Ke$ha: Could she be the Gaga of 2010?

Between her smashing of La Gaga’s single-digital-sales record (“Tik Tok” sold 610,000 to “Just Dance”‘s 419,000) and the fact that she seems poised to unseat Susan Boyle on next week’s Billboard album charts with her debut Animal, it’s a very good week to be Ke$ha.

But can the Jack-swilling, Diddy-feeling pop-rap minx replicate her number-one magic five times over, as Gaga has? Let’s look at the evidence, shall we?

Gaga: Bona-fide crazyballs fashion explosion
Ke$ha: Still in the minor leagues, but trying. Sort of

Gaga: Can actually sing the crap out of her stuff live, belying AutoTune stereotypes
Ke$ha: Hmm. Questionable

Gaga: Garners gossipy sexuality-related headlines
Ke$ha: Ditto.

Gaga: Beloved by Paris Hilton
Ke$ha: Barfed on Paris Hilton

Gaga: Immensely Google-able (77 million-plus results!)
Ke$ha: May have Google issues

Bottom line, Ke$ha has yet to prove whether she has the mysterious je ne sais quoi that separates the one- (or two) hit wonder from the global superstar. And she seems more fight-for-your-right-to-get-sloppy Beastie Girl than the kind who will likely ever bestow a power ballad like “Speechless” on us.

There is, of course, room for more than one blond provocateur with a Bowie fixation in pop music. But you tell us, Music Mixers, which one will history remember most? Or will both be forgotten by 2012, when only John Cusack lives to tell the tale?

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  • Alex

    I love the song ‘Tik Tok’ but have you seen the video? Ke$ha can’t dance and doesn’t really have the ‘moves’. She just looks really awkward. But looking forward to more singles from her. And why does she always look so unkempt?

  • Eric P

    She wont last. She’s boring with no personality. Gaga has talent.

    • Celia

      Agreed. She’s more of a one or two hit wonder. Gaga will be around for awhile. That Tik Tok song was good the first time I heard it, but I got tired of it really fast. She’s boring.

      • miss k

        Ditto. It doesn’t seem like she can actually sing. I like Tik Tok but I think anyone could have sung that. Plus Gaga is completely original. I don’t think there will be anyone like her.

    • Tarrin

      Agreed. Gaga has actual talent. I don’t love all of her material, but she can sing and perform live and she’s genuinely creative. This girl has zero talent. She’s a studio creation who lip syncs live most of the time, and thinks wearing clothes from the trash is enough of a “look” to get people’s attention. She’s a joke to anyone over the age of 15 or with half a brain.

    • Nick T

      Don’t say that! I love her CD! It’s not as great as either of Gaga’s but still.

    • harry

      Lady Gaga is also intelligent, and comments on the world Ke$ha is just a party girl

      • Cherri

        I love that lady gaga article! Actually, I love all gaga articles/interviews. She is so goddamn intelligent that you could just listen to her talk all day. Good point on the Kesha article. I really don’t care for her. “I call it…garbage-can chic.” Really?!

  • Ed

    Overrated. I like the song, but the album is horrible.

  • CVisca

    Absolutely not – she’s got the most ear-jarring voice and has no cred to back it up. Nope, sorry.

  • keith

    I can’t stand the song. But who knows? She sure has a giant promotional machine behind her? Having said that, I don’t like anything I’ve heard so far. But I have Gaga’s album and love it.

  • gerritv

    Gaga over Ke$ha any day. Gaga is original as well as talented. This is just a rehash of the Madonna vs. Lauper wars of the eighties and the Britney vs. Xtina wars of the late ninetries.

    • frosting

      I wouldn’t call Gaga original… I mean she’s pretty derivative of everything that’s already been done in pop… that being said I can’t stand either of them, but if Ke$ha becomes huge and overrated as well, then I just may find myself in therapy.

      • DarkPisces

        I couldn’t even begin to agree more.

  • Kyle

    Ke$ha’s here to take over! She WILL be the biggest thing in 2010. I think anyone who has heard all of her album would agree. She’s gonna be HUGE, there’s no denying it. Step aside Gaga, there’s a newby here to take over. It’s not really fair to make comparisons yet due to the fact that Ke$ha hasn’t had as many opportunities YET, but she will!

    • Ed

      I heard the whole album and I disagree. Instead of being catchy, the songs are annoying.

    • RyRyNYC


      • Janet

        Who’s a loser? Ke$ha, I assume.

    • Tarrin

      Are you 5?

    • Jake

      LOL – WTF are you even talking about? That will never happen in any version of reality, even yours.

  • Scott

    She can’t sing, can’t dance, is not pretty, and not fashionable. The hook of Tik Tok is why it is a hit (though it is derivative of Kylie’s Love at First Sight).

    • Stephanie

      So true. I first heard it and started singing Love at First Sight over it…it matched up perfectly.

    • Sarah

      Wow, didn’t even think of that til you said it. Now I am going to think that whenever I hear the song.

  • Sean

    Bought Ke$ha’s album on iTunes yesterday and…..IT FREAKING ROCKS!
    Not sure about their longevity, but Ke$ha does have one thing in common with Lady Gaga and that’s an AWESOME debut!
    Similar to Gaga’s THE FAME, almost every track on ANIMAL is addictive and single-worthy. Unlike so many other artists, who suck you in with one or two great tracks only to be let down by an overwhelming amount of blah, Ke$ha delivers on a promise of non-stop pop-dance fun. “Tik Tok” isn’t even my favorite track. At the moment, that honor goes to “Take It Off” and “Party At A Rich Dude’s House”.
    For now, Lady Gaga is in the lead because of her amazing vocal, performance, and instrumental talent, mainly showcased at her live performances. But if Gaga is our avant-garde Dance Goddess, maybe Ke$ha can be her Valley-girl demi-god sister!!

    • multiPass

      LOL. You are cute and that is a nice thing to say about both chix. Too bad most people don’t see the glass half full.

    • henry

      that’s actually a really good point, and props on not putting down either one!

  • Ugly Jenny

    I’m sorry but this is like comparing filet mignon (Gaga) to Spam (Ke$ha). Seriously?

    • Kristen

      100% agree!!!

    • lc

      LOL. Kesha is to Gaga what Justin Bieber is to Justin Timberlake. There’s already someone out there doing it better kids, and with a lot more talent.

      • damien

        haha, lovin’ this comment :)

    • ricardvs


      • Diego

        how could I forget?? Thanks for all the kudos, its easy when you have that much good enregy in one room! Excited to get all of the photos posted online for you everyone to see, should be up by next Friday!

  • Dee

    Gaga is gonna be the Gaga of 2010!!!

    • Scott


    • Erik

      love it… agreed!!!!

    • Satria

      Katje! It was fantastic wkrniog with you! You made us smile the whole time. We didnb4t want the day to end and we would rather hang out with you all day long =). It was a big postitive surprise for our families and they are all happy for us. Do we have to comment that the pictures are amazing?Thank you so much Katje for making our special day wonderful! /Ivana and Denis

  • Theodore Salem-Mackall

    It was only a matter of time before lady gaga got ripped off.

    • maskedavenger

      And who did GaGa rip off?
      Bowie, Madonna just to name 2.

      • Stephanie

        LOL so true. GaGa is the demon love child of Bowie and Madonna.

        Which makes Ke$ha the demon love child of Uffie and Katy Perry. NEXT!

    • Bingo

      Ironic comment considering the many people Miss Gaga has ripped off. Where to even begin?

      • 4rocket

        Which makes Ke$ha even sadder than Gaga. She’s a ripoff of a ripoff! ROFL!!!

      • lena

        In music, not many people can be original, since everythings been done already. BUT you can’t blame Gaga for trying.

  • duffy

    ok, is somebody at ew related to kesha? did somebody lose a bet? WHY do you guys keep praising her?? even by disposable pop standards, this is pure trash! surely you don’t really believe that this thing has talent, charm, or even good songs?
    shoot, i don’t even like gaga but she atleast has some catchy songs and a bit of talent.

    • Fatima

      Didn’t really look like praise to me.

      • duffy

        they gave her album a b+, they had one article title “meet your new pop superstar!”, two articles in a row about how she is gonna take top of the charts…

    • Len

      Well, she did just set a record, give her some props, this IS a pop culture magazine

  • Daniela

    No way?! NEVER EVER?! How could you ever compare to tik-tok to Just Dance, Poker Face, even better Paparazzi and Bad Romance. She’s an amateur Lady Gaga’s a professional

    • All About The Benjamins

      You make it sound like Lady Gaga’s been around forever and is an unstoppable legend. While I do agree that Ke$ha is pure crap and won’t last past 15 minutes, Gaga has had just barely over a year’s worth of success. Let’s see if Gaga avoids the dreaded sophomore slump before we bank so much on her success. The music industry is very fickle. The downside of being so huge so quickly is maintaining that success throughout your career. I’m not criticizing, I’m just saying.

      • Carrie

        Sophomore slump? Gaga’s second album is doing quite well. Bad Romance and Speechless are pretty darn good, don’t you think?

      • Maserda

        Well, the Fame Monster is considered a separate album, and it seems to be doing well so far.

      • multiPass

        I think you make a very valid point here. I will say about Gaga that people are already talking about “what she’ll do next” …so in some way her relevance beyond 09-10 is guaranteed. At least for a hot minute.

        Here’s hoping she nails it!

      • All About The Benjamins

        The Fame Monster is basically a re-release of her first album with bonus tracks, so I wouldn’t count that as a second album, since it isn’t comprised solely of new or unreleased material.

      • Cherri

        Well she said she’s already writing her 3rd album and her first 6 singles have all gone #1 on billboard’s pop chart. This ties her with mariah and beyonce for the most #1s but keep in mind it took mariah 12 years to do that and beyonce 7 years (not to mention beyonce got #6 with the help of gaga). All 6 singles have also been in the top 10 on the hot 100. I really don’t think kesha will top that in 2010. Do we even want to talk about live performances? Gaga dominates that topic.

  • Fatima

    Her fans are already dumber than Britney’s. She’s amassed a strangely vocal cult of morons. A few made it to this thread. She needs to sit her a$$ (see what I did there Ke$ha!? SO COOL) down.

    • Sean

      if you don’t like her…fine, but do you need to be so hateful to those who do?

      you do realize you have the freedom to turn the radio station?

      just seems your harboring a lot of hatred. good luck with that!

    • maskedavenger

      Wow your such a hater.
      Let the girl be happy and do what she likes. Why do you have to be so negative?

      People on here are pathetic

    • Phil

      Seeing as how I’m pretty much the go to Music Mix ‘hater’ Imma chime in hear & defend my friend Fatima. The problem with Ke$ha is that she usually appears publicly intoxicated, has the same hobo-chic style that the Olsen twins rock, yet, as a gay man, I never feel they ever LOOK fashionable, and to top it ALL off, if you’ve actually purchased or listened to Ke$ha’s album, the next single, “Blah Blah Blah” NOT only has the identical synth line to “TiK ToK”, but also sounds eerily similiar to 3!OH3’s last single “Starstrukk” with Katy Perry subbing in for Ke$ha. Originality THERE IS NOT. These are just some off the cuff honest TRUE remarks. Gaga may be bold, but I see Ke$ha as being an A&R ngithmare. I mean, Gaga may be a bit out there at times, but who ni their right minds would allow a new artist to give multiple interviews while seeming apparently drunk!? And then there is validity of Ke$ha’s actual age…I am hearing the lil Souhtern Firecracker is a tad bit younger than she is claiming, which would make the public drunk stupors even worse. But in the end, I am a pop music fan. “TiK ToK” is riding the wave right now since its the slow time of year and no big new tunes or albums drop til March. If Ke$ha manages to stay rellevant come baseball season, then we’ll talk…but til then, I wish some of you kids would wake up and stop drinking the Ke$ha Kool Aid!

      • Kate

        The public drunkenness thing is gross. I don’t care if she’s actually drunk or not. When I watch her I’m always afraid she’s going to throw up on someone. As far as her songs, she sounds like a rip off of Uffie, The Millionaires and Peaches (with Peaches being far superior). Vapidity still sells (big shock), but the record industry has to see that people are dying for quality. Quality songs, singers and personalities. We are also looking for uniqueness. This girl doesn’t qualify in any category. Sorry Dr. Luke, your creepy obsession is a fad.

      • Fatima

        Thanks man! I got a little embarrassingly heated, but this woman drives me absolutely nutty. Seeing people with avatars set as her on or hailing her as genius on message boards has made my head implode. She’s as calculated as it comes and I am shocked that people buy this whole free spirit thing. I love my pop music and a lot of the time I like it stupid, but this draws the line. Any admiration for this creature is grounds for insanity. Thanks for jumping in in an actually intelligent way :)

      • beb

        Interesting dirt about Ke$ha, Phil. You’re giving her until baseball season – I think I’m going to give her a little more time, maybe until this year’s big fall push. It really depends on how her label handles this initial rush – “Blah Blah Blah” will most likely be in Billboard’s Top 20 (if not Top 10) next week based on iTunes performance. If radio picks up on it quickly (like they did with GaGa’s “Telephone”), she could still be riding high by baseball season. “My Love Is Your Drug” or “Take It Off” could be a fun third single (for the summer, of course), with the quasi-ballad “Hungover” (which sounds a lot like something out of Avril Lavigne’s catalog) being a potential fourth release for September (when kids are heading back to school).

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