Britney Spears' racy '3' rockets to the top of Billboard's Hot 100

Britney-Spears_lBritney Spears’ song about threesomes — a new track from her upcoming The Singles collection — will debut at No. 1 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 this week. It’s just her third No. 1 single ever (after “…Baby One More Time” and “Womanizer”), and the first No. 1 debut since Taylor Hicks’ post-Idol-victory tune “Do I Make You Proud” more than three years ago. It’s also the first non-American Idol song to enter the chart at No. 1 since Lauryn Hill’s “Doo Wop (That Thing)” did it almost 11 years ago, according to Billboard.

So does this huge first week mean Britney’s comeback is now complete? Or do people just really, really love Peter, Paul & Mary?

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  • Melissa

    There’s no denying Britney is the reigning Princess of Pop. Say what you want about her, but she maintains iconic status in the music industry.
    Congrats Brit!

    • Lawrence Koerper

      Iconic Status? who cares? it’s desperate and and insult to musicianship. She’s miserable, it’s all a facade, she will soon fade improving the music industry 10fold

      • leo

        Are you jealous? Sure sounds that way. The day she fades will be the day you become somebody! I’ve never heard of you, did you fade or were you just terminated before birth?

      • emma

        damn right! WTF makes her iconic?

      • Nick T

        What make her iconic, emma, is the red skin tight body suit, the skimpy school girl outfit, the dance with the python, the kiss with Madonna, etc. Not to mention the fact that she partied herself almost into oblivion and against all odds came back with one her best cds. Aaaaannndd Mr Brunner, her “comeback” was complete some time ago. No offense.

      • L.

        Shut up, HATER

      • Koerper

        It’ll all burn in the end.

    • Brian

      Shes not the princess of anything. The album did what you’d expect from an album with those recourses. I know nothing about the tour, but kudos to her, apparently its successful.

      The only person that deserves any royalty is Max Martin. Shes the face on his hits.

      BTW, I dont get why she even wants to stay in the music industry, it doesn’t seam to be very fulfilling to her at all

  • Laura

    The comeback was complete when Womanizer went to #1, when her album went to #1 and when her tour became one of the biggest tours of the year selling out everywhere. She is the Pop Princess.


      YES. Amen. She already got her comeback. Now she’s just maintaining it. She is the Queen of pop. No one can compare. and ‘3’ will become one of the biggest hits of the year.

      • chris

        The Queen of pop, NO!!! maybe the princess of pop. The Queen of pop title goes to Madonna!!!!

  • chris

    I was surprised to find that I actually like this song. Probably the best one that’s been released.

  • Justin

    Bow to the Queen!

    Congrats again Britney!!

    • Agustin

      Queen? You must be kidding…

      • Justin

        Um…no, not at all actually.

    • paige

      lol Queen??? yea you gotta be like 15 years old

      • Emma

        As are you, if the spelling and lack of capitalization from your response seems to imply, Paige.

      • Ashely

        I agree Emma.

  • Rosa

    The comeback was already complete this just another step foward!!

  • Stacey

    Way to Go Britney. Wow. She is proving that she can keep on going. And the fact this is only her third #1. Even though she has many more hits. Shows she can still be force despite all she’s gone through. The comeback was complete with her sucessful tour but this is icing on the cake. Just proves people still want to hear new Britney music…

  • Samantha

    I agree the comeback was complete a long time ago. This just confirmed the fact. :)Congrats to the Princess of Pop.

  • JP

    There is no real music anymore when crap like this is number 1.

    • ick

      agreed, JP. all of these posters seem to equate financial success with having talent. Britney is no real talent, just a cog in a money making machine. I remember when people didn’t respect “sell outs” and kept fluffy pop music, which i’m ok with, really, in its place. you can enjoy a song, even enjoy a manufactured artist like britney. but don’t pretend it’s more than what it is.

      • Laura

        You are the one taking all this seriously. Most Britney fans like her for the fact that her music is fun and catchy not because she has made some deep and artistic music.

      • Eric

        be quiet and bow down

      • j

        you people forget that brit. is a performer and not just a singer. thats what she is all about! just like madonna. we know that she not a great singer but she knows how to entertain. she does a great job at what she does if not she would have bin gone years ago. the girl has talent

      • jordan

        haha. Eric’s comment is a win.

      • chris

        I’m curious as to what everyones definition of “good music” is? we all have our own taste and just because there are so many that love her, doesn’t mean you have to. Good music is just like everything else…its all in the eye of the beholder or rather the listener!!!

    • get real

      The Hot 100 is for popular music. It is not for opera, classical, or other “real music” whatever that is. Obviously someone likes it or it wouldn’t be #1. If you don’t like it, don’t listen, don’t buy. Your tastes do not dictate what others should listen to or buy.

  • BritneySpearsQueenOfPop

    BOW! I can’t wait for the video! =D

  • Tara

    She’s doing a song about threesomes? Oh for the love of Pete. Hahahahahahaha.

    • Eric

      who’s pete? what are you talking about?

      • dave

        peter, paul, and mary……. the trio group from the late 60’s…. ring any bells?

  • austinrob

    Total lipsyncher & electronically enhanced vocals….it’s the musicmakers/producers who deserve the credit. Britney’s no musician – no one would ever accuse of her that. Bow to her t*ts if you want, I’ll pass….

    • C-utie

      we knew that like 10 years ago and we’re fine with it obviously

  • Luke

    Love Britney but how come her better songs like Toxic didn’t get to number 1? Womanizer and 3 only get to number 1 because of digital sales. They don’t get as much airplay as Toxic and other songs.

    • sue

      The only reason this song shot up so fast is because people would rather download this new song then buy the greatest hits album it will be on. Can’t blame them.

      • eric

        actually sue its her singles collection. so get it right. and the reason her fans bought it was to get it to where it is today to #1. so in fact fans will buy the singles collection to get that to #1. the end.

    • Laura

      Actually if you look on, which tracks radio play, Womanizer was #1 in radio airplay and 3 just made a leap from 41 to 23.

    • Melissa

      “Toxic” didn’t get a chance to be #1 because during that time, digital sales did not constitute a large factor in determining the Billboard Hot 100 — back then, radio airplay weighed significantly more than digital sales … whereas today, digital sales & radio airplay are weighted about equally — also, today, sales of digital tunes are a heck of a lot more than they were in the early 2000s.

      • MultiPass

        Yes indeed. Back then (ummm, like only 5 years ago, amazingly), the singles format had died because no one wanted to buy cassette singles, CD singles or 7 inches anymore. So songs were geared to be radio hits so people would buy CD albums they came on. The resurrection of the single format, thanks to iTunes etc, has given rise to a new dynamic – fans actually having an influence on charts once again. So its a real testament to Britney that 11 years into her career she is able to get a “true” number 1 hit with such a notable debut.

        Congrats, Brit (and producers and managers, etc.)

    • real critic

      toxic was NOT one of her best songs. i never understood why people liked it. but britney IS queen, so don’t hate, appreciate.

      • eric

        toxic is her best song and video to date! it started her string of hits that were electronic-sounding like Womanizer and Radar and 3. If you go back and listen to her albums before IN THE ZONE none of them have the electronic sound that CIRCUS and BLACKOUT have (which were the albums after the one that included TOXIC)


      Womanizer was one of the most overplayed songs of 2008 in my opinion, i don’t know what you are talking about
      Toxic is a fantastic song, and it was a massive hit, but PLEASE she’s had much, much better singles. Womanizer, Gimme more, pieces of me, if you seek amy, all of those were better songs.
      and she is the queen. Ok i’m done

      • eric

        its actually PIECE OF ME, the song PIECES OF ME is by the ashlee simpson. …WOMANIZER was awesome

  • stiffy

    I discovered this great smash song ‘3’ this week and shared the news of it to DJ friend of mine who resides in Akron, Ohio! He played it for the first time at his club and shared the crowd went wild on the dance floor for this one this past weekend and thanked me!
    From that, I knew this would be another #1 smash for Britney…congrats. I actually love this song and ‘peter, paul and mary’…So, puff the magic dragon!

  • Matt

    She released a greatest hits album in 2004 (after only four albums). Now there’s a “singles collection” coming out after only another two new albums? To quote Frank Costanza, “That’s perverse!”

    • Preston

      I found it unusual too that she was releasing a singles collection 5 years after her greatest hits. But this is a different collection, for it will include recent hits like Womanizer, Circus, Gimme More and she might eliminate some hits from the previous one for this effort. And to answer one other comment, Womanizer did well in both airplay and sales. I don’t see it as a comeback–she took a few years off, had her boys a few setbacks, then bounced back and now has a huge hit album and tour!

    • Rock Golf

      Odd that you should quote Jason Alexander. Didn’t Britney marry someone with that name?

      • fancypants

        Jason Alexander played George Costanza. Frank Costanza (played by Jerry Stiller) was George’s dad.

    • jordan

      it also will bank off of the fact that everybody is buying into the britney hysteria right now. smart, really.


    Britney is amazing it shows how much her fans love her still britney does have talent though listen to her songs LET GO AND BABYBOY she plays the PIANO ALSO AND IS A TRAINED DANCER SHES SOO TALENTED STOP HATING CONGRATS BRITNEY ON YOUR NUMBER 1

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