists — is a form of racism. The day a story breaks about him not giving someone a job because that person is white, or that he actually physically assaults someone because that person is white, then you can accuse him of racism. But not simply because he thinks he’s god’s gift to hip hop.

      • Rico

        very well put

      • Mayri

        Gods Gift to Hip-Hop????? Are you kidding!!! Obsessed are we…..

    • EthanArmstrong

      That’s not reverse racism at all. Did he ever use racial slurs against whites at that moment? Lay off, seriously. Playing the victim is really pathetic, no matter what the race. Many people who happen to be black are into the same music he is. Did you ever consider that? Maybe you should look up the word racism. This world has some seriously slow people in it.

    • EEKstl

      Your idea of what “reverse racism” is is completely bogus. Kanye acted like the rude,obnoxious, entitled spoiled brat that he is, but race had NOTHING to do with it.

      • Luis

        I love Kanye but don’t think he was being racist. He was simply going on about being the greatest ever at everything as he usually does.

      • jalv

        agree. it’s not what color he is, it’s that he’s got a long history of being a jackass and social moron.

    • cheryl

      whether white,black,asian,mexican,etc.this is something called come courtesy,which many peolpe today seem to have forgotten.if he felt that the wrong artist recieved the award then he could have made that comment personally to that person.He is rude and needs to learn to grow-up,possibly think about his actions beforehand.

      • Mark

        “mexican” is a nationality and not an ethnicity or race

    • mamaof3boys

      Uh, since when is defending a person of your own race by definition racism?

      • Sheree

        Thank you. Some people need to think first, comment later.

    • Caitlin

      Reverse racism is such a stupid term. It doesn’t exist. Racism is racism.
      And no, I don’t think Kanye is racist.

      • To Caitlin

        So I guess “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” doesn’t count then?

      • LaRue

        BUT a man taking a mike out of a young woman’s hand whose TURN IT WAS TO SPEAK was what????

      • Peace

        I agree with you. There are some people who are not trying to use this incident to cause a divide amoung the human race. We are all on this planet together.

      • andwhat

        To Caitlin, saying George Bush doesn’t care about black people isn’t racist. what happened during Katrina was an absolute embarassment to the United States. And, had it been a bunch of white people in that dire situation, it never would’ve been handled the way it was. it’s because it was poor blacks that they were treated as less than sub-human, and left in animal-like living conditions.

        And, frankly, the entire thing was such a stench on an international scale. All over the world, people could not believe that America would leave it black citizens in conditions such as Katrina’s. All Kanye did was state what anyone with a pair of eyes, a tv set, or internet access could already see.

        Sorry – that doesn’t make him racist.

      • m

        i do not think that kanye is a racist, but you cant say that “george bush dosent care about black people” isnt a statement made to stir up some racial anger. but, that is old news.

    • renee

      Yours is the most ridiculous attempt at reason and logic I have heard.

    • tigersmurfette

      no such thing as reverse racism, do you even know the definition of reverse?? do you even know the definition of racism???

    • Rose

      There is no such thing as reverse racism – only racism. Saying something is reverse racism is racist, in my opinion.

    • Peace

      Do you see racism in everything? Did he make a racial remark to Taylor or are you saying that just because he is African american?
      What’s your deal? Anyway it’s over.So you can deal hate somewhere else.

    • Tracie

      Ugh, there is no such thing as reverse racism. You can only be racist, not “reverse racist”. Idiot.


      kevin and drew…the both of you are complete idiots…racism was not created by black people and if it comes back to haunt you…well…sorry, but it is what it is…and i do believe that’s another thing your people have created to cover up the fact that you dont understand something…it is what it is…this is and was never a race issue. it was a common sense issue and neither of your guys have any.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    I think it’s because this is not the FIRST time he has acted like a jerk. He has rushed the stage at least twice before to interrupt an acceptance speech, but this time it was the sweet 19 year old Taylor Swift he chose to insult and that makes it all worse. Her fans are young teenage girls and good Christain families who find his kind of behavior trully offensive. I for one believe he should be banned from award shows (especially since he has done this before) and don’t think that would be too much to ask. Let him yell his outrage at the results from his TV like the rest of the people.

    • V

      EXACTLY the point missing from this article and the reason why people are making a big deal about it. People have had enough. Just sayin

    • Dedre

      I compoletely agree, the entire show was tasteles and offensive, including Jack black’s prayer to satan,katy perry’s grabbing her crotch,and not to mention the ridiculous vulgarity of the host. And to think that the majority of viewers were young teenage girls, as a 41 year old mother of 3, I felt as if I was witnessing a present day sodom and gomorrah, thank God we still have country music where I dare say I don’t think this type of thing would have happened if a black man won an award,If I were Taylor, I would definately stick to the country scene where the award shows are not x rated.

      • Peace

        Did you read what you wrote before you posted it? If you wanted to be a nice person why you throw race in it?

      • Mark

        lol! you jesus freaks crack me up!

      • Alan Shore

        Sodom and Gomorrah? You *have* watched MTV before, right Dedre?

    • Deeroy

      i totally agree with Nerwen.The reason why people are making a fuss is because this isn’t the first time.How many times can you say sorry and the next year you acted like the same jerk who never repented and changed.Look at his history of outburst.So what if he’s a music fan and have his own views?..and what are we all all? just creatures with ears?..he forget that his fans are all lovers of music as well and that’s why he is on the payroll.That doesn’t mean he can act like that and expect to get away each time.

  • Drew

    On the subject of Race: While i dont condone people attacking Kanye regarding his race (throwing racial slurs just makes THEM look stupid), why has no one pointed out that maybe HE’S the racist. I’m sorry but he gets angry when Beyonce loses to Taylor, last year he threw a fit when Rihanna lost an award to Britney… i see a trend here.

    • EthanArmstrong

      Oh my lord. You’re obsessed with skin color dude. -.-

    • Michael

      Also, Drew, about 100,000 people have indeed jumped to the Glenn-Beck like conclusion that Kanye is a racist.

    • Pete

      Drew, it’s always fascinating to see people who will insist that they aren’t racist assign this threshold of “unless the black man openly praises white people he is racist” to virtually every prominent black person.

    • Spencer

      Drew, I totally agree, let’s pretend that Kid Rock jumped on stage and dissed Beyonce after winning an award. I think even Jesse Jackson would now be involved!

      • Tracey

        Not to mention the king of hatemongers, al sharpton. Kinda ironic that we haven’t heard a peep from either of those two…yet.

      • Peace

        NO he would not. But here you are to spread the hate because you think you have found a forum for it. I think most people are good and don’t feel the horrible hateful way you do.

    • Sharon

      Yes, Drew, there is a trend. Kanye defended Beyonce and Rhianna because they are both friends and professional colleagues of his (they are apart of or associated with either Jay-Z or the Rock-a-Fella family). His misguided defense of these artists has nothing to do with race. Before you blame it on race, think “outside of the box” because there are usually more simpler explanations.

      • Jennifer

        Or he’s just an ass who either thinks he’s the only one with an opinion….or just the only one with an opinion that counts. Suck it up! These awards shows are voted on and clearly you (Kanye) are in the minority here. IT happens to all of us. (Forrest Gump, best picture?!?!?!?!?! PlEaSe)

      • Bill

        The fact is that if a white man did the same thing to 2 black artist, there would be an asumption that he is racist regardless of his relationship to them. Its gonna be kinda hard to convince any white southern male that the term “racist” is being used loosely when we live our lives with it being a presumption that we must overcome in contrast to something that is assumed from our OWN acts.

    • Ashley

      Kanye west did that for Beyonce and Rhianna because they are all part of the the ROC family. As well as Jay-Z. He just wanted ROC people to get some awards over other artist. That’s not racist, thats just pride, and rudeness


      drew…omg…ms.spears has NO talent what so ever…what planet are you from…omg

    • Boss Meng

      The only “trend” here is that he’s defending his friends — Rihanna, and Beyonce, who’s married to his “big brother” Jay-Z. If he was in the same clique as Britney, he would defend her, too, just like we defend our friends if you think they were slighted in any way.

    • My opinion only

      He also defended Amy Winehouse the year she lost. Isn’t he good friends with Radiohead? I could go on, but you get the idea.

  • Debra Schubert

    Great article! Here! Here! I thought what KW did was despicable, I even wrote about it on my blog (though I’m a writer, so I tied it to writing). But the fact that he’s black? Who the heck cares? The folks making that case are probably the same ones insisting Obama’s (still) a Muslim. And, it’s not funny and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Hate has caused some pretty evil episodes in human history…

  • Laurie

    I think most of the controversy comes from Kayne openly conveying his feelings of EVERY time a black artist loses, as racism. And now, just because a white artist won, he’s descriminating saying she shouldn’t have? He’s a tad hypocritical. Plus, I think everyone is just plain sick of his “I’m the best artist of all time” mantra.

    • EthanArmstrong

      You’re reading way too much into it. Stop trying to make it into something its not.

      • Michael

        He didn’t think Beyonce should have one “because she was a black artist”, but because her video was BETTER. It was a sensation. Who had ever even seen Taylor’s video, except an army of tweens?

    • Peace

      When did that happen or are you just saying things to stir up racial trouble because you have another agenda? Be a nice person and try to do something kind and nice for humanity.

  • Aaron

    Are we not punishing Kanye for providing exactly the kind of theatrics we’ve come to expect from him, the kind of famously egotistical outbursts that have turned him into a divisive but iconic figure? I’m amused by the vitriol, only because people seem so energized by their own hate and capital-S Shock! at what happened. Kanye was being exactly the kind of outlandish, self-involved artist we, to some degree, WANT him to be. He provides that drama. I think he just dramatically underestimated how much the public views Taylor Swift (as a 19 y.o. white country artist) as an innocent child rather than the uberfamous musical colleague Kanye probably sees her as.

    • Erin

      I don’t want him to be that. I enjoy listening to songs like Gold Digger and Love Lockdown. I don’t enjoy him making a fool of himself and disrespecting people in the media every chance he gets. I’d prefer if he’d just be the great musician he can’t stop telling people he is.

    • A

      Well said. Perez Hilton said this is what we expect from him and because he is talented, he will continue to get away with his behavior.

  • MsDaisy

    Maybe the story keeps coming up because idiots like Simon Vozick-Levinson keep writing about it. Stop posting stories about this and then the story would die down.

    • Michael

      He will not stop posting until we stop commenting. The exact same thing happened early in the summer with Adam Lambert. Any mention of him was bound to create buzz and hits and an avalanche of comments.

  • Clay

    I’m going to simplify this equation for you. People view Taylor Swift much the same way as they did Beyonce a few years back, a beautiful young woman who was “doin’ right” in tha music biz. She’s talented and has the world at her fintertips, but she doesn’t have to proclaim from the heavens that she has the world by the balls. The public, by in large, view both Beyonce and Taylor as “nice girls.”

    Kanye’s ego has now outpaced his talent by a few hundred miles or so. It has little to do with him being black or a spontaneous celebrity.

    As much as we crave the gossip and the unpredictable nature of pop icons, the masses all have a limit. Kanye’s transgression against Taylor Swift was pretty tame compared to some of his other antics, it just happened to be one tantrum too many from a guy whose entire career was lifted from a Ray Charles sample. The fact that racist idiots will use this moment to further contort their own world view doesn’t change the fact that Kanye West has outworn his welcome.
    If anything his consistent outbursts have become rather predictable.

    • EEKstl

      Well said.

    • Max

      “Entire career lifted from a Ray Charles sample” This might be the dumbest thing shared on this topic yet. Kanye may be a hopeless narcissist, but there’s a reason he’s as popular as he is, and it’s a lot more than one Ray Charles sample, autotune, or endless whining at music awards shows.

      • Clay

        Max, I don’t want to call you a dbag… but you’re really forcing my hand. I know that wasn’t Kanye’s first hit. But it is arguably his first mainstream hit that allowed to become his own artist rather than a producer for the Roc-A-Fella crew.

        I’m sorry, Jesus Walks and College Dropout got him a grammy but having Jaime Fox in the intro of Gold Digger (and the sample from Ray Charles) after Fox and the biopic movie blow up, put him on another level of stardom. It’s still the fastest selling digital download of all time. It was a #1 hit on the charts. Late Registration went triple platinum because of that song. Oh, but you’re right I’m sure everyone and their grandmother were getting drunk and dancing to “Through the Wire,” at their weddings.

        You’re an idiot. If you don’t understand how Gold Digger vaulted Kanye to stardom, then I can’t have a conversation with you.

    • mamaof3boys

      Gold digger is not where is career began, but other than that, I kinda agree with you.

      • Clay

        Mr. Foxx’s name is spelled with two X’s sorry. Though in truth that’s not really his name.

    • truth*hurts

      You were obviously not a Kanye west fan because he didnt get fame from the Ray Charles sample. Have you hear “Jesus Walks” and “Through the Wire”.. Kanye is a rap artist, and a producer of good music. I will tell you this his celebrity will change. I AM A BIG FAN

      • Clay

        #1 single, nominated for record of the year and first song to be downloaded a million times.

  • Rush

    i just have to say that i love this article!!!!!

  • James

    No kidding, this story is about as interesting as Donald Trump’s comb over.

  • PeterBilt The Nature Boy

    Guess what brainwashed people of 09? You all created this information monster. You crave it, you need it. So, dnt complain when everything gets oversaturated.

  • singpretty

    Thanks for being one of the sole media sources to highlight Beyonce’s lovely display by bringing Taylor back up during her time. The gal’s got a lot of class, to go with that charisma & beauty! Kanye’s been spanked by the public, ‘enuff already IMHO.

  • LC

    Bravo, Simon. Bravo.

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