Kris Allen's 'Live Like We're Dying' video: You digging it?

The all-Idols-all-the-time American Idol off-season continues today with PopEater’s world premiere of Kris Allen’s “Live Like We’re Dying” video, a luxe-looking, moodily lit affair that finds the season 8 champ clad in a physique-appropriate black henley* and stalking his way through an abandoned construction site featuring a giant countdown clock, a dramatic sunrise, and copious amounts of recycled plastic sheeting. (Kris = Good for the environment! As if we didn’t already know.)

Things kick off with Kris driving a white pickup truck (with a watch hanging from the keychain) into what looks like an abandoned quarry. Except it can’t really be abandoned, since it’s lit up with an ominously beautiful cerulean floodlight. And it’s not really a quarry, because instead of stumbling across a cache of stones, Kris comes across a half-finished, steel-framed structure that turns out to be a perfect place for having one’s thick, tousled hair blown around by a wind machine, playing the guitar, and singing an insanely catchy debut single. And after Kris flips a big switch, a massive digital clock appears on the face of the frame and begins a countdown to…global chart domination?…the sunrise?…a new day in which to live life to the fullest? (Note, the first full shot of the clock has it set to 15:38, which could be a winking acknowledgment of folks who like to use a certain Andy Warhol quote to predict Kris’ post-Idol shelf-life.) Whichever interpretation you choose, I like the fact that we get to see Kris playing both guitar and piano during the course of the clip. In fact, that wide shot of him at the keyboards, with the countdown clock casting brilliant yellow light in his direction, is perhaps my fave part of the video. Well, that and the full-torso-boogie that’s paired with “throw it all away” at the 1:19 mark. Okay, okay…I’m watching it too carefully. But since I’ve already boarded the Idol Crazy Train, let me just say that I also like to think that Kris’ stand-and-play moment is an homage to fellow season eighter Matt Giraud’s “Hard to Handle” from last summer’s Idols Live Tour. (#signmattgiraud)

And with that, I turn it over to you. Any important images/themes/deets I’ve managed to miss? And how are you feeling about the “LLWD” clip overall? I’m stoked that the folks at 19 gave Kris the proper budget to kick off his video career — at least we finally know what the company did with the savings gleaned from hiring student filmmakers to helm Blake Lewis and Diana DeGarmo’s tragic first clips –and I can certainly see this one making headway at VH1, at least when the station isn’t playing Rock of Spreading Bed Bugs and Simultaneously Destroying the Sanctity of Love…and Humanity marathons. Who’s with me?

* Prayers really can be answered, people!

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  • Pam

    That review read like bad fanfic. omg

    • Alice


      • Enji

        I love it!!! Better then I excepted. Well done Kris!

      • Missy

        Kris = Good for the environment and SOUL!

        Thanks Michael

      • E

        Oh Mee God
        Kris is HOT. This video is HOT.
        “Live Like We’re Dying” grew on me.

    • Mark

      But it was absolutely funny as hell to read.

      • Ms goldie

        Kris is sexy and smart…

        I like to read Michael’s articles

    • Tim (@rural_juror)

      Ugh. How’d I guess the Glambert crazies would troll the comments. Adam didn’t win, ok? Get over it. It’s ok to like both!

      • Anonymous

        Wait – I’m sorry, is there a Glambert comment I’m missing – because you’re the only one who brought him up. Good job.

      • Ben

        Pam is a resident troll here. We already know she’s a Glambert, haha.

      • RR3

        competition on AI8 is way over…is the real life more cover songs…

    • cara

      This comment tastes like sour grapes. omg

    • Destiny

      Oh, Pam. Why must you insist on trolling every Kris Allen page and spewing nothing but negative crap? We get it, you ADORE Kris so much you spend every waking hour trying to find scoop on everything Kris. It’s kind of sad, considering you’re pretending to be a hater. Wait, did I say ‘pretending’…?

    • Billy’s Joe’s buddy

      My take = supergay

      • Shelby

        Yeah, the review is supergay. I find myself wishing that Kris would just go ahead and bone Michael Slezak just so he can stop these disturbing posts. It’s like, OK, we get it – you think he’s super cute – like OMG!!! Barf. As for the video – it’s OK. He looks good and all but it’s just sort of…boring. I am hoping as he releases more songs that his videos will be a bit more creative.

      • Ms Thang

        If Kris boned Slezak, he would be really head over heels for him LIKE ADAM IS FOR KRIS…lol, and you know that is true. Notice that Adam’s new boyfriend lookss like another version of Kris.

        The video is really cool has a edgy vibe to it. Seen it a couple of times and I get it more and more I watch it.

      • OMG

        Ok Ms Thang – what does Adam have to do with this comment? Try nothing. And sorry, for someone ballsy enough to call herself “Ms Thang” I seriously have to question you now if you think THIS video is “edgy”. Good lord – Sarah Palin on Fox News is “edgier” than this video. It’s sweet and nice and very Kris Allen – and let’s face it – he is anything but “edgy”.

    • Lyle

      So funny! Slezak is sort of sad anymore, isn’t he? This is just embarrassing.

      • Stacked

        I agree. I mean I am all for promoting the AI finalists/winners – I think they can use all the help they can get from the media – but this is just sort of beyond creepy. OK Michael we get it – Kris is super cute and OMG he looks SO DREAMY in those Henley’s!!!! Like OMG!!!! Goodness sakes – how old are you – like 12? Be a grown up professional – because personally you are making me dislike Kris with your spastic messages.

      • Lizzie1891

        LOL Stacked compared to the praises of worship sung by the rest of the media on their crowned lord of music Adam Lambert, this is nothing.

      • Springtime

        U can’t appreciate a good article.
        U R funny and behyond embarrassing

    • Tina

      OMFG! This video is awesome! Woohoo! I am super excited and can’t wait for the album! Kris Allen you rock and you are awesome!

      • Springtime

        Nov-17 is next Tue.
        Wal-mart, here I come to pick up Kris’s cd!

    • TC

      He’s missing a band in that video. Kind of boring by himself.

      • Starr

        I think that when they had shot the video for this, they still didn’t have a band assembled for Kris. Not sure, but I thought this was the case. I think it’s perfectly fine without a band, since they want to showcase him performing, which is a good thing as a debut, I guess.

    • nathan

      Awesome video!

      GO KRIS!

    • ChunkyRed

      It really sucks. It’s so overdone and he sounds like every other singer that’s ever been before him. Adam Lambert rocks!

      • Chris

        You Glamberts really need to get a life and get over the fact her lost. You are all so annoying

  • OutlandoGirl

    Very nice. Love the stuff at the piano. Still don’t understand why this song isn’t huge. He apparently took lessons at the Chris Daughtry School of Microphone Handling.

    • nate

      it’s not huge because the name and content is too close to the tim mcgraw song. theres a disconnect between the lack of originality of the song and kris’s persona, which defines himself by originality.

      • S

        What? It’s a song by the Script.

      • wm

        The titles of the 2 songs are similar but the lyrics are completely different. Whatever…

      • Kerry

        Aren’t you same person who posts the same “tim mcgraw” comment on all Kris Allen posts? LOL…I can tell you are an OLD Bitterbert troll.

      • Tina

        Kerry why doe we have to sink to the level of the trolls and say they are bitterberts? (another name for glamberts). You have no clue who they are. I wish we could all stop and ignore them. No name calling or to even acknowledge them.

      • kimmer

        this is nothing like the McGraw song (which I love). i liked the video alot

    • hannah

      I don’t really know why its not getting any buzz, but maybe because its a cover song. It sounds almost exactly like the original. Who really knows. Only time will tell if it gets huge.

      • hannah

        oops. I just read that Kris’ camp bought the song from the original band — thus not exactly a cover.

        So I have no clue why its not getting the buzz.

      • Stacked

        Well, technically it IS a cover because the band that wrote the song also recorded it and released it as a B-side to their single “We Cry”. So yes, Kris’ camp probably paid them for their song, but it’s a cover since they already released it.

    • Caroline

      Haha, yeah. I love Chris Daughtry! Kris is really starting to grow on me and I love the message of this song and video!

  • Dennis

    I’m really impressed with this vid’s glossy sheen. It has a concept! It’s not filmed with one steadicam! So glad they didn’t give him the budget shaft in the name of “his genre.”

  • Liz

    I like it! It’s really artsy-looking, and those sunrise shots at the end are beautiful. Slezak, I was thinking about you when I saw that henley. haha

  • amelie

    I really love it. Kris is so sexy on it.

  • ashley

    Love the video, especially the fact that they didn’t go with any cheesy dying storylines!

  • Amy

    I love how the video progresses from dark to light, and how Kris is the source of the light. It’s as if he’s singing the sun into rising, and the final image of him walking into the sunset is perfect.

    • Krisis

      Love this!!! Beautifully stated! I love waking up in a Kris Allen world! It is so beautiful and hopeful and yummy!

      • OMG

        Ok, so you are officially a freak.

  • johan

    Its actually really good. I love the concept of it. Its so much better than I expected it to be. Great job Kris!

  • Thaxton

    Love the video and song. I would have liked to see Kris wearing a tight pair of jeans. He has the body so he shouldn’t be so covered up. great video though.

    • Destiny

      Me too, but then we wouldn’t want him to get mistaken for a guy in a boy band haha Love Kris’s wardrobe here, and don’t tell me that super-flattering Henley he had on was not enough to get you drooling? ;-)

      • wm

        You’re right Destiny, I almost had to get out my bib! LOL
        Love the video, great job Kris!

  • Jaime

    The comments are nice so far.

    Oh I see, this is a pre-Glambert invasion. heh

    • Danny

      I’m a big Adam Lambert fan and see absolutely no reason to post anything negative here. In fact I like this song and it’s a good video.

      • Jennie

        I agree I love both adam and kris they are both very talented. I love this song and the video , good job kris!

    • Rob

      Not all Adam Lambert fans are anti-Kris. Most people I’ve come in contact like both guys. Just came on to say that I love the video!! Congratulations Kris!!

    • TTT

      Another Adam fan here: Also like Kris, love the Kris song, love the Kris video. Not bitter (as in bitterbert) at all, and from what I see, just as many negative Adam, Kris, and Danny fans. Somehow Allison’s fans don’t seem to get as into that as much. I like all the top 4 singles but also wish there was a Matt Giraud one. What a great top five this was, huh?

      • meao


    • Rachel

      I really don’t see why people can’t love both. I’m obsessed with both. I can understand your mad Adam did (but quite frankly, even though I love Kris more… I’ll admit Adam is going to have the bigger career, so what’s the problem?)

      Love both. They’re both good singers.

      • Rachel

        I meant to say “Adam didn’t win”***

  • Laura M

    This is everything that Kris Fans were expecting, and more. What can I say, it’s 360 degrees of pure hotness

  • Edward

    Very comprehensive analysis. I believe Kris will appreciate your effort in acting as a helpful partner in his music career.

  • Kathryn

    This video is the perfect way to showcase Kris Allen. I love the look and feel and the concept of the song is portrayed without being cliche. Puig is genius!

  • Hi there

    i want to make love to this video

    • ICU

      Get in line! LOL!

      • caar

        Can we share please? LOL

    • Bench

      Oh okay den.
      It’s so easy to tell the benches in these comments! Don’t ever change lol!

      • Debbie

        Love all you Benches!

        Love the vid, too – of course. ‘Cause it’s full of Kris!

    • Tina

      Hey make room for me! Loving me some Kris!

      • wm

        Ok Tina, I think we can share! LOL

      • Tina

        Thanks WM! :) Wow I love the fans here. I just cruised the other two articles about Adam and Gokey and especially on Adam’s site people are so nasty over there. Poor Adam. But on Gokey’s site wow………..noone seems to like him or his new single. I am shocked! But we fans here are nice and we love us some Kris!

  • Elizabeth

    Eventually I’ll get The Script version out of my head — eventually — but nicely done Mr. Allen.

    Fantastic recap (asterik and all) Mr. Slezak. Me hopes Santa will leave this under the tree this year.

    • Vada

      Yeah, because their version was such a radio and video smash. Oh wait, it was only heard on youtube.
      Adam is covering a Pink song and a Lady Gaga song, and a Muse song. So, that makes him the cover king of songs that didn’t make other singers’ albums.

      • Maxi

        Oh, wow Vada – You mean Kris wrote the Script song? Really?

      • Tina

        Vada what is your problem? I know you love Kris but must you hate on Adam to do that? Hell there are enough haters on this site that a Kris fan does not need to be one for another artist. We have more class here. Elizabeth sure did not put down Kris, and she didn’t mention Adam, so why are YOU? I am a huge Kris fan, but I like Adam too and I don’t like how you keep putting another artist down. That was uncalled for.

      • Kenneth

        Vada get your facts straight. Pink never sang that song, Lady GaGa wrote that song and thought it fit Adam, and The Muse song was meant for Adam. I don’t understand why you are so bitter. This is one time that Adam was NOT mentioned yet you bring him up and then trash him down. You give Kris fans a bad name. How can we complain about the haters on this site when you are showing that you are no better, yet you are a Kris fan. Hateful is hateful.

      • Starr

        Okay, just to clarify: The Script’s “Live Like We’re Dying” was NEVER released as a single, it was recorded but only released as a B-side in Germany or something. The Script sold the song to Kris and you can treat their song on Youtube as a demo, which is common among people who sell their songs to other artists. Lady Gaga, for instance, wrote and recorded “Fever”, and the demo is also on Youtube, but it never ended up on the album, just like LLWD never ended up on The Script’s. Gaga sells it to Adam, and Adam uses it as a single. So if you’re going to give flak to one person for something that another person is doing as well, just be consistent. But personally, I don’t see why people keep overhyping this, because it’s NOT a big deal. Artists do it all the time – they buy other people’s songs and cover it. Heck, other artists release whole albums full of covers and people don’t give them flak for it! Look at Michael Buble! So let this rest, people. It’s really not that big of a deal.

      • Tina

        Starr have I told you lately I admire you? Really, you bring sense to this site. You make me want to be a better person, to stop fighting others. You calm me down. Thank you.


      • Starr

        Oh thanks, Tina :) The next time you come across a nasty comment about Kris (and I don’t mean the ones that just express their opinion, of course that is welcome. I am talking about people who really go out of their way to insult and tear down and troll), just ask yourself: WWKD? What Would Kris Do? ;-)

      • Kelly

        Vada, honey, it’s going to be all right. Now back slowly away from the computer, get some sleep, eat a good breakfast, exercise and find something better to do with the only life you’re going to live.

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