Miley Cyrus not a 'Twilight' fan: 'I've never seen it, nor will I ever'

It’s like the Easter bunny just pooped on a unicorn. Miley Cyrus, tween America’s pole-prancing, party-in-the-U.S.A.-ing overlord, wants nothing to do with Twilight—arguably the only pop cultural benchmark more important to her target demographic than her own multi-media empire.

“I’ve never seen [Twilight], and nor will I ever,” she tells Ohio radio station Q92 in a filmed backstage interview. “I don’t believe in it—I don’t believe in it. I don’t like vampires, I don’t like any of the stuff, like the wolf that pops out of the screen when I’m watching my TV at night. I don’t like it, I don’t want anything to do with it. I don’t like the shirts, any of it.”

Watch the clip after the jump, beginning just before the one-minute mark:

Well, there goes her invite to Taylor Lautner‘s Sweet 18! Though really, if a tree falls in the woods without a very special hip-hop moment, does it really make a sound?

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  • Kyle

    Oh Miley, reasons 1094 why i dont like you. I dont care that she doesnt care to see Twilight but dont be obnoxious about it.
    Some of her songs are decent but i just cant take her seriously. Like when she said she’s never heard a jay-z song “i dont listen to pop music”, ummm honey YOU ARE POP MUSIC. Ugh. Go Away.

    • karina

      AH! i totally agree

    • Ashley

      My respect for Miley went up about 10 points. Twilight is overrated tripe. Miley isn’t perfect but at least her fans aren’t nearly as rabid and have the excuse of not being mature yet when they aren’t

      Although there are plenty of Twilight fans that aren’t mature.

      • Mike

        Oh Miley, you’re so rebellious. We should call you Avril 2.0

      • K

        Mike – That was great! I laughed out loud when I read your comment! Thanks!

      • Siri

        Pole dancing? OK. Vampires? Not. What a hypocritical, self-righteous twit. I’m sure Miley Cyrus hates it any time the camera is not on HER.

      • Siri

        Miley, so politically correct, and not so dumb. Learning publicity from Karl Rove, are ya? You know wouldn’t have a career if you p’d off your bland, evangelical fans.

    • Rich

      I’d never thought I’d say this, BUT… EW could learn a thing or two from ol’ Miley there.

      • Lauren

        Hah! Good one. And, no kidding. Their pop watch bloggers have something about it everyday, probably ever hour.

      • Mike

        As much as I also hate Twilight, EW’s coverage of it won’t stop because EW covers pop culture. Face it Lauren and Rich, but Twilight is inescapably popular. If you want more coverage of indie cinema and arthouse music, go somewhere else.

        And Miley is not ‘smart’ because she avoids supernatural fare. She’s ignorant. This is a blatant riff for attention.

      • Celia

        I agree. Who knew I would actually agree with Miley Cyrus. But I can’t stand the stuff either.

      • Tom

        So if Hannah Montana doesn’t like it, does that mean the backlash has begun? EW take note. There is much more going on in pop culture than Twilight, Adam Lambert and Glee.

      • Bantha Poodoo

        I can’t believe I have to look at ANOTHER EW Twilight cover. OK, I can forgive them this weekend since the new movie is coming out. But it must be every 4-5 weeks I have to get inundated with this stuff. I understand that I am not going to share tastes with everybody and a lot of people like Twilight, but COME ON! Lay off EW…

    • nardz

      hmmm who is Miley Cyrus? I havent heard of the name…does she have songs? havent heard of them nor will i ever…

      • Jackie

        I don’t like her t-shirts either.

      • Big Guy

        I don’t like any of that stuff, like the girl who dances on the pole while her father is applauding. I don’t want anything to do with it.

      • Maria

        I don’t like her either

      • tori

        Love this response! I think she’s tripping that her fifteen minutes are coming to a close and the Twilighters still have two more movies left. Someone’s a lil bitter.

      • lovelylady1990

        Hahaha thats freaken funny lol…That bi@ch needs to stop being so self centered ..the world does not revolve around nor will it ever.

    • kattykat246

      lol… so funny- totally agree! Miley Cyrus needs a handler or something when she does these interviews. Not a very smart move since 99% of your fans are tweens who are twilight obsessed.
      Also, just heard on a national radio show that when Miley last came for an on-show interview, she was stoked to grab Twilight stuff they offered (Books and movies).
      Miley, honey, you are not the next Beyonce…. best to stick with the kiddie stuff….

    • Vicki

      I completely agree with you.

    • Alicia

      In her Party in the USA song, she talks about a Jay-Z song being on and making her feel like home. Seriously?? How poser could you possibly be? She annoys me so much. Nobody cares that you don’t like Twilight. Half the world doesn’t like it! It annoys me two-fold because she is deluded enough to think people care enough about what she thinks – but apparently they do, since I’ve seen an article about this at least 6 or 7 times today. She is lame, and she needs to gain some people skills. Some of the crap that comes out of her mouth is rediculous. I’m thinking, acceptance speech, MTV Movie Awards…what an idiot!

      • Heidi

        She’s so fake. She also was asked her favorite JayZ song and couldn’t even name one.

      • Sarah

        What a d-bag. And I know, Alicia! You’d think she’d maybe tell her songwriter to replace JayZ with something she’s vaguely familiar with. I love it. Avril 2.0. Can’t wait for the inevitable Kohl’s clothing line to come out– Destiny Hope perhaps?

      • Urgh

        SHe already has a line at Wal Mart. It’s haunting…

    • Jimmy

      I agree! Just say you haven’t seen it. She didn’t have to go on and on about how much she hated it. It almost sounds like she is jealous or something. She’s been doing a lot of that lately. She told another interviewer “I don’t listen to Jay-Z.” when asked about his name being in her song. “I didn’t write the song.” Her voice reminds me of Britney Spears’. She should just be grateful that she has so many 9-14 year old girls under her spell.

      • Amanda

        Agreed! The thing is, I was one of those Twilight skeptics – I was annoyed by all the screaming tweens until I actually read the book – and enjoyed it! I’m not saying it’s the be-all-end-all, but to so blatantly dis something that’s found wide popularity among her fan base… just not smart.

      • Connor

        Agreed, Jimmy. She’s really stupid if she just blatantly tells everybody she doesn’t have anything lyrically to do with her music.

    • Heidi

      She’s just trying to get her fans away from spending their money on Twilight and back towards her.

    • Sally

      Miley I totally don’t believe in your talent – never will, never will. Get a life

    • Arilolly

      I totally disagree with Miley she made an a** of herself and showed a lack of respect for Stephanie Meyer and fans… why should you knock something you’ve never experienced before MILEY…as a celebrity, Chick you really should have more respect for your peers…honey seriously its time you grow up or start reading from Qcards…

      Twilight Saga Rocks!
      team Edward!

      • 0dd1


        Who else thinks we should keep Twilight fanatics off the internet? Seriously, she’s entitled to her opinion. I’m not particularly a fan of Miley, but seriously, lay off. YOU should have more respect for YOUR peers and allow them to have their own opinions!
        Twilight Saga Sucks!
        team Bram Stoker!

  • Wow

    …I think I just became her biggest fan!

    • chris

      well, not a big fan of hers, but I do belong to those who will never see Twilight (by choice).

      • Wow

        If she came out and said that she thinks it’s garbage, I would start wearing a Miley Cyrus t-shirt.

    • Jen

      haha I never thought I’d have something in common with Miley. I am so sick of hearing about this movie!

      • Ashlie

        Me too!

    • ernie

      Me too! I just thought, well, I like her now.
      I’ve read the first book. It blew.

    • Katie

      Wow, wow, wow!!!
      NEVERRRRRR in a TRILLION years did I think I would agree with Hannah Montana!!!!

  • Monique

    I don’t get it. I don’t believe in vampires either, but that doesn’t stop me from watching vampire movies.

    I don’t really know what she is going for, but she comes off as really bitter. Perhaps not her intention.

    • Emma

      That’s not really fair. She admits that she feels “lame” because she’s not part of Twihard nation.

      • Nick T

        You’re both right, I happen to love her show, but I also love Taylor Lautner’s face, sooo…

    • J

      I’m going with bitter AND lame. How transparent can one person be?

  • Me

    I’m just amazed at how Miley Cyrus is growing up to be the biggest idiot.

    • Em

      you thought she wasn’t an idiot when she was a kid? really? ever see her talk about anything intelligent? no. ever see her do anything intelligent? no. ever expect her to be intelligent? no.

    • Idiot?

      Nah, I think she’s starting to become a true role model by showing her fellow Tweens that this Twilight garbage is overrated crap!

      • Geronimo Jones

        I’m not going to take advice on what’s crap from someone who willingly sang the lyrics “boom boom clap, boom-de-clapty-clap.” If “Twilight” is garbage (and it is), then Miley Montana’s music is simply the garbage that’s on top of it in the can.

    • M

      Ummmm…she’s a teenager. Teenagers are typically idiots. I don’t start evaluating someone’s intelligence until they are AT LEAST 23 years old.
      At least.

      • jk

        What an arbitrary age. Good to know, I guess, since I’m only 22. I guess I have a year until you will take me seriously, ouch.

      • Kel

        Because that TOTALLY makes sense, right?

        I mean, I’m no Twilight fan either, but Miley had some sting behind that statement, like she’s jealous or upset or something that the franchise is somehow stampeding on her popularity.

    • mishka

      Why, she just don’t “do” Twilight; she already kind of said it when the first movie came out, so what’s the point to make it go breaking news, EW?

  • Emily

    Not surprised that Miley is not into a phenomenon that is based on a book. I don’t get the feeling she reads much…

    • jenna

      lets be serious, anyone who believes the twilight series falls in the category of great literature doesnt read much either

      • Monique

        It’s not great literature, but people still read it and enjoy it, if not just for escapist fun. I dont’ think Emily even hinted that Twilight is great literature.

      • It makes…

        …for great kindling or TP in a pinch.

      • Cheryl

        LOL, who said it was great literature. IT IS ENTERTAINMENT. FUN, etc. Guys get over it. Those who don’t like Twilight, well just don’t get it but then I don’t get the JONAS BROTHERS, Miley or any of that. It is okay to not be a FAN, but do people have to bash other people who are? That is just plain RUDE.

      • Amanda

        Despite the gratuitous capitalization, I agree with Cheryl. It’s entertainment! You can like a book without insisting that it’s a great work of literature. There are plenty of adults who enjoy the books, but of course screaming tweens with signs will get attention – it’s a pretty weird thing to watch! They’re enjoyable for many, but if you don’t like them, no one’s forcing it down your throat! :)

      • 0dd1

        Actually it IS being forced down our throats:
        1) By the media who can’t seem to shut up about it
        2) By the psychotic portion of the fanbase (who seem to be the most vocal)
        3) The media

        [u sed th media 2ice]
        I know.

  • chris

    There are some people in this world who will choose not to see the Twilight films. For whatever reason Miley chooses not to is irrelevant.
    Oh yeah, I do not have a CD of hers, nor will I ever buy my daughter one. But again, that’s just my choice – for whatever reason I do so. ;-)

    • joe

      Yeah well, you’re an idiot!

      • jk

        How is he an idiot?

  • lilkunta

    Sounds jealous. She knows her fans grow up and move on to twilight. Good. I want miley/hannah to GO AWAY FOREVER. Twilight gets kids reading, wtf does hannah teach?

    • jk

      If I had kids, I would rather they didn’t read at all than read Twilight. I hate when people use that justification – “It get kids reading.” If they really love reading they will read something else.

      • Felicia

        Rather they didn’t read at all than read Twilight? What a foolish thing to say. We don’t always make the best choices in our reading when we are that young but it may lead to better things. When I was that age I was reading Sweet Valley High but I’ve graduated to much better things as I got older.

  • Many

    Smartest thing she has ever said.

    • Stacy


      • Amiee


      • Ashley

        Fourthed! (I’m sure that’s not right but whatever.)

      • Annie


  • billy ray

    umm…It’s a movie. They are not real.

  • a person

    seriously she just came off as one of the most obnoxious people on the planet…she could have just said “I don’t like Twilight” not go on and on about how she does not believe in vampires…i mean they are kind of mythalogical creatures!!! that just made me hate her more than i did before, though i have to admit i have Party in the USA on my Ipod! :)

    • charli

      actually saying that is probably the smartest thing she could have said. her fans that are also Twi-fans are less likely to be mad at her for saying that she’s just not into that kind of stuff as a whole and thus has no desire to see the movies or read the books compared to ‘saw it, it sucks, won’t see the rest or read the books. they are just horrible’

    • Rae

      Does no one sit down with this girl and talk to her about speaking with class? Does she know how many of HER fams she just upset. Alot her fans ARE Twilight fans as well. She is 100% entitled to her opinion, she doesn’t have to like Twilight, but say that with class. An acceptable response would have been, “I’ve never seen Twilight, vampires and werewolves kinda scare me.” or something along those lines. You would think that her PR person would have sat her down and talked to her about how classless her Jay-Z comment was and then prepared her to answer all futute questions with more tact. Someone please help this kid grow up to be a woman with class and elegance, one that speaks her mind with taste.

      • Caleb

        Everyone is entitled to there intelligent opinion. She is so dumb with everything, her music, her gay show on tv, and her gay moveis, yeah I said gay, everything about her is gay, how can intelligent people like her.

      • Amanda

        Caleb, your insensitive use of the word “gay” as a derogatory slur rather discredits your claim of being intelligent. And it’s spelled “their.”

  • Sarah El

    I don’t necessary agree with her reasons and I still don’t like her, but miniature high-five, Miley Cyrus.

    However, I did see Twilight. Because it is effing HILARIOUS.

    • Suzanne

      I totally agree. I saw it, was looking forward to it, in a way, and it was so cheesy I laughed out loud through most of it. However I gladly rented it when it came on video TO LAUGH MORE. I am looking forward to Twilight because the previews are just (if not MORE) cheesy! Oh my friend and I are trying to determine if it’s the direction, the bad screenplay or just bad acting… we are going to base it on Dakota Fanning since she is a pretty good actress!

      • Suzanne

        oops I mean New Moon (looking forward to laughing).

    • 0dd1

      They should market the third film as a comedy :-)

  • Huh?!

    Oh, Miley! I think you’ve just insulted most of your fan base! It’s ok not to like a franchise BUT at least be respectful.

  • Phil

    COME ON Y’ALL!! You totally know Miley is too busy reading all those serious Hollyowood scripts to waste time reading those Twilight books ! She is like SO above pop tunes, so why not be above pop culture too!? Hahaha

  • Hannah

    I think it’s hilarious as all hell that the same Twilight fans who tell critics, “Don’t post on our Twilight topics if you don’t have anything nice to say!” apparently have no problem trashing Miley Cyrus for having a legitimate opinion.
    The hypocrisy of these people is hilarious. I’ll just tell of you the same thing you tell people who have the gall not love Twilight in Twilight-related threads: If you don’t like it, don’t read it! :-)

    • alyson


    • Alicia

      As a fan, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to read what she has to say about Twilight. I’m interested in the subject. That is a totally different scenario than some tool prowling Twilight articles just for the sake of being a prick. THAT is lame. And Miley is, and always will be, that same caliber of lame – this little episode aside. She talks about not being into pop – WTF!?!? She IS POP, and she talks about pop in her crappy pop song Party in the USA. SHE is the hypocrite.

      • ML

        I concur!

      • 0dd1

        Well, she didn’t write it, so technically it’s not hers. (No matter who wrote it, though, the song sucks.) Frankly, though, when I heard that she said she doesn’t like pop, it made me amused and gave me more respect for her. I’m still not too into her music, though.

        It IS quite hypocritical to keep making pop music when you don’t even like the genre. Unless she’s being forced by her record company to do so, why not just start venturing off on her own musically?

  • PeterBilt The Nature Boy

    Good point Hannah.

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