Eminem vs. Adam Lambert: Did Em really just call Adam a homophobic slur?

Yeah, he did. Probably. Vulture notes the rising controversy over “Elevator,” a leaked track from Eminem’s upcoming Relapse: Refill re-release which includes the following lyrics: “Sorry, Lance, Mr. Lambert, and Aiken ain’t gonna make it/They get so mad when I call them both fake, it’s/All these f—in’ voices in my head, I can’t take it!” Except Eminem sort of blurs the words “fake, it’s” together, so they sound awfully like a certain hateful slur, presumably directed at Lance Bass, Adam Lambert, and Clay Aiken — who, coincidentally, happen to be three prominent out gay singers.

Eminem’s pronunciation leaves enough room for reasonable doubt, I guess, but it’s pretty obvious what he was going for here. It’s not a subtle joke. Nor is it a new one for Em, who’s featured homophobic ranting as part of his schtick for a solid decade now. Despite occasional signals in recent years that he’d moved away from his most vicious gay-baiting, this May’s Relapse was as nasty as ever on that front.

And here’s the thing: Eminem wants you to be offended by those lines. Relapse showed that he’s still an extremely talented lyricist, but it also showed that, for whatever reason, he’s still unwilling at age 37 to give up his violent, homophobic, misogynist shock tactics. He probably threw in that little Adam Lambert jab with the express purpose of getting a rise out of bloggers like me. Mission accomplished! Adam Lambert himself may have the right idea about this: A few days ago, the Idol phenom tweeted, “Wow eminem mentioned me in a song?! I must be doin something right!? Even if he used the f word…. Whtev.” (Lambert later charitably added, “Oh he says ‘fake it’ my bad.”)

What do you think of this mini-feud? Have you had it with Slim Shady’s relentless offensiveness, or do you even care anymore? Do you think anyone who would have bought Relapse: Refill will change their mind because of this?

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  • Logan

    This is what happens when an “artist” can’t get a hit record anymore- bash someone for publicity to try to draw attention to your dwindling popularity and maintain some sembalnce of pop culture relevence. I thought I also read somewhere that he was going after Gaga on this album, too. Jealous much, Marshall????

    • colin

      except he has the highest selling record of the year…..and is the best selling artist this decade….

      • Brian

        “Best selling” has never been a definite mark of quality. I’d bet Kraft Singles is the best selling cheese of the century. So what? Eminem is tired.

      • me

        actually susan boyle has the best selling record of the year. better watch out sue he’s gonna call you ugly. nanananana. whatever marshall, punk. what is he 5?

      • @Brian

        For someone who’s the top selling artist of the DECADE – you’re definitely in the *MINORITY* when you say that Eminiem is “tired”

      • The Truth

        Sorry Brian- SuBo is probably going to beat him in that race. You know what that means if SuBo and Eminem are the two best selling artists of the decade? That there is no accounting for taste in America. Eminem is a tired old asshat, and so are the idiots that think he is a genius. Thirty seven years old and he still hasn’t grown up, he is an angry little boy with too much money, just like Kanye. Too bad money can’t buy them some class.

      • Michael

        Actually, the best selling artist still only sells to a fraction of the people in this country. So “tired” might not be so off the mark for a great many people.

      • Brian

        Using Eminem’s status as one of the top-selling artists as evidence that he’s not tired is just wrong. And as to whether my saying he’s tired puts me in the minority, I don’t know. Even if I am in the minority, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s tired, that his songs and lyrics are all basically interchangeable from album to album, and that the common threads are violence, childishness, hoophobia, veiled homoeroticism, and the words “slim shady.”

      • Brian

        Haha, oops, homophobia, not hoophobia, although that’s not awesome either.

      • Jennifer

        He is tired. This sounds like a desperate stab @ relevancy.

      • Mark

        eminem has been a waste of space since day one.

      • terie

        WHY? ANYONE can do what he does … he’s not just UNTALENTED … he’s also ANTI-SOCIAL … AND HE CAN’T SING!!!!!

      • Bob Infinity

        I hope Adam fights Em voluptuousdate.com

      • Rich

        Hey TheTruth… you might want to get your “truth” straight there. SuBo has sold a little over 1 mil. So far this decade, Eminem has sold 32 mil. Which means she only needs to sell 31 mil in the next 3 weeks to be the “best selling artist of the decade,” as you put it.

        Maybe you were confusing the weird-looking British woman with the Beatles???

      • Nick Combs

        this statement is completely false! Em has definitely fallin off!

      • march

        Em is great- but there is a diff between “Slim Shady ‘and Eminem-Eminem dosen’t give a rat’s assest about Adam’s career, it’s a rap, not personal and the media is just looking for another target besides Adam. Even they are tired of shots at Lambert every ten minutes.BEing ‘out’ in usa takes a hello lot of guts.

    • telly

      PLEASE. He couldn’t be more “tired.” And what “mini-feud?” Lambert doesn’t seem to care, nor should he. Eminem is OVER.

      • Shady

        Em sold 80 million records worlwide and he’s highest selling artist of 2000-2010. Who’s Adam the f@@. Eminem rules.

      • Ugh

        it doesn’t seem like Eminem cares either. its just one line about how fake these stars coming from american idol are nowadays and how the gay ones use their homosexuality for publicity

      • joseph grant

        ok den if he didont make the hole song on him an ems dope.His still with dre and brang out a game and going to b a judge on xfactor what is this puff doing nuffin an do u want your kids watching gays

      • silky j

        Em isn’t over and Lambert never even got started.

      • DT

        Joseph Grant hits the nail on the head. It’s stupid, ignorant and uneducated people like him who get off on Eminem’s blather. I won’t even call it music. He is way too old to still be hunched over a microphone, hiding behind an old hoodie like an 18 yr old. Hanging on to his past success. Kind of like a young Wayne Newton. Except without the hair.

      • maskedavenger

        Eminem hasn’t been solid since his debut CD – everything that came afterwards is repetition. Em should have stayed in the year 2000

      • march

        Em is okay, his fans like “ugh’ are brainless. Em said years ago he can’t believe how people don’t get the Slim Shady bit.- he is not ‘Slim Shady’ but the controversial ‘character’ gets good rap material.

      • jacob

        eminem wont be over till he draws his last breath all you haters need to realize that if he wants to diss somone guess what hes gunna do it and no one has stoped him yet so likely no one ever will

      • shyanne

        @ugh he doesnt use his homosexuality for publicity its the way he is he was gay before he was famous and he is so just deal with it

    • why the face, adam?

      Yes, Eminem is jealous of someone who lost a reality show, sold his album for 3.99, and can’t seem to get his single into the top 100 on itunes after two weeks of constant free publicity. Who wouldn’t be?

      • michelle

        That was uncalled for. True, but uncalled for.

      • Jenn

        Eminem wants to ride on Adam’s coat tails because he is on the rise and Em is not selling much anymore.

      • @Jenn

        You must really be brain-damaged. You do realize that Eminem is one of the best and richest rappers in the world. Why would he want to ride on Adam’s coatrails? All Adam has going for him is empty hype that he has yet to take advantage of to get his career off the ground.

      • Marcie

        True. The only buzz I’ve heard about AL is about his sexuality, which to me means his music can’t be that great. If it were it would speak for itself without all this constantly manufactured controversy .

      • maskedavenger

        At least Adam can actually sing…..

      • brad

        if by sing, you mean scream and screech, then yes.

    • dworm

      I sure hope everyone realizes this. Em’s so done and so desperate. I’m embarrassed for him. He went after Mariah also and it she came back at him. His comeback should’ve stayed away.

      • Mathew

        Actually, Mariah released “Obsessed” first so technically she started it. Im not an Eminem fan but atleast get the facts straight.

      • chan

        mathew, i suggest u get ur facts straight, what about the awful song “bagpipes from baghdad”???

      • Ryan

        And Eminem sure as hell finished it…just listen to the warning he released…ever since that came out you haven’t heard a peep from her or that coattail riding douche nick cannon

      • Becky

        Ummm, mariah is just as great as adam lambert… oh wait, that doesn’t say much…

      • junk

        uh, mariah was #11 on the list of top artists for this decade after being the #1 artist for the 90’s. lets see where feminem is at in 2019. i doubt anyone will still care about his antics at that point, but then again, the intelligence shown by his followers is also incredibly minimal, so you never know.

    • Shady

      Are you serious?? Where do you live?? Eminem has the highest selling rap album of 2009 and 2nd fastest selling album of the year. He’s also the highest selling artist of this decade. 80 million records… By the way, there’s freedom of speech. You may hate him but you have to admit and respect. EMINEM rules.

      • mishka

        Who cares about his records?? Eminem needs to get a life and stop searching for inspiration into bashing other people! Time goes by and when you’re THAT OLD, you sound ridiculous and lame.

      • missy

        Actually, I don’t care enough about him to hate him. And I don’t have to respect him because, uh, what has he done to deserve respect? Rap about being a misogynistic, homophobic, narcissistic A hole? Sure, he can use his freedom of speech all he wants, but the last thing I’m going to give him is respect. When is going to grow up and realize that the things that he rapped about when he was basically a child no longer translate. The rest of us have grown up. It would be nice if he could too.

      • Jewelz

        Eminem is best rapper ever and whoever he goes after deserves it.

      • RA

        Yeah, seriously. Just because there are a bunch of idiots who buy his crap doesn’t make him awesome. It just makes the people who are buying it idiots. See, I can insult people just like Eminem. PAY ME.

      • terie

        WHERE? IN HE**???

    • Tarrin

      Ugh EW, why give Eminem the publicity he’s desperately seeking? He’s not dumb. He knows where the media’s focus is right now. That’s all he’s trying to do by name-checking Adam – get attention. And it worked, because you guys are giving it publicity. It’s a cheap shot, a disgusting lyric and he is making money off of it, thanks to you!

      • terie

        @Tarrin: Good point! I’m not playin’ anymore! Bye!

    • TellyB

      Wow…Eminem may have sold a whole lot of records in the early 2000s, but he isn’t relevant anymore and he knows it. That’s why he has these feeble attempts at controversy that really don’t amount to anything. He is desperate cuz he knows that kids have moved on. The impressionable kids who only seek the “new” and “in” have moved on to Lil Wayne and TI while the rap connosieurs stick with real talent like Jay Z. And even Eminem’s proteges like Fitty are tanking and forgotten.
      What’s next? He gonna start a “feud” with Susan Boyle?

      • Sean Devine

        Eminem is in the top five relevant rappers in the industry. You yourself said: “Impressionable kids who only seek the new and in have moved on to Lil Wayne and TI while the rap conosieurs (sp.) stick with the real talent like Jay Z.”
        First off is it obvious that you, in fact, get your hip-hop news from this publication, EW. It sounds like you skimmed a few articles and grabbed the most common names along with crafting a line about Jay Z, “Yeah,” you said to yourself, “mentioning Jay Z will solidify me as a hip-hop expert.”
        Anyway your ignorant analysis is full of errors. T.I.’s album “TI Vs. TIP” featured Eminem on a track called “Touchdown.” At this time it was very uncommon for Eminem to collaborate with other artists outside of Shady and Interscope. The demand for Eminem verses was at an all-time high and Em blessed his boy TI with one. T.I. thought a verse from him wasn’t only relevant, but a favor.
        In late August 2009, a song titled “Forever” featuring Drake, Kanye West & Lil Wayne hit the internet and immediately become popular. Lebron James himself tapped the artists for the track, which means that the young Michael Jordan himself, King James, felt that Eminem was relevant enough to be the star on the star track of his film’s soundtrack.
        Drake, Kanye West & Lil’ Wayne, who you mentioned the new “impressionable kids” are flocking to, all felt it was great to grace a track with Eminem. Lil’ Wayne also has a song on new highly anticipated rock-influenced album called “Drop the World” featuring, you guessed it, Eminem. Eminem is only one of two rap features on the album, the other from Nicki Minaj, who is signed to his Young Money label.
        I’m sure others have already informed you that Eminem is the highest selling artist of the past decade, has over 80 million records sold worldwide, as the song “Elevator” states. These facts all point to one conclusion > Eminem is relevant, and in fact goes platinum with every album. The internet goes nuts when Eminem releases a morsel of music. If you searched a website outside of EW, you would be better informed.

      • Ja

        Where are you getting all of this? like previously said, Eminem is the highest selling artist of the decade. Real talent like Jay-Z? please

      • caligirl

        Jay Z – real talent OMG…. that is the stupidest thing I have heard.. and Em has always made fun of people… His lyrics are funny and relevant… I loved it when he made fun of Jessica Simpson…

    • JLM

      I think Eminem wants himself a little Adam!! It is okay EM, Adam is one sexy dude.

      • katie

        aha lmao i so agree :)

      • Ross

        Several of my friends are in the same boat, not hianvg answers for their children who are just ow old enough to ask the big questions about 9/11. My baby is only 19 months, and he was the one playing and coloring while the images flashed on the screen and the names were read, and his mom cried softly to herself. I have to wonder if I will be struggling to answer similar inquiries from Jake when the 20-year anniversary rolls in and he is 11.I also wonder if my own questions about 9/11 will be answered by that point.

    • Lance

      You do realize that eminem had the highest selling album of the year next the this susan boyle stuff and it barely beat it. Em is just being em. He’s a lyrical genius, if you dont like his stuff, dont listen to it, its obvious many people do. You guys want to listen to radio music with catchy beats and horrid lyrics with no real message, go ahead. I’ll listen to people who talk about real stuff and speak their mind.

      • Jewelz

        I agree 100%

      • hmm

        Right. Real stuff. Like bragging about how many rapes and sexual assaults you’ve got under your belt.

      • Emily

        Lance is totally correct. Hmm doesn’t seem to understand. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out which of Eminem’s songs are joking and which ones are serious. The joking songs are funny and entertaining while the serious songs are quite solemn and insightful. He’s got it all. Personally, as a hardcore fan (or a Stan, for those of you that would understand), Eminem will never ever get tired. He could still tear the crappy music today apart, and he did. Lambert, Aiken, and Bass could never compete with Em. He did Lambert a favor. I don’t dislike Lambert, don’t get me wrong, but Eminem really doesn’t care. He’s just being Eminem. The only ones blowing this all out of proportion is the media.

    • Mia

      Am I the only one who finds the most offensive thing about this article to be the fact that EW titled it only using Adam’s name? Eminem does call out three people, you know……

      • brad

        that is because the other two have long since faded into obscurity as will lamabert given a little more time.

    • Bob Infinity

      Adam needs all the help against the FCC voluptuousdate.com

    • Trent

      Eminem has always used this type of behavior. It is who he is as an entertainer. I love Eminem and I am a homo myself. Eminem just raps about what the rest of us talk about. I’ve said, and so have some of my friends, that Adam Lambert is done. All we hear about him is about his sexuality. I’ve yet to hear one of his songs on the raido. And Lance, we all knew he was a queen since he was in Nsync. Then he goes on People and tells them that he is a SAG(straigh acting gay), please! Clay also came out after his career was done with. After years of speculation he tells everyone what they all knew, that he is gay. Oh yes, and they want to come clean by selling the story to People magazine. It’s a shame that according to haggard Barbara Walter, Adam is a fascinating person of the year.

    • deji

      do u even knw wat ur saying? he ‘s d highest sellin rapper of the decade dumbo.

    • jayiskay

      I do like Eminem but making fun of Adam Lambert is too far this time.Adam is one of my favorite singers.And it pisses me off that Eminem would make fun of so many people he’s asking for a beating.

  • Bobby’s Robot

    What a shock! The most over-rated ‘artist’ of the decade continues his playgound name-calling. Is it because he himself is a “fake. It” just might be.

    • Bob Infinity

      He was right about clay aiken voluptuousdate.com

    • katie

      lol i agree

  • sean mccool

    Thanks For The Promotion He’s Probably Thinking!!!

    • why the face, adam?

      It still won’t get his crappy song into the top 100 on itunes. Lamebert is in William Hung territory at this point.

      • crispy

        I like Adam Lambert… but I’m just a casual fan at best. His crazy Claymate-like fans frighten the living bejesus outta me. But you, sir, are even more obsessed than they are. Let’s be honest, there’s not much difference between them and you.

      • staciegirlie

        So what about itunes? Adam’s CD is #3 on the Billboard charts.

      • @why the face, adam?

        Are you drunk or just stupid? Adam’s songs ARE on the top 100 itunes chart. What did you do? Try to search for Adam’s songs on their country music chart?

        You know, dumb people should really sit down somewhere and shut the *uck up!

      • Umm

        Adam is hung XD. But he isn’t William Hung.

      • silky j

        You could also get a CD of dogs farting to #3 on the Billboard chart if you sold it for 3 bucks!

      • 2silkyj

        Sorry, but any CD sold for less than half of the retail price is not counted in the sales totals and do not factor into the placement on the charts. You’ll need to come up with some other lame reason to hate on Adam cause this excuse just don’t fly.

      • Bob Infinity

        Far better than the fat woman voluptuousdate.com

  • irisita69

    Eminem barks, Adam sings.
    Eminem has a bitter negative vibe, Adam has a happy, colorful, glamourous & positive loving soul.
    Eminem is the past, Adam Lambert is the future.

    • Erika

      “Adam has a happy, colorful, glamourous & positive loving soul.” Lets not get him confused with Taylor Swift or something here…his performance DID have him pulling a guy wearing a collar by a chain on his neck to his crotch and grinding into him. And fingering a stripper looking girl during primetime TV. Not that I am for or against it…just the comment about his happy, loving soul etc was a bit much…

    • jeff

      adam rarely sings he mostly screams.

  • OMG

    Well, considering Em’s latest CD did really connect with the massive audience that his previous CD’s did I am sure he’s desperate to find something to generate interest in his new CD. And sorry, all the Mariah bashing is getting old, so it doesn’t surprise me that he would just go to the base juvenile level and resort to calling out artists the F-word. He can be a brilliant lyricist when he wrotes about things that actually matter, but he will probably go to his grave releasing what basically amounts to elementary school yard taunts. It’s sad that his level of success and the respect he has earned from his recording career hasn’t calmed that little kid inside that was obviously picked on. Take some of your money Em and go see a shrink. Your mommy issues and your insecurities are becoming boring.

  • Mary

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion whether you like it or not. I’m kinda tired of everyone babying the homosexuals in this country.

    • Luddite

      Should we stop being appalled by blatant racism? Anti-semitism? No one said Eminem wasn’t entitled to his opinion. But it doesn’t mean we have to approve of it.

    • Juan Luis


      Pls. clarify how Homosexuals are being “babysited” bet u r a white bible thimping Christian?!! So pathetic. It is called CIVIL RIGHTS.

    • Levelheaded

      I know, we definitely baby homosexuals in this country! We beat them, then leave them hanging on a Wyoming fence, deny them their rights to marriage, and generally treat them as less than ourselves. How dare they feel disenfranchised!!!!!

    • Amanda

      lol, if we’re “constantly babying the homosexuals” in this country, then why don’t they have the right to marry?

    • Erich

      Mary, on what planet do you live?

    • Jill

      Oh, yeah – they are so babied. They get more rights than anyone else.

      Oh wait…

    • 2Mary

      I for one am sick to death of our politicians bending over and taking it up the a$$ for the Christian right. What these “religious” organizations (and all of their zealot fanatical followers) need to realize is that the only reason they have as much money (and therefore power) as they do is because they are tax-free (supposedly) non-profit organizations that shouldn’t be sticking their noses into public policy. Here’s hoping that at some point in the near future their tax exempt status is revoked and let’s see how quickly they crumble.

  • 303native

    okay so someone just actually said that eminem cant get a hit record anymore???? thats why he was nominated for three grammy’s and relapse has sold 4 million copies worldwide. adam lambert should be happy em mentioned him… it probably just got him a jump start to his career. all you people hate eminem, but he’s sold 80 million worldwide, right up there with tupac. and you say he’s OVERRATED?????? he’s underrated when it comes to respect from people as one of the top rappers. he is up there pac, just quit denying people.

    • Bobby’s Robot

      He’s over-rated.

      • why the face, adam?

        Totally! Until Eminem can lose a reality show, resort to selling his album for 3.99 and have a single that can’t get into the itunes top 100, I’m not impressed by him. Only Adam can do all of that!

      • kate

        Both Eminem and Adam Lambert are over rated. But Eminem does go out of his way to be rude and offensive. He should just stop trying so hard.

    • Karl

      The funny thing is: Unlike when he first burst onto the scene, I don’t know a single person who has listened to his new album let alone bought it.

      He may still sell albums, but when he’s met with the same derision that a spoof from Seltzer/Friedberg of “______ Movie” infamy gets, well, it becomes painfully obvious that the world has past Em by and everybody but him realizes it.

      • Emily

        Well, now you do! Hello, Karl, my name is Emily, and I adore Eminem and, not only did I buy Relapse, but I bought Relapse: Refill as well.
        Look, everyone does have their own opinion. But, personally, I adore Eminem to no end. He’ll never die as long as people like me are alive. I understand that he’s the perfect person to hate: he writes about absolutely insane and twisted stuff, he’s rude, and he’s got the mouth of a truckdriver. But you know what? He’s being himself and doesn’t give a c.rap who likes it and who doesn’t. You’ve got to respect that…well, at least I do. And I find him incredibly entertaining and, when he tones it down and gets serious, incredibly brilliant.
        Sometimes I think people just need to listen to him with the state of mind that he’s just being silly. As I said before, it’s really not difficult to tell when he’s going for a laugh or when he’s rapping about something from his heart.

    • Brian

      Over-rated = lots of people buy and highly-rate his records when they’re not that great. He’s been overrated since day one.

      • Joe

        Actually Brian, Overrated= everyone fawns over an artist who hasn’t done a thing, hadnt even released a record yet, and came in 2ND on a reality tv show. Come talk when Lambert sells records or gets a grammy nomination. Otherwise he shouldnt even be on EW.com

      • stacy

        um joe adam released his album already and it did pretty well..so yeah sorry your wrong.

      • Brian

        Dude, I think Adam’s overrated too. Doesn’t mean Eminem isn’t.

    • me

      i wouldn’t have mentioned grammy noms. they mean nothing, case in point, black eyed peas. not your best defense

  • Ambient Lite

    Who HASN’T he called out/called names/killed/raped in his music???
    It’s too bad, kind of a waste, I really do think he’s talented.
    I love how Adam’s ‘looking at him’ the pics above…perfect expression. heh

  • 303native

    when both, adam lambert and eminems, careers are over. some people will rember adam lambert. but EVERYBODY will remmber slim shady and dont say they wont. eminem i a legend. adam lambert is a guy who did well on american idol and released a couple cd’s but really hasnt done much of anything yet. so dont even compare the success lambert has or is going to have to eminems. its two completely different ball parks. eminem is a legend in the rap game. adam lambert is another poppish singer. he has talent but not even in comparison to what eminem has done and is continuing to do.

    • Brian

      They won’t.

  • crispy

    If I was Adam, I’d be more pissed about being grouped with Lance Bass and Clay Aiken. Throw Ricky Martin in there, and they could start a support group for washed-up gays.

    • aiken?

      just him mentioning clay aiken in 2009 is funny. dude really??!?! clay aiken. wow how not relevant of you

      • The Truth

        Not to mention trying to justify pronouncing the f word as fake-its just to make it ryhme. Oh, yeah, some lyrical genius

        He’s nothing but a penius.

        OMG I crack myself up I am the next Eminem.

      • Courtney

        After finally listening to the track its pretty obvious that he doesn’t say faggot. So I don’t see what the big deal is. Fake ends one sentence and It’s starts a new one.

        It just seems like something that people who make money by writing their opinions want to blow out of proportion so they can have an issue to focus on.

    • Ambient Lite

      Good point…adding Rick Astley and those guys from Erasure to your washed-up gay musician support group.

      • Ambient Lite

        and 50 Cent.

  • classmore

    Can’t land a hit record any more?? Before Susan Boyle, Em had the highest selling first week for a new album this year… And highest overall selling new album this year period. As far individual songs- Crack A Bottle hit #1 on the Billboard and is the second most digitally downloaded song in history. We Made You made the Top 10, and so did Forever in which Shady dominated everyone else on that track. So didn’t try any of this ‘can’t land a hit’ nonsense. His blueprint works, are you are all merely pissed that it does.. PEACE

    • EWsMom

      Yeah no kidding.
      And even radio isn’t touching Adam’s crappy singles – at least Eminem gets strong airplay for all his songs, and is actually INVITED to perform on shows (as opposed to Adam, who’s reduced to pre-taping his piece on “The View” lol)

      • Staciegirlie

        Many great music legends have been banned from shows or at least restricted. IDK, Elvis, the Doors, the Beatles…

      • edge221978

        staciegirlie do not place Adam Lamberts name with the likes of Elvis, The Doors or the Beatles ever again.

      • Paulie

        You show up in the comment section of every article on Adam Lambert. Why are you so obsessed with someone you obviously hate so much? You and Eminem have a lot in common- two bigoted homophobes.

  • darh1234

    not trying to say anything,
    but if adam is the “future” why are all his singles failing
    he maybe selling cd’s (mostly because everyone pre-ordered it thinking it would be great)
    but he has had NO hit singles
    even kris’s singles are doing better
    and eminem out of his last cd
    was able to
    A) have one of the best opening weeks
    B) have more hit singles than adam lamebart

    • crispy

      I’m confused about why you wrote this comment in verse? Weird

    • Staciegirlie

      I know why he doesn’t get radio play. Homophobia. Plus who has more hits than Adam? Kris or Em? Duh, EM has been out much longer than Adam. Adam’s CD has just been released a week ago. Are you stupid or what?

      • Rich

        Yes, that’s why Queen, Elton John, and Melissa Etheridge NEVER got any radio play… whoops, wait…….

      • onion9

        I know why he doesn’t get airplay. He has NO talent.

      • Tukioumaru

        Uncle Del & Auntie Theresa – Enjoyed looking at these exnlleect photos. You both look so confident and relaxed. Like cover photos for some famous C & W singing duo. Looking forward to seeing your wedding photos as well. May this be the start of many, many happy years together.

  • Flyer

    Don’t care about Eminem at all. Never have. Never will.

    • Yet

      …and yet you care enough to take the time to post a comment about him.

  • Ben

    Wow, I mean this is what the bloggers at EW find to be really offensive out of everything Eminem has done? I mean, the guy frickin’ fantasizes about killing his ex-wife and mother, but EW is up in arms about him rhyming something that SOUNDS like a slur?

    Way to have your priorities straight, guys.

    • @Ben

      EW is only upset because Eminem attacked their precious Adam Lambert.
      In general, EW and their writers have no moral standards…otherwise they’d be up in arms about ALL rap artists with their lyrics.

    • Nix

      It’s Simon Levinson. It’s what he does.

  • PeterBilt The Nature Boy

    The skinnyjean emo fruitbasket readers are offended. Oh no!!!! You can’t insult LambertGagaTwilightGleeweekly and their loyal merry band of dorks. Ha ha

    • not who, what

      if he would have said adam was a dork, fine, but using the word “fa***t” is not just playful, it can possibly incite more hatred. it’s the use of that word that offends gay people, not who they aim it at. but i’d expect that from a little boy (eminem, not you, i do not know you poster)

    • Wil

      I read on EW pretty frequently, and I can’t stand Gaga, Lambert, Twilight and have never seen an episode of Glee. I also think Eminem is a tool.

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