Danny Gokey debuts new single 'It's Only': What do you think?

Danny-Gokey_lAmerican Idol second runner-up (and wearer of questionable eyeglasses) Danny Gokey debuted his new song, “It’s Only,” on Milwaukee radio station FM 106.1 today. The track, which is the lead single of Gokey’s upcoming RCA Nashville country album, was reportedly written by Lady Antebellum’s Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley and produced by Carrie Underwood collaborator Mark Bright. Sounding a little like Five for Fighting (at least in my opinion), “It’s Only” is a big, emotional ballad and definitely the type of tune Gokey fans wanna hear. Personally, I kinda detest the dude and his overly jazzy LensCrafter frames but I’m also a loyal Adam Lambert fan (I’ve had Lambert’s new single, “For Your Entertainment,” on repeat all day today). That being said, I could totally see this song becoming a big country hit for Gokey.

What do you think, Music Mix-ers? Is Gokey the next big Idol star?

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  • Saffie

    It doesn’t stack up against other country artists right now in my opinion. But then I’m not really a country fan so…

    • Michael

      Is this really country? I don’t get it. His voice is completely unaffected. What exactly makes a song country? Isn’t it the grit and the twang and the instrumentation and even the six-packin’, pickup truckin’ lyrics?

      This is a Christian song with, perhaps, a light country undertone(here I refer to the instrumentation only). George Straight would not be impressed.

      • Aunt Gokey

        Im sure your parents arent impressed with you

      • Joey

        @Aunt Gokey: And who’s impressed with YOU?!

    • Candi

      I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I knew from the start this was Gokey, his voice is remarkable! How could anyone not like this song? Its emotional, he sings from his heart, and his voice is smooth as silk! Hey Tim, just because you are an Adam Lambert fan no reason to dis Gokey. Adam and Danny are friends, so come on! Danny you have a hit and I can’t wait to buy your album!

      • lana

        I actually love it as well! I have not been the biggest danny fan, but this sort of mellow tune with inspirational message and a country undertone works for danny. Not to mention that his voice is so beautiful on it.
        Note to the writer of this article: More critiques of the actual song you are writing about, and less fantarding over Lambert. K? Thanks

      • wendy

        I don’t like it because the lyrics are cheesy and hit you over the head with its “message”. Danny sounds fine — he’s got a good voice. I’m just not a fan of inspirational cheese.

    • Carri

      I love this song but not sure it is country, doesn’t matter to me though I can’t stop listening to it!

    • Aunt Gokey

      You’re the one who doesnt stack up

      • LIZ K.A.

        I agree Aunt Gokey. With all this drama going on right here in the U.S. we need positive songs. Wendy- some people really don’t “get the message”. Its a beautiful song and we all need to appreciate the kindness of the song. For all the man has been through, we should be appreciating what he has done with his life. Look what happened this past week when people were down and out. Thanks Danny! People need to quit hating on Danny and appreciate what he has done and what he will do in the lives of children. Good, positive, and beautiful song.

      • Joey

        @Liz KA: What he has done? Did you mean…

        a) teasing Matt about “Viva La Vida”
        b) fondling Allison’s breasts twice
        c) saying he’ll “think about” buying Kris’ CD
        d) Godly-gate with his BFF Sarver
        e) tweeting a race joke

        I just feel a big fat disconnect for a guy with questionable character and a so-called “uplifting” song. Then again, if you see it as emotionally-dampening material, then that’s spot-on for him.

      • LIZ K.A.

        @Joey- Go to Sophias Heart Foundation’s website. Thats what I mean. Helping thousands of needy families, children, and teenagers. I feel your “facts” are questionable.

      • Jonny

        @LIZ KA: Those facts aren’t questionable, those facts were in fact seen and heard in various media. He teased Matt in live TV, he manhandled Allison during the cooking segment and Michael’s MySpace video, he had an interview saying he’ll “think about” buying Kris’ CD, and his joke was on Twitter. Oh, and did I mention he dismissed country as “having no soul” in an interview and he was talking about hitting on an intern when he was being interviewed about his fave movie. What a tacky SOB!


    Okay, I lasted about 15 seconds before dry heaving. Anyone manage to make it through the entire song?

    • Saffie

      LMAO. It’s okay.. you’ll be fine. Just don’t press the link again.

      I have to be honest and say that the cheesiness of the lyrics was a major part of the turn off for me too.

    • judy1475

      Yuck! I’m done with that!

    • lana

      That’s weird, I had the same reaction my first time hearing Adam’s Time for miracles…

      • reggie

        GOD! its horrid. gosh cheesy. eew.

      • Jean

        Yes, if Adam fans insist on trying to take over the thread lets talk about cheese…TFM…Time For Mediocre

      • T-Man

        Jean your comment sucks! Adam’s TFM, Danny nor Kris could sing this……..not talented enough. STFU!

  • Susan

    Well, put it this way, I like it wayyy better than Kris’s Live Like Were Dying but then I think tht one sucks! I am with you, I LOVE For Your Entertainment but there is no comparing Adam’s vocals to Danny and Kris, He just blows them both outta the park!! I will be buying Adm’s album based on what I am hearing, not the others!

    • MaraW

      Is it really necessary to slam Kris, promote Adam when all that was asked is do you like this song? You could just say no, it sucks.

      • jared4ever

        No it isn’t but it makes us feel better.

      • Rachel

        I know seriously. I get sick of hearing these kinds of comments, and I’ve seen Susan before.

      • gorjus

        Or, she could just say whatever the heck she wants to say, you know, this being a free country and all.

      • Khristina

        Surrrrrre Rachel, becuase “Susan” is such a RARE name that only one person on the planet has. It just HAS to be the same person. You’re so smart Sherlock.

        *Rolls eyes*

    • wm

      Wow Susan, I’ve seen your posts so many times. You can’t say anything without trying to slam Kris. This article is about Danny’s new song, not about Kris. You sound like a childish ass.

      • wm

        By the way, the article isn’t about Adam either.

      • Tina

        It sure isn’t, is it Wm? What are they thinking????? :(

      • Jordan

        Geez this is a blog people. The woman can have her opinions!

    • Selena

      Why do you have to compare Danny and Kris with Adam on an article about Danny. Everyone of the contestants have their own style of singing and I like them all. They all have their own different style of singing. That is what I like about each and every one of them.

      • Anne

        I heard them play Danny’s song a second time and it was sandwiched between Rodney Atkins and Brooks & Dunn. My first thought I’m sorry to say was that Danny’s voice just can’t compare to the heavyweight male country singers out there today. I mean Dunn – absolutely amazing.

    • caar

      Susan, you sound like a spoiled child. Well maybe a jackass would be more appropriate for your stupid comment.

  • annie

    Danny’s really got a beautiful song with this first single. I think it could become very popular.

    I absolutely am a country music fan, this definitely works for me.

    • BobbyRiedel

      I agree. I like country music. I love Danny’s voice and this is the kind of song I hoped that he’d record. I’m all ready to order on iTunes! Thanks Danny, don’t listen to “haters” (namely Slezak); this song will sell well. Congrats in advance.

    • Candi

      I agree Annie, does have a beautiful voice. I hate the haters on here. Go away!

  • Ellen

    I fell asleep.

  • Horatio Alger my A$$

    “he needs a hand up not a hand out” uggggg

    • Danny

      Yea, that line caught my attention too, and not in a good way.

    • kmra


      • Jennifer

        But then I,m not a fan of Christian rock.

    • Shelby

      I had to stop at the “homeless woman with a shopping cart” part – BARF-O-RAMA!!! He just comes across as so phoney – it’s just gross.

      • becky

        I am with you – sooooo cheezy!

    • lana

      “I’m just here for your entertainment” so Cheesy!

  • annie

    ps – check the facts? Danny is the second runner-up, not the third.

  • Kyle

    Lmao, just seeing his picture was enough for me.. I know hate is a stupidly harsh thing to say for a tv contestant, but I have never come closer to hating a contestant than I have to him.. He just litterally made me so angry my blood boils.

  • Melissa

    Has his voice gotten worse since the Idol tour? He sounded better than this back then, and that was singing live. Why’s this recording so breathy and odd-sounding?

    Oh, and Carrie did the pseudo-Christian country music a lot better. I wish Gokey the best of luck, if only because I’ll never hear this crap on any radio station I listen to.

  • Robert

    This will be a hit for Danny.
    He’s definitely connecting to the song – this is the power behind it.

  • DW

    Ugh, Danny Hokey. Didn’t like him on Idol, not going to start now…

    • lana

      Gawd what’s with all the danny haters? It’s like the second there is Danny gokey news you guys swarm like dogs! If you don’t like Danny and never have then it follows that you won’t like his music. Instead og coming here wasting your time on commenting, DO AND LISTEN TO SOMETHING THAT YOU ACTUALLY ENJOY.

      • DW

        Wow… I’ve never been yelled at in one of these forums before!

        I listened because I was willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. See what he was capable of outside the confines of Idol. I should have trusted my instincts.

        But getting you all riled up was kind of fun though… ;)

  • Randy

    Odd comment Mr. Stack? What does being an Adam Lambert fan have to do with critiquing this song??? (Unless you mean you prefer sleazy to cheesy) The competition is over and they are in completely different genres.
    I think this is a beautiful song with pristine vocals and yes inspirational (this is country music remember) and the truest of all the S8 singles so far IMO.
    Good job Danny.

    • becky

      quality country does not = hokey lyrics

    • dru

      You should know by now Lambert fans can’t SHUT UP about him no matter the topic.

      The song is OK for Danny but I don’t like the “la-la” and falsetto bits. Those take the song to weird places.

      • Lila

        Yeah well I’m one of those dreaded Adam Lambert fans that seem to haunt your nightmares but I don’t blab about him all the time. Especially not on some Gokey post. Don’t generalize por favor. I know some people give us a bad name, but it’s not everyone. Respect the artists individually and you won’t look like a jackass.

    • DW

      I’ll take sleazy over cheesy every single time.

      • maryam


      • lana

        Then go listen to that sleazy dreck and leave the “cheesy” to those who like it : )

    • lana

      FINALLY someone with sense! I’m wondering if this guy is not just some random Glambert doing what they do best (hating Gokey) under the guise of professionalism.

      • Lila

        gaahh! you’re being hypocritical. you’re insulting people for liking adam on a danny post. i think you’re the one getting off topic.

    • nikki

      i perfer sleezy to cheesey….adam to danny…adam to my own brothers and sisters…adam pretty much OWNS MY HEART
      hokey pokey karaoke gokey with his pants tucked into his boots isnt going to get far, trust me.

  • Wally

    It’s the type of song you listen to while getting ready for work in the morning. You can hear noise in the background but aren’t really paying attention.

  • leighh

    I would LOVE to hear Kristen Baldwin’s take on this!

    • Saffie

      “Ghoulish Widower” nuff said.

      • Julie

        Not kind at all.

      • lana

        WOW!! It’s funny how you can make fun of someone losing their wife and their personal pain! Yes this makes you snarky and clever.

      • x

        Yeah, got realllllllllll tired of hearing that sob story!

      • Lila


    • Aunt Gokey

      We’d have to wait til she sobers up first

      • Jean

        ROFLMAO at the sober up!
        Yes, I think those who prefer sleazy to cheesy here probably are big fans of Kristen Baldwin

      • Jordan

        Hells yeah we are!

      • Joe

        @Aunt Gokey: Maybe YOU’RE the one who should sober up, you c*nt!

        @Jean: Sleazy trumps cheesy anytime, b*tch!

      • T-Man

        Wow Joe you are low class man. To call people the C word and the B word, that was uncalled for. Not cool.

      • Joey

        @T-Man: Aww, you got a problem with me saying such words? Deal with it! It’s called Freedom of Speech, stronzo!

  • gonzo

    Oh my god, the song was bad enough. But the lyrics? It’s only… it’s only… PRETENTIOUSLY AWFUL.

    Gotta go throw up now.

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