Courtney Love loses custody of Frances Bean

TMZ is reporting and E! Online is confirming with court documents that Courtney Love has temporarily lost legal custody of Frances Bean, her daughter with late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. Frances Bean, who is now a whopping 17 years old, has been placed in the care of Cobain’s mother, Wendy O’Connor, and his sister, Kimberly. No reason for the guardianship was given, and the women do not have control over the teen’s trust fund. We’ve called both Love’s lawyer and her publicist, and are waiting for further confirmation and any response from the notoriously uncensored Hole singer. (Ordinarily, we’d turn to her Twitter, but she shut it down this fall in the wake of a libel suit filed against her by a fashion designer she’d called a “nasty lying hosebag thief.”)

In the meantime, Mixers, what do you think? While there’s no guarantee this means disaster in the life of Love (or Frances), it’s certainly not a good sign. Are you as bummed as we are that this family unit couldn’t hold on for one more year?

UPDATE: Love’s attorney, Keith A. Fink, gave a statement to late today, saying, “This is simply about Frances preferring to live with her grandmother at this time.”

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  • Rion

    Haha what a train wreck! Frances is better off with the Cobains.

    • Dave Grohl

      Frances Bean is suprisingly beautiful (which is very hard to believe given her gene pool)

      • sid

        Are you kidding? Her father had a beautiful face.

      • Jane

        She has her dad’s eyes.

      • Kath

        Yeah, Kurt Cobain may have tried to hide it, but he was a gorgeous man.

      • Josie

        She has her dad’s beautiful eyes. He tried to hide it, but when he would open those eyes…. ah, swoon!

      • Rush

        Courtney Love would be attractive, if it weren’t for the smack. And Cobain’s eyes were blue? Oh yeah, one blew that way and the other blew the other way.

  • Sarah

    I can’t believe it took this long for her to lose custody.

    • KingLion

      I know right?! This is looooooong overdue!

      • Hole

        Never liked Courtney. Always thought she was a mess riding on Kurts coat-tails. With all her drug problems over the years I’m surprised she still has custody???? I wonder when Frances starts inhereting her trust fund?…18, 20, 25?? If it’s 18 I wonder if that has anything to do with anything? Just a thought.

    • Rush

      Courtney killed Kurt.

  • Lily

    Doesn’t sound good. I’ve always pulled for Courtney and Frances. I hope whatever it is is resolvable.

    • tori

      same. that’s so unfortunate : (

    • gigi

      Agree. Everybody is saying “it’s about time”, but it’s more sad than anything that Courtney couldn’t get it together enough to hang on to her child. Frances is such a cute girl. I hope this is Courtney’s wake up call.

  • Samantha

    Are you sure about that? Kurt was not the shining example of fantastic parenting!!

    • wtf

      what does kurt’s lifestyle have to do with this? Are you saying because he lived a rough life his mother and sister are incapable of being good guardians as opposed to Courtney Love? Your comment is ludicrous and small minded.

      • T.L.

        Um, he KILLED HIMSELF. That’s what she facetiously means by “fantastic parenting.”

      • Andi

        Puh-lease. Courtney Love SO killed Kurt Cobain. 1) He was so high that he couldn’t even have injected himself to get as high as he was at his time of death. 2) The first half of his “suicide” note was written in his handwriting and talked about leaving Courtney (and Frances) and the second half was written in different handwriting and only that part talked about the suicide. There are even more facts other there. Google it or something.

      • wtf

        wow dumb and then dumber. OK T.L. genius WTF does Kurt Cobain killing himself have to do with custody of his daughter now. So his sister and mom caused the torrential life of Kurt Cobain? So they’re unfit? did you even read the comment I replied to? What do those events have to do with the custody battle at hand? Dude think before posting such a asinine comment.

      • cobagibu

        how does that have anything to do with how he was a father?..what I always found more disturbing (and this was with Kurt’s mom) is that there is a painting of Jesus in their living room that Kurt’s mom stated that Francis would speak to all the time thinking that was Kurt…maybe this was excellent parenting as maybe part of his thought process was that Francis Bean was better of without him in her life…who knows and STOP JUDGING

    • Dave Grohl

      Agreed. Cobain was a suicidal drug addict who ended his life violently. Probably not the result of good parenting.

      • KFed

        Firstly, what a massive, flawed presumption to make. Secondly, writing that as “Dave Grohl”? Low.

  • JohnnyPlankton

    No, I am not bummed out. Of course she’s better off with the Cobains! She’d be better off with a family of monkeys than staying with her biological mom. There are no good (active) addict mothers. You can’t love your kids and dope at the same time.

    • ashlee

      I agree. KC was the saddest human being I ever saw. CL has been spiraling down to self-destruction for years. She has managed to stay alive but the price has been the deterioration of her talent and beauty. FB, who looks like KC, has a better chance with O’Connor.

  • Monique

    So sad. Hopefully, for her and Frances’s sake, Courtney gets it together.

  • paige

    Frances grew up to be very good looking… lucky her. Courtney doesnt even look like herself anymore…

    • Ambient Lite

      Frances really looks like her dad.

      • insomniac

        OMG! She does look like Kurt Cobain! I never really noticed before, but when you look at the picture, she totally does.

      • ks

        No kidding, she is very beautiful.

      • Snsetblaze

        She looks like her dad but definitely has mom’s chin.

  • brody

    Poor Frances. I hope she can find some healthy normalcy with her grandmother and aunt.

  • Bill

    Bummed? For Courtney Love? Not likely.

    Not that I have any investment in the child’s welfare, but she has be better off anywhere than with crazy junkie mom.

    • KFed

      Surely it’s sad any time that a mother and daughter can’t have a satisfactory, safe relationship. Frances probably is better off, but I’m still “bummed” that that is the case.

  • Stacie

    Maybe Frances will get to have someone take care of her for a while, instead of having to take care of her mom.

    • dublin04

      Bingo! I’ve always felt bad for her having lost her father and basically her childhood too putting up w/ her mother’s antics

  • Minutiae

    That poor girl is going to need years of therapy.

  • CitizenLand

    she’s a tiresome moron who is irrelevant. Her antics and even her music were entertaining at one point but now she’s just a washed up scab.

  • Blinktx69

    Jesus! Courtney looks like the freaking crypt keeper in that picture

  • jl

    It must have been a really serious incident for the courts to step in when a kid is this old. Doubt that we will ever know the true story.

    • bootsycolumbia

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. Poor Frances. I’m not a fan of Courtney Love, and never have been, but I hope she gets clean and sober. She owes her daughter big time.

  • kaydevo

    So sad for Frances, so much tragedy in her life. Having Courtney for a mother is tragic all by itself. I wish the girl well, she’s gonna need it.

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