Susan Boyle scores year's biggest sales week by far; Andrea Bocelli, Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna sell well

That sound you hear? Susan Boyle-mania, roaring back like it never left. The Britain’s Got Talent phenom sold a stunning 701,000 copies of I Dreamed a Dream in the week of Thanksgiving, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Not only does that give her the No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 albums chart in one of the year’s busiest retail periods — it’s the biggest one-week sales number anyone has managed in 2009 by far, nearly a full hundred thousand higher than what Eminem’s Relapse did back in May. Wow.

Andrea Bocelli hung on to his No. 2 spot from last week, selling 218,000 copies of My Christmas, just in case Boyle’s blockbuster didn’t do enough to demonstrate the enduring popularity of adult-contemporary popera. Note that this is My Christmas‘ fourth week on the chart. An album’s sales actually increasing over time? Imagine that!

No. 3 went to Adam Lambert‘s For Your Entertainment, with 198,000 copies sold. That’s a decent number for an American Idol alum in 2009 — but it’s positively grand compared to the 80,000 season 8 winner Kris Allen put up the previous week.

Rihanna took No. 4 with 181,000 copies sold of Rated R. Not a fantastic payoff for all the publicity she’s been doing lately, but it’s a slight improvement on the 162,000 her previous album bowed with in 2007. Rihanna has always been more of a singles artist than a first-week album sales powerhouse, anyway, so any expectation that she’d do better than this might have been unwarranted.

Lady Gaga made it to No. 5 with her new The Fame Monster EP, selling 174,000. She also sold 151,000 copies of her 2008 debut The Fame (No. 6), which was re-issued with the Fame Monster tracks as a bonus. Taken together, that’s 325,000 units moved, considerably more than either Bocelli, Rihanna, or Lambert — not bad at all.

Skipping down to No. 15, we find Shakira, who sold 89,000 copies of She Wolf, substantially less than either of her 2005 albums managed in their first weeks. She Wolf is a pretty great album, but that’s a disappointing result.

Still, at least it’s not as disappointing as what’s happened to poor Kris Allen, who slipped off the Top 20 altogether. With 33,000 copies of his self-titled debut sold in week 2, he’s relegated to No. 35. Sorry to rub salt in a fresh wound, Kris fans, but the numbers don’t lie.

Are you surprised by how well Susan Boyle did? How about this week’s other results? Make your feelings known in the comments below.

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  • Marie

    i was afraid this was going to happen to Kris.
    where are all the Kris Allen fans now that he won AI?
    i see a lot of negative talk about Glamberts on this site all the time, but at least they bought Adam’s album.

    • OMG

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the people that voted for Kris were not Idol CONSUMERS – they were people voting against Adam Lambert. And sorry, the numbers don’t lie – his CD sold over twice as many as Kris’ which we all knew would happen.

      • crispy

        It’s certainly a plausible theory. But I think a case could also be made that many voters, particularly for the winners, don’t convert to consumers. See Taylor Hicks and Ruben Studdard. The second or third or even fourth place finishers tend to develop a loyal fanbase that actually do convert to consumers.

      • Quirky

        I agree with Crispy. You also have to realize that fans can vote multiple times yet they’ll only likely buy one copy of the CD. It’s possible that the 80,000 people that bought Kris’s CD voted more often per person than the 200,000 that bought Adam’s CD. Personally I’d love to see American Idol go to a “one vote per phoneline” system however, they’re probably getting to big a cut of the texting charges.

      • AK

        That’s my theory. I saw it coming a mile away.

      • Starlight

        agree with you Quirky, and I’ve said this before, you can’t power vote CD sales. I feel bad for Kris, it has to be a blow to realize this. he is such a nice guy, I did buy his CD cause I like him even though I am a total Adam Fan.

      • Frank Anderson

        I bought all the AI alum cds, and I actually like Kris’ even though it is kind of a cheesy mess.

        It really sounds more like he has ‘hit’ songs chosen for him that do not really fit his personality or sound in the least… but the dichotomy of them trying to shoehorn the pop/rock persona onto someone with a more eclectic range and reach really makes for a cheesy album that gets more fun to listen to.

        The problem with all of these albums by the AI alum is that they are not fermented for long enough, and end up coming across more like throwing things at a wall to see what sticks. They do not seem like well thought out and fully formed pieces, to the extent that Adam’s has very little cohesion at all.

        My advice for these singers and for the people handling them would be to take some more time getting a distinct sound from these artists, and then get back into a studio and make an album that has pieces that all fit together.

        It is great if Adam wants to make a electronica/dance album, a glam album and then a rock album… but trying them all on one album can be both a bit overwhelming and underwhelming. You never get into a grove because the album is always throwing something at you- and not in a good Lady Gaga way.

        Kris’ album feels like songs they had sitting there and chosen to be ‘hits’ no matter who sung them. Because of this they come off a bit generic. They do not at all show the depth he showed while on AI.

      • Beauty

        Ruben Studdard’s debut CD, “Soulful”, debuted at #1 with 400K. It has since sold about 1.8M so far. Taylor Hick’s debut, “Taylor Hicks”, was cert platinum for shipping, but only sold about 700K (800K+ worldwide). Both artists still do have a loyal following, but it’s just very small compared to the fan base pool they had to benefit from with AI.

      • BR

        It also helped that the MP3 version of Lambert’s CD was selling for $3.99 on Amazon for a few days.

      • Jean

        No, didn’t help. Sales for less than 50% off do not count in the total sales. It was only for a couple days anyway. It just means Lambert actually sold MORE than the 198,000 number.

    • Julie

      The Kris vote comes from an economically depressed state (Ark) with a fairly low population. they can’t afford to buy up the CDS. Adam’s fans are world wide and devoted. Adam has a much larger demographic.

      • Huh?

        “Worldwide” and “devoted”? WTF?

        These album sales are only for the UNITED STATES – outside of the US, he didn’t sell much…
        (and considering the album was widely available for 99c on Amazon…the “devoted” part is also questionable)

      • Jack

        But Adam sucks….and is a talentless whore!

      • ianaleah

        Oh Bull,There were computer power voting parties for Kris for a couple weeks before the finale. Now, people are voting with their wallets & the Real vote shows. And Adam’s CD was NEVER on sale for 0.99 cents so at least don’t make a fool of yourself”Huh” . Adam’s CD was sold out at my Taarget and my Best Buy- so that pretty much made it impossible to purchase and the unfairness affects the numbers given. Ha!

      • me

        They can’t afford to buy CDs but yet enough people have cell phones to power vote for Kris?

      • Jenn

        @Huh – It was promoted like that for a short time but the sales for $3.99 and $.99 are not included as confirmed by Billboard. Didn’t help the artists that Amazon did that with, just the company.

      • Beauty

        Rihanna’s CD was also offered for a short time for .99 cents (and $3.99) as was Adam’s. The rule for that discounted sale is that if the company EVER sold it 1st for MORE than $7.98, then the sale WON’T be counted for Soundscan. Soundscan doesn’t count album sales for less than 50% of the original sales price. I don’t remember if on Monday if either of those artists were sold at the heavily discounted holiday promotional price 1st, or at the opening week sale price of $9.99 (or some other price). Last I checked, Rihanna was being sold for $7.99 and Adam for $10.99 on Amazon.

      • Kik

        @Jack….LMAO…. wow, you sure show how stupid you are!! LOL….haters are so lame…….

      • Jack

        How did I do that exactly?

      • mercurial

        I relocated from CA to AR for a few reasons, and I will say that I am glad I’m not a tree and can go back to CA. I don’t know the facts about how many votes came from AR for Kris, but I will say that even though the nation is economically depressed, there seems to be a “poverty consciousness” that is part of the culture of AR, sorry to say it, but it’s true. Even people who have money don’t waste it on entertainment like CDs, they just think about money differently here, so there is some validity to the comment. I do congratulate Susan Boyle on doing so well, what a triumph for her! And as for Kris and Adam, they are doing what they love, so who cares about the rest, I love them both. I buy every AI thing that comes out because I support the artists and it’s fun. Kris could have been back in school, but he’s had a great thing happen to him and I’m sure he’s enjoying it, statistics and web comments aside. I love seeing new people on the scene, good for them for any success they enjoy. I like to be positive!

      • mercurial

        Not that being back in school is a bad thing at all, I just meant that Kris’s destiny took a turn and I’m sure he’s enjoying his new life.

      • marc

        Hey Julie, you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. The state of Arkansas is in a much better economic situation then the failing state of California. Another thing, Adam is crap

    • ianaleah

      See, when you win a title by computer power voting parties, it dosen’t help in the long run.

    • Martha

      Stop that, Glamberts support Kris.Face facts, the computer power calling got him the title, but the real vote isn’t done that way-ask Daughtry, or Jennifer Hudson, or ask Taylor Hicks. It’s the CD they put out, the tv show is over. This is the real world now.

    • zac

      apparently there are only 80,000 households in Arkansas who voted 475 times each…sorry!

    • Stephanie

      Oh they bought his album….multiple copies that is! Granted Kris’s numbers aren’t too great but Adam sold a lot like Clay Aiken sold a lot…he sold a lot due to his rabid fanbase. That’s especially clear considering how his first two singles bombed and the third isn’t doing to great either-people are listening, but most of those people are in his fanbase. At least Kris’s single is taking off.

      This is coming from an Allison fan.

  • RR3

    We’re still amazed how well Miss Susan Boyle is doing…
    Let’s hope is not a spurt of the moment, we also believe that most of her sales come from the UK…
    We are just saying that, because frankly we have no idea…
    Adam Lambert a distant 200,000 sales to Boyle’s 700,000 sales…WOW !!!

    • crispy

      These charts are U.S. sales only.

    • Jenn

      Susan Boyles CD was sold on QVC which is one of the largest retailers in the US. They were responsible for a huge part of that number!!

      • crispy

        Interesting. I guess now we know who her audience is: crazy cat ladies who buy cheap jewelry.

      • Ama

        Susan Boyle touched a lot of people and not just the crazy cat ladies. The album’s pre-order sales broke records on Amazon, so it is not just the QVC crowd that explains the number. Anyway, It does not matter where people bought the album. The focus should be on how many people got it. It good to see great sales numbers for so many acts with real talented. Go Boyle, lambert, Gaga, Bocelli!

      • crispy

        Yeh, but it’s funnier to think of all her fans as crazy cat ladies sipping on white zin and listening to “I Dreamed a Dream.”

      • stacy

        Yes Crispy your right it is a lot funny to picture that. lol thanks for the laugh.

      • Lisa Simpson

        I was doing volunteer gift-wrapping at a music store and saw lots of Susan Boyle CDs, so not all of it was QVC and Amazon. And it does seem to be a popular gift this year.

      • Ambient Lite

        ha ha ha, I pictured them that way too…I just didn’t know there were SO MANY of them…like some scary cat lady army…

      • jdaniels

        I bet most people bought the Susan Boyle CD to give as a Christmas present, gross. I would be upset if I opened a gift and that face is starring back at me.

      • crispy

        They will crush you with hair balls and melodramatic cover tunes. Prepare to be conquered, minion. Muwhahahah!

      • ianaleah

        I’m a cat lady, not crazy, but wouldn’t mind it lol, but I am glad for Susan and I hate her genre, would never buy it-just don’t pick on the cat ladies & esp the crazy cat ladies. :)

      • Seth

        Boyle’s sales from QVC amounted to 81,000. Even without those sales, she would have still had the biggest debut of the year, wouldn’t she?

      • Ambient Lite

        I would DEFINITEY imagine QVC’s and Susan Boyle’s audience to be one in the same…brilliant marketing move.

      • Joan

        Yes Seth, without these numbers, she would still be surpass Eminem’s Relapse

      • Beauty

        QVC had about 100K+ in pre-orders from her CD. I can’t believe that QVC accounted for much more than that. Susan Boyle’s worldwide sales are at about 3M.

      • Maria

        Only 50,000 of the 700,000 was from QVC, according to QVC. Get the facts.

      • zac

        cat ladies? LOL thats true…Totally blowing their 401K’s..

    • Martha

      SUSAN BOYLE BEAT EVERYONE ELSE -all those long standing famous artists, the only other newcomer was Adam Lambert and he was at top of chart- very impressive. Kudos to Susan, that hasn’t been done for 10 years since Snoop Dog did it back then. But all top 25 never got that number, although Adam Lambert got high up, so congratulations to him, he deserves it- his CD is packed with potential hit singles-it is really that good.kudos to all top 25, Susan is in her own class.

      • Deb

        Laugh at Susan Boyle all you want…she’s laughing…all the way to the bank.

  • Lili

    I am very happy for Susan Boyle. I think she has a great story behind her and also a lot of international fans. I think that’s why she did so well. I’m an Adam Lambert supporter and I think he did well even after the controversy he had to deal with on Sunday before the album release. I love his album. There are no bad songs in it.

    • Bobby’s Robot

      As crispy posted above, these are US sales only. She already broke records in the UK.

  • Sarah

    Amazing that Lady Gaga has two albums in the top 10 that were released a year apart. Wonder if that has ever happened before?

    • Jan

      It is impressive. I like Gaga because she has a really good voice and people are getting use to the weird. Good to see people accepting something different.

      • stacy

        The Fame was a good album, but I really think The Fame Monster blew it out of the water. Glad to see people coming around. I saw her on Ellen the other day and she said that she is the way she is because she wants her fans to know that they have a freak in her. We’re all weird and she has the courage to put it out there and say it’s ok!

      • jason

        yes, weirdos unite!! i love people who aren’t afraid to be frakkin ridiculous!!

      • The International Nomad

        Her weirdness doesn’t bother me, I just find her music pretty “meh” for the most part. Only slightly better than the rest of mainstream pop, but not by a wide margin if you ask me. I am very accustomed to “weird” and “eccentric” artists, thank very much. It’s just that those I listen to have some actually good and original music to back up their image. And yes, I acknowledge that she is talented, but her music is nothing special to me. I think she could do better than that. Not everyone who dislikes does so because they find her “too weird” or think she’s talentless.

    • MK

      Elvis Presley, Johnny Mathis, The Kingston Trio, Peter Paul & Mary, Barbra Streisand, The Beatles, The Monkees, Carole King, Elton John… so no, this is not some unprecedented new feat by Lady Gaga.

      • Joan

        Miss Carole King! I wonder why she doesn’t record a new album. Wow she rules!

      • D

        That is some good company for her to be in, and they are not recent either.

      • Sarah

        Thanks for the response, sounds like it hasn’t been done a while.

      • mark

        don’t forget the spice girls!

    • Joan

      Two (bad) boy bands done that before (as far as i remember, these two are the most recent) : Jonas Brothers & N’Sync

    • teacher

      Beatles once had 6 of the top 10 singles at once. There was old product finally released, product that hadn’t stopped selling yetg, and new stuff, all at once.

      Two top 10 CDs in two years would nothin’ to ‘em…or zep or the stones or any of those guys. No big deal. Maybe it’s different now.

  • Julie

    I think it is interesting that between Susan, Andre, and Adam you have people buying phenomenal vocal talent. Nice people are interested in that. I think with Susan it is partly the story as well (rags to riches) and QVC helped big time. Good for all of them!!! Glad Adam is on his way!!

    • YR

      I think it’s interesting as well that there are Christmas songs on both Susan and Andre’s album…’tis the season. Maybe Adam should have put his version of Jingle Bells RRRROCCK on his album LOL!!

      • justshow

        Adam is Jewish….so I don’t think he sings Christmas songs

    • Simone

      Does anyone know what Adam’s combined sales are? I heard the 3.99 Amazon mp3 downloads did not count in the final numbers? Is that true? What about I-Tunes?

      • Janis

        Yes that was confirmed that the $3.99 promotion does not count. Haven’t heard what the combined number is though.

      • crispy

        Confirmed where? I’m just curious

      • Seth

        Any sales that are below 50% of the suggested list price are not counted toward the totals.

      • Janis

        Lindsey Parker confirmed it with someone in the industry – I think he was at Billboard.

      • crispy

        Oh, well if Lindsay Parker said it! (Who the hell is Lindsay Parker?) Seriously, guys, link please?

      • Beauty

        For “Crispy” –
        Here is the quote: ” SoundScan does not count any product that is given away or sold at a substantial discount. Here is their exact definition,”According to Soundscan policies, a product can not be sold for less than 50% of the retail list price. As long as the pricing falls within that criteria, the sales would be eligible to process.” So for a single or album to count as a sale, you will need to make sure you do not discount or re-price below 50% of the original sales price. This sales price is based on the first sale reported to SoundScan.”

        Here is the link (paragraph is about 6 paragraphs down):

      • Maria

        No, Lyndsey confirmed the $3.99 DID count. There’s no way the record company would’ve allowed that otherwise. It’s just plain logic.

      • crispy


    • Bobby’s Robot

      I think every Mom in America is getting the Susan Boyle CD for Xmas this year. I know mine is. LOL!

      • Ambient Lite

        Bobby, something tells me your mom would be happier with a nice bottle of liquor.

    • Alyssa

      I think it’s more of a case of crazy cat-ladies buying lame-pop music. I would guess the majority of Boccelli, Adam, and SuBo are older fans.

  • wakeforce

    Good to see that all the nasty comments made about Boyle didn’t affect record sales. Maybe now she can find a boyfriend!

    • telly

      What a stupid comment.

    • D

      Maybe YOU can volunteer.

    • Martha

      Stupid remark.

  • daffydumpling

    Susan Boyle has sold over 3 million worldwide. She’s No. 1 in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and the USA.

  • Janis

    Good for Adam!! I really have gotten into his album. It is a fusion of so many styles but the intricacy of his vocals weaving throughout is what makes it really unique and imo great. And the guy is just downright interesting which makes people curious. He is the bad boy/good boy gone glam. Articulate, charismatic, frank and unfiltered and yet good hearted – what a combination.

  • ravengirl

    I will never understand why people buy Susan Boyle’s CD, but so be it. I hope she makes a ton of money to keep her living well the rest of her days, and I hope this album is her last. This whole fame thing seems to be eating her alive, and Simon Cowell likely couldn’t care less how tough this has been on her to have the glare in her eyes. On the other hand, Adam Lambert positively thrives in the spotlight, and I hope this CD (which, by the way, is really a great piece of music) is just the first of many. He is a star.

    • Maureen

      To answer your question, people are buying Susan Boyle’s album because they’re tired of hearing pop-dance-techno crap and miss hearing the loveliness of a human voice that hasn’t been Autotuned to death. The woman can sing! You’re missing out on a great album! ;)

      • tatiana

        I agree she has a voice. But where is a personality benind her performance?

      • Sarah

        I see what you’re saying, but Susan’s voice is powerful enough to where she doesn’t need a “personality”. I think there are plenty of artists with too much “personality” and not enough true talent.

    • D

      What is it TO YOU whether she makes another album or not. Sheesh. I do agree on your Cowell comment though. He is raking in the $ on this.

    • zac

      i think it is a matter of taste. I loved Adam’s album too, it is fantastic. But other people dig Susan’s song, especially older people. Also it is holiday season and everybody is buying her CD as a gift, it is that kind of material. I wonder how she will do after the holiday season, I hope she does well.
      I gotta say though, that ‘wild horses’ song kind of creeps me out, it is like a horror movie sound track ……..Geez

  • Sarah

    Poor Kris :(
    Oh well, I bought my copy of his album and I’m happy with it.
    I find it pretty astonishing that Susan Boyle’s album sold so well. I mean, sure, she had a lot of hype when she was on Britain’s Got Talent, but who knew so many people would actually buy her album.

    • Jenn

      I think people are in love with the cinderella story.

    • Nina

      There are lots of people with lovely voices, it’s just that hers comes in that odd package. Without that, she’s just another lovely voice in the crowd, but good for her. I wouldn’t pay a dime to see her in concert though. On the other hand, I’ll pay whatever it takes…do whatever it takes, to get great seats for Adam’s tour.

      • tatiana

        i can not agree more!

      • Beauty

        Just as with Madonna, The Rolling Stones, and Janet Jackson, touring is where Adam will make his REAL impact. He’s very visual and has that “it factor” quality that makes his music come to life and him very pleasing to watch. My only guess is exactly how large will his venues be – especially since he is really just starting out on his own. Kris Allen is already setting up dates in “intimate” venues like clubs, colleges, halls, etc. I think any YouTubes of Adam’s performances while on tour should only fuel the fire of many who are curious about seeing him live. I hope he does well. His CD sounds like it would be great for the stage.

      • Martha

        Ditto. Susan beat EVERY other artist, not just Adam and Adam is at the top, so it is very misleading to think she only beat Adam and no one else. Her numbers beat EVERYONE else, yet our newcomer Adam got to the top anyway, despite all the other well know artists.

      • Brenda

        And you couldn’t pay me enough to go to one of Adam’s concerts.
        To each his own.

    • Getta

      I love delusional AI fans like Beauty. First their Idol is going to win. Then when he doesn’t, oh he’s still the next music icon and will debut at number one, and can s*** rainbows and will have a huge impact on the radio/music. When that doesn’t happen–OMG you have to see him on tour, he’s phenomenal and this will get his career started. When that doesn’t work, the fans still hold onto the delusions that their Idol is ONE song away from greatness. Years pass, and the only thing left is the nutty fanbase who simultaneously ruin and sustain what little career the Idol has.

      Adam is just following the footsteps of most male Idol contestants: Justin, Clay, Constantine, Taylor, Blake, etc.

      Get a grip!

  • HD

    With the exception of Boyle and Dame Gaga, no one really hit their expected numbers. Go get Adam’s album, it ROCKS!

  • DJB

    I feel sad for Kris Allen. The album is really good, he just didn’t perform some contrived, lame number on the AMA’s like Adam.

    • Satire

      cause he never got asked to perform on the AMA cause it would be too boring. Hope you bought his CD at least instead of whining about it .

    • terie

      Can’t you be Kris’ fan without throwing barbs at ADAM? Did you buy Kris’ album? I did and I LOVE ADAM but I like Kris too so why not support them both?

    • ianaleah

      Knock it off, I am an Adam fan that only bought Kris’s CD because he is Adam’s friend and he is a nice kid.I love Kradam- sooo Kris got a sale at my house.

    • me

      I have Kris’s CD and love it. I’ve even heard his song playing at a restaurant last week. I’ve sampled from Adam’s and can’t tell it isn’t for me. Little Allison’s on my holiday list.

  • Carla

    I am so trying not to sound mean but I have never seen a woman as unattractive as Susan Boyle. I think she’s a one album wonder. I am still wondering who the heck wanted her in their collection. I know QVC hawked her CD which is like the best selling vehicle there is. I am shocked Lady GaGa was so far down the charts. That’s pretty stretching it of EW trying to lump GaGa’s two CD’s together. You can’t really justify it. I love GaGa though. I was one of those her bought her CD. Poor Kris Allen…wow..that is such a poor showing from someone who won. His two weeks added together can’t even beat the lowest selling idol winner previous to him. He even had Black Friday shopping to make up for it. But I guess he’s Arkansas’s idol. I am surprised Rhianna beat GaGa. Borcelli not so surprised he has international fame and he’s the master. He should have been number one. He deserves it. Not that freak show Susan Boyle (ok that was mean). Who did I miss? Shakira, she didn’t do well at all did she? I never listen to any of her stuff so don’t know to much about her. Adam Lambert – I’m not surprised he did so well he’s got a really good voice and he had the finest working with him. I picked up his CD too. I did some shopping on Black Friday (Lambert, GaGa, Black-Eyed Peas)

    • ger

      Come on Carla – you’ve seen at least one woman more unattractive than Susan Boyle. I know you checked yourself out in the mirror this morning.

      • andrew burns

        what a great comeback line ger,wtg

    • Brooke

      Gimme a break, Susan Boyle is lovely and normal.

      And EW isn’t the one lumping Gaga’s albums together. They’re just reporting how Billboard’s rules work. The version that contains only the all-new 8-tracks is considered a new album, with a new sales count, while the 2-CD set that contains the old album plus the 8 new tracks is considered a re-release whose sales count is simply tacked onto the original release. One package charted at #5 while the other package charted at #6.

    • Puzzled

      It’s not like Adam Lambert is some sexy hunk or something – he’s a bloated 27 year old with horrible acne & skin….

      • Jenn

        Mmmmm. Gotta disagree!! Adam is gorgeous!! The man is ultra sexy and if you have seen his video for FYE – not a ounce of fat on him. The guy is just down right hot!! Jealous much??

      • Not Puzzled

        OMG. Adam is the sexiest man on the planet! Probably in the whole Universe. You’ve got a problem, Puzzled, and Adam ain’t it. So what if he had problems with his skin in adolescence, most people do. He doesn’t now – he’s absolutely GORGEOUS!

      • LOL

        So true – even after all the makeup/touching up and so forth, he has these massive pores on his skin and his arms are so scaly, dry and nasty.

        And yeah, he isn’t FAT…but he’s DEFINITELY not in shape by any means.

      • Ambient Lite

        He’s a musician, not a model…talent can amplify sexiness immensely.

      • JA

        You know it’s really saying something when you can have bad skin and be a tiny bit overweight and GAY and have women screaming how gorgeous he is. He’s incredibly sexy and the best looking celeb to come along in a long time.

      • Ambient Lite

        Well, he’s bi-sexual, actually. heh

      • justshow

        funny you say this since Adam has talked about weighing 250 pounds in high school and how he had severe image problems in his early 20’s…Adam is used to people making fun of him and not understanding him…it’s funny that he did so sell on AI but that was the first time he felt accepted because he finally loved himself…how inspiring is that? I mean Adam grew up with a lot of stuff and is still having things thrown at him…he’s handling as well as can expected though.

      • Sammie

        I hope you are joking Ambient Lite–sorry to burst your fantasy bubble but never. going. to. happen.

      • Ambient Lite

        Of course I’m joking. Adam doesn’t have a shot in hell of getting with me, silly.

    • The International Nomad

      That’s a pretty vicious comment. If you say you don’t understand why people would buy her album because the music sucks, that’d different. But to say that no one could buy a record made by a physically unattractive person is mean and flat-out wrong. Elton John has never been a Mister GQ, type, he is one of the most successful and respected artists in history. Aretha Franklin, not ugly by any means, but she was never a supermodel either, one of the most revered vocalists of all time. Cass Elliott of The Mamas and The Papas, same as Aretha. Meatloaf looks like Chris Farley’s dad (R.I.P Chris), see my two previous examples. Neil Young, never been much of a looker, but that’s not why people buy his records. Thom Yorke, not a looker either, but that’s not why people revere him. Notorious B.I.G (may he rest in peace as well), hardly a model. He himself said he knew he was ugly. Doesn’t erase the fact the he is one of the greatest rappers of all time. Same goes for Jay-Z, who’s actually uglier than Biggie, and must have one heck of a personality to get a woman as beautiful as Beyonce. I’m not saying Susan comes anywhere close to the artistry of the musicians I mentioned before, but what I’m saying is what all of those performers and Susan have in common is that people appreciate them for their TALENTS, not their looks. Unfortunately, a lot of shallow and narrow-minded fools like you will not understand that, hence why we’re stuck with Britney Spears and Rihanna, and probably why you bought a Black Eyed Peas CD, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t care if Fergie was ugly or wasn’t in the group.

  • AngelsFire

    Well good for Susan,it is really like a fairytale story and I think that might have had a lot to do with it, people love to cheer for the underdog, not that she is that anymore, I am so happy for Adam, I love his CD, I love him as a performer and I just love the person he is. I can’t wait for his tour and his next CD already. What a talent!!

  • Wil

    Damn, Susan! Way to go! I didn’t even know much about her, but a Britain’s Got Talent winner beat out an American Idol winner in America! It’s a strange world! lol Maybe they just didn’t want the kitchsy (even if on purpose) album cover sticking out on their shelves. I say good for Susan, she seems to be a really sweet woman.

    • Beauty

      Neither Susan Boyle nor Adam Lambert won their respective contestant shows. Susan Boyle’s rise to fame was well chronicled in America and her sting on BGT was all over American media, including Twitter. It’s not surprising that she did well here, especially given that there is a large, loyal and active consumer base for her style of music here.

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