Lady Gaga's new 'Bad Romance' video: Her best yet?!

I need to admit something: I have watched Lady Gaga’s video for “Bad Romance” five times in a row now and I have no intention of stopping. That felt good. Thanks for being there for me, Music Mix-ers. I really feel your support.

But honestly this video is AHHHHHMAZING. There are more wardrobe changes than a Mariah Carey-episode of Cribs. The choreography incorporates elements of “Thriller” and the Twist(!). And I don’t think Gaga has ever looked prettier than in the close-ups where she’s more stripped down. On the flip side, I love those crazy dilated pupils she sports for much of the video.

“Paparazzi” used to be my favorite Lady Gaga video, but I think “Bad Romance” now takes the title.

What do you think, Music Mix-ers? Is this another masterpiece from Gaga? Or do you (blasphemy!) prefer the word “mess”?

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  • Steven


    • Serious~

      This is what is needed to entertain this generation ,gimics and lots of shock value. So sad! Where is the talent? Nice voice, meaningful lyrics, great musician? No, not here!

      • *

        You’re right; her lyrics aren’t necessarily meaningful. As to her voice and musicianship, you really should check out her unplugged performances. Her command of vocals and the piano is actually quite incredible.

      • Andy

        Um, this is living talent. Musicianship and vocal prowess.
        Shut up and learn what your talking about.

    • Junior Santiago

      If you strip down the lyrics and the music video and have some artistic background/knowledge wouldn’t say that. I really enjoyed this video. Very artistic, fashion forward, beautiful…..I must have watched it about 20 times by now!

      • lyn

        wow..great..was not a fan till i heard the latest song watch the video…..i,m sold

      • David

        For the tard that says she can’t sing and isn’t talented watch her live show on Ellen.She has been playing piano since she was 4 from a very wealthy family and lived on her own as a starving artist. She truly loves the music with a passion and what an eye for fashion”cheesy but funny” no? She is quickly becoming my favorite new artist. And as for watching the video I have done it all day today lol. I friggin love it and the fashion, the jeweled piece with the over hang on the shoulder and and the dragon shoes. Wow. Love this fing video. Also what a cool gift you can buy those headphones 100 bucks but still cool made by her for Beats.

    • Mockinpott

      if you’re that serious you’re just too old

    • Nef Navarrete

      While I respect your comment, I would like to know what do you call talent, if Gaga is giving us creativity.

      Think it twice, art is always made for reflexion, that is what Gaga expects not that everybody loves her (wich i certainly do).

      For me is the best video the Lady has done

  • Austin


    • Ashley

      Very. I like the close ups of her with barely any make up on. That’s the most normal I’ve ever seen her. I don’t know which I like better.

      • Marie

        Agreed! I was surprised how pretty she looked in the closeups with minimal make-up.

      • gaw

        I agree, the close-ups were amazing~!

      • Penny

        You know I always thought she was kind of odd looking but in those “stripped” down close ups she looked so pretty.

      • NayNay

        I’ve been wondering who that beautiful woman in the close-up shots was. Did not think (and still dont) that it is Gaga…wrong color eyes. But I may be wrong. Maybe we could find out from the video director who it is? :-)

    • Mr. Know-It-All

      This was garbage.

      • Andy

        Shut up, it takes garbage to know garbage.

      • Sam

        Well said.

      • Chris

        Andy – By that logic, you called the video garbage.

        Sam – No, it wasn’t “well said”, as I just proved.

  • Kyle

    I’m not much of a fan, but I was blown away. This video is one of the best in a long time.

    • Nick T

      Lady Gaga rules the world…
      Anyway, been waiting on this long postponed vid for some time I am blown away! Sorry, but my fave is still “Paparazzi,” if only for the technical quality: also for the opening shots that reference “Cries and Whispers” (seriously) and depth of the meaning. Still love this one though. (BEST PART: when she is on the burnt bed in the end!)

      • John

        (BEST PART: when she is on the burnt bed in the end!)
        It makes you think the guy ( Lord GaGa ? ) incinerated after the gaga sex with the Lady and her monsters.

  • mscisluv

    Why is she dressed like Max from Where the Wild Things Are?

    • alex

      that’s what i thought too!

    • Magnira

      me too! you know what they say about great minds . . .

    • Sam

      Which part is dat?

  • MindB

    Completely agree. She looks so pretty and soft without all of the outrageous outfits and hair. But that chameleon-like public persona is part of her appeal, I think. Still love the “Paparazzi” video, but most of that has to do with Alexander Skarsgard.

    • datruth82

      Ummm…i love this woman’s music, but this video was a random mishmash of nonsense. Absolutely, garishly, freakishly beautiful nonsense…but, nonsense nonetheless. What happened to videos that actually were not only gorgeous, but intelligent? And, yes she looked absolutely beautiful by letting her real face come through. Very pretty girl.

      • Liz

        There was a point to this underneath the extremes. It looked to me like Lady GaGa was a sex slave, being sold to the highest bidder, whom she later killed giving him his just deserts

      • lililover

        You might not have seen the different symbolisms in the video. The creepy scenes, the outfits, the randomness… They all symbolize something. The vodka thing may be her love for the guy that is poison at the same time. She spits it out but it’s too late, her soul (the closed up scenes) is already affected and now she’s addicted to the bad romance. There’s a reason why she had big eyes. It symbolizes innocence and the love ruined it and from water (purity), the bathtub, the end shows her with the fire(ruin of the soul). I don’t know… Everything for me in the video has a meaning. Why does it open in a bath house? Why the mirror scene? WHY THE BALD CAT? Think. Everything is symbolism. The weird dark scene with her spine showing can mean her being trapped in the dark corners of her lover’s mind. It may mean her obsession. I dunno. I think I think too much…

  • doug

    didnt even like the song till now

  • alex

    she so crazy! i LOVE IT! who’s the guy in the video?

    • Kate

      Who is that guy on the bed, he is hot!!

      • dee

        He is nice and i cannot find any info on him at all.

      • Emelie

        I so agree with you there=) he is Hot

    • yummy

      i think that actor in the video is til schweiger – totally hot!

      • Apichai

        claudia anrlod sagt:Penis gesehen! Ha, ha, ha… Die grobe Studie drfcber was eine Vielzahl von aufgeregten, unsichern Menschen von sich gibt bringt ein erstaunliches aber noch viel verwirrenderes Resultat zum Vorschein – Nun weis man fcberhaupt nicht mehr was da gehauen oder gestochen ist. Das ist sicher Sinn und Zweck der Sache gewesen. Sollte Ostern und Weihnachten nun tatse4chlich auf einen Tag fallen (!?) Schaun wir mal – dann sehn wir scho.Meine persf6nliche Meinung zu Thema– Hut ab wenn da auch nur anteilig was Wahres dran ist. Tolle, mutige, verdammt schf6ne Frau die auch noch gut singen kann!Sollte man(n) es nicht einfach dabei belassen und sich nun fcber’s Leben freuen? Yes! Was es alles so gibtOder war’s doch nur eine Werbetrick – Suche und du wirst (vielleicht) finden. Auf geht’sEine Person sollte es ganz genau wissen… hi, hiDie besten Grfcdfe ffcr’s neue Jahr und viel Spadfe beim Weiterre4tseln…Claudi

    • Sophia

      his name is Yuri Bradac and he totally beautiful but there is little to no info on the net about him
      ps. No that’s not til schweiger

  • This dude…

    …is soooooo overrated.

    • The dude above…..

      …. is such an ignorant moron.

      • This dude above me….

        …needs to wake up.

      • Alexis

        The first guy that referenced the one above him was creative and funny, your attempt lacks originality and makes you look like an ass. Good job!

      • This broad…

        ….needs to mind her own business.

      • Andy

        Stop talking, or in this case typing.

        Your not funny, your just mildly retarded.

    • K8

      Thank you, I totally agree. I have never seen a performer that has to try so hard for attention. There is nothing genuine about it! It’s more than alittle unnerving and beyond embarrassing!

      • JC

        You don’t get it then, her message or what it means.

      • Gan

        How does she try hard for attention?

        She does what she loves, and she’s good at.
        How would you know anything about being “genuine” when your hunched over a keyboard typing condescending garbage.

      • Jess

        I adore the fact that she is COMFORTABLE being extreme. She also incorporates a lot of fantastic, surrealist elements that are very artistic and beautiful. As oppose to not being “genuine” I think this is a lot more genuine than the typical pre-packaged cliche tripe.

  • ashley

    this is one of the best music vids ever. really great…almost as good as NIN’s vid for Closer. love how dark and disturbing this is!

    • Mary

      I love love love love this video but NIN Closer will always be #1 one for me :o)

  • nicholas

    I think this video is AWESOME! She takes her work so far beyond the ‘POP’ genre everyone has come to expect and, in my opinion, creates TRUE ART.

    Like a real artist, she doesn’t seem to care about being pretty, accepted, or normal. In her work, she seems to continually challenge herself and her fans to re-define accepted notions of art = beauty. She pushes the boundaries of what we hear, see, and experience and, while she may be considered avant-garde now, I am betting she will be remembered and written about in the history books, being credited with ushering a new art aesthetic that will change how we view and represent our lives in the 21st century.

    • Alex

      agree 10000000%!
      lady gaga is the future of music and art.

      • God help us all then…


      • 2011:

        Lady WHO?

      • Ugh

        The “best” lady gaga video is the equivalent of the least painful torture weapon

      • I think it’s funny this day and age…

        …that so many people are “entertained” by such mediocrity.

    • Nicole

      SO true, She is so much more than anyone else in pop music, this video is getting great reviews even from haters, and i thnk the world is starting to see how talented she really is. Finally!

      • Keith

        Clearly you have very low standards if that’s what you think. Sad.

      • avoCaDo22

        you’re starting to see talent??
        …PLEASE, girlfiend she had more talent than any one you know…

      • What talent?

        The music’s crappy. I’ll say the visuals have talent but she doesn’t deserve the props for it.

  • Nancy



    • She’s a real artist?

      You probably need to give the props to the music director.
      I doubt she has an ounce of creativity in her to pull off a video like this.
      A video.
      Ha Ha Ha.
      A video.

      • genesis

        Isn’t it funny how the director also directed Britney Spears’ ‘Circus’ video? Yet that video is plain and simple. And here you have lady gaga, where she turns it into quite an artistic video.
        All the director did was bring her vision to life. Don’t underestimate her, that woman is smarter than she looks.

  • Terri C.

    Lady G is amazing, beautiful and so funny! Possibly my favourite video ever! And she makes a very good point (several actually) all women can identify with and all men can be entertained and enlightened by. She makes Madonna’s breakout moment look like
    a warmup. Lady G has megatalent and deserves her mega-success. She’s also freeing modern women from ancient shackles. Lady G – freedom fighter extraordinaire.

    • Alexis

      Oh please, why the need to slight Madonna in the quest to heighten Lady GaGa’s importance? There would be no Lady GaGa had Madonna not pushed the envelope as far as she did. Whatever Lady GaGa does, it will always be compared against Madonna’s accomplishments – whatever Lady GaGa does, Madonna has already done. I like GaGa, but I don’t pretend to think we were all living under some rock until she came along. She’s just another artist trying to make her mark.

      • paige

        couldnt have said it better alexis

      • RyRyNYC

        Bravo Alexis… HUGE Madonna and Lady GaGa fan, but clearly Madonna is the Queen of Pop with Lady GaGa the current (and most realistic of the pop princesses left) as her HEIR APPARENT…

      • Vanity Feral

        I agree that comparing Lady Gaga to Madonna is a moot point and that Madonna did a lot of trailblazing for Gaga to do what she does, but we should also be mindful of the fact that Madonna creatively flamed out a while ago (when’s the last time she creatively pushed an envelope rather than ham-fistedly pushed an agenda?), so, in the here and now, Lady Gaga is on top. Circle of life!

      • Alexis

        Hi Vanity Feral, no doubt in the here and now, GaGa reigns supreme -though I’m a little hesitant to count Madonna completely out, if I’ve learned anything over the last 25+ years that Madonna’s career has been proclaimed “over” is to never underestimate her. I certainly hope she has at least one more creative burst now that she’s left WB but we’ll see. The reason I responded initially was to the pompous statement that GaGa is making Madonna’s breakout moment seem like a warmup – abd freeing women from ancient shackles…. that’s bit insulting considering Madonna was way ahead of her time when she first burst into the scene. What the hell did Madonna do, teach us all how to bake cookies?! No, she taught women to like their bodies, that you can be sexy AND be smart at the same time. After 25+ years in the music business, still managing to stage THE best selling concert tour for a female performer is no small undertaking and shouldn’t be undermined.

      • Alexis needs…

        …to keep her blogging to her own site that nobody visits.

      • Alexis


        I suspect creativity and originality may not be the only departments in which you’re lacking. Your agression towards women hints at what one of those departments might be. oh dear!

  • TJ

    Video is interesting but the song is HORRIBLE.

    • Mark M

      I agree. The song is fair but the video is a cerebral delight.

  • anna

    this is genius. gaga = queen of music

  • misty

    I love this video so hard it’s ridiculous.

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