Kris Allen's rumored single, 'Live Like We're Dying,' leaks! (Idoloonies hold collective breath for 23 seconds!)

A whopping 23 seconds of Kris Allen’s rumored debut single, a cover of The Script’s “Live Like We’re Dying,” has found its way to YouTube, and as with all things pertaining to the American Idol season 8 champ, resistance is futile! I’ve actually been listening to the full version of the track on repeat loop since Tuesday (and have only hyperventilated once or twice) — the good folks at Jive sent a don’t-leak-under-threat-of-death link to one of my colleagues — and Kris, who admitted to me during his Idol tour stop in Albany last month that he loves surprising people with his musical choices, shows a new and impressive level of vocal adroitness on the rapid-fire chorus, without missing an emotional beat in the process. Suddenly, the idea of the nation collectively rolling down its windows and chanting “You’ve only got eighty-six-four-hundred seconds in a day to/ Turn it all around or throw it all away/ Gotta tell ‘em that we love ‘em while we got the chance to say…” seems not only plausible, but entirely likely. I can’t tell you how stoked I am that an Idol champ, for the first time in too long a time, appears to be releasing a lead single with a legitimate chance to catapult him beyond pop radio’s initial prejudice against the Idol machine and become the star that he really deserves to be. And I’m okay that it’s a cover, because, I mean, that hook! (I don’t remember anyone complaining Sinead O’Connor covered Prince when she released “Nothing Compares 2 u,” right?) Press play below, then share your thoughts on Kris’ version of “Live Like We’re Dying.” (I actually prefer it to the original, which is embedded after the jump, for the uninitiated). Oh, and be sure to follow me on Twitter for all my Idol-related ridiculata @EWMichaelSlezak. [UPDATE: A 19 rep confirms that “Live Like We’re Dying” is indeed Kris’ lead single, and adds that it will officially debut Monday, Sept. 21, at 7:40 a.m. EDT on New York’s Z100.]

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  • Dennang

    Holy cow, it’s good! *collective sigh of relief*
    My only gripe (and it’s minuscule): If only this were released before Tim McGraw’s similarly-themed single, it would feel much more original.

    • Kris’s #1 Fan from Tenn.

      OMFG! This little bit I heard is awesome! Can’t wait till the whole thing comes out. Kris your the best Idol ever, IMO, and I can’t wait to hear your album and to see you in concert!
      P.S. I am the fan who kept sending you the Batman stuff. I was told WRONG that you loved Batman, now I hear you don’t. So embarrassed, and so sorry. :(

      • Sandy

        Awww. I know that Chris Daughtry is a huge Batman fan. (He’s tweeted more than once about it.) Who knows? Maybe whoever told you this got him mixed up with Kris.

  • Elizabeth

    I guess I should’ve scrolled down further because I was just about to say “Sounds like that Script song.”
    – a very underrated band by the way -

    • haha

      not in europe! their big!

  • sam

    At first I was not pleased. The first 5 seconds I thought, “Oh my lord, this is totally going to be a Caribbean rap or something.” But then, as the chorus went on, the hook really sank in (especially on repeated listening). Which is a little weird for an Idol single, that it would be so subtly catchy while so overtly catchy.
    Overall, I would say kudos to Mr. Allen. I can’t wait to hear his album come November :)

    • Sandy

      I had a similar reaction. The first few seconds didn’t grab me, but by the time the chorus kicked in, I was in love with the song! I agree with Slezak that it has a “legitimate” chance of being a breakout hit (which seems rare for an Idol’s first single). I’m so happy (and relieved) for Kris.

  • Orihara Kaoru

    So stoked for this! Love Kris, and it’s totally going to be a hit. The snippet already has almost 200 plays on my iTunes. LOL.

  • Monkeyballs

    Ooo now you got me excited!

  • Carolyn

    There is something about Kris’ voice that really gets to me (in a good way). He sings like anyone with really good talent, but then, suddenly, he’s there with that something extra that just makes you think, “wow – that was extraordinary”. I heard that at the end of this very small snippet; I can’t wait to hear the entire song.

    • Roma

      I’m with you, Carolyn. I loved Kris Allen on Idol and couldn’t understand the judges aloofness towards his voice. He has a tone that just “gets” to me. I’m very excited that I’ll be getting to hear more from him very soon!

      • ram

        Kris’s voice is compelling, and he always does surprising things with it that I never expect. The diresctions in which he takes a vocal, the notes and words he chooses to emphasize. I can’t really put it into words, but his instincts as a vocalist are great, and his voice is beautiful and unique.

  • Danielle

    WOW!! LOVE this!!!!!!!! I agree the title reminds me of Tim McGraw’s hit, but, other than that, I think this should be a hit. Come on radio–give Kris some love!!!

  • Sue

    Oooo, this is good. I love it. I’m a HUGE Idol fan and honestly, David Cook’s “Light On” was a bit of a disappointment. I think Kris Allen could be a dark horse huge artist….surprising everyone again.

    • ryan

      i agree, i loved david cook on the show, but didnt bother and still haven’t bothered to buy his cd cuz Light On was just terrible! This first song by Chris sounds good, and if i’m sold by a 23 second clip, once i hear the full song, i think its safe to say he’s sold 1 cd to me!

      • rome114

        i too liked david on the show but his cd’s debut single sucked. but you should try the album. there are great tracks like A Daily Anthem, Declaration & the hidden track. And of course Come Back to Me. As for Kris, sorry, I don’t see the point of remaking a song that was released barely a few months ago. Give it more time. I’m waiting for Adam Lambert’s cd instead.

      • A

        Not sure why Cook’s “Declaration” wasn’t the 1st song released. It’s a REALLY good song. The cd has a few good songs sprinkled in but sad to say it wasn’t an overall spectacular disc.

      • Ronnie

        I loved David Cook’s CD. I haven’t bought a whole CD in years, but I did his, the hard CD & downloaded the entire album off of iTunes. The two songs he released were the two that he had no hand in writing. I loved the album & I haven’t tired of it yet. There are no “covers” and Cook wrote or co-wrote all but two songs & a number of songs on that CD could be hits. Having reached platinium status in less than 4 months isn’t bad in this economy & now Cook has two singles that went platinum off the album. I like Kris but he’s no David Cook, not by a long shot. I will pass on Adam though. Never saw the attraction there at all. I guess folks have never been to a Broadway musical or Vegas so they think he’s original. My favorite this season was Allison.

        Now to say that Kris “appears to be releasing a lead single with a legitimate chance to catapult him beyond pop radio’s initial prejudice against the Idol machine and become the star that he really deserves to be….” is really a stretch. I voted for Kris but I don’t see him as a “star” quite yet.

  • Orihara Kaoru

    BTW, Michael, it didn’t really “leak”. An Arkansas radio station was sent the snippet to play as a preview for their listeners. And thanks so some impressive Twitter stalking and a request phone call from Canada (!) to play it a second time, it was recorded and uploaded (hundreds of us were listening to the radio’s online stream). :D So not really leaked. Just expanding the audience outside of Arkansas. A certain lj comm can be thanked for all this. :)

    • Melenie

      I’m the woman who tweeted that I had heard the snippet, and within minutes, I had dozens of Kris fans from a certain LJ Community *coughcoolestcommunityevercough* tweeting me for more details. Obviously, I wanted the radio station to have their fun and be recognized, so we had ourselves a little online listening party. Many many thanks to those of you who attended said party. It was TONS of fun!! :D

    • Stacyhere

      ICU and agree :) Love the clip!!

  • momma bear

    love the song but he sounds exactly like The Script — would have thought tptb and kris would have tried to come up with a more unique/personal sound for him than to sound just like another, increasingly popular band..but i agree that it will be a hit..if nowhere else, then at least in Arkansas…but probably everywhere…its a catchy song

    • smilie12

      I agree with you 100%. I didn’t see your post, but essentially said the same thing.

    • jas

      The Script is popular? That’s a new thing I learnt today.

      • momma bear

        They opened for Paul McCartney’s stadium tours this summer; they has a hit song on the radio this summer; they are very popular in Europe…they are known…take a listen to their album…its really good…

      • Jackie

        Yeah, I’ve never heard of them before a couple days ago because of Kris.

      • Marc

        They are pretty big in Europe. Opened for U2 and Paul McCartney, dude.

    • A

      Yep. I’m with all y’all. Kris’ version is identical to The Script’s. Disappointed in Kris who has the capacity and talented to do much more.

  • MamaKath

    He’s done a great cover from what we’ve got so far but a cover? I’m still waiting to hear the stuff he’s done with Joe King and Alex Band. I know Kris has the voice and the talent to go far and move right into the vein of Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, and even a little Dave Matthews (although I think Kris is better live). He can have a successful career and live comfortably but I really would have liked to see an original tune as his first single. A cover for an opener is too Idol-cliche.

    • Rebekah

      Ooooh! Kris has been working with Alex Band? I love him! Speaking of which, why hasn’t the Calling been having some hit singles out lately? Sorry, off topic. LOL.

      Anyway, this clip sounds promising, but it’s so hard to tell these days what popular taste is going to latch onto. People (or the radio) end up playing some strange songs, so you never know really.

    • Tiff

      I agree! Especially a cover that is so recent! I mean, pick something from 20 years ago or so. I consider it to be a sort of ripoff. :-( Not unique AT ALL.

      • mickey

        Kris rlaely delivered it. He sings with such passion, whatever he is singing about. So much for those who say he’s boring… SO GLAD he won Idol!

  • Dave

    First of all, I’ve never heard of The Script until today, but it sounds to me like they owe royalties to both Tim McGraw and John Legend for this one. Second, while Nothing Compares 2 U is indeed a cover, it’s more reimaging than regurgitating. Unlike this, which from the breathless 23 seconds I just experienced, sounds like more American Mimicry. Coming from an artist who made his bones on a call-in karaoke show, it doesn’t seem like the right move to “catapult” him beyond anything he hasn’t done before.

    • djm

      I agree. Sorry, but Idol is nothing more then a glorified karaoke show (and don’t get me wrong – I love Idol so that is not a slam) and what excites me is hearing what these “artists” are going to do once the show is over. For the winner to release a cover – and not just a cover but what sounds like a note-for-note remake isn’t exciting for me. I have The Scripts CD and if I wanted to hear this song I’d listen to their CD. And I don’t find the Sinead comparison to be valid – first of all it wasn’t the first single off her first CD ( she was known prior to that song – just not very well) and her version is 100% completely different than The Family’s version (since they, not Prince were the first to release that song) – Chris’ version sounds like a complete copy. Whatever – Lord please just tell me that Adam is releasing something original.

      • Melenie

        “I have The Scripts CD and if I wanted to hear this song I’d listen to their CD. ”

        Interesting, since “Live Like We’re Dying” wasn’t on their CD.

        I’m thirlled for Kris, and I agree with Mr. Slezak….”appears to be releasing a lead single with a legitimate chance to catapult him beyond pop radio’s initial prejudice against the Idol machine and become the star that he really deserves to be.”

        I couldn’t agree more! Well said, Mr. Slezak, well said!!

      • Andrea

        If you were trying not to sound like a Bitterbert, then you failed, I’m afraid…

        Typical signs of a Bitterbert:
        1. misspelling Kris’ name.
        2. mentioning Adam at least once in your comment (on a page that has nothing to do with Adam).
        3. getting your facts screwed up.

      • djm

        To Melanie – this song is the B-side on the import digital single that my sister bought AND burned on the Script CD that she burned for me – so yeah, I can listen to it on MY cd.
        To Andrea – I mention Adam much like people mention Ruben & Clay or Jordin & Blake or David & David at the same time – they were on the same season. Frankly I was fine with either of them winning and stating the fact that I hope Adam releases original music hardly makes me bitter or whatever. So really, all I’m guilty of in your response is misspelling his name – oops, my bad.

      • Andrea

        djm, nonsense. You are guilty of all three, it’s just that you are trying to make excuses for including two of them. You said “if I wanted to hear this song, I’d listen to THEIR cd”… THEIR CD doesn’t include the song… *YOUR* burned cd of their songs might include it, but their CD does not. Say what you mean to say the first time if you don’t want people to get the wrong impression of you…

      • Get Over it

        Andrea, your not the post police or anything so chill out. If DJM wants to mention Adam in the same breathe as Kris, well there is nothing wrong with that. He didn’t put down Kris, he didn’t say anything about Adam being better than Kris or anything. He has the right to his opinion just as you do. Go ahead call me a bitterbert, I could care less WHAT you think. It doesn’t matter about this being about Kris, because I have seen David Cook mention on here, BUT you didn’t say anything about that………..mmmmmmmm. Wonder why? I don’t care if you get the wrong impression of me……..I don’t think DJM could care less either. How about you get a life and let others say what they want without YOU putting something there that isn’t implied. I could care less what you say about my post, it is my right to say it and you sure don’t scare me. Shhheshhh. Bring it on sister, bring it on!

      • Stupid

        I just don’t understand you people here. Heaven forbid someone have an opinion that doesn’t agree with yours. Well let me tell you that I have the right to disagree with anyone anywhere. I don’t care if you disagree with me, that is fine. But to put down someone because they do disagree is stupid. Disagree with the opinion if you will, but to personally attack someone for their opinon that doesn’t agree with yours? And this is for people like Melanie and Andrea. I do not like the song of Kris’s, but I like Kris. That is MY OPINION, and whether you like it or not I have the right to express it. Go ahead and attack me personally if you must, it just shows how ignorant you are.

      • rome114

        If there’s a nice song by The Script, it’s The Man Who Can’t Be Moved. great video too!

      • djm

        To Andrea –
        For the record – I didn’t know it wasn’t on ALL cd’s when I posted my comment. As soon as Melanie said something about it I looked at my iPod and there it was so I looked on iTunes and it wasn’t there. So I called and asked and she explained why my version had it and the rest don’t. So why don’t you go F- yourself. Thanks! :-)

      • Wyoming Kris Fan

        Well, I have this CD, too…and guess what? This song is NOT on their CD! You have to get the video from YouTube because the song didn’t make their CD. Chill…

      • Whatever

        Hey Kris fan from Wyoming, who the freak cares? Go russle some cattle or something…….

      • Opinionmine

        No the song is not on their self-titled debut CD BUT it is on the EP “We Cry” that The Script released just a few months later. You can even download a ringtone of The Script’s version of LLWD.

        The band is known in the States , having toured this summer with Sir Paul McCartney. (over 50,000 people attended the concert I was at in August) They have opened for other bands here as well and will start as the opening act for David Cook this fall.

  • bench

    I’m loving this. Am DYING for the full single, since playing a 20 second snippet on repeat loop does nothing for one’s sanity.

  • Idol Thoughts

    Love, love, LOVE!

  • linda

    If it is such a hit song, why was it a leftover from The Script?

    • Yss

      Bleeding love and Umbrella where also leftovers from other artists before going to Leona and Rihanna, it turns out that is not such a rare thing in the music industry…

    • Andrea

      Yss, you just pwned linda.

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