This year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees include Kiss, LL Cool J, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Boy, is Kanye going to be mad!

ll-coolj-kiss-hall-of-fame_lThe list of possible inductees at next year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony has been announced and includes LL Cool J, the Chili Peppers, Kiss, ABBA, Genesis, the Stooges, and reggae icon Jimmy Cliff. Rounding out the list of a dozen music stars are the Hollies, Donna Summer, Darlene Love, the Chantels, and Laura Nyro. Five of the nominees will actually be inducted at the ceremony, which takes place on March 15 in New York.

At first glance that list seems to me a little on the weak side, though there is no doubting the influence of the Stooges and LL Cool J, nor the enduring popularity of the Chili Peppers and ABBA. It’s also good to see the Hall being un-snobbish about Kiss, a band that has always unashamedly been more interested in lunch box sales than critical plaudits. (I also feel that you can’t have too much fire-breathing at an awards ceremony.) There is also, of course, the possibility that an irritated-not-to-be-nominated Kanye West will ruin someone’s acceptance speech with a tirade (“Genesis, congratulations, but….”), even though he isn’t actually eligible yet for Hall of Fame-dom.

Are there any fans of Kiss, LL or the Chili Peppers that are desperate to see them granted HoF status? And what fave act of yours does the Hall continue to ignore?

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Photo credit: Kiss: Glenn LeFerman/Everett Collection; LL: Rafael Macia/Retna Ltd

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  • Stan

    Uh, LL Cool J BEFORE Genesis? Maybe next year, L, but take a look at Genesis’ album sales, ticket grosses (yes, adjusted for inflation), and post-breakup legacy (yes, Mike and the Mechanics), and you can’t deny they belong already.

    • LIGrrl

      Absolutely right.

    • Maureen

      LL belongs in the Hall of Fame too! Who said anything about him being inducted before Genesis? Can’t they both be included in the group of five that eventually get placed there? >_<

  • Joe C

    Let’s see, the Chili Peppers will definitely make it in there, although I am not a big fan. LL Cool J might have a shot. Hmmmmm, no nomination for Janet Jackson, huh? And how about Whitney Houston; wasn’t this the first year she was eligible?

    As for my choices, I always represent for Donna Summer and Alice Cooper. No shot for Alice, but could this be the breakthrough year for Donna Summer????

    • E

      Whitney and Janet are not eligible yet.

      • theJuanStar

        Janet’s first album was released in 1982 and has been eligible for 3 years.

      • Michael

        Janet Jackson is already eligible, her first one came out in the early 80’s. Whitney will be eligible next year too, because it will be 25 years since her first album debuted.

  • Rock Fan

    Kiss…but still no Alice Cooper, who influenced them? Alice Cooper, who taught them all how to put on a show, and is still doing even today? Alice Cooper, who had yet to say he’s “retiring” but then comes back with a new tour and record? I lose more respect for the RnRHoF every year.

    • Phil

      well put.

    • Jon E. Fever

      Actually, the New York Dolls were more of an influence with KISS than Alice Cooper. I’ll be shocked if they actually get in. I’ll be even more shocked, if they go in, if Paul & Gene make the trek there. If they do show up I hope they have the sense to ask Peter & Ace to be up there with them. The band survived w/o the original line-up but without Peter & Ace there would have been no KISS.

      • Minutiae

        Gene will go if he thinks there’s the slightest chance it’ll help him sell more records, toys, Koffins, or whatever it is the “band” is shilling these days.

      • sean w

        i agree completely with the original 4 members of KISS should be inducted not the ones they have now. No disrespect to Tommy Thayer but it should be Gene,Paul,Peter,and Ace or not at all.

    • Mike in Moncton

      Half the friggin’ bands in the Hall OPENED for KISS at one point or another. It’s not that KISS doesn’t deserve to be there… the Hall doesn’t deserve to get THEM.

      • Ed

        That is true…But I believe that all the members of kiss should go in, and not forget Eric Carr, One of the greatest drummers of all time. Yeah Peter and Ace had the magic at one time, But Eric filled in some Big shoes. Yeah even Vinnie Vincent (He wont show up though, Bruce Kulick who was a member of Kiss alot longer than Ace was and had some really Great albums with them (And he never got what he deserved). Eric Singer with them a long time also. KISS is KISS in any transformation you make it, It always had Gene and Paul, And All line up had it’s magic in some way shape or form. I say KISS is nominated…They all go in, Even Mark St. John. RIP Eric Carr and Mark St. John.

  • don

    I really thought/hoped Rush would make the cut this year after all the press they got within pop culture. They had significant exposure on Chuck, I Love You Man, The Colbert Report, and a feature article in Rolling Stone. Am I missing anything?

    • Phil

      Really Rush isn’t already in? That pretty much sums up why the RRHF doesn’t count.

      • snake74

        I concur.

    • Tammy

      As one of the most influential rock bands of the late 70’s and 80’s Rush should DEFINITELY be included. Ton Sawyer, anyone?

    • you forgot

      You forgot, or didn’t know about “Fanboys”, a great movie about friends breaking into skywalker ranch ro see a cut of Episode 1 8 months before its released.

      “You just have Rush? I want Variety”

      “Rush IS Variety!”

    • ks

      I can not believe that Rush is not nominated-the drumming alone should make it. 2112 one of the best albums ever!!

  • Bobby’s Robot

    Roxy Music? Eurythmics? The Cure? The Smiths? Depeche Mode? X?

    • cookieeater

      Good list!

      • Fatima

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  • paige

    ABBA rocks!

    • Pang

      Calling the police over knissig? This is almost unbelievable when 12yo girls are getting pregnant in school bathrooms. Even when caught doing the deed on school grounds, parents are called not the police! Amazing.

  • Puh-lease….

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a corporate entity that has nothing to do with rock and roll.

    Kiss is a corporate entity that has nothing to do with rock and roll.

    This merger makes sense.

    • Joe

      I see You haven’t heard ALIVE! in your life or know that it was the breakthrough for Live albums. It’s pure Rock N’ Roll. Maybe you have nothing to do with rock and roll, that makes a LOT more sense.

      • Theft01

        Too bad ALIVE isn’t “live” at all. It’s a killer record, but calling it live is bogus. Until Motorhead gets in that place is a joke. It’s nothing more than a way for that dorky washed up hippie-turned-suit Jann Wenner grasping on to whatever shred of cash he can. Eff that place.

      • Haiqal

        Did he have his shirt unbuttoned down to there, with lots of rings on his firegns, which were clasped together ever so lightly as he leaned over to her…through a moonlighting-like blur of features?And of course, a long black silk cape.

  • Phil

    Wow that is a really weak class. First of all is Rick Ruben in the hall? Because if not why the hell would LL get in. Kiss sucks and always has. Which Genesis is being nominated? I can see the Peppers getting in, that makes sense but not the Stooges (the Ramones already rep that crappy music scene in the hall) Back to LL he shouldn’t get in anyway because he is an awful rapper. Here’s an idea put in the Beastie Boys instead. For whatever reason I have no problem with ABBA even though I’m not a big fan. Same goes for Cliff and I am kind of a fan.

    • Joe

      What a waste of time reading your comment, nothing objective.

  • anonymous

    can we give the kayne stuff a rest?

  • Blue Silver

    Duran Duran are long overdue!!!!!!!!

  • dj

    come on ll cool j abba are not rock and roll..where is rush? or the cure?

    • Tom in STL

      Neither are the Supremes or Aretha Franklin. Do you believe they don’t belong in the Hall?

      • Kacey

        Don’t forget Public Enemy is in there too. Straight up Rock, right?

  • MrNiceGuy

    I think Puh-lease pretty much hit the proverbial nail on the head. Still scratching my head over LL. Blah.

  • Stephanie T.

    I am glad that KISS was nominated but come on No Alice Cooper? No Zolar X? What gives? Whatever. Genesis and ABBA should finally be in the RRHoF, but fat chance of an ABBA reunion on stage. They will not do it. Waterloo, the premire cover band will probably sing for them. Jimmy Cliff was an influence, but Toots and the Maytalls and Prince Buster paved the way for punk/ska. The Specials, Madness, Rancid, and The Clash would have not existed had not been for them.

  • ACE

    KISS is was way overdue! Say what you want about them, but they are Rock and Roll!!!!

    • debbiedownunder

      I agree, Kiss play great music, put on a spectacular show,have tons of great merchanise to please the fans,(those sour people just wish they had the business sense to do so,)they are still rockin’ 35 years on….i think stronger than ever, and honestly even though there have been a few drummers and lead guitarist people still associate Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter as KISS. They definatley deserve this honour. Long Live KISS…..go for gold
      KISS fan since 1978 !!!!!!

    • Cristian

      This is thoroughly inane. I thouhgt maybe there was something like the boy didn’t want her to (in which case I think she’d have to be taught about boundaries, not necessarily this way though), but it even says there was no report of the boy’s objection. So he was ok with it, she was ok with it, everyone was ok but the adults who had to make an issue. Meanwhile stuff like Penn St or Syracuse goes on and everyone covers it up for years.

  • Leila

    It’s just sad that a tremendously talented artist like Dan Fogelberg has been overlooked for induction. His breadth and variety of genres (blue grass, jazz, pop and rock) is more varied then the average artist. He was also one of the most talented guitarists that came out of the Nashville/CA music scene. Shame on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for overlooking him.

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