Adam Lambert at the AMAs: Simulated fellatio, bikini-area snapping, and makeout sessions. But what about the vocals?

Talk about “No Boundaries”: Adam Lambert made his first big post-Idol splash tonight, closing the American Music Awards with a performance of his debut single “For Your Entertainment” that — to my surprise and disappointment — emphasized shock-and-awe imagery over his standard-operating vocal excellence. To be fair, the entire telecast was racked with sound-mix issues that left even seasoned pros (except for maybe Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, and Jay-Z) sounding distant and tinny, but as someone who saw Adam’s Idols Live tour set twice this summer, the one thing I didn’t expect from the season 8 runner-up was intermittent pitch problems.

Alas, we got those, and a lot more than I’d hoped/bargained for: Adam dragging a female backup dancer across the stage by her leg, as if she were a lace-covered sack of potatoes; Adam grasping the head of a submissive-styled male backup dancer and pulling him into an uncomfortable round of simulated oral sex (while ABC muted the audio to protect us from who only knows what); a tutu-clad woman cupping Adam’s nether-regions; Adam grasping and snapping the leather “bikini area” (for lack of a better term) of  a female dancer’s costume; and Adam taking a break from his singing duties for an impromptu game of tongue twister with a keyboardist of indeterminate gender.

Look, as EW’s resident Idoloonie, I was rooting for Adam’s coming out party to the non-Idol set to be a smashing success, something that would propel his saucy, exciting debut disc to the top of the charts in what’s going to be one of the most competitive weeks in record stores all year. And in Adam’s defense, he took what appeared to be a rather nasty and unplanned tumble midway through his set that could’ve potentially thrown him off his game. Also, lest we forget (and it certainly is easy to do so), he is not a seasoned headliner, so nerves certainly could’ve played a factor, too

But the bottom line is that Adam’s AMA performance felt less like a genuine expression of his high-octane sexuality (so playfully erotic when he fondled the mic stand during “Whole Lotta Love” this summer), and more like a carefully planned stab at dominating the post-AMA blogosphere/water-cooler discussion. I’m certainly no prude…the idea of saucy boy-on-boy/boy-on-girl/boy-on-not-quite-sure action does not rattle my cage — certainly not at 10:55 p.m. on a school night. And yet, what’s sad is that unlike, say, a J.Lo or even a Rihanna, Adam could’ve had tongues wagging just from his vocals alone. Instead, that golden voice took a backseat tonight at the AMAs, and I’m not sure exactly who was occupying the driver’s seat.

What did you think of Adam’s “For Your Entertainment” set tonight? Were you turned on or bored or offended by the sexual hijinks? What did you think of the actual vocals? And will the performance help or hurt his first-week sales? Sound off in the comments below, and to get all my Idol musings, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak. (While you’re at it, follow EW’s Music Mix blog, too @EWMusicMix; you won’t find a better one-stop shop for all your aural needs. And if you’re a reality TV junkie, do click here and check out this week’s edition of EW’s Réalité…we make it for your entertainment.)

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Image Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

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  • Bill
    • Margaux

      Can’t help but laugh at you Slezak and your bunch of fans here but I guess you all are free to express your opinions though I must say they’re all without taste. The audio technical problems of the entire show is obviously to be blamed for the not so outstanding performance of Adam but still it’s the best of all the performances having been chosen as the closing performance. And I believe that this is the reason why so many are upset including you Slezak. But fact is today’s Superstar and Music Icon. Enough said!

      • Ash

        Hmm. Please explain to me how “audio problems” causes a person to sing off-pitch….BTW Exactly how does one become a “Superstar and Music Icon” without yet releasing any records? Just sayin’…

      • Mark

        Kelly’s “Already Gone” was the best of the night, and would have made a classy final choice. Alicia and Jay-Z rocked out their song well. Lady Gaga was on tonight. There were plenty of other options.

        And what’s with castigating people for not liking the performance and then blaming for the audio tech issues for a “not so outstanding” performance? You can’t have it both ways.

      • LJ

        @Margaux, you’re obviously an idiot to think he’s an Icon??? I agree w/Ash. This performance was a joke and an embarrassment. To all, I agree w/whoever said this was career suicide. I hope he never comes back!

      • turtleturtle

        Seriously your going to blame the AMA’s for Adam’s terrible shrieking. At least Siezak isn’t kidding himself and is giving an honest review.

      • Chappel

        I didn’t watch the show and am no fan of Adam but audio problems can cause a singer to go off pitch very easily. The performer doesn’t hear the same mix the audience hears. If he/she can’t hear the music properly in his/her monitor system then he,she can’t adjust his/her pitch to sing in tune with it. Audio mixing is a lot harder than one might think it is. Lots of channels, lots of effects, lots of sends and busses, different feeds to different destinations (TV mix, performer mix, house mix) and if the sound engineers don’t keep it all together then everybody suffers.

      • katie

        For what it’s worth, almost everyone’s performanes were flat, boring or plain awful tonight.

      • TellyB

        Get ready to be disappointed at his sales…this is gonna kill his career. His sexuality was so contrived and forced…

      • DARRYL

        HE IS FAKE!! POSER!!! I mean come on!!! you are an IDOL NOT >> MADONNA>> why are you trying to shove the sex thing down our throat?? ITS DISGUSTING WATCHING IT WITH MY PARENTS!!! I had to shut the TV off cause my younger sister watched it!!!!! We were hoping more vocals!! I think he is trying way too hard and such a hypocrite!! I thought you did not want to be the gay poster child?? WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT PERFORMANCE ABOUT??? ..HYPOCRITE…NOT GETTING YOUR CD and shame on you!!! The closing performance should be JAY-Z and Alicia Keys!! KELLY,CARRIE you guys rock the show!! ADAM one advice>>> know your audience and know your grounds!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR PERFORMANCE WAS DISGUSTING AND VILE!!

      • Julie

        I agree it was the sound because Ferge sounded bad and flat too. I got my CD in the mail it Adam’s CD is fantastic. I felt bad for a lot of them tonight because the sound just kept screwing up.

      • Jason

        You know upon listening I do absolutely believe it was a technical glitch that through Adam off. He was fine until the sound went down about a minute 14 seconds in and then he is off and their are double vocals. He didn’t really recover fully after that and it kept having glithces. I really feel bad for Adam because this was a potentially fun performance. It was still interesting at least, just not his best vocals. The album is much better.

      • @Darren

        Know your audience and know your grounds? LOL, who do you THINK his audience is? Gokey fans?

      • Mitzi

        Glambert’s performance was a joke and showed only the fact that he is just a “performer” and not a true “musician.” He has been over-hyped since he first landed on Idol and now the cracks are beginning to show. This guy (and I use that term loosely) doesn’t hold a candle to the other TRUE performers last night. Good luck Glambert, you’re gonna need it. Hollywood may try to force feed you to us, but we will not choke you down (no pun intended).

      • jl

        “…caterwalling 101!”

      • Chris

        The whole performance was disgusting! He totally lost me as a fan. Why can’t he just sing normal? I thought the whole sex theme was distasteful, and disappointed that the network would televise blatant gay sex moves. SICK.

      • Aunt Gokey

        Adam ahould save his disgusting “act” for the depths of some German homosexual mens club.

      • Molly

        FYI, Slezak, that wasn’t a tumble, that looked like a choreographed roll. Heck, he sang thru the whole move.

      • Scott

        @Chris. “disappointed that the network would televise blatant gay sex moves. SICK.” The performance as a whole was tacky, but the fact that you isolate the gay component and call it sick just shows what an ignorant jackass you are.

      • Me

        I agree with Chappel … as a singer, if the sound is off & you can’t hear the mix that the audience hears (you’d be surprised how different the sound is on-stage as compared to in the crowd), it can severely impact pitch.

        That being said, it seemed like the performance was all show, no substance. Shock & awe, but without the awe. I have zero problem with his sexuality, but it just didn’t seem like the song (with or without sound glitches) was worthy.

        But that’s maybe what happens when essentially a karaoke singer gets up to sing with the big boys.

      • idolatryjunkie

        Hysterical! You talk about others not having taste – yet you are calling this a great performance!?

      • Fitz

        Adam…. buddy I think u r talented but you will not be the blockbuster artist with that type of TV preformance. I don’t care that you r gay…to each his own… but I don’t want to see that while watching a music program. Why can’t you just be gay instead of I’m gay and I want to be in your face with my life style and I’m gonna be over the top to show you that I’m gay??? Dude be smart like Ellen and you will be very successful. The majority of people are now turned off to you because you placated to gay people. They will cheer you on to be “in our face with gayness” which will hurt you success wise. I hope you can still have some success but if u continue to preform like that on TV you won’t. Yes there r double standards but that’s life. Ur choice….poster boy or mega preformer…

      • jdaniels

        While it wasnt the best performance I have seen of his, at least he wasnt LIP SYNCHING like half the other artists who performed last night. Given that you cant expect a perfect vocal performance from someone rolling around on the floor! Last night was meant to grab attention of which it obviously grabbed a lot!

      • jennab

        The fact that he was, once again, OVER-HYPED to close the show, most probably because Ryan Seacrest produced the show, and he was TERRIBLE! His arrogance will cost him, he is complete POSER! Uggh!

      • Lou

        It seems you are the one confused about bad performance and technical problem. It was THE worst performance ever on AMA. I am not talking about sucking face or grabbing genitals but where was his vocal range and smooth moves. None!

      • kperry

        I agree with Mark – Kelly Clarkson owned that performance, possibly not worthy of the finale. JayZ and Alicia was definitely finale worthy. I found Adam’s song to be banal, the performance was all over the place, and frankly there was absolutely no reason for the sexual crap or the finger besides the “ooooooooooooooooh look how bad I can be” factor – didn’t work for me, kind of cheapened the performance.

      • boopsy

        Audio problems can cause people to sing off pitch because they can’t hear themselves, Ash. That’s why people use either stage monitors or those wireless ear mics.

      • Angela

        I was embarassed for Adam last night, I know he’s better than this. And of course nerves could have been in the way, but I don’t think who ever is managing him is serving him well either. It was like the details pictures clearly intended to turn on the aging cougars who still think that Adam just needs to meet the right girl. And now this too-obvious swing the other way. He’s good. He’s got a good voice. He doesn’t NEED all this “show” to go with it –leave that to the folks who can’t actually sing like britney spears.

      • Courtney

        LOL at least he wasn’t lip syncing? Kelly Clarkson wasn’t lip syncing, yet she didn’t feel the need to jam her crotch right at a back-up dancer’s face.

    • Debbie

      I am an avid Adam fan but I was dissappointed in his performance tonight. Not shocked…I feel bad for him that he did have that spill and that he did not have his best possible singing performance tonight. I worry that this will hurt him but I hope that it doesn’t. I recall many years ago when Whitney first sang on the AMAs and was very pitchy (Greatest Love of All). It didn’t hurt her career but then again she didn’t simulate a BJ either. We’ll see what happens with Adam. I’m still a fan!

      • DD

        Adam!!!!!!!!!! I love you. Ignore the hate!!! You are the best and I admire your balls of steel!! Go baby!

      • vogliobene

        i do hope that this doesn’t hurt his career. i know how great singer he is and i love him. so i am worried for him. still i am a huge fan and if he enjoyed his performance and doesn’t regret anything about it, then i guess at least he stayed true to himself and that’s what’s all about.

      • suej

        Debbie, I totally agree with you. Have been an Adam fan since his first days on American Idol, but I hated this performance and the overt sexuality on national tv. I was actually disappointed with the whole show and amazed that Taylor Swift is winning so many major awards. This should have been Michael Jackson’s showpiece. What ever happened to singing on key? I enjoyed Carrie and Daughtry and Alicia, but very little else.

      • Mainer 122

        Same here – still a fan, just hoping he makes better choices. Go for the over-the-top glitz and gyrations in a concert of ticket-buying fans, but on national TV keep the audience in mind. The Stones had to do it, The Red Hot Chili Peppers had to do it, Prince had to do it.

        Madonna’s brilliance (for better or worse) was knowing the fine edge she could walk for the proper gain of publicity over anger, but this was just full-throttle, in your face, and while you get plenty of press for it, you get little respect.

        Looking forward to seeing him on Letterman on Wednesday – with a smaller audience, he should be toned down and focusing on the music again.

      • Terri

        Adam was absolutely FABULOUS! To see Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, even Miley Cyrus, etc continuously flaunt sex in our face we’re told to just take it in stride, it’s just music. To see a man do it is refreshing and rewarding (despite whatever stupid criticisms the shallow-minded throw out there), GOOD FOR YOU. I love you, Adam … I was so damn proud to be a Glambert!!! I hope you make a stand, make a difference, and make us dance for many MANY years to come. You are just what this blase and insignificant decade needs. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING!!!

      • Dream Out Loud

        As bad as Adam’s performance was, he’s still miles better than that vanilla Kris Allen.

    • Sydney

      Train Wreck!

      • DD

        Yes, train wreck in your head honey!!! Adam is here to stay you fool!!

      • bostonbean

        Um I think its possible for the performance to be a train wreck without saying he’s a goner. This is one performance and lots of musicians have had absolutely dreadful ones and move on. I doubt it’ll derail him. So lets try to keep sane on both sides of another adam lambert flame war.

      • lana

        Train Wreck indeed. I could barely get through this it was so embarrassing.

      • A

        I agree with Slezak– I’m no prude(though a tad inappropriate for ABC, but that’s their biz). The performance as a whole was a hot mess. Adam has AMAZING vocal skills, but he chose shock over quality last night. He’s better than that. FOR SHAME!

      • tod

        Train wreck.

      • tamera

        what the hell???? why cant i find it on you tube.????

    • YAWWWN

      — LAST NIGHT —-





      adam lambert – NO CLASS

      • The class police

        Excuse me what makes you think your are the judge of who has class. Adam Lambert not only has class but he is charismatic talented and gorgeous. Best performance of the night by far!

      • Kiki

        Yeah, Carrie’s hoochie-mama, PussyCat Dolls-wannabe dancers were realllllll classy.


        Kris allen – kindergarder class
        chris daughtry- special needs class
        kelly clarkson- history class
        carrie underwood – puppet class

      • linda farley


      • Mona

        As for Adam Lambert, he is very gifted with his vocals and very talented. But he needs to focus on doing just that and not so much theatrics! Young and old DON’T want to see his nastey performance that was so disrespectful to the people viewing the show! Stick to singing. That’s what the people want to hear.

      • Mrs.P

        So the only people that he should be classified with are “boring” cookie cutter idols that are afraid of their shawdows and afraid they may insult the sensibilities of middle america. Gee wizzers!

      • Mark

        I so agree….what a waste of talent….buh buy Adam lambert. You had your shot. Next please.

      • Jason

        What’s a STEEL BALL CLASS?

      • @KiKi

        I thought that was the Puss Cat Dolls for the first few minutes! what is she trying to do?

      • amadeline75

        Class isn’t a word that should be applied to many of last night’s acts. There was enough bumping and grinding going on to make me think I’d tuned into a stripper fest! What’s with all the hooker outfits on the women – Carrie, JoLo, Shakira, Lady Gaga (who definitely ain’t no lady), Rihanna, all dress and carry on (on stage) like super sluts. Carrie’s super short shorts kept gaping! Was she trying to flash her crotch? Yuk!!
        Adam’s performance was theatrical. So is he. Somewhat over the top and somewhat in bad taste. Probably. But memorable and entertaining – definitely YES – I loved it, even though I was totally shocked. It was so in your face and HERE I AM. Go Adam!

      • Keli

        I don’t think Carrie made the classy list last night…and that’s unusual for her.

      • Applesauce

        yeah all the other idols had class exept for adam. almost everyone knows how much i dont like adam, but it would be an understatement to say he has gone to far. i was disturbed on multipul levels. luckely my parents wernt in the room. i could nt believe it. his vocals were also off. should of had someone else close the show.
        lady gaga was also kinda creepy but than again when is she not.
        jaz and alcia keys were impressive and i dont even like rap/hip-hop. kelly carrie and daughtry were as awesome as ever but the guitar had too much distortion on life after you.

      • Barry

        I watched Lambert on Idol and thought he was talented. His coming out of the closet never even made me waiver, each to his own. This amateurish performance on the AMA was sloppy and disrespectful of the possible audience watching it. His comment about this being and we aren’t with it if we don’t respect his act is a total childlike reaction to a show that for the most part was family watchable. Trust me I will go out of my way to never listen to this lost soul searching pining little childish mess of a “MAN.”

      • Ronnie

        I would also add David Cook as he’s a class act. I don’t recall any contestant or winner of A.I. ever being so crude on national TV. Adam’s fans are so blinded they can’t see what he really is. He’s just disgusting. This has nothing to do with his sexual orientation either. Gay artist don’t act this way on stage. His fans claim he was just going for the shock effect and to get people talking. Well sorry, don’t buy it. The media is so far up his b**t you can’t see daylight any more. He’s over pimped.

    • david

      Its the attitude about he had doing everything up there..
      He has 2 guys on leashes, dragging girls across stages, then grabbing the guy like he was a piece of meat and man handling kiss him as if he were trying to make a point… its a career suicide point and even if it was worth making Corporate America wouldnt let it be made…

      • Sara

        I think he did what he went out there trying to do…make people talk…get people intrigued…this will only help his career even if it was a trainwreck to watch…he is getting people talking, which will make him even more famous and get his album sold 10 times more

      • lucie

        I think it’s sad that Slezak had to preface legit and basically objective criticism with multiple paragraphs of disclaimers. Why do we have to be afraid of being called prude or homophobic if we don’t think the performance was appropriate or even entertaining? Come on, if it were a hetero man dragging women across the stage or forcing a kiss or simulated ‘service’ everyone would still be freaking out over the inappropriateness. I agree that this was a real show of his lack of professionalism to think this was the venue for doing whatever he “felt” like doing. Save that for shows where you’re the headliner–not for a nationally broadcast awards show honoring other musicians.

      • Mark

        Slezak’s a fan, lucie. It’s not so much that’s he’s a homophobe; it’s that he likes the guy and wants him to do well. But even he admits this was a blunder.

    • jordan

      was looking forward to hearing adam sing his own music, instead got a simulated sex show. his “save” after tripping involved humping somebody– which pretty much seemed to be the theme of his performance. i honestly have no idea what abc was thinking allowing this performance to happen– let alone be the show’s closer (i suppose i do know what they were thinking, but i think this will stain their reputation more than help them). i don’t need to see or hear any more of adam lambert- i’m done with him.

      what i hate the most is that kelly clarkson had a flawless, AMAZING performance, and that is not getting any press. this ceremony and its press does not feel american, is not about music, and not about awards. hopefully the main story tomorrow will turn out to be the fact that taylor swift, of age 19, won 5 of the AMA’s– beating out even michael jackson. congrats to her, sorry to have your moment stolen again (not in the same way, of course) by an attention whore.

      • Allyson

        I literally could not have said it better myself. Just disappointed all around.

      • jeff

        grow-up… adams performance was shocking but really who cares there are worst things out there being displayed….remember marilyn manson’s performance, even better Madonna… not so many years ago.. taylor, overrated tween….does she deserve all the awards “no” but she is the “it” girl right now… and to ABC kudos for allowing different entertainment.. kids should be in bed at that time. prime time is for adults or at least open minded people…

      • linda

        This was by far the most discusting display of “so called” talent I have ever seen. I am appalled that children all over the country were subject to such a sick performance of lewd acts! I hope never to have to experience
        Adam Lambert again!

      • Mo

        That’s right. Adam disappointed me in that my eight-year-old became a huge fan of his watching American Idol, but I don’t think I’ll ever let him watch a Lambert performance now. This tasteless display was way too much. If he sang a love song to his gay lover or if he danced with his male backup dancers in a romantic way because he’s gay I wouldn’t mind at all, but this was a full-on orgy, with S&M gear, stripper poles, simulated sex with men and women… I am so sick and tired of those pitiful “look at me! I’m shocking!” attempts to get people talking (what was so shocking about the Britney/Madonna kiss other than its crass comercialism? That was sexy???) so I’m not shocked, just saddened. As for his sticking his tongue without warning down the throat of an employee, isn’t that sexual harassment? Adam, honey, let your freak flag fly in the bedroom alone, otherwise you’ll keep losing fans.

    • Liono68

      I have to agree with those that are disapointed with the performance. I thought it was tacky, too over-done, and with not so great vocals. Adam isn’t an athlete and I’m sure all that running around took it’s toll on his wind pipes. I really love his singing though (except for tonight). Hot mess, sorry.

      • gigi

        Agreed! I wasn’t shocked, but very disappointed. It was tacky, over-done, and a little bit desprate.

      • Guido

        Hot mess is the operative description of that uninspired, faux sex romp.

      • Jess

        Agreed. It was tacky. Simple as that. I know he likes to make people talk, but there are other ways to do it.

      • caesaro

        Yes, it was overly done, too much, over the top, but isn’t that what lots of musicians to to get attention? He is not inventing the wheel!, it was invented long time ago. Kiss did their gross attire, the tongue, the performance, sure they had a ton of followers but most parents at the time thought they came straight out of hell. Madonna the same thing, she pushed the buttons, but so did Elvis with his sexual moves and so on. So one day we will look back and say…really? what was the big deal about kissing another guy and oral sex mocking? C’mon lets not be that puritan…anyone ever been to Europe? Sex on TV right and left, live with it, its just a show, grow up. If you want angels, start watching Pat Robertson. Only in America Janet shows her nipple and we are so offended…OMG why is that offensive. Your mind makes it dirty.

    • securemonk

      He was disgusting. I think he has killed his career in one badly sung, horrifically choreographed song. I think he was the only one who enjoyed the time. I hope it was good for him!

      • janig

        The most disgusting performance I have ever seen and I cut it off, but saw it on the internet. He should be ashamed and stay out of the public. Enough is enough! How horribly sad he thought this was “entertainment” a cheap sexual oddity — he is no longer an “idol”! Go away.

    • GORGON


      • Ew

        Agreed. American Idol should take away his runner-up title.

      • Sunny

        Agreed. I thought the prformance(if you can call it that) was really disgusting!

    • Denise west

      I love Adam Lambert, but I do not think the AMA’s was the place for this type of performance. I just don’t think the world is ready for Adam Lambert! I love him and will buy his CD though.

    • Roni

      I was a big fan of Adam’s and stayed up late night just to see him and sing and I have to say, I thought he sucked. I was VERY disappointed. I know he’s gay and I don’t care one way or the other, but the oral sex suggestive dancing was gross and I really expected better from him. perhaps he SHOULD have went with Queen.

    • Aunt Gokey

      One of the most appalling displays of homosexual sleaze I have ever been unfortunate enough to witness.

      • mark

        go away

    • Silv

      Whatever his qualifications, talents, or style, he certainly achieved his aim — he’s got all of you talking about him the morning after.

      • Mark

        And not really buying his record.

      • daisy

        True. There are 1400 posts to this blog alone. I haven’t seen that many before…except when Joe Jackson tried to sue Michael Jackson’s estate for an allowance. Anyway, 1400 post doesn’t translate into CD sales or downloads for Adam. I scanned many of the posts and most were negative. Take note Adam!!!! If you only want to appeal to a small very racey gay audience that’s fine but your reach will be very limited and you’ll be forgotten about by everyone else. Madonna is probably the only one to ride that tight rope successfully. She’s in a much higher league than Mr. Lambert. He’s got a long long way to go!!!

      • @ Mark

        I don’t think this will effect record sales. I love Adam, but was really disappointed in the performance. One bad performance isn’t going to keep me from buying his CD. Those who were awaiting the release will still buy. Those that don’t care for him weren’t going to buy, anyway. so nothing really lost here.

      • jonas

        If he walked outon stage and took a dump, we’d also be talking about it, but that’s not necessarily good, is it? Wait, he did walk out onstage and take a dump.

    • Dawn

      Adam Lambert sucked his performance was so bad!! He really needs to sing not grab someones privates. He sang so so much better on American Idol what has happened to his voice please go back and look at your singing on Idol Adam because you were so bad on the AMS.

    • Teslamania

      Isn’t the Rocky Horror Picture Show usually done around Halloween. This was amateur at best, almost a little Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Adam fooled America with his good looks and decent retro 80’s rock vocals and then gave them a big FU kiss proclaiming that he is a dirty boy. Good luck with retaining your fan base -Hey EW looks like the Gokster could make his way back the crumbling AI ladder -afterall.

      • Jason

        Could…but probably wont

      • PG

        Sorry, but Adam’s performance, while not my favorite, wasn’t bad enough to elevate Gokey in any way. That would require Gokey being someone we’d want to actually Listen to!!

    • Angelia

      Regardless of your sexual orientation, I was appauled and frankly embarrassed for him. I know he’s gay, I definately don’t need it smashed in my face… I GET IT !!! If that’s all he’s got going for him I truly pity him…

      The thing that actually aggrivates me more than anything is his comment on “the kiss”… “I was in the Moment”… Hog wash, the lyrics right before he did it were “can you handle what I’m about to do”… gimme a break people i think i just threw up in my mouth not for the act itself, but the bologna excuse he gave… wtfe Adam, I won’t be buying your CD.. You’ve over-rated, pretentious, and it’s incredibly nauseating… Get a grip, you’re not all that…

      • daisy

        You’re right. There was nothing “in the moment” here. It was all contrived and calculated.

      • steve

        Adam just wanted to be like the Britney/Madonna fiasco, but he’s not in thier league to pull off a stunt like this yet in his career. However, he thinks he is, but until he has several top 10, top 5 or a slew of #1 hits like Madonna or Britney, then I can’t buy that he’s a musician or artist yet to justify his publicity stunt with no ‘real’ music behind his belt. He’s just a fad with no music, but he thinks he’s a superstar…egotistic as a narcisstic queen thinks he is as a diva on the dancefloor wannabe (should be the name of his new cd). I didn’t like his singing or performance, but to each his own.

    • the facts

      UM you allll are crazy!!!!!!!! i never went gaga for gaga but last night, by far , he/she gav e the best performance of her careeer and one of the great memorable performances of awards show history!!!! that choreography with her and her dancers, whilst singing, the piano part, totally channgin upp it was crazy… ms clarkson was good, but pitchy due to nerves about how fat shes gotten!!!!! and then comes j lo who noone gave credit to for actuallly singing, and well,(never happens from her) and lambert, rihanna, and jayzplus alicia keys are just here for our entertainment and boy was that a show!!!!!

    • Ew

      DRAG QUEEN Adam, RIP.
      He is not allowed in our house any more.

    • DVRd

      uh….there were no women dancers on that stage…they were all male!!!

    • Susan

      Double standard. The rapper choir had 70% of performance bleeped, Lady Gaga wore a “nylon” on her body, Shakira has simulated sex, Janet J grabbed her crotch and her dancers, why so much outrage, is boy to boy kiss to much for some? Get a life, It’s rock and roll folks not meant to be neat and tidy or we wouldn’t be so emotionally charged when we hear a song.

      • w

        If this is your idea of rock and roll, you don’t have a clue about real music. Adam couldn’t be further from rock and roll. He’s not the ‘rock god’ you envisioned, he’s more like the ‘desperate disco diva’. What a sham and embarrasment!

    • talex42

      To me there seemed to be a sound problem maybe the feed was too low? He was straining at a lower pitch, lower than the song actually is, and thus was off key. Adam is almost never off key!
      It detracted from his gorgeous suit, stance and dancers.

    • Nina Elder

      I’m a true Lambert fan and we can’t blame this all on him. The producers must have known. They kept playing it up all night even before it happened. He’s got great talent and he’ll come out of this if his fans stand behind him.

    • kats

      I was thinking about purchasing the album for myself and for some Christmas gifts. However, after that performance I would not take it for free!

      • DD

        Good riddance, Adam wouldn’t want you as fan anyway!!

    • DM

      I WAS a big fan of Adam’s, I was up late just to watch his performance! What a waste of good sleep. I have good friends that are gay so thats not my issue at all. If you want to perform as a drag queen than keep it off the AMA’s. disappointed!!!!

      • BROOKE & RIDGE


    • Jo

      I very much agree that the S & M spectacle Adam presented was a disappointment. Who is advising him? Certainly he has management involved in these decisions. His FYE video is much more tastefully done, and his vocals are so much better on the CD. I was expecting the amazing range and vocal abilities he normally exhibits. He could have brought the house down with his voice alone, and without all of the drama. This was a sad debut. But, he will survive this controversy, and emerge the stellar artist he is destined to be.



  • Brooke

    I was disappointed – but it might just be that my expectations where super-high.

  • Duderonomy

    Oh my. That was a D-I-saster. Trying waaaaaay too hard.

    • Mark

      Indeed. This wasn’t good. I know people are going to spin it in his favor, but the vocals didn’t sound good, even, and that should be pretty consistent from him. The entire thing was a hot mess, and I was rooting for him. Ah, well.

    • CC

      Yep, it was AWFUL.

      • Tricia

        It was a disgusting performance. I can’t believe I was rooting for him on AI.

    • mishka

      I agree.
      “Don’t go chasing waterfalls and stick to the rivers and the lakes you were used to”. Adam Lambert should take this as a lesson learned, he is NOT A STAR YET and he needs practice.

  • Kasey

    It was over the top yet completely boring. He definitely tried too hard and failed miserably.

    • Mandee

      sadly, i agree

    • YAWWWN

      EPIC FAIL.



    • renee

      i loved his vocals except for one place at the end, but that didn’t seem to be his problem but a tech issue.
      did think he pushed the envelope in his performance and i’m hard to shock.
      agree with karen this was not a ricky martin OMG grammy moment, and hope that doesn’t affect his sales. it won’t with me since i prebought the cd, but the mere fact there’s a column on this says something.

  • comavampure

    Loved IT. racy fir his first performance, but I LOVED IT.

    • randy

      sad day in america,,,when we would vote for someone like this to be our IDOL ???

      • talkin’

        in case yoiu didn’t notice – he didn’t win. That was the sad day for America ;)

      • Christy

        He got to 2nd place and it was close. Enough people voted for that statement to not be wrong.

      • Liono68

        And YOU’VE never had an off day? His performance sucked. That doesn’t mean he should be burned at the stake.

      • MiamiMaria

        To be fair….if he had a performancce like this on Idol he would have been gone. He was better when he emphasized singing over his sexuality, I like Adam but this was beyond a train wreck. BTW, Kelly Clarkson and Jay-Z and Alicia Keys killed it!!

      • caroline

        I’m glad I didn’t watch this live. ewwwww. This is the type of performance you put on in your own area show – (or in this Adam’s case, club shows.) for people who paid for it. NOT on national tv. It proves to me that American people got it right.

      • jeff

        he didnt win idol….

  • PhDude

    I love ADAM! He was provocative tonight and I LOVED it!

    • Kerry Koplches

      PhDude…you are so wrong. I am depressed my Rock God was a MESS.

      • w

        He’s not a ‘rock god’ he’s a ‘disgusting disco diva’.

  • Pete

    Everything was fantastic except the vocals. I’m a fan, and he left me hugely disappointed.

    • anya

      I totally agree.

  • Karen

    I rewound twice trying to figure out the identity of the keyboard player, lol… As for the vocals, it was really hard to judge. There was at least two occasions where the sound cut out didn’t seem content based, but more technical snafu. I am an Adam fan, but this was not the breakthrough performance I had hoped for, ala Ricky Martin at the Grammy’s some years back.

    • J

      That Cup of Life performance was incredible. I can still picture it.

      • timbit_queen

        Btw, does anyone know where I can see this performance? I have huge memories of that and loved it so much. A star was born….too bad he fell. Anyways I checked youtube and I cannot find it. Help?

    • Betty

      I think that was Tommy, his Male guitar player that was playing the keyboard tonight.

    • Mistyluv7

      The key board player was Tommy the bass player in Adam’s Band…..definitely a male

  • Jerry

    OMG. I love that he was so defensive about the whole Out magazine drama that he went 180 degrees in the opposite direction and pushed it SO HARD that he probably just committed career suicide.

    Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    • Curtis

      Jerry, I don’t know if it’s career suicide (how many others in the industry have been able to bounce back or redefine themselves? certainly happens) but it may be a major break on the hype.

      Very interesting take on the Out-AMA stuff. I agree generally with the article above, that he could have really outperformed some, like J Lo and Rihanna, on voice alone but for some reason decided the stage props were more important. Out may be in Glee heaven right now, but for some reason I feel he was giving them the finger.

      • Rodrigo.

        the key phrase is “bounce back.” He can’t bounce back to anything, this was his first try and it was BAD.

        I mean when your performance is worse than a flubbery J LO and a crack-head Whitney Houston, you know it’s career suicide.

      • as

        We all know he can sing…I strike it up to nerves etc. It was a bit extreme and not needed. I think he forgot everyone liked him cause of his singing. If his singing had been as we all know it to be I really don’t think anyone would of complained about the stage performance. But people watched it way too close cause he was off in singing. Hey its his 1st attempt. He will still be a hit cause the bottom line is we all know he has one heck of a voice. And his cd he won’t have those mistakes on it. Good luck Adam

      • Jenn

        Most of the performance was good which makes me think between being rushed and the sound problems all night it was a technical issue that ultimately through him off at the end. He did seem pitchy. Might be nerves, but it seemed more technically driven.

    • Christy

      He literally could have stood there and sang something accapella and blown everyone out of the water. It’s a shame to see him waste what could have put him on everyone’s radar nationwide…well…maybe he IS on everyone’s radar now… just in a very very bad way.

      I weep for people who found that to be a sexy or anythign other than trashy performance.

      • acbgrb

        You’re right….I waited through some very good and some very bad performances to hear that wonderful singing voice. Only to be disappointed by something that could only be described as a porn performance gone bad. I hope this is not the career path he will follow.

      • cndn610

        I was waiting for something like he did on Idol where his voice was the star, not the ridiculous production number. He must have something on that album to equal Mad World, Ring of Fire or Whole Lotta Love. This wasn’t it.

      • roy

        He resorted to the ‘rock wail’ again last night. That was a gimmick (like Blake’s beat-boxing) that got him attention on AI, but it’s really tiresome after you’ve heard it a few dozen times. It’s not pleasant to listen to. And his voice is strident.

  • Dale

    What the hell was that performance all about!

    • JIM

      That was the worst perrormance I have seen for awhile….What was he thinking….he needs to go back home and pratice…

  • Bill

    Too stiff and trying too hard to shock. Yawn.

    • Ugly Jenny

      I completely agree. I found the sexuality in the performance contrived. I was watching the show with my mom and I felt so uncomfortable even if she wasn’t there.

      Bottom line: I am glad that Kris Allen won American Idol!

      • Ash

        Totally agree. I used to really like Adam and wanted him to do well. But I am getting more and more turned off by the post-Idol Adam…

      • deerocker

        Adam’s album is awesome!!! He is incredibly talented and will continue to push the envelope. He has created an entirely new sound encapsulating all of the genres I love. . . so what if he stumbled a bit on tonight’s performance? He is a superstar and will be a force in pop music for a long time to come. Rock on Adam!! Your true fans will be there for you always.

      • H

        @deerocker: Producers created the music/sound as far as I know. He was involved in only two songs as co-author…

  • Gabriel

    Adma’s performance was shocking, true, but his vocals were scorching, and I thought his darker, edgier, more aggressive pwersona was a great way to wipe the slate clean after Idol and reinvent himself. I love the song, the vocals and the sexy performance, and it was a highlight of the show for me along with Lady Gaga.

    • anna

      Gabriel, I concur.

  • JL

    Adam was obviously nervous. I like him, but his vocals was definitely lacking tonight.

  • jaderose

    Lambert’s performance was AWFUL… and i WAS a big fan. Carrie Underwood and Mary J. sounded awesome.

    • Sandy

      Carrie and Mary J. always sound awesome live!

      • Curtis

        Carrie had female dancers giving the microphone stand a simulated hand job.

        I think she would have sounded better if not for a lot of technical problems with ABC/AMA that caused her voice to be a little hard to understand.

        I think the best Idol performance at AMA came from Kelly Clarkson.

      • Mark

        Best performance came from Kelly, period, in my opinion. What a strong performance from her! Understated compared to the rest, but, seriously, what a great job.

      • Jenn

        Yes it is interesting that people complain about the content of Adam’s performance when Janet Jackson grabbed a mans crotch, women dancers were doing all kinds of sexual things all night and Eminen got bleeped serveral times. I still think there was a sound issue because Fergie sounded flat and out of key as well.

      • MiamiMaria

        I agree Mark! When you have a great vocal gift like Kelly, you can just stand there and sing and entertain people without all of the spectacle (looking at you Rihanna, BEP, Galmbert, Gaga etc.)

  • Kate

    100% agree, Slezak. The BDSM-imagery didn’t surprise me. Anyone who listened to the song with even half an attentive ear could have determined the subtext. But Lambert sounded so awful it was cringe-worthy. I’m completely in favor of challenging hetero-normative cultural standards but this performance was an aurally unappetizing mess. So not what I expected from Lambert.

    • indierocks

      Even though I agree with Slezak and most of the comments I read (so far), I doubt anything like this would ruin his career at all. The fact the media loves him, and has crazy-ass fans (no offense to the crazy-ass fans) – he’s going to be okay. The only thing that can ruin a career is things like racial slurs…or stealing the award moment of a innocent new artist (Kanye, I’m talkin’ to you). Not his best vocal performance, though big, but I can’t help but say I have a feeling a pop artist or two up there were lip-synching while dancing (J.Lo?). Anyway, artists make mistakes and things happen – oh well. I was afraid Adam was going to get hurt. Though for a second there, I almost thought it was part of the act only because the professionalism of picking up w/o showing hint of defeat.

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