Kris Allen: How to explain the 'American Idol' champ's disappointing chart performance?

The first-week sales results for Kris Allen are in, and they’re not spectacular. The American Idol champ moved 80,000 copies of his self-titled debut album, placing him at No. 11 on SoundScan’s chart (behind Justin Bieber, Casting Crowns, and Norah Jones, though ahead of Leona Lewis), and perhaps more alarmingly, giving him the lowest first-week sales returns for an Idol winner in the show’s eight-season history.

A Jive Records spokesperson, however, says the label isn’t panicking, pointing to the fact that Kris’ lead single, “Live Like We’re Dying,” reentered the Billboard Hot 100 this week at No. 70, and that the singer’s target audience (the Hot AC radio format) is one where slow-and-steady progress is often the norm. In fact, she says, fellow Idol acts such as Daughtry and David Cook have proven that first-week sales are only part of the equation for pop-rock product. “We 150 percent believe in the Kris Allen record,” she said. “And the indicators of radio growth and digital single sales prove we’re correct.”

Still, as an avid Idol watcher and someone who’s been very much enjoying Kris’ CD (see my track-by-track analysis here), I’m perplexed by the sound of crickets greeting his arrival in the commercial marketplace. Sure, season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert has scored the lion’s share of the post-Idol media buzz, but the folks at 19/Jive haven’t skimped on Kris’ project, either. He’s got a luxe-looking video; he’s appeared on Conan, GMA, and Regis & Kelly (as well as EW’s video series Réalité, embedded below); and he’s made a record that ought to appeal to the same exact fans who speed-dialed him to victory during his Idol run.

So how come he’s not neck-and-neck with John Mayer, or at least cracking the Top 5, in his first week out? In other words, what the heck is wrong with this country? Give your theories and your long-term projections in the comments section below. Oh, and do follow me — as well as the lovely and talented Music Mix blog — on Twitter: @EWMichaelSlezak and @EWMusic Mix.

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  • Phil

    Slezak, your love & support for Kris is almost pathetic at this point. How could you quote the Jive spokesperson who says they’re on point with Kris at the Hot AC format when a good portion of those stations ABANDON their format completely for the next month and play Holiday Music til Christmas!? You mus think I’m picking on you anymore, but seriously as a fan, GIVE IT UP. Kris is the 1st casualty of the over-packed release schedule. Your ‘Kris Allen Superfan Manifesto’ obviously didn’t help the dude out, so this item just looks sad, for both you & him. He doesn’t have the over-all appeal, and sadly its now reflecting in his sales. Its that simple.
    (And for everyone that thinks I am some Adam fan…) For the record, I agreed completely with Michael’s analysis of Adam’s performance at the AMAs. And I am a gay man, so for him to say, they’re giving him flak cause he’s a gay male, is completely moronic. There are different sides to being gay, and clearly, Adam’s performance showcased very heavily into S&M, bondage, and Daddy fixations Sunday night. Personally, I thought it would hurt his sales this week, but from what I’ve seen today, its actually helping him…go figure.

    • Vada

      Phil, where do you live, that Christmas music takes over HOT AC for the entire month of December? In my area, there is only one AC station that plays Christmas music, all the way up until Christmas eve.

      • Phil

        5th larggest city in the country…Philadelphia.

      • RyRyNYC

        The AC stations in NYC (THE BIGGEST MARKET) starting Friday will start playing two christmas songs for every one non-seasonal track…

      • Danny

        I live in Biloxi, Mississippi on the gulf coast and the only soft pop station here that plays 70s, 80s and 90s and today’s hits will only be offering Christmas music starting this Friday.

      • Seeking Unemployment

        In NYC, the “Lite FM” station went to all X-mas music a couple of weeks ago. I sometimes had to turn it on for the wife, but now it won’t be on again in our car until January.

      • Mar

        The stations where you live DON’T shove Xmas music down your throats? I want to go to there.

      • Vada

        Christmas spins on AC won’t effect Kris’ airplay on HOT AC.

      • music_lover

        I missed the American Idol show, and I don’t know those contestants. I heard some Kris Allen songs on the radio and bought his cd. It has been on REPEAT on my iPod. The guy got talent. I want to collect his second cd.

      • E

        Adam Lambert used 99 CENTS strategy to win the first week numbers. Starting Day 2 release, the cd was $3.99 with an instant coupon $3.00. Now Adam is off the chart with the regular price. Kris’s cd is much better than Adam’s according to the New York Times review.

      • Tina

        E you are stupid. I love Kris and I support him, but I also like Adam and what you stated about the 99 cent thing is not funny. Kris will grow and grow, I think and hope I am wrong but Adam might be selling fast now, but he may fizzle after. Kris is growing slowly and he has nowhere to go but up, poor Adam has nowhere to go but down. He is a fantastic singer but he is out there everywhere too soon.

    • djm

      I’ve said this since the day after he won the show – the majority of the people who vote for American Idon DO NOT PURCHASE THE MUSIC. I was at a finale party with over 25 people – 3 of them were Adam fans the rest voted for Kris. I asked every single one of them if they would buy Kris’ CD and not one of them said yes. All but 4 of them said they voted for Kris because they didn’t like Adam and the other 4 said they like him on the show but that his style of music was not their thing. So I asked about the previous winners and only 1 person at the party (besides me – I am an Idol CONSUMER) has ever purchased a Idol related CD (it was a Kelly Clarkson CD). If Fox REALLY wants to know who is going to sell records post-Idol they should make people PAY for the right to vote multiple times – that way they will know that the eventual winner is actually someone the TRUE CONSUMERS will support. Just a thought.

      • Monique

        You’re pretty much right. I’ve been guilty of voting for Idols but not supporting them where it counts – record sales. Usually because the end product ends up being blah, or that type of music isn’t something I’d like to listen to after a long day of work.

        As a contestant, I liked Kris more than Adam. But in terms of who I’d rather buy a CD from – absolutely Adam. Love the sound on his CD.

      • clandrith

        djm you are absolutely right. If viewers of AI had to pay to vote, the outcome would be dramatically different. Pay for votes is an outstanding guage to future “sellability.”

      • Phil

        Yes, but realistically, that would NEVER happen since paying for votes, would then be looked upon as only the rich, or well off could get to vote, while those in the lower economic branches would be discounted from voting. Good idea…but the execution is impossible.

      • Solymar

        I totally agree with the fact that most people don’t support their favorite contestant after all the American Idol Buzz is over. BUT I think paying to vote is a little bit too much. Maybe FOX should sell each contestant’s songs of the night and count each sale as a vote so that at the end the most commercial singer wins. This is just one of many other ideas that the producers of AI could use in order to spice up the reality show because everyone is growing a little tired of it and the recent changes they made were NOT for the good (NO KARA, YES PAULA)

      • BR

        djm is right – American Idol voters aren’t huge music buyers. Kris’ base is likely teens. While Kris may be on shows like Conan, Regis & Kelly, and GMA, teens DON’T WATCH THESE SHOWS!!! It doesn’t help that his CD is ok – not a whole lot of memorable tunes. Hopefully sales will pick up for Kris. The way the music industry is today, 80K copies is a good week.

      • Lindsey

        I think the idea of paying for votes is a good one–and it doesn’t have to be something only “rich” people do, how many of us will text vote for other things even if it cost 50 cents or even $1.50? But it might make people think twice about “wasting” a vote on someone they don’t love if they’re voting every week.

      • J28

        I agree millions of votes are casted by thousands/millions of ppl. But the reality of all them going out and buying the record or getting it off iTunes is not good. Also with the lil to no promotion for the Idol contestants music increasing the fanbase to ppl who didnt watch idol and to get the music buying public to purchase cd only makes stuff worse. Remember not all winners n runner ups have done good… taylor, katherine, fantasia, blake, diana, jordan (w/ first record not single or albums after), etc.

      • J28

        As for paying a fee to vote… I would NOT pay to vote. Because 1) I think it’s rediculous and 2) Esp. cuz the money I’d pay to vote would NOT go to the Idol contestants I be voting for. So If they switched to having to pay a fee to vote I’d just do like I always do root for the ones I like and buy the cd and songs off iTunes I like and it just be minus calling in and voting.

      • Preston

        Many times, I will purchase the Idol finalists’ first albums. But I don’t have flashbacks of “Oh I remember them on Idol” when I hear them. I think forward with where they are going music-wise in their recording careers. And looking forward to hearing the new songs. I liked both Kris Allen and Adam Lambert’s albums and am looking forward to Allison Iraheta’s album.

      • BobDobolina

        Paying to vote would indeed work. Several of the Idol shows in other countries do charge something small for each vote, and they’ve been doing it for 7 years now to great effect. Some of them also have a limit on how many votes can come from a given phone number.

        I think the producers of American Idol already know that it would work and would be more fair. Unfortunately, they love the drama of the upsets, the obsessive internet/radio/talk show analysis of regional and other bloc votes and the fact that they can say they got ten kajillion votes last night. My guess is that they think it’s more profitable to stick with their current skewed but dramatic methods than to go to a fairer system.

    • UK Fan

      Come on you guys, I am a huge Adam fan but what you people are saying here about Kris is not nice at all!!! Loosen up and enjoy life. It’s not that deep man!! You can wait for Kris’ 2nd CD if you didn’t like the first one!!!!! Give the man a break!!!

      • anonymous

        so true- you can’t judge a book by its cover, right?

      • Ulysses

        Kris is the REAL MUSICIAN (much like Norah Jones and Elton John, etc) of the bunch, and they can hit it big (regardless of amazing talent) or not. The real important matter IS: THEY ARE DEDICATED AND APPRECIATIVE OF THEIR TRUE ART. They will not astray to please tinsel minded people (as Adam does and will–it’s who Adam is, so no insult intended). BUT, Allison has the BEST vocals of ALL Idols. I love Kris. I love Allison. Adam is a product of Hollywood’s irresponsible and dishonorable support FOR him. Kris will remain a name in music for good. I have no illusions.

    • Lollie

      Michael is not the only person who has met Kris to sing his praises so don’t even go there.
      MTV’s Jim Canitello, who is straight, really likes Kris.
      MJ of MJ’s Big Blog slipped and stated that she wanted Kris to win.
      Rickey or was an ardent Kris fan.
      Top Idol really likes Kris.
      Even the people over at Vote For The Worst like Kris…and that is VFTW, people.
      Then this:
      I noticed something.
      Many of the former Idols have appeard on Idol last seson.
      1. David Archuleta said when he was in Singapore that Kris was his favorite and said that his song of the day was LLYD.
      2. David Cook twittered Kris the night of the AMAs and said “Give’em hell Kris” and even twittered him today.
      3. Jason Castro said he really likes Kris and wants to do music with him.
      4. Chris Daughtry said he was a total Kris fan during the competition.
      5. Carrie Underwood has come and said her favorites were Kris and then Danny.
      6. Kris still keeps in touch/has lunch with Alex Truggman/Anoop.
      7. Matt Giraud twitters Kris.
      None of them have twittered Adam.
      Remember ALL these people have met and know each other.
      Interesting that many of the past Idols like Kris so much. That tells you that Kris is a very cool and likable guy.
      So you can’t just say Michael Slezak is the only one WHO HAS MET Kris that is in his corner.

      • Reality TV

        Well said the facts. In reality, who has the most friends will win!
        Music is a personal thing. I don’t care the 1st week numbers. I enjoyed Kris’s cd. I believe Kris is a kind musician who takes off slowly and gets stronger and stronger with time. Just like him in the American Idol show in May, remember?

    • Dee

      B101 Philadelphia is NOT HOT AC (it is Adult Contemporary which caters to the “over 30″ crowd) and it is a lame one at that. One can set their watch by what particular song they happen to be playing.

    • cincerity

      Phil, I think you are the one that is confused. It’s the “AC” format that switches to mostly holiday music this time of year NOT “HOT AC”. I agree with Slezak and Jive, songs on HOT AC tend to build slowly and that fits Kris’s style just fine. I’m happy that Kris’s single is doing so well on Hot AC and I’m sure will continue to gain airplay on that format as well as top 40.
      I don’t agree with a lot of the comments on this thread. I think Kris has a great personality. He’s warm and friendly and funny. There is nothing “boring” about him or his music. It’s the kind of music that I connect to and I happen to love every song on his album. I think it’s a good solid album and I’m really proud of Kris. I just wish he wouldn’t have been overshadowed by all the press Adam gets because I really do think it hurt his sales. Any other year the winner would have gotten all of the headlines. It’s just unfortunate that he has to compete with Adam’s Hollywood glitz and glamour and constant controversy that keeps him in the headlines. There is no way Kris can compete with that. If Cook or Daughtry would have won this year and had Adam for a runner up, the same would have happened to them. Adam makes headlines constantly and mostly not about his music. Hollywood loves their hometown boy and he is all they talk about. It’s not fair to Kris but that’s the world we live in. I really think Kris has the talent to have a long and successful career. He just has to hang in there. You have to remember, One Republic released their new album this week too and didn’t chart well. So it’s not just Kris. I think it’s the pop/rock genre in general that’s taking a back seat on the charts right now. Thanks Michael Slezak for “getting” Kris and supporting him. He deserves it.

    • TellyB

      This is no surprise. Today’s pop music/pop radio landscape is all about niches, easy labels and archetypes: Kris’ niche- the sensitive, good-looking, folksy guitar man- is alredy filled in radio by Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson. No surprise that his album tanked. Adam Lambert is getting all the buzz because he is something that at the moment has np parallel in pop radio; a glammed up, pansexual, latter day Lizard King. And I’m not saying that her is better than Kris, that’s subjective. What I’m saying is that you gotta have a gimmick to get noticed, and Adam has it.

    • Liz

      Today’s Hit Daily Double (ADAM LAMBERT 19/RCA/RMG 98,401). Not much better than Kris Allen’s. It’s quite disappointing with all media attention, buzz and the gross sexual performance for publicity. I think Adam fans are still sore about his loss on Idol. Get over it.

      • Rocky

        Liz, the final numbers were not in at 98,401. They are now. Adam sold about 196K units, so more than double Kris’s. Get your facts straight before you spew your hate. You look like a fool.

  • Annyong!

    What’s to explain? Everyone saw if coming during the finale of AI.
    Plus, it doesn’t help that the music sucks!


      co-signuing on this comment

    • dawn

      me too!

      • Annyong!

        isn’t that CD cover of his ironic?

      • Cajun Joe

        I can’t believe that “soul patrol” twat even outsold this guy.
        Much too funny.

      • .99 cents

        Chart performance? Well IDK maybe the economy? BUT I do know that they have they have LOWERED the price for Adam Lamberts CD to .99cents! HOW DESPERATE IS THAT? They are sooo scared that Lambert will fail after all the hype and money they put into him so even if he sells more that Kris that does not mean a successful career.

      • Emma

        To .99cents, what have you been smoking? They just raised the price of Adams album from 3.99 to 10.99 on and on itunes, it’s still 16.99. Maybe you’re just downloading it illegally?

      • NotFooled

        It’s true. They did a marketing strategy connected with the AMA strategy. Create and outcry people go to checkout his album as a result and it’s been reduced to 3.99 or .99c with coupon code. buzz dies down price back up.

      • To 99 cents

        They only reduced his CD to $.99 for 2 days as a promotion. Does Billboard even use Amazon or iTunes to track sales?

      • beth

        Me three!

    • dee

      oh glamberts…

      • Annyong!

        Ummmm, nope. Not a fan of his either.

      • Steve the Pole

        Kris Allen will be playing steak restaurants before long.

      • Katie

        LOL it’s not ADAM’S fault (who I find beyond annoying) that Kris is flopping badly.

      • Kaylee

        I love adam lambert and I like kris Allen and they both sing very good .

      • Shirley

        Well, what can I say? The bitterberts are out in droves having their field day in order to blur the media focus on their “rock god” EPIC AMA performance. It doesn’t help that his record label are reducing his cd price full of awful, autotuned music to 99 cents on Amazon so that he could have good sales…tsk tsk.

    • Katie

      I remember I got trashed here after Kris’ sales leaked and I said it was bad (and the projection at that time was 95k).

      Let’s face facts – Kris is mildly talented (at best), and he’s a big old bore. There’s nothing “new”, fresh or exciting about him.

      • dazzlefresh

        Your description of Kris could be applied to John Mayer as well.

      • Jack

        except John Mayer writes some of the best music thats out today….minor difference

      • Phil

        John Mayer now has almost a decade of fans behind him now though. John’s personality & sense of humor makes Kris seem likes almost deaf mute. I’m not hating on kris, but John Mayer is funny as all hell, besides his musical talent. Kris could only hope to be that interesting.

      • EWsMom

        Even though I don’t like John Mayer too much, at least he has an interesting/sexy personality.
        Kris is a boring, married 5 foot dwarf. Pass.

      • Sally in Chicago

        Your description could apply to David A and David C too.

      • eric

        Kris Allens album is one of if not the best American Idol cd i have every bought he will be fine at least he writes his own music

      • @Sally Chicago

        David A & David C have gold and platinum album, and different but huge devoted fan base. Stop being a hater for no reason

    • lauren

      No, the music doesn’t suck. Kris’ single sales jumped 67% this week. This is the 3rd straight week he has seen a big jump in sales for LLWD. And everyone was predicting that would be a flop after it started out slowly in terms of sales.

      Kris has already proven it’s not wise to write him off too quickly. It’s entirely possible his album will see a slow but steady improvement in sales, similar to what his single has done.

      • AK

        His single sales jumped because the album came out. Stick a fork in him; he’s done.

      • Russ Perot

        completely agree lauren! The race has just begun. It doesn’t end here. It’s a long way to go!!

    • CC

      Biggest Idol FLOP ever.

      • lauren

        Again, WAY to early to say that.

      • whatevs

        Um, do Ruben and Fantasia ring a bell to you? Exactly.

      • Russ Perot

        Do you end and conclude a career at the first week of sales! Where did you study or did you ever go beyond kindergarten?? You’re a retard.

      • OMG

        Yes, Fantasia does ring a bell and she is OFF THE HOOK!!! I’ve seen her on Broadway (she was AMAZING) and then I saw her live this past summer and she put on the best live show I’ve seen in forever – she did her songs as well as Prince, Aretha, Chaka Khan – her concert was entertaining, fun, and moving – she is the best Idol EVER.

      • RyRyNYC

        No offense people, but, if no one bought hi album this week, they are most certainly not going to buy HIS album over the MAJOR ALBUMS RELEASED THIS WEEK. From what I can gather, it looks like Lady GaGa is killing in the Digital sales. plus he came in at 11!!! i doubt he’ll stay in the top 20 after this week’s releases…

      • Bench

        Oh please.

      • Preston

        I saw Fantasia perform in July 2008 in Orlando, Florida and she was very good! She got the audience dancing in the aisles and I love her band. She did songs off her 2 albums as well as some classic R&B covers.

    • Rich

      Actually, this proves what is RIGHT with this country. After nearly 10 years of having boring & annoying AI “winners” shoved down our throats–Taylor Hicks, Justin G, Bo Bice, Diana DeGarmo, etc etc–the American public is finally starting to regurgitate them back up. I’m sure Kris Allen is fine and all, but he’s nothing special. There’s LITERALLY 1000 other male singer-songwriters out there every bit as good… and none of them are getting 1/20th the hype. Kris should be glad he got the promotional push to even crack the Top 15….. and he should probably begin mulling future options once his label drops him.

      • Lizabeth

        The only actual Idol winner out of those listed is Taylor Hicks.

      • Bobbie

        Sorry Phil, Taylor is not now, nor has he ever been boring! His live shows are fun, energetic and entertaining. I liked Kris on AI, and looked forward to his first CD, but I listened to some of the song samples, and it’s a bit to “bubble gum” for my taste. I want a little more substance. So I opted not to buy it, though I may change my mind and purchase a few songs I like. I wish Kris all the success. He seems to be a truly nice guy. I have supported AI people in the past with purchases — Taylor, Kelly, Kellie,and Josh. IMHO there hasn’t been an Idol contestant worth supporting since Taylor. His first CD, while containing several good songs, left a lot to be desired; but his lastest “The Distance” is an entertaining collection of a variety of musical styles in contrast to the “sound alike” quality of Kris’ CD.

      • Phil

        @Bobbie, You should be saying SORRY RICH, NOT PHIL, I haven’t said two words about Taylor in any post!

    • brandy

      we must be listening to different music then. i am LOVING this album more than any other idol debut.

      • Russ Perot

        Kris’s music is great – love his style and his songs!!!

      • never watched AI in my life

        I’ve never seen a single episode of American Idol, and all I ever know of the contestants are the songs that they release post-show. So far, I like Kris’ music than many of the other AI recorders out there. I’d give him a chance, cause even though he might not come out swinging now, he has talent to keep coming at ya.

    • Frank Anderson

      I wouldn’t say that it sucks. I would just say that there are too many tracks that sound like that generic Kelly Clarkson styled pre-fab songs that sound just like every other song that the AI stars have put out.

      A few sound like real Kris Allen songs, but not many.

      I like the album, but it is pretty cheesy, and the fact that it is not selling like gangbusters does not surprise me too much.

      Even Adam’s cd feels like a rush job of ‘lets throw everything possible on there to see what sticks.’

      I like both albums, but do not love them.

      Fingers crossed for Allison’s!

    • SCat

      yup me too. and I add one more word: Arkansas

    • SCat

      this comment was meant to go at the start: yup me too. and I add one more word: Arkansas

    • Heilige Bimbam

      I totally agree with Annyong.Always thought Kris was the most boring winner ever.

    • Vada

      Yes, you are right about Glambert’s CD. It does suck, and everyone saw it coming.

      • Tina

        Vada I thought you had better sense than that. Adam’s CD does not suck. You never did like him so why not just say that. I am a Kris fan first, but would never put Adam down to make Kris look better, he doesn’t need that.

    • 4watitzwurth

      I see bitter people…

  • B

    Way too much focus on Adam Lambert and thats why Kris Allen has done bad so far. It doesnt matter who the people picked to win Idol, people see the real winner as Adam Lambert….

    • Katie

      “Way” too much focus on Adam? What are you people smoking? On THIS SITE ALONE, there were at least 2-3 *LENGTHY* articles about Kris & his new CD with TONS of comments.

      All this Adam hoopla came wayyyyyy AFTER the 17th (when Kris’ CD dropped).

      • lauren

        The national media has been hyping Adam ever since Idol ended. There is no comparison in the attention Kris and Adam have received. Adam just performed on the AMAs, has been on the cover of several magazines and will be on the Barbara Walters special. Kris didn’t get any of that stuff.

        So while Kris has received a lot of attention from EW, overall, the focus of the major media has been much more on Adam.

      • Bren

        I’m not sure what website you are reading, but I check EW throughout the day and for every one Kris Allen article there have to have been at least two Adam Lambert ones since the AI finale. Personally, I like them both, but am kind of getting tired over all the “controversy” hype around Adam. I grew up in the Madonna era and there isn’t really much a singer can do that shocks me anymore.

    • Phil

      lauren, when Kris WOn Idol back in May, iTunes offered a pass to purchase Kris’ cd and bonus offerings ALL SUMMER LONG, while Lambert’s pre-order status was not offered to a few weeks ago. Your logic is incorrect.

      • Russ Perot

        Hey – amazon did pre-order for Adam.

      • kyle

        lol? i don’t think you understood what she was saying at all because your response makes no sense… what does having an itunes pass available have to do with media attention?

      • Phil

        It means that ALL summer long Kris’ mug appeared USUALLY on the iTunes Home page promoting the chance to purchase a cd, he had yet to even record! And regardless of what people consider ‘media’, when people who go to log into itunes daily, or however often a week and constantly see Kris’ iTunes pass promoted, THAT DOES COUNT AS COVERAGE! And yes, Amazon did a pre-order for Adam, but AGAIN, months after iTunes began the pre order for Kris. Do any of you people actually think ebfore you type crappy responses!?

      • Bren

        They offered an Adam Lambert pass, too. My friend almost bought it. They also offered his version of No Boundaries as well. That playing field was pretty equal for both artists.

    • katie

      I really doubt it has anything to do with the “too much Adam focus.” I just think he has more fans who maybe didn’t vote quite as much as Kris fans did. When I went to the Idol concert this summer to see Adam (my family voted hundreds of times at the finale for him), the cheers for Adam far out did the cheers for Kris anytime they showed their pictures on the screen before the start of the concert. It was insane the amount of Adam fans. And as soon as Adam was done, many fans left to go wait in line for the meet & greet because Kris was just soooo boring (I had a Kris fan with me and she wanted to leave 2 songs into his set). That’s my theory.

      It’s been said before and I’ll say it again, I also think it has to do with the fact that a lot of people were voting against Adam instead of voting for Kris. They just didn’t want Adam to win for whatever reason. I know a couple people who did this. So, those people who didn’t want Adam to win had no intention of supporting Kris once he had won the title.

      As an Adam fan, I’m thankful he didn’t win. He’s done so much better and he never would have been able to do some of the things he has a winner. His CD is a little too sexual for any Idol winner to produce. As the runner-up, he had more artistic freedom and was able to do things such as the AMAs (which I admit, did get a little out of hand but I still support his decisions). All I saw of Kris was him presenting awkwardly and no one remembered it two minutes later. Adam gave a performance we’re still talking and arguing about.

      • roddy

        I think you’re lying. I can’t imagine a Kris fan paying a lot of money to see the Idols concert and then thinking two songs into his set that he was “soooo boring” and wanting to leave. That was no Kris fan to begin with, if you ask me. I went to the concert to see him, I’m a fan, and I was not disappointed, he was fantastic.

      • Tina

        I am a Kris fan first, Adam fan second. I went to 4 Idol concerts and I never saw anyone leave during Kris’s set. Wait, my cousin did leave but not because she didn’t like Kris, she is just an Adam fan first and wanted to be one of the first in line to get his autograph. I think if you did see anyone walk out of Kris’s set it was due to the autograph thing, nothing to do with Kris. Kris is out of this world talented and he can only get better.

  • mark

    In my opinion, I think this shows that many of those speed dialers were voting against Adam and Danny rather than voting for Kris. Now that it actually comes down to parting with the cash, many of Kris’ “supporters” just don’t feel it is worth it.

    • Camila

      Totally agree, vote against Adam allowed Kris to win. Now those voters dont want to buy it.

      Everybody is selling less because of the economic crisis, but Adam is predicted to sell 210-230 k per HDD, so yeah, something is wrong. Voting thousand times doesnt involve cost, while buying albums… Another story.

      • Yvonne

        Adam fan here. I bought both albums and happen to love what Kris put out, front to back.
        I am not so pleased with Adams and wish I’d saved my money and just got the three songs I like on iTunes.

        There are many Adam fans who have not even listened to Kris’s album and have no idea what it’s like. They’ll even state they have no desire to even find out if they’d like it or not. So sad! I find that Kris fans for the most part have at least listened to and many have purchased Adams album.

      • OMG

        Nice try Yvonne – I highly doubt that Kris fans are rushing out to support Adam or even listening to his music for free – the majority of them seem so bitter that Adam gets the attention he does. The facts are that Kris’ CD is fine, but it’s just not that unique – and in this market you have to do more to stand out. I’m not saying that Adam is doing it right either – sometimes you stand out for the wrong reasons – but Kris’ label just seems like they put out such a generic product with him and it’s unfortunate.

      • Rick

        I supported both of them, and have bought both albums. I’ll listen to both, but both albums are a little schizophrenic (the new version of Heartless is awesome, and really like Music Again). Still hoping that Allison has the best album of all!

    • Kyntrie

      Glamberts, non-Glamberts, thought there was cheating on the AI8 votes? AI8 voting is OVER…. move on and judge the Adam and Kris on the musical value of their work rather than media hype and first week sale.

  • itsme

    It’s hard selling cds these days unless you are Susan Boyle. Kris is not that interesting and does not have any drama. At least Adam’s cd projections look good and place him at #2 behind Boyle. Heck Rihanna is underperforming as well…so who knows…I hope things turn around for Kris and that Allison does ok. I think Adam’s cd will have legs because it’s so diverse and likable…everyone that I know that has heard it or purchsed it likes/loves it. And he is now an international hellraiser after the AMAs…he was smart to tone it down on the Early Show and sing WWFM with such vulnerability. Can’t say what Kris can do???

    • lauren

      You aren’t figuring in people like John Mayer or Andrea Bocelli — both of whom couldoutsell Adam this week. Hope for Adam to make the Top 5.

      • katie

        I’ve already heard that Adam’s made the Top 3 but it wasn’t an extremely reliable source so I’m still waiting to see the final numbers.

  • Torrence5

    took too long to get the cd out & then there was no “hit” lead single. New season of Idol starts soon & Kris will be forgotten like most former idols (exceptions of course like Kelly & Carrie & non-winner Daughtery)

  • Scott

    Theory: a good chunk of his votes in the AI finale were not votes FOR him, but rather votes AGAINST Adam Lambert.

    These same people are spending their time worrying about an 11pm performance with (shock!) a quick man-man kiss and a (oh no!) a head near a crotch. (not worrying about Janet’s 8pm crotch grabbing apparently). So they’re too busy to think about, let alone buy something from, Kris Allen.

    • dee

      How’d he make it to #2 then? I just don’t think the MAJORITY of his votes were votes against Adam.

      He is much less flashy, and has gotten much less attention. But people are ignoring the economy and how much less people who are even the top selling albums sold in comparison to past years.

      • Mark

        Right. If you look at the numbers, they’ve been comparatively anemic across the board. And Kris hasn’t gotten the lion’s share of the press, which never helps. I think given a comparative measure, his numbers aren’t actually all that different than Jordin’s, and she’s done well for herself. So it’s way too easy to tell.

    • Phil

      Everyone comparing Kris to Jordin…MAJOR wake up CALL! Jordin got the boost from most Clear Channel stations the year her debut dropped because she performed at their JINGLE BALLS that year. kris is ONLY playing Z100’s Jingle Ball, and maybe Boston, so none of the other Clear Channel stations are playing “Live Like You’re Dying” which is why the song wasn’t on the Hot 100 again til this week. So comparing Kris to Jordin should seriously stop, since the radio support isn’t the same.

      • lauren

        Kris is actually playing something like one dozen Jingle Ball events in December. Not sure how many of them are Clear Channel stations. I do know that none of the L.A. stations aren’t playing his single, which makes no sense, considering it’s in the Top 20 on the Hot AC chart and Top 40 on the pop chart.

      • clandrith

        Jordin got a boost by releasing “No Air” with Chris Brown, who had been (at the time) one of the most played artists on radio. I doubt Jordin would have made the same sales splash without teaming up with Chris.

    • Cindy

      That’s what I think as well. People only voted for Kris so Adam wouldn’t win. It’s nice that you don’t actually have to win the show to win overall.

      • Tina

        Kris was playing on a Florida station when I was there. Never heard Adam, I requested him and all I got was a hang up call from the DJ. Sad.

  • itsme season starts again and Kris will be forgotten if things don’t change. Please explain Rihanna having a hit lead single and lower than expected album sales? So, it could be personality. Boyle doesn’t have a hit single and she’s going to push 600,000 plus cds

    • Phil

      Rihanna’s cd is way too dark. She shouldn’t have rushed the cd after the whole Chris thing. Regardless of what she says in the press, the cd won’t connect with many of her younger fans that enjoyed “S.O.S.” or “Don’t Stop The Music”. Other than the Will.i.Am assisted “Photographs” and “Rude Boy” (possibly remixed for summer witha guest rapper) I didn’t hear any radio hits on the cd. Her underwelming sales don’t surprise me in the least. Expect DANCE remixes of “Russian Roulette” to surface next week to help keep the song alive.

      • Jenny

        OMG Phil, rihanna recorded Rated R as a totally different album. GGGB was all about the hits, every song there had hit potential, but Rated R is different, it is a big artistic leap. She isn’t looking for big hits, or 300k first week sales, she just wanted to put all that out, she knew it wouldn’t sell half of the copies of GGGB, but released it anyway. I hate mainstream music, i’m an indie music fan, i love The Dirty Projectors, Animal Collective, the other 600 artists i have on my ipod and all the 26.000 songs, Rihanna’s album is an exception, it was a surprised me that i like it.

    • Katie

      Rihanna’s sales are lower than expected by WHO’S predictions? Yours?

      Because right now, she’ll be outselling “Good Girl Gone Bad” in its debut week by 20k units….and that was well over a year ago, when the record sales climate was a bit better.

      • Mark

        Well, yes, which really proves a point about first week sales; they aren’t the be all and end all of the industry.

      • itsme

        In comparison to everyone else that released this week…with all of Riri’s interviews, most thought she would be no 1…

      • Phil

        Mama…”Good Girl Gone Bad” dropped in May of 2007. Are you talking bout the Re-Release “Good Girl Gone Bad:Reloaded” which only contained two new tracks?!

      • @Mark

        That’s true – except – Rihanna actually had radio-friendly/iTunes friendly hits that helped propel her sales well after debut week.

        Kris has maybe ONE more good hit on his CD (and I’m being generous)…not to mention the fact that if he’s making his DEBUT at a crappy #11, it shows that interest in him is not that high
        (unlike Rihanna, who at least made her debuts within the top echelon of the charts)

      • Shane

        “Rihanna’s sales are lower than expected by WHO’S predictions? Yours?”

        She’s not selling as well as predicted/expected according to Billboard Magazine. You know, the one that actually compiles and puts out the charts? I’d say they have a pretty idea with what is going on.

      • EWsMom

        You have proof of that, Shane?

        I won’t hold my breath, because I’ve already looked on their site…

      • Phil


        There ya go for the item on Rihanna’s disc under-performing…GUESS U LOOKED REAL HARD HUH….

  • Bruce L

    I’m not saying we should expect Idol winners’ albums to underperform, but we shouldn’t be surprised if it happens. Not everybody equates who they’re gonna vote for on a reality competition show with whose music they’ll buy in the real world, and we’re seeing that at work here. On Idol, Kris was nothing more than the safe, AC alternative to the flashy gay guy; the fact that he was really good was an afterthought in his win. In the real world, he’s a guy who sounds like a lot of other guys, so why buy his album? (It doesn’t help that the only true standout track on his debut is a cover, and that he’d already done even that better on the Idol stage.)

    • Mark

      It’s true he doesn’t have the most distinctive voice. But I’d disagree that “Heartless” was the stand-out track here. It’s really probably the weakest selection. Jive really does have some strong ammunition coming off that record.

  • John

    I love Kris Allen’s CD. It’s mature music and the people who tend to like that sound don’t rush to CD stores the day the CD is released. If the company sticks by him, they will get their pay off.

    • Shane

      I agree. I’ve heard Kris Allen’s cd and liked what I heard. Have a bought it yet? No. Do I intend to buy it? Yes. I just usually don’t rush out to purchase a cd. It’s not a necessity in my life.

      • Andrea

        I’m the same, Shane. I intend to buy the CD for myself and for a couple of relatives this holiday season. I love everything I’ve heard off it (guess I must be one of those boring adults). I just don’t rush to buy CDs the day they drop.

      • Tina

        Where I live they can’t keep Kris’s CD on the shelves in Walmart. Adam’s either. I guess they are both doing well here. Where fans have taste and don’t go by the personal lives of their artist but how they sing. Image that.

  • Paul

    It is very, very simple: Kris Allen is an uncharismatic, unengaging performer whose songs all have the same sound. His voice is nothing to write home about and he interviews poorly. He belongs at his church in Arkansas, not on the national stage.

    • Layla

      Interviews poorly? Are you kidding me? He has some hilarious interviews, look ‘em up if you want to, and I believe that America thought he was pretty engaging enough to be their Idol.

    • Bench

      How about no? :|

      • kristie

        how about yes? :)

    • gill

      I guess you could ask M. Slezak if Kris “interviews poorly>’ maybe you haven’t watched Michael’s interviews with Kris. Adam interviews bedly, he’s extremely fake. I find him a total phony I can’t even listen to him.

  • Stacey

    I liked Kris. But he was a clear example of the least offensive artist winning out. I hated Adam. I was a Alison fan. I wish Alison had won because I do think she would have sold more. But Kris is the type who is not going to sell loads of albums the first week. And with the big names releasing CDs about now. It not unexpected. I predicted that this would be the case that season would be considered one of the weaker. Adam also got most of the buzz. Kris was ignored. Adam got the AMA’s performance slot. Kris got the presenting slot. Adam basically got winner’s treatment in the aftermath. Which is also going to slice into Kris’s treatment. He might got great producers but it was obvious the media perferred Adam even though I personally think he’s overrated… This is not surprising… Hopefully Kris can show that opening week doesn’t matter and still sell a good number…

    • Ali

      You’re my hero. I agree that Kris was never treated as a winner because everyone was far up Adam’s rear

      • nan

        What difference? Didn’t all of you Kris fans (inc. Slezak) testify to his awesome talent? If he weren’t a snooze (nice boy but a snooze), people would listen regardless of who is doing what at Adam’s rear.

    • lauren

      I like Allison, but she has even less of a fanbase than Kris seems to. Her single is not being played much at all on the radio so far and she is getting almost no media attention. I would be surprised if she sells 50K her first week.

      • Phil

        Allison can possibly score a top 10 debut IF only because the only other new major release next week is the new R. Kelly disc, but they still have all the hold overs from this massive release week. And yes, virtually no one is playing Allison’s single.

    • Russ Perot

      Right!! The race has just begun , so to speak!!!

    • person

      You forget that the first words out of Kris Allen’s mouth after learning of his win was:

      “Adam deserved this.”

      This is not a joke, it is what he said on Idol two seconds after being named the winner.

      So, Adam was treated as the winner by the winner himself.

      • Ray

        Actually, the very first words out of Kris’ mouth were “Are you serious?” It was not a close-up, and therefore got lost.

  • dee

    well look at his Idol run. He takes time to grow on people. I don’t think the first single helps that much. He’ll pick up more sales when the second single is released.

    I’m also kind of curious about his recent marketing. I feel like I know less about him, rather than more. Too much talk about his marriage rather than his music, if you ask me. Know your demographic–here’s a hint, it’s not religious Christians in middle America. He’s a pop artist–play up his soulful looks, and the singer-songwriter aspect.

    John Mayer didn’t start out at #1 with his first album, so I say give this kid time.

    • Cuban Nerd

      the thing is that the media always seems to be more interested on the artist’s personal life rather than the music.

  • Gavin

    It’s too bad, because Kris’s album is actually really good. Certainly superior to the hot mess that is Adam’s. But I guess if you screech your way tunelessly through a performance on a national awards show and shove a guy’s face in your crotch to distract everyone from your atrocious vocals, people will decide you’re “edgy” and worth investing in.

    • Adrian

      So you listened to Adam’s whole album, eh, despite the fact that you clearly dislike him? Deception fail.

      • Shane

        Many people listened to Adam’s whole album despite the fact that they don’t necessarily like him. I don’t care for Adam, but do admit I listened and there are a couple songs on his cd that aren’t bad. Not good enough to buy, but not bad. A lot of people, even if they may not care for someone, do take time to listen and give the benefit of the doubt. You’re “Deception fail.” comment is ridiculous.

    • DD

      Nobody is telling you to buy Adam’s album!!!! Go and buy Kris’ and remember to buy more than 200,000 copies!!! I actually feel bad for Kris because if his CD flops Jive Records will no longer want the kid. The only thing that ruined Kris is his WIN on AI. Thank you Arkansas for doing that to him! I am sure he loves you all!

    • Cuban Nerd

      what you need to understand is that not everybody is gonna like Adam’s style and the same thing with Kris. That’s a pattern in music. I love Marilyn Manson but a Loooooooooooooot of people think he’s disgusting. See my point?

  • charlane

    come on, how you can compare him to a long time star like Mayers? especially in light of glambert and the media attention given to him at the ama? glambert is a re-run of madonna in the 80’s with her crotch antics…

    allen is a good guy – but it was a tough week to debut the record.

    • Katie

      It was a “tough” week to debut the record? Funny, because TEN other acts were able to outsell him quite handily last week…

      • Mark

        All established heavy hitters. This wasn’t exactly a fantastic week for a debut drop.

      • @Mark

        Justin Beiber is an “established” heavy hitter?

        Nice try.

      • EWsMom

        Yikes!!! Mark actually thinks the competition was tough last week for Kris??? His only “Major” competition was John Mayer, that’s IT.
        People buying 50s album, or Them Crooked Vultures, or Justin B’s disk were NOT Kris’ target audience.

        Kris just did poorly, period.

      • lauren

        He went up against a lot of established acts such as John Mayer and Norah Jones, not to mention the latest tween sensation Justin Bieber, who has multiple songs on the charts right now (why, IDK because he’s not any good — but then again, I’m not a 13 year old girl).

        Kris outsold Leona Lewis, One Republic and Janet Jackson — all of whom have more of a track record than he does. If he hadn’t won AI, people would be thrilled that he sold 80K albums in his first week. The fact is, AI is no longer as popular as it was — even the presence of Adam lambert couldn’t keep Fox from its lowest rating for a finale in AI history. Adam isn’t going to have better 1st week numbers than either of last year’s Top 2 (David Cook and David Archuletta) — despite the massive amount of publicity he’s received. So at least part of the blame for Kris’ numbers need to be laid at the feet of the decline in popularity for AI as a whole.

      • Shane

        @Mark – You obviously don’t have pre-teen or teenage girls in your household, otherwise you would realize he IS a heavy hitter. He’s the “it” guy at the moment.

        @EWsMOM – Believe it or not, many people do acutally like more than one type of music. I like Kris as well as 50 Cent as well as Madonna as well as a lot of country – just for example. I know many people the same way. This whole “target audience” thing is just not a good argument. I realize Kris didn’t sell that well, but there ARE all kinds of factors that could have been the reason. One of which is the heavy competition.

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