Adam Lambert's outre-space 'For Your Entertainment' cover: What do you think?

Adam-Lambert-album-cover-520Adam Lambert unveiled the cover for his forthcoming debut CD, For Your Entertainment, on his official site this afternoon, and to paraphrase the sadly under-appreciated 2003 single from current Dancing With the Stars contestant Mya: This cover’s like…whoa!

A publicist for 19 Recordings reveals that the image was shot by Warwick Saint in August in New York City. And, to put it mildly, it’s a little more, um, out there than the pensive-yet-ultimately-benign images we’ve come to expect from Idol runners-up. (If you’re not familiar with the show’s post-second-place oeuvre, do check out Exhibit A, Exhibit B, and Exhibit C. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, of course.)

Is America ready for this particular jelly? Some of my EW colleagues aren’t terribly optimistic, but might I remind them, we’re dishing a dude who sailed through Grand Ole Opry week with a hyper-sexual, sitar-infused take on “Ring of Fire.” Anyhow, while the Glambert nation collectively wipes its brow, catches its breath, and attempts to unlock its eyes from Adam’s hypnotic gaze (good luck!), here’s five things I think the cover art reveals about the artist and his debut disc, set to drop Nov. 23.

1) I’m catching homages to Michael Jackson (a single glove on display), Madonna (and a fingerless glove at that!), and Prince (the For Your Entertainment font is more than a little reminiscent of Purple Rain, no?). Clearly, the season 8 runner-up has no shortage of (formerly brunet, now cerulean) ambition, and whether you think Adam is deliciously gutsy or ridiculously presumptuous for subtly inserting himself into that A-list galaxy, at least you can’t accuse him of playing it safe.

2) And anyhow, more likely than not, Adam Lambert is actually an alien from a distant planet. Yes, that planet looks a little bit like it resulted from the collision of a Jem cartoon, The Neverending StoryStarlight Express, and K-Tel’s Power Glam Explosion (hat tips to my colleagues Samantha Harmon, Joe Lynch, Leah Greenblatt, and Mike Bruno for their unfiltered first impressions), but perhaps the extra-terrestrial has come to teach us something? Glam is back. Unicorns are real. And boring people are going to be zapped with giant lasers and turned immediately to dust. (Okay, this paragraph kind of went and did its own thing, but I missed a screening of The Fourth Kind to try to get this item up ASAP, and I’ve got space creatures on the brain. It’s too late to apologize.)

3) Lit properly, Adam Lambert’s locks resemble bird feathers. I won’t lie: That makes me a little jealous. Under similar conditions, all you’d see on my noggin is the unfortunate emergence of male pattern baldness.

4) The suggestion of nudity in this photo is going to make my mom a lot of Adam fans go weak in the knees. Oh, I know, dude might very well be wearing pants in this picture, but fans who threw sex toys at the stage during “Whole Lotta Love” during the Idol summer tour don’t need to know that, do they? Well played, Mr. Lambert!

5) I know Adam came out on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, but any theories/worries/suspicions that he would tamp down the gay while promoting FYE just went the way of the leftover milk in my cereal bowl this morning*. I mean, good, bad, or totally insane, this album cover is outre, playing up Adam’s pouty-lipped, yellow-mascara’d androgyny. America, get ready to taste the rainbow, metaphorically speaking.

What do you think of the For Your Entertainment cover? Share your impressions in the comments below, and to get instant notification of all my Idol scoop, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.

* Down the drain; Special K Cinnamon Pecan leaves behind too much residue for a satisfying sip.

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  • Carrie

    Well, uh, okay. Good luck with this one, RCA.

    I would have expected something a little more creative from Adam’s marketing team than a headshot and some bad fonts…and the cheese level is overwhelming.

    Oh well, it’s the music inside that counts.

    • YR

      I hear ya…it’s not even controversial, it’s just…WHY?? He’s so photogenic, doesn’t need this “fan arts”-like treatment. Reminds me of those velvet posters popular back in the 70s/80s…I know his music WILL be better though!!

      • Heidi

        most people buy their songs off of Itunes anyhow so this won’t make much difference but its a bit too glam even for adam ‘glambert’ IMO. He’s channelling David Bowie and all the things I didn’t like about the seventies and eighties the FIRST time!

      • crispy

        Fortunately, iTunes gives you the ability to change the cover image. I’ll be replacing this with a better Adam pic.

      • djm

        That was my initial reaction – kind of like “why?” – he has posted several new photos on his website that are really great and this just seems so….odd. My guess is that it must represent the vibe of the CD and if that’s the case then I am intrigued. But like someone else said in another post – in this day and age cover art doesn’t really matter. The only place you ever really see it is as a thumbnail on iTunes so it really doesn’t matter. And my guess is that Walmart shoppers in Oklahoma or Arkansas were never going to buy his CD anyway so who cares.

      • LT

        Do you people just sit on EW and keep refreshing the page until an Adam Lambert subject pops up? You are pathetic.

        Great cover Adam- and yes- it is the inside that counts

      • ianaleah

        unlike Heidi, I loved loved loved the 70s and 80s and this cover is totally fun beautiful art.

      • nunnya

        Oh my gosh, it reminds me of those velvet posters too! HAHA. I had almost forgotten about those.

      • Matt

        I have to say, to be really honest, at first glance I was well shocked at the cover art. Why does it have to be airbrushed? It kinda makes Adam look like half-girl half-guy. But the beauty of it, well the more I looked at it the more I did like it. It took awhile but I couldn’t keep my eyes off the cover. Nothing cheesy about this. Don’t even go there. If you don’t like it, ok, but you can’t call a cover cheesy. Well not this one. The vibrant colors catch you and memerize you. I was looking at it for a full 2 minutes before I realized that. Its not because it is Adam, just the beautiful colors. WOW! Everyone knows Adam is a risky kind of artist, that is what made some of us fans in the beginning. Why should he play it safe now? I am so happy that RCA ar letting him have some open reins to do what he does best, entertain you. I am soooooo ready for his album, it is going to be sick!

      • JLM

        Like janaleah I love the Glam and amazing Music of the 70’s!! What I love about the cover is the alien affect – “glittery alien from the planet fierce” aka Adam Lambert according to his brother. What I don’t love is that the mouth does not look quite like Adam’s. Adam is a gorgeous man and this is not as beautiful as he is because the mouth is too perfect. Don’t really care though, care mostly about the music -Can’t wait!!

      • Syd

        I never liked David Bowie. Too soon to copy that era. NEXT.

      • Emma

        The first time I saw it, that’s what I thought. But then it kind of grew on me and eventually it’s not that I couldn’t look away, I just didn’t want to.

      • hen

        lol! it does look like fan art. oh my god, that is too funny…
        i think the cover is trying too hard.He looks like an anime character and not in a good way.
        The best part of the cover has to be the sparkles of light around his name. that’s just hysterical. who does that anymore?
        But his makeup is really pretty.

      • KristalCarrington

        “Reminds me of those velvet posters popular back in the 70s/80s…” Yes! I suspect that was the whole point – Adam will be thrilled to read that! I was initially thrown – but the cover is genius. A collectors item for sure.

      • Whit

        Photogenic? Do you know what Photoshop is?

        If you don’t, it’s a photo-editing program that can smooth skin, enlarge eyes, readjust a crooked smile, straighten noses (for those newer celebrities that haven’t gone under the knife yet).

        Adam Lambert probably looks SIMILAR to this in life, but not quite, shall we say, done.

        BTW……….as a gay male, I am totally turned off by this look. There is NOTHING sexy there. He looks like Boy George.

      • Whit

        Or worse……….KELLY OSBORNE

      • not funny any more

        Sex change next? May be it has already done. Adamie could swing between female and male singers now.

      • bravo

        WTF YUCK!

      • Diego Sierra

        Worst cover ever! Too cheesy, too gay, too much photoshop. He gives us gays a bad name =.(

      • Lisa

        You are on EW commenting on it so it is controversial.

      • Lisa

        I must say, there will be plenty of fans in Arkansas buying his CD! My daughter is waiting patiently, while I, on the other hand, have already pre-ordered Kris’s CD on iTunes. But there are lots of Arkansans who will buy it! Now, I can’t speak for Oklahoma!

      • Meeeeeeeeee

        His purpose was to remind u of the 70s and 80s!! Duh!! Geeze, Adam showed us in idol that he was SO going to be different and his art work is vintage. Every other stars’ artwork is a boring pose with them looking into the camera! This cover is unique, vintage, and DIfFERENT! Just like everything else Adam does! Duh!

    • Mark

      Yeah, it is the music that counts, which is good, because this cover didn’t work. I’m also just finding cheesy. Maybe it was supposed to be homage, but if that’s the case, it just comes off as a conceptual failure. If not that, it just comes off as flat amateurish. And as for “not playing it safe”… what, fundamentally, makes this different from Allison’s cover, except hers is better? Other than the implied nudity which I missed (thanks for that, Slezak, though it’s just not that noticeable) or the color scheme not being as effective, it certainly isn’t any edgier or more creative.

      • Carol

        Oh please, Mark! Poor Allison’s cover could have been put together by one of her school friends on Quark.

      • Starr

        Carol, I could have made this album cover with – and I don’t even know my way around a photoshop program.

      • Sally in Chicago

        This is a big problem with music not being released on ALBUMS — the art of the cover art design is lost. Yeh, the cover doesn’t mean diddly….but this is very Androgenous and it may/may not turn off middle America. We have yet to see.

      • Sheri

        I don’t even think it has anything to do with “middle America”. I couldn’t care less that Adam is gay, or portrays himself as such here. It’s just that the cover is laughably bad.

      • Matt

        Well one thing YOU cannot call this cover, BORING! It catchs your attention that is for sure. That is what will sell albums, you either hate it or love it, but you will NOTICE it. So I don’t think that was such a dumb idea what they did with the cover. IMO.

      • wm

        Well said Mark, I agree! This looks so cheesy. Don’t like it at all!

      • Sheree

        This cover is ugly, cheap, and tacky. It’s not “out there” or “daring” or dark or sexy or any of the other adjectives the die hards are using to defend it. I still love the voice, but I am seriously beginning to doubt his common sense and his level of taste.

      • Vicki

        Mark, you took the words right out of my mouth. I’ve seem quite a few pictures of Adam that would be 100 times better for the cover. Here he just looks like a club kid from the 80s — a look that has been done to death. However, I also agree with the people who have said that no one looks at cover art any more. I personally have never not bought an album because I hated the cover art. If Adam was a complete unknown, this cover would be the final nail in the coffin of his career. As it stands, he already has a huge following based on his talent and looks. I predict that this cover won’t hurt his sales one bit.

      • Robbyrob


        Just NOW your questioning Adam’s level of taste??? Have you seen some of his more outlandish outfits on Idol? By NO means, am I being critical of his fashion choices. Even if they weren’t for moi, I still give him credit for livening up the performances…it’s Idol…it’s campy anyway. If your so insulted, please move on. It’s just a CD cover.

    • Rich

      Not as bad as the Brooke Hogan one (seriously, that may be the worst album cover in a DECADE) but everything about it just seems… amateurish.

      I don’t care about AL one way or the other, but it seemes like he would’ve had better luck with this type of concept if the cover had been shot and rendered in a more professional manner: I’m thinking Bowie’s “Aladdin Sane” or “Heroes.” Instead, they did a cut-rate job and it just looks silly.

      Hopefully for AL, this album will sell enough for his label to spring the bucks for a REAL photographer… and art department.

      • Whit

        No, he looks like Kelly Osborne

      • Kerri

        I actually thought it was Boy George. Honestly.

    • ernie

      He looks like P!nk

      • johnny

        that was my first thought!

      • mscisluv

        I thought it was Pink on first glance! Also, no offense to Adam, but he doesn’t have the greatest complexion, and he always hid it under terrible pancake makeup…so looking at that shot just makes me wonder how much computer work has been done to make his skin look that smooth.

      • Liz

        My thought as well.

      • wm

        He definitely looks female for sure!

      • martha

        All the great photos of smokin hot Adam and they put this stupid coloring book picture on cover- lousy choice.I prefer the real Adam photos that I can print out.

      • martha

        ok, me again, changed my mind- just realized it is a costume- and when the glittery alien from planet fierce performs the song live at music awards show in November, this cover will all make sense, blue hair and snake on wrist and all.

      • wm

        I thought he resembled Pink also.

    • ianaleah

      Georgeous Art. “Glam rock “is back and it’s about time. Woohooo !

      • ianaleah

        Adam, by the way, in ‘real’ photos is better than this, but this is just ‘art’ that’s all.

      • wm

        You’ve got to be kidding me! This cover is horrific, not glam rock!

      • Kerri

        WM it is glam rock! How could YOU not see that?

      • martha

        Glam rock had the ‘danger’ feel of a free spirit- like Adam actually has and showed strutting up to the mic to sing ‘Whole Lotta Love’-this is not Glam Rock, Adam is , the photo is Trapper keeper for kids.

      • Blondiegrrl

        Martha, check your music history: Led Zeppelin is not glam rock. Gary Glitter is. I love the crazy gaudiness of the cover art myself.

      • Martha A Cohen

        Adam looked glam didn’tsay Zeppeling song was glam. I know my history. and, actually I changed my mind about the cover -it is a costume, a sexy one -for a performance. Once seen, the cover will make sense even tho too much photoshop. Have confidence in Adam, he knows what he is doing.

      • Lu Lu

        I actually do perfer his photos from the Rolling Stone’s shoot, but I have to say, he is quite beautiful in this cover art. I wish my eye make-up would turn out as good as his!

    • writetolife

      Yuck. Vomit. Gross.

      I’ll still download it on iTunes, but I hate hate hate this cover art.

    • amanda

      it is supposed to have a 70s 80s feel. He’s said his album is going to pay homage to the 70’s 80’s glam rockers. The cover is reflective of that.

      • Coral

        The color of reflective of literalism and poor taste. I love his voice, I loved his sexy concert performances … but this cover is crap.

      • Martha A Cohen

        remember the head shot of his song for The Zodiac Show- same deal-then when he performed and you saw the entire costume and the smaokin hot sexy performance -then it all made sense and the ‘silly’ headshot became sizzling sexy when in context.

    • Sydney

      Wow this sucks! Major fail!!! I knew he was all hype. It’s a he/she. Whatever I’ll NEVER buy his music.

      • Kerri

        Going by your many previous statements, never thought you would! Really think Adam will not miss you, neither will his fans.

      • Melissa

        You weren’t going to anyway, so your opinion matters… let’s see… oh right, not at all.

      • MM

        He’s all hype based on a cover? You haven’t even heard a note of music yet! If you took a second to listen to yourself, you’d realize you sound ridiculous.

      • JTC

        Adam is already a winner, can’t stop him now. The cover is art for those who aren’t in the biz and it is in tandem with a song and a costume, so relax, have some confindence in Lambert, it will make sense to yall soon. Lighten up!Go play.

      • delia brooks

        Why are you here>>?????? or should I say why is IT here??? not sure if you are a city or a missprint.

      • karenC

        c’mon Sydney..get real…you weren’t gonna buy it anyway! lol

      • Lisa

        I doubt you would have anyways.

    • martha

      All the smokin hot pictures of Adam, all the stylish pictures from the photo shoot,so many that I can’t take my eyes off the hottie Adam!! But ‘they’ chose a coloring book picture, instead of the sweet sexy superstar I’ve been watching. Yea for Adam,boo for cover.CD will be fantastic though.

      • Uh oh… Homophobia strikes….

        I think if I actually enjoyed the music, I would download it. I couldn’t find myself even picking this up to glance at the CD itself in the store. If I downloaded it, I would change the CD artwork on my iPod to something a little more subtle.

      • ianaleah

        That’s what I say, they effectively neutered Adam in this cover, I’m replacing it with a racey one his just doing his thing being his sexy self.

    • ianaleah

      This sexless harmless grossly photoshopped picture of Adam killed the hottie Whole Lotta Love performer I was addicted to. I can get a life now, no more Adam fantansies. This Trapper Keeper coloring book picture is not for adults, this is not the slightly dangerous free spirit of Glam Rock- Adam is Glam Rock, but his great smokin racey photos were ruled out to put this coloring book on his CD cover and kid stuff is not for me.

      • delia brooks

        my goodness,, you blow like a feather, dont you have any real opinions>??

      • Mariusz

        I fell into Adam’s bnuinrg fire and I got fever, and it feels pretty damn good!!!

    • Casey

      Adam is irresistible in Time For Miracles. I replay it, & then again, to listen & to look at that sexy dude. What the ‘H’ happened? This cover has no sex appeal It’s not even Glam Rock, it’s harmless sexless color book art shop. Adam’s photos from AI and tour are great-print them out and replace this piece of crap.

      • Max

        One of the things I admire and find exciting about Adam is that he has the courage and drive to put his own vision out there and take risks. Will everyone like everything he does? No. That has been apparent already. Will I always like what he does? No. Will I sometimes come around to appreciate it after I digest it and it sits with me a while? Probably.

        Will what he does bring him greatness? Time will tell, but the fact that he has strong ideas, and isn’t afraid to go fully out with them, gives him a real chance. That is what brought ROF to AI. That is what, like it or not, gave us his album cover. Adam knows what he likes, and he goes for that.

        That is why I find him compelling and why I look forward to following what he does in the future. There are more albums to come and more projects to undertake; each will represent some new and changing vision that he is playing out. Each will be surprising. He will keep reinventing himself because he is that kind of artist and because that is what he wants to do. That is what I like about Adam. He is one of the few who I hope never to find boring, and who I believe will never settle for just being safe.

    • Martha A Cohen

      Costume. Think :The Zodiac Show. remember he looked like he was wearing a gem between brows, necklaces, green skin-But then- when he performed & we saw whole costume, not just head shot-it was pure mucho male and sizzling hot sexy. This ‘Glam’ look with blue hair and snake on wrist will probably be part of costume for song ‘For your entertainment’ and far from Trapper will be smokin hot typical Adam Lambert performance. The Glam Rock Blue hair gives it away. Should have known. Watch and see-in for a big surprise when he performs on the music awards, will scortch the YVs with performance and this photo will then make sense to everyone.

    • Shane

      The cover is not good…It looks ridiculous, and the choice of fonts are horrible. If he was so popular, why didn’t he win American Idol…His 15 minutes of fame will end soon…

      • Lisa

        Gee Shane…..if he wasn’t so interesting you wouldn’t have searched this article out so you could write that stupid dribble.

    • Love you Slezak!!

      We are hitting one thousand posts just over an album “picture” – this better be in the Guinness Book of Records!!! Slezak you are a genius and I love you (ooops and Adam too!!!) LOL!!!

    • Katie R

      The thing is that he is a pretty hot guy, and he is NOT hot in this photo. This looks like a promo for an awful music video in the 80s.

    • not funny any more

      GAY PORN. I wonder it will sound like that too? EEEEEEWWWWW, GROSS.

    • Loo

      I have to agree. I don’t really care what the album looks like though. I still have very high expectations that it will sound great!

  • CodeYellow

    It reminds me of Blake Lewis’s cover.

    • crispy

      They’re share the same Trapper Keeper design aesthetic.

      • Kimberly

        I was just telling my husband that if you replaced Adam’s pic with a unicorn, I would have had this on my Trapper Keeper when I was 8.

      • Miguel

        Lol! You’re right, it does look like a trapper keeper design! Haha

    • Sally in Chicago

      Interesting that you compare it to Blake Lewis…..another failed AI male singer….AI/19E is really rolling the dice with this one….I guess they’ve failed with top male singers before (Bo, Clay, Reuben, et al) that they’re just going all out and crossing their fingers it works for him.

      Frankly, I don’t think he has the number of fans that 19E thinks he has….I think he’s a “flavor of the month” singer.

      • Kerri

        You are dead wrong Sally. Adam has more fans than you can count. They don’t have to cross their fingers, it will work for him. Your jealousy is really showing through. I really don’t care what you say or think about him, just watch, in time we will both know who is right. I am sure it isn’t YOU!

      • JLM

        First of all – the art work on the album cover doesn’t make or break an artist. More importantly, you are nuts if you don’t think Adam has a ton of fans. He has fans all over the world!! It will all hinge on the music. Adam is a gorgeous, glam god and is creating a new movement. Clay (though he is currently a millionaire according to Forbs) did not create a movement. Just hide a watch :-)

      • Michael

        I agree with you, Sally. I think the iTunes chart performance of “Time for Miracles” showed us that. I guess the cover art is suppose to compete with Rihanna’s and Lady Gaga’s. But with Rihanna and Lady Gaga having the hottest two songs on radio at the moment and with Susan Boyle (released the same week) holding the record for Amazon pre-sales, I think Adam’s CD looks for at best a #4 debut. And I guarantee that this cover art won’t be winning over new fans outside of Idol. And I love Adam. But one can’t read these posts and not think that he is being severely mismanaged. Most Idols get treated like new artists and have their songs go to radio and if the song catches on, they do. But Adam is being treated like a superstar without anything to back it up. After this bad attempt to make Adam a pop star, he’ll hopefully move into what he is good at—musical theater—where he definitely can excel.

      • ianaleah

        It’s not AI, Adam is already a success- and his singing is praised by not only the AI judges, but by the famous mentors too, and current singers, in fact-the entire recording industry/ His vocal range is unbeatable, crystal clear vocals, perfect pitch and has control of his notes when dancing on stage. Adam Lambert has the talent to be an international superstar as he was born to be with the singing ability he was given. Sit back and enjoy the rising star.

      • Mark

        Sally, do you ever think before you speak/type? ever?!?
        His album went to #1 on Amazon presales WITHOUT promotion, without an album cover, without anything but word of mouth and strong fan support… yet you think 19E is ‘rolling the dice on this one’ — man, are you stupid!

      • Kerri

        Not impressed with you Michael, even if you do work in the radio business.

      • Whit

        Why do girls like Kerri always claim that people who don’t agree with them are jealous?

        Kerri, why would Michael care if you are “impressed” with him? WTF are you?

      • Linda

        Sally, Adam would sell this album no matter what the cover was. Adam is going to be a legend for all time. He’ll be as big as Michael, Elvis, Tom Jones, etc. It doesn’t matter that he’s gay, obviously, as everyone is nuts over him; grandmas, teens, and in between. His voice is phenomenal. He has a range and emotion and obvious passion when he sings. He has no equal. The artwork on the cover goes along with the title “For Your Entertainment”. His fans, worldwide, are huge because he has a sexual presence that attracts all genders. He takes risks and has continued to move out of the box with his album. Bet it goes platinum in three months. Meatloaf said he the most gifted vocal artist he’s EVER met. Adam’s personality is electric and he has drawn everyone in. Kris Allen has been only waiting in the wings and Adam is the star and always will be. He’s beautiful and handsome all at the same time and his eyes are the most expressive thing about him – sexy, playful, soulful, raw emotion is on his face when he sings and that’s what attracts people. Go to Youtube and type in Angel Montana Adam Lambert and listen to Feeling Good and Mad World. It’s worth your time to do so. Fantastic.

      • dusen

        “Adam is going to be a legend for all time. He’ll be as big as Michael, Elvis, Tom Jones, etc.”

        Hyperbole much? Please bookmark this comments page and come back in 6 months – will be interesting to see if your reasoned, balanced prediction has come true. Sheesh.

    • ianaleah

      That’s funny !Cuz now I think it’s a coloring book, tsk, but ” Don’t judge an album by it’s cover, Ha! I liked it, don’t now, but can put my own Adam pic in the plastic jacket ( unless I change mind again)

  • kay

    This cover is terrible.

    • kay

      And gay.

      • wakeforce

        To Kay- How old are you? I’d guess from your comment, you’re about 6 years old. We know AL is gay, but this saying has got to stop! It makes you sound like an imbecile!

      • Gina


        He is gay. And you’re an idiot.

      • JLM

        Nappy time Kay dear…

      • wm

        Sorry, I like Adam as a person but this cover just screams feminity! And NO, I don’t care if he’s gay.. the cover is way too feminine! Adam’s is a great looking guy, what were they thinking with this b.s.?

  • ProofSeeker

    I love it! And I love the fact that people are so love it or hate it. Adam doesn’t do ANYTHING half way; and whether you love or hate the cover, you can’t help but respect the man.

    • Carrie

      respect? it’s just bad, the fact that people hate it doesn’t make it “controversial”. It just means people hate it.

      • Whit

        Carrie. You are obviously a very intelligent person. Bravo! Seriously. Sometimes something just sucks because it sucks!!!

        Some of the vapid girls on this thread might call you jealous for not agreeing with them, though.

    • Mark

      I’m not letting this album inform my opinion of the man. Doesn’t mean that this cover is really so much controversial as just dumb.

      • Mark

        Err… “album cover”. Not album. Mea culpa!

      • wm

        Mark, I agree, the cover is horrific! Not Adam, but the cover!

    • Kayla

      “whether you love or hate the cover, you can’t help but respect the man”

      why? because he put out an album cover that looks like a bad porn movie promo from the 1980’s? I respect him less for this than I did before. It sucks.

      • Carol

        Kayla, do get a grip. You’re just a hater with an unfortunate habit of embarrassing yourself with your ignorance.

      • Kiki

        I really couldn’t say. But I’m not as knowledgeable as you are apparently about bad porn movies.

      • Jenn

        Those eyes are so gorgeous. Not porn, alien silly. You just don’t get it. Think “Man who fell to Earth”. Wow Adam is amazing…

      • Kayla

        Man who fell to Earth? More like the man whose album fell off the charts. Call me a hater all you want, that cover is horrible, cheesy, and makes him look like a woman. He should bring in tons of new fans with it. lol

      • Kerri

        Kayla, what you just said made as much sense as saying I love cherries therefore I love all fruit. Stupid, huh? You bet! Saying you respect him “less” for this cover is just as stupid! Judge the album not the cover!

      • Martha A Cohen

        Wait until you see the performance that goes with this photoshop album cover and then it will all make sense to you.And if you’re afraid of ‘sexy’ don’t watch :) Glittery alien from planet fierce always surprises.

      • Love you Slezak!!

        We are hitting one thousand posts just over an album “picture” – this better be in the Guinness Book of Records!!! Slezak you are a genius and I love you (ooops and Adam too!!!)

    • mitchell

      You mean the man who looks like a woman who looks like a man.

  • Derek


    • Syney

      Wow, look at this ever so clever and intelligent response

      • Kerri

        Like yours syney?

  • Kiki

    I think it’s so Adam. I am also impressed that his record company did not play it safe. This is not a safe cover. This is going to be controversial.

    • Sade

      I think this cover will do VERY well in Europe. It’s not surprising to me that people in the US are freaked out – Americans love drama and have to be freaked out over everything. I think his reps are being smart by marketing him as an INTERNATIONAL recording artist and I think this cover will help him in that arena.

      • Carol

        Sade, spot on. That is exactly what the record company are doing. Thankfully, most Europeans and Australians and in other parts of the world have taste and live in the 21st century.

      • Starr

        This is ridiculous, Carol and Sade. You’re saying that anyone who doesn’t like this album cover has no taste because they don’t like to live in the 21st century? Snap out of it! This cover reflects NOTHING about the 21st century.

      • Chris

        If you mean that this has a very EuroTrash vibe to it, then I agree!

      • Sheri

        You don’t give much credit to the taste of Europeans, do you?

      • ‘Nuff Said

        Hee Hee Hee

      • Miss D.

        Who exactly is freaking out? The shock value and originality here is nil. has nothing to do with American vs. the rest of the world. You two and EW are creating a fake controversy here. America has “tasted the rainbow” before. I’d like to ask where have you been? Ever heard/seen Tokio Hotel? (more recent) AFI? Bowie? Marc Bolan? Boy George? Prince? Annie Lennox? Brian Molko? All of these artists are very very popular here in the US. And the list goes on…

      • Kerri

        Sade you are so right! Why is it like that? Europeans are way more open minded than Americans. Sad.

      • Linda

        Sade, I agree with you. Starr, I agree with you also that this album cover reflects nothing about the 21st Century. Obviously, it reflects being over the top which is what the Adam craze has become. He’s out of this world and unlike any artist before him. No one’s heard even the first song and he’s been #1 and 2 on the charts for three weeks now. And yes, he reminds people of their youth and their present and their future and that they can achieve their dreams. He’s controversial and he’s the child next door. There has never been an Adam and I dare say that he’s one of a kind, phenomenal. I have to say his parents brought up a beautiful person, inside and out and I’m sure are very proud of him. He’s very grounded, knows what he wants and marches to the beat of his own drum. He’s a star, bright and new and exciting.

      • Whit

        Europeans are not more open minded. They are more tolerant.

      • To Miss D

        Yes, I have heard of those artists. And I was 14 when Annie Lennox (The Eurythmics) broke on the scene and I clearly remember hearing people at my school saying what a “freak” or “Lezzy” or “Hermaphrodite” (sp?) she was. Same thing with Boy George. And while they both went on to have successful careers the initial reaction was/is similar to what I am reading here. Lokk, the simple truth is this – Adam Lambert is a unique artist that is marching to his own beat. Something tells me that while he wants everyone to march right along with him if it doesn’t happen he isn’t going to be too heartbroken. Disappointed? Yes, but it wont be the end of his life. He strikes me as being very grounded and down to earth when it comes to the “business” of rock and roll even though he is “out there” in his artistry. Either people will get him or they wont. As for this picture – to me is screams ADAM!! I am so glad his record company is not forcing him into a box and trying to package him as something he is not. Good for you Adam!! Is it my favorite pic of him? No, but I think it’s beautiful in it’s own way – much like Adam himself.

    • wombat

      it’s TOTALLY safe. because it’s recycled from 25 years ago. probably so all the 40 year olds will be reminded of their youth and go buy it. LAME.

      • Vicki

        Well, this 40 year old thinks its just tacky and stupid. I’ve NEVER in my 40 years bought or not bought an album based on the cover art. Grow up, Wombat!

    • LiLa

      This cover reminds me of Adam’s performance of Ring of Fire – my first response to both was WTF but on second look, I love them both.
      I’m eagerly waiting for Nov. 24.

      • anmlbri

        That’s pretty much what my reaction was to “Ring of Fire.” I thought it was pretty odd at first listen, but after the second or third time, it was really growing on me. I really like it now. I find Adam’s boldness wonderfully refreshing. He is who he is, he does what he does, and doesn’t let the dissenters tell him otherwise. If it works, that’s great. If it doesn’t, oh well, better luck next time. This mentality is part of what makes him so great.

        Regarding the album art itself though, overall, it’s not really my favorite. Adam is a sexy beast, but in this cover shot, he looks too feminine for my liking and they totally killed the sexy factor. I appreciate his artistic vision on this one, and like that he veered away from the standard, vanilla cover that so many other people have gone with, but I do wish that he had used one of his other more “fierce” shots instead.

  • 1234

    At first I hated it, then i only hated part of it, then it kind of grew on me, and now I am laughing at the audacity of it all…ballsy move Lambert and RCA….people will certainly be talking

    • DonnaNoble

      Ditto 1234. It is growing on me and certainly getting people talking about Adam again (as if they ever stopped LOL.) Still, I have NEVER purchased an album based on the cover art but only on the contents, which I expect Adam’s will be phenomenal!

  • kay

    I can help it. I don’t respect adam Lambert. and from what I’ve been hearing more people hate this than love it.

    • Dianne

      You are obviously looking in the wrong places then because this is the only place I have seen bad comments. Adam looks amazing, he is amazing and I just love the cover. As Adam says “Glam is back”.

      • wm

        Sorry, that’s not glam, that’s way too feminine!

      • Alexis

        and obviously you know very little about glam…

        in spite of showing my age, glam was/is androgynous – since I fear you might not know the meaning of this word, I will school you for free… it means to look both, male and female, at the same time.. or rather, be either or – mixing both. For a quick reference, if you’re the picture books type – think Poison (not glam but they looked androgynous), David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, etc.

      • Alexis

        my post above was meant for the tool named “wm”

    • Shelly

      That is ok Kay he probably wouldnt respect you either… oh and I think the cover is gorgeous

    • marlock276

      Maybe because most people in America are clueless, and like their entertainment cookie-cutter, safe and boring. Not me. . . bring on the fun Adam! Glam is back BABY!

      • nunnya

        I know Adam said in a recent interview that Glam was back, but this isn’t what comes to mind when I think of Glam.

      • Jenn

        Definately Glam!! Adam nailed the new glam he is trying to create. It is ground breaking!! This album is going to kick butt.

      • wm

        Believe what you want, but this is NOT Glam! Are you kidding me?

      • wm

        It’s Not Glam, just ridiculous!

    • Kerri

      Kay be like a bee and buzz off!

      • KristalCarrington

        wm. Glam always WAS ridiculous. That’s the whole point. It’s called having fun. Adam will be laughing all the way to the bank.

      • andrea

        Grow up

  • glamgal

    Absolutely Adamlicious! When the album title first came out, I couldn’t quite wrap my thoughts around it…but looking at this cover and gazing into Adam’s gorgeous eyes…well, now it all makes sense. Can’t wait for the CD to come out!

    • Heidi

      I actually hate the font

  • Elsa

    I love Adam, I really do. A lot.
    But I find that cover truly awful, it looks like a bad 80s album.

    • Quirky

      I agree, very 80’s. It kind of reminds me of when the Mini Pops were dressed up to look like singers like Pat Benatar and Sheena Easton.

    • thymekpr

      agreed. Loved Adam, but this picture looks like his sister, who somehow isn’t as pretty…..But, whatever. Love the man’s voice, hope his album music is more what I love than this picture is representative of what I love about his looks. But, whatever.

      • Suzun

        He gets BETTER AND BETTER with every show!  how is this pslisboe!! OMG sooo gooodd! Can’t wait for my turn!!!

      • Seminari

        aku jaanrg layan drama sebab bz keja..sampai laa aku tgk drama ni..ari2 aku akan terpacak depan tv….tq pd org yg buat crita ni..sebab…crita ni hampir sama dgn aku…..

  • Libby Fradkin

    You’re a genius.

  • dee

    Love it! It’s androgynous, futuristic, retro, glam and fabulous!

    • terie

      dee: Wish I could have thought of that. Kudos for your input!!

  • JT

    Sorry, but NO.

    • Kerri

      Sorry, but YES!

  • kaykee

    I am STUNNED! And in a goooood way!
    This will be an iconic cover image for the ages, I think! And of COURSE, I can’t wait to hear it, either! Thanks, Adam!

    • Brett

      Uh, no.

      • wm

        Uh NO, again!!!

      • Alexis

        wm, is there a reason you’ve posted the same thing over and over and over again on the same thread? Not even hours appart or as a rebuttal (do you even know what that word means?!).. no — in the same page, minutes appart.
        Seems to me like you just want to validate your own insecurities.. are you feeling threatened perhaps? Maybe you found the picture somewhat erotic, maybe just a tad bit attractive? It’s ok, dudes can find other dudes attractive and it doesn’t make them gay.. even if the one turning them on happens to be gay. Stop posting so much, it’s becoming a bit obvious.

    • Nayara

      The voice of rtaiontaliy! Good to hear from you.

  • ariadne

    Love you, Slezak but i so hate this cover and this poseur. I hope he gets left in space like Major Tom.

    • Jason

      Hmmm… He has a lot of people talking. This Adam guy is smart I see. Gotta say it is interesting in an unearthly sort of way.

      • Anne

        Jason, you are so observant…. otherworldly is the key word here!
        Seems a lot of people don’t see that… you noticed the starry night sky in the background? And you are sbsolutely right about Adam, he is one smart dude.

      • Kimberly

        These are aziamng Stephanie! I still want you to shoot Ches sometime. I just need to figure out when I will be down that way again.

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