Kris Allen album snippets hit the Web early: Surprise!

Kris Allen’s self-titled debut CD won’t go on sale until Nov. 17, but you can get an early preview right now at’s German branch. As of today, the online retailer is streaming roughly 30-second snippets of every song from the American Idol winner’s album.

This isn’t the first time a foreign site has allowed consumers to hear an album long before its release date. Similar snippets were recently posted for Bob Dylan’s Christmas in the Heart and the New Moon soundtrack.

Head over to to get a taste of Kris Allen’s new tunes, then let us know: How do you like them? Any early favorite tracks?

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  • aerina

    Love it!
    I was wondering what the rest of the album will sound like and I am not disappointed at all. My favourite from the snippet is Red Guitar and Alright With Me.

    • Carrie

      I like Before We Come Undone best. Alright With Me sounds like a lot of fun too.

      PSA: If you missed out on listening before took them down, you can hear the snippets here:

    • Cassidy

      He was just on here. Great song.

    • Tina

      OMG…….isn’t the snippets awesome!!!!!!! I heard Kris on the radio where I live for the first time……(I kept missing it) and he sounded soooooooooo out of this world fantastic!!! Not to get off subject but right after Kris’s song another song from a band I have never heard of “Owl City” came on and it was great too. Reminds me alittle, not much, of Kris. Laid back, mellow music! I think I found the right radio station………….artist that are true to themselves and don’t use other things to make themselves something they are not. With Kris what you see is what you get! Organic and kickazz awesome!!!!!!!!

      • Starr

        Tina: Kris is performing with Owl City in one of his radio promo shows in December :) Thought I’d share that info. I do agree they might have the same audience. I listen to a lot of music that sounds like Owl City, such as the Postal Service and Mates of State, and similarly I love Kris. So I think these radio promo shows will do him well in increasing his fanbase!

      • Tina

        Wow that is awesome news Starr. I have become a new great fan of “Owl City”, love Adam Young and heard his story on the radio. I love that song Firefly, but also love Vanilla Twilight…..just bought their Album “Ocean Eyes” today. Sorry I know this is about Kris but these guys are like Kris and so if he is peforming with them it will help increase his fanbase. WTG Kris!

      • Tina

        Hey Starr, I was on a site about Owl City and someone mentioned that Owl City sounded like The Postal Service which you had mentioned above that you liked. Well I checked them out and while I love Owl City I LOVE The Postal Service, I like their song Aganist All Odds from the movie Wicker Park. Wow fantastic…….now going to look up that other group Mates of State. And here I was rock like Creed and Nickelback, but loving this kind of rock too. Or is it pop rock?

      • Starr

        Hmm I guess you could say it’s pop/rock but it could be a combination of a variety of styles. That’s what I like about The Postal Service; you can’t really box them in a genre. They have some good stuff, huh? Too bad they aren’t putting out new music anymore.

  • dave


    I want the full version NOW!

    • Ulysses


      • TJ

        you’ll never ever catch HIM!! stick with the boring and mediocre!

      • Ulysses

        U may be right. All the make up on adams face blocks reality. He may get hits, but he is the most tinsel delirium I have ever witnessed on Idol.


    pass … i know rocks who have more personality than him

    • Chambers

      OMG, if I give you my mailing address, can you send those rocks over to me?!

      • Kristyn

        Can I have one too?!

      • caar

        Oh, come on…I want one of those rocks too! Can we share them?

      • Jess

        gimme, gimme, gimme!

    • jackson

      Me too. This is amazing news.

      • wm

        Jackson, I think you’re amazing and I’ve seen your comments for a while now. Like me, you don’t back off. I’m here to destroy kev. OMG, this troll is beyond comprehension… It’s ok though, I love a challenge and kev is it!!!

    • rod

      They must be some smokin’ hot rocks.

    • Springtime

      Yep, I remember you Mr. JACK FART. So the Pepto-Bismol still did not help with the wind in your tummy.

    • dd


    • Tammy


    • TK

      I have those rocks. Called a Pet rock. Who wants one? On sell for the low price of 9.99.

    • SPENNI

      So now we have people who’s appreciation for music is solely based on the artist’s personality. Dang…I can think of some legends that were a little dry. Wake up Jack Hart…

  • Hts

    Incredible! Great music, original unique sound-artistry! Hmmmm. Jack, you stick with your rocks, as suspect that’s where you belong! We’ll stick with Kris & some FRESH, SWEET music!


      yeah .. u and your country bumpkin friends @ the state fair ..LOL .. The nly reason that Kris won ido was because Adam is Gay. Sorry, sweet don’t translate to record sales idiot

      • kct

        Kris is receiving a ton of airplay in NYC. By the way, your spelling and lack of proper grammar lead me to believe that you spend a lot of time at the state fair.

      • Tammy

        JACK: Bitter much? Get over yourself and something that’s almost half a year old! Adam is making amazing music just like Kris, so I don’t see what you’re complaining about. And stop generalizing about the people who voted, it’s pathetic.

      • Kelly

        Aw, you just outed yourself.

      • LB

        I agree with KCT. how are you going to call someone a “country bumpkin @ the state fair” and then proceed to muck up the rest of your sentence with typos? I mean, we all make typos, but if you’re throwing an insult that basically equates to “you’re dumb,” at least proofread your post one time before sending! Jeez.

  • Flyer

    My favorite is “The Truth.” “Alright With Me” has a great sound too. I really like “Bring It Back,” but I will admit that snippet anyway reminds me of a song by The Fray.

    • Flyer

      Not that that’s a BAD thing, mind you.

    • Eric

      I totally hear The Fray in this song. I also got that Vibe from The Truth and I think I’ll like both songs.

    • Candy

      I really like Bring It Back too! But I was a little surprised with how Before We Come Undone turned out in the album. The live version sounded a little different. Can’t Stay Away sounds fabulous. Lifetime gets stuck in my brain…Alright With Me sounds really happy, which is really good! Is It Over definitely has potential. Im a sucker for songs like Is It Over. It reminds me a little of his Brand New Shoes pre-idol album. :)

      • Naomi

        Fantastic LP possibly tebter than their first which is also a cracker more jazzy and less funky (and less Atlantic Starr-ish) this time round. Unfortunately, Sharon Bryant gets pushed to the back (where she was very forefront on Newban 1). But very groovy male lead (Porter Carroll ?) and great great arrangements. Apparently Atlantic Starr were an amulgamation of 3 bands that each of the Lewis brothers were part of (the other 2 being Unchained Youth’ and Exact Change’). No duds, all doozies !!

  • Chambers

    This is sounding really awesome so far! You never know how idol albums come out because of time constraints and the stigma of idol, but this goes above and beyond. It’s not just a great IDOL album, it seems like it’s just going to be a great album in general.

  • J

    I like it and will probably buy my only problem would be that Heartless is not the acoustic version…sigh

    • ally

      Love this version, too, though!

  • :)

    I like Before we come undone, red guitar and I need to know. I think Kris is the first AI winner with an indie rock sensibility and I love it.

    • Starr

      Totally agree! While he has some songs that are radio-friendly and definitely intended for a whide audience (like Can’t Stay Away and Written All Over My face), there are songs that do not sound typical at all, like Alright With Me and Is It Over, and especially the hauntingly beautiful “I Need to Know”. I was excited for this CD before, but I am doubly excited and really proud of what Kris has accomplished.

      • Kev

        What, Starr you are not over on Adam’s new single tearing it apart like every other Kris idiot? I am shocked…….

      • LOL

        Over where? And how do you know they are Kris fans? I have checked out Idol sites like Top Idol, Vote For The Worst and Idle Tards and there are a lot of people that frequent those sites who are not Kris fans and tear up Adam all the time. They don’t seem to like Adam because they think he is a “sell out” and over-hyped. A lot of those posters over at those sites don’t even care about Kris, they just don’t like Adam. There are people who just don’t like Adam, and they don’t have to be Kris fans. But if it makes you feel better and you want to believe it is Kris fans…more power to you, lol.

        You can go over and check those sites out and they are always making fun of Adam and I suspect many of those “HATERS” are them.

      • Kev

        It is funny “LOL” that you forgot to mention how there are alot of people on those sites who think Kris is boring as hell! Oh how covenient of you to forget that part. All you can do is Adam, Adam, Adam. How shameful of you. You know hating Adam still won’t make Kris sell more albums. You can’t fix what can’t be fixed. So tear down Adam all you want you Kris Idiots, it still will NOT make Kris nothing more than what he is, a bedroom style singer.

      • Gavin

        I don’t see people talking about Adam on this article, Kev, so I’m not sure why you keep insisting that people are talking about Adam. And you’re also scoffing at the people who compliment Kris – what exactly do you want? You don’t want people to talk about Kris in a positive light on an article related to him, but you keep begging them to bring up Adam just to prove your paranoia that they are talking about Adam.

      • Kyle

        How childish Kev. So what if LOL is a Kris fan or not. He/she makes a great point. If there are websites that are attacking Adam AND Kris. Then why wouldn’t they troll Adam blogs also since he is the biggest target of them? You are really paranoid. Where is your proof they are Kris fans posting on Adam’s blog? Adam was also not liked very well by Danny Gokey fans so how do you know it is not them posting? You have to have proof before you fly off the handle like that because it makes YOU look like the idiot. You are really making Adam fans look like kooks, and I know many of them are not but are good people.

      • Kev

        You are full of bull Kyle. I don’t make anyone look like an idiot. It sure is presumption of you to put all of Adam’s fan in one catergory by one fan. One fan does not make a group. So it doesn’t matter how I act, it should not be grouped with other Adam fans. So you stupid Kris idiot stop calling Adam fans kooks, if I am a kook so be it. But not fair to call others that. Why would they troll Adam blogs because he is the biggest target of them? YOU have proof that Adam fans do this to Kris? You can’t ask me for proof yet say the same thing. I am not paranoid, I am just informed better than you. Get real dudd.

        I would not have any probmems with Kris fans if they would not do the same thing they accuse “bitter berts” of doing. THAT IS MY POINT.

      • Tina

        OH BLOODY HELL, Kev you are back? Dang man, why do you keep turning back up like road kill? You are road kill to me……….so play like your dead and gooooooooooo awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

  • John

    Sounds awesome! I have preordered….

    • chic&swell

      i’m getting an album from Walmart to get the bonus track of the song he wrote with Chris Daughtry

  • Phil

    Of course these snippets leaked….”Live Like We’re Dying” which I actually like…is a stiff. NOT A HIT. Not selling digitally, and getting very few radio spins. Sad, cause for me its one of the 1st times I ever liked the first single from any Idol winner after Clarkson.

    • Jeff

      It’s picking up spins. I think we will see it continue to climb as the album gets closer to release and he hits some late night talk shows, etc.

    • ally

      What? No spins? Have you seen the Soundscan charts?

    • karen

      um, it has gotten more than 3500 spins and is currently ranked in the Top 50 on the Billboard Adult Pop (#31) and Christian (#50) charts. It is also ranked #28 on the Mediabase Hot AC charts and #48 on the Mediabase Pop chart. And it is moving UP all these charts

      Better check your facts before you diss something!!!

      • Phil

        Adult Pop and the Christian charts….*GIGGLE* Oh superfans…no Pop program director looks at either of those charts!! I said I like the song, but in today’s market, when a song is released digitally & doesn’t spark initial success from download sales…that means its a stiff. I could be wrong, but after the HUGe fall out behind “No Boundaries” you would think his fans would be keeping him alive on the digital charts and scooping up the song…its been out for a couple of weeks now…and they’re not…just saying…

      • TK

        Phil is right. So instead of opening up your big mouths and protesting, how about you open up your wallets and buy the single? Simple.

      • Jess

        Phil, Kris is in the Top 50 on Pop radio…

        and he’s increasing in spins in that format (and others) every day….

      • Starr

        Phil, I wouldn’t worry about “Live Like We’re Dying” – it’s doing well, given how poorly promoted it has been. I also think the music video release and the promo shows Kris will be doing in the upcoming weeks will help the single on the charts.

    • caar

      In the 10/26 issue of People Magazine, the ‘Hot Downloads’ listed in the music reviews section listed: Kris Allen, ‘Live Like We’re Dying’ – Alicia Keys, ‘Doesn’t Mean Anything’ – Foo Fighters, ‘Wheels’

      I thought that was pretty cool!

  • Vicky

    YOWZA! Best idol album, out of the cheezy box! Thank you Jive for producing KRIS ALLEN and not American idol winner!

  • Tim

    Like it

    This guy sounds like he means whats he singing.Thats a big deal for me.

    • Lee

      I agree with that. There’s such sincerity to his voice.

    • Starr

      This has always been Kris’s strong suit. When he sings a song he fully commits to it and as a listener you can’t help but relate to what he’s feeling. On the track “I Need to Know” for instance, I am amazed at how in the span of 30 seconds his moody singing manages to suck the air out of the entire room. On that track he sounds so broken and pained and it just makes you want to run over and give him a hug!

      • Kev

        You Kris Idiots are so easy swayed. “Oh Kris fully committs to a song”…..and you can’t help but relate………like what artist doesn’t do that? You think Kris invented that? Starr you have to be the biggest hypocrite on this site. Oh lets go and hug him. WTFE. Yeah he sucks the air outta the room, with all his hot air…………hehehehehe!!!!!!!!!

      • Mohammad

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  • vince

    I’m lovin’ the snippets so far. From the new clips, “Red Guitar”, “Let It Rain”, “The Truth”, “Alright With Me” sounded very promising. But I think “Before We Come Undone” and “Written All Over My Face” are my faves so far. This album is sounding to be very awesome! :D

    • wm

      Those are 2 of my faves as well!

  • Krista

    just by hearing these snippets i’m very impressed. this is exactly what i expected kris to sound like..i’m really excited to hear the full songs and I’m definitely not disappointed

  • Melissa

    I like Can’t Stay Away

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