Kanye West Lady Gaga tour canceled: 'Fame Kills' is dead

The whispers have been escalating in the media for several days, and now Live Nation has confirmed to EW that the Gaga/Kanye “Fame Kills” tour is officially off.

Mediatakeout claims it’s Gaga who wanted out, not Kanye, even though she was singing his praises as recently as this week in a Las Vegas radio interview. Reps for both have not yet responded to requests for comment, but we’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, readers, what do you think — sad for the show you won’t be seeing, or was Fame never meant to live forever, nor to light up the sky like a flame?

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  • Too bad Kanye

    Smart Move Gaga. I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere near that train wreck either.

    • Smart Move On Both Parts

      Smart move on both parts, you guys r both train wrecks…

      • Lucy

        totally agree!!!

      • GRW

        SOOOOO TRU!!!!

    • Sally in Chicago

      In the Chicago columns it’s Kanye who cancelled, not Gaga. They’re saying that Kanye has been distraught since his mother’s death and may be entering rehab.

      • the grouch squared

        He didn’t look too ‘distraught’ on stage interrupting Taylor at the awards show. Hmmm…

      • KanyesAgayfish

        Boo-Hoo. I thought he was a thug rapper. Nah, hes just an ass who said oh, no. I went to far again. I know wut I will say…. I miss my mommy, yeah that’s it. Man up wannabe thug.

      • Will

        Oh boohoo his mommy died, who cares Kanye. You’re the last person I’ll take pitty for.

      • Candice

        Until you lose a parent don’t pass judgement on someone else!! He made a mistake and Taylor forgave him! He’s not a thug rapper (Have you EVER listened to one of his CDs?!), nor a bad person! He’s a man who’s going through a tough time and doesn’t need your negative comments nor your approval! Get a life and let him live his!

      • T P

        Kanye’s NEVER presented himself as a thug. His mother ws a college professor. He doesnt rap about violence or anything “gangster”. His music is way more versatile.

      • G-Mom

        Oh PLEASE!! I am sorry that his mother died, but he was an A-hole BEFORE she died. It’s just an excuse! Jay Leno stopped him in his tracks when he asked him what would his mother have said about what he did to Taylor Swift. I’m glad that his tour was cancelled, although I feel sorry for Lady Gaga. Sometimes you have to pay for your behavior.

      • LiLa

        Most of us who lose parents or siblings get our three or so days off work and then it’s back to real life. LIFE GOES ON. Shame on West for using his mother’s death as an excuse for his boorish behavior.

    • Heidi

      She made all those statements because she was trying to buoy him up and convince him to go forward with the tour. It’s clear he gets the gravity of what happened (his alcohol use and irrational behaviour following the tragic death of his mother) and is wisely turning down the tour to quell his ‘too big’ ego, make emotional growth, and re-enter the music field when he is ready.
      If someone owns their wrongs like that and is remorseful to the point of taking this level of action, I think he’d have me back as a fan in time (unlike Chris Brown).

      • KanyesAgayfish

        He aint that deep. Hes a punk wannabee. Boo-Hoo nobody likes me now.

      • Matt

        By that time we’ll be saying Kanye who? I hope it takes him twenty years to mourns cuz I don’t want to hear this auto-tune mofo on radio again.

  • Kristen

    I’ve never been so thrilled not to have gotten tickets before. I was just about to buy a fanclub membership too.
    That being said, totally disappointed. =/ =/

  • angeljake

    Good for Gaga!

  • wWoWw

    No sh*t it was Gaga that wanted out. Don’t go down with a sinking ship, chart your own course.

  • taylor swift is lame

    wow lady gaga shud go suck a nut cuz she apparently has no idea what she’s gonna miss.

    • Learn English

      Kanye, is that you?

      • Chappel s

        Of course that’s not kanye. He would have used ALL CAPS. Besides, even kanye can spell better than that guy/gal.

      • susan


      • Lucy

        LOL!! I needed that!

    • LadyGagaKicksAss

      Hey smartass, its Kanye who pulled out genius.

    • underground

      I think she knows that is why she wants out this guy needs to get some help

    • Keith

      Only pathetic losers love Kanye’s music get a life pal!

      • tiffany

        i guess thats most of the world cause he still banking and making that money that must mean a lot of pathetic loser love him how much money do you make hmmm i sure it doesnt even come close to what hes making

  • Tim

    The two most overrated ‘artists’ of the decade.

    • TD Sims

      I second that!

      • e


      • Karen

        A BIG FOURTH!

      • Oddball Extreme

        I’ll even add A FIFTH! Kanye is feeling the total fallout of all his ridiculous outbursts, and as far as I’m concerned, Lady Gaga is NOTHING to be so ga-ga about anyway.

      • J


    • Angela


      • swifty

        I gotta say sixth!

      • craig

        #7 here!

      • tom

        8, 9, and 10 from me and my family!… and Taylor was that you at 6th?…lol

      • kendall

        kanye, i’m an normal and classy american citizen, that is just your price for being taylor swift’d! i recommend yourself checking in a rehab!

      • nick

        so does this mean that 50 Cent is more talented than these two???

      • mike

        11 for me and 12 for my dog

    • Rebekah

      I don’t know what number we’re at, but I 13th that notion (or something to that effect). In other words, I agree.

      • Jackie

        14th and 15th here – oh and I’ll throw the cats in the mix too – 16th and 17th

      • Jenell

        18th-21st here. We are not fans of either of them, but at least Gaga can put on a good performance. Not a fan of Swift either though, but at least she is a respectable young woman and a better role model than some of the other famous girls out there.

      • Suze

        I’ll take 22-27 if someone hasn’t already. I despise Kanye as a person (although I do like 1 or 2 of his songs) and Lady G is just… words can’t even describe the ill feelings I get when poker face comes on the juke at tthe bar…

    • Raul

      Wrong. Ask anyone who has seen Lady Gaga perform live and they’ll tell you she puts on an amazing live show. Her studio stuff isn’t as good because of the music producers.

      • Diggity

        Gaga is interesting at the very least. Kanye is the worst. He’s so rediculous I don’t even know where to start. I feel like p Diddy and all those East/ West Coast rappers in the late 90s already covered the super lame ultra cool rapper thing.

        That said, I’d see Gaga on her own, but never with Kanye.

    • Aaron

      HAHA Couldn’t agree more. Auto-tune technology made them sound good, people with bad hearing love it though.

      • Kathryn

        Have to disagree Aaron. I just saw Gaga live in concert this past Monday and she has a phenomenal singing voice without any help from Autotune. P.S. I’m a music major and work for a symphony orchestra, so I have an ear. Thanks.

  • sleeper hit

    I’m surprised and then not surprised at the same time. I’m not surprised because the VMA controversy is still fresh in people’s mind, and I’m surprised because of her vocal support of him. Had she remained completely distant from him, then I would have seen this coming. Although I must say, this is actually a good thing, since Kanye has said he wanted to take some time off to sort out his personal issues. Now that his schedule is clear, he’s got no excuse to do so. I do not consider Lady Gaga a traitor for pulling out, as I’m sure many people will accuse her of being one. This is actually probably for the best. And besides, one must also consider that ticket sales were probably slow. Guess some people really meant it when they said they would boycott Kanye.

    • MrsKaulitz88

      That really sux, I wanted to see Gaga again. and she was comming to greensboro on my 21st bday! =( wtf man. It’d be awsome if she just did her own tour. I saw her in concert a few days ago in Richmond, and it was awsome. The crowd was into it, and the energy is crazy. It was like being in a club, everybody was dancing and singing, it was so fun. And she is real down to earth. There was a guy in the front row dressed like Kermit the frog, and she saw him and announced “hey everybody, my boyfriend kermit is here!” and she took off her white sunglasses and gave them to him. =)

  • Ryan

    Good for her. Maybe I’ll be able to see her sometime soon. I’d never go to a double billing concert when I hate one of the headliners. Lady GaGa will do just fine touring on her own.

    • jerzee

      and it would have been better with kanye…she dumb!!

      • Kelly

        another eloquent Kanye backer. “she dumb” wtf? no, you dumb.

      • Joe

        Kanye sucks, get a brain.

      • JW

        I second that

  • hc

    good move gaga. kanye west is a freakin PR nightmare.

  • Chris

    This tour would have been epic..people are crazy! Get over the Kanye-Taylor Swift crap. The tour would have been amazing!

    • the grouch squared

      Epic?!? You should probably look that term up sometime; you’re talking about a (yet another) teenage marketing-child & a teenage-minded maniacal rapper

      • Ras

        Well they said they invented a new stage shape for it so I’m guessing if you can think up of a way for a new stage they can also pull a good show out of their asses.

    • michelekamay

      That would have been amazing but I don’t worry for Kanye or Gaga, they would be fine. It’s not big deal, they are talented and successful artists.

    • JA

      EPIC? How old are you? You don’t know what epic is. Woodstock was epic! Kanya and flavor of the month GaG, not so much! Was a smart move on her part though. She was committing professional suicide with her “anyone can make ONE mistake” & “he’s a really good guy” BS. To tour with him is to condone his on-going, bad behavior and it’s time he finally took notice and adjusted his egomaniacal attitude. He needs to lie low for (hopefully) the next 10 years. The public has spoken and it’s time for him to get off the stage.

  • chelsea Kime

    im pissed. this would have been the show of a life time

    • Kim

      How sad that you think that.

    • @chelsea Kime

      That is sad. You should get better taste in music.

  • couchgrouch

    that’s a shame. I really wanted to hear drum machines and samples “live”.

    • Treez

      Since you know nothing about a Kanye tour it would behove you to keep your mouth shut…Kanye always uses live instrumentation at his concerts and puts on a great live show.

      • Bobby b

        His mouth never opened tard, this is the Internet.

      • Lamar

        Boiy you look stupid now. Telling someone to shut up on the net. Kanye lipsings on his tours cuz he can’t fully depend on auto-tune. Have you SEEN him on American Idol, he sucked rotten eggs.

      • Q-bert

        “Kanye always uses live instrumentation at his concerts…”
        key word: ‘USES’, but does not actually ‘PLAY’ them.
        You say he puts on a great show, eh? Well fanboy, sounds like he’s got you fooled and right where he wants you.
        But you go ahead and continue to funnel wasted money to his production and live inside your insulated dark small world

  • Mike

    Finally America wake up!!!!

    Kanye this is just the begining.

  • claire

    I think that this was a wise move…go Gaga. Kanye is a rude jerk and deserves this disappointment.

  • K-Rod

    This tour would have been terrible. Lady GaGa fans are not Kanye fans and vice versa. There would have been fights in crowd for sure. Kanye should tour with lupe and Kid Cudi…that would be dope. Lady Gaga should headline with Mika or Scissor Sisters.

    • Bren

      Lady Gaga and Mika would be a totally fun concert.

      • sheila crone

        I mean this without malice, but for my own information. Who is Mika?

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