New Taylor Swift song, 'Today Was a Fairytale': Listen here

The Tay-Tay-squared love affair that bloomed on the set of the upcoming Valentines Day may have withered on the vine, but Taylor Swift still has her heart—or at least a new song, and her first big-screen role—in the everyone-with-a-SAG-card-get-in-the-pool romantic comedy, due in theaters February 12.

The track “Today Was a Fairytale” is available today on iTunes; listen to a minute-and-a-half clip below:

Not a big departure here for T-Swift; in fact, the lyrics—”you were the prince/I used to be the damsel in distress” and “I wore a dress/you wore a dark grey t-shirt”—are mighty reminiscent of two previous hits: “Love Story” and “You Belong with Me,” respectively. The t-shirt’s just on the other foot, so to speak.

However! She is a 20-year-old self-made millionairess with gold statuettes lining her kitchen cupboards like cans of Dinty Moore stew, and we are broke, bitter journalists, so what do we know? The song sounds Taylor-made (oh, the wit!) for her fans, and we’re just happy she’s still sweet, neat, and 98359 times more age-appropriate than Noah Cyrus. But please do tell us your take in the comments section below.

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  • whatevs

    Sure, some of her lyrics may be recycled but it’s a lot better than “movin’ my hips like yeah, noddin’ my head like yeah.”

    A lot of supposed songwriters behind pop songs distract us from the crappy lyrics by using a catchy beat.

    • singlesugardaddies

      I love her music she is pretty

      • Whatevs

        She is the most sweeest person ever I haerd she donated money to haititi

    • Season

      HA! Agreed.

    • mjr

      Shes got the Teen Luv song down pat. Her record compony and managers know this and will squeese out every last record sale out of her.

    • amanda

      how do you move ur hips like yeah?

      • anna

        in her video clips she moves her hips and says yeah..shes showing you how to do it :p though that song is really annoying..the girl can move her hips like shakira

      • Jose

        Marissa it was your sweet titrube that triggered mine! And watch Cat on a Hot Tin Roof- it is so good!

    • Whatevs

      I Love her song fairytale but it won’t play !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:[

  • One Who Knows

    God, how much longer do I have to listen to Taylor Swift sing songs about how she’s a princess that needs saved? Grow a pair, Swift.

    • samantha

      get over yourself. no one is forcing you to listen to her songs, and they’re alot better then most of the garbage you hear!

      • gh

        oh really ? are you tone deaf like so many others?> THE GIRL CANNOT SING-take away the comuter dubbings and any backu and you might be able to hear the truth.

      • Zane

        @gh: If you take that away from most singers now-a-days it would be the same way. rappers rely heavily on that kind of stuff so don’t berate someone when she ain’t the only one. And she is a damn good song writer and appeals to tons of people.

      • grain

        @Zane: No one is defending the EQUALLY TALENTLESS pop singers out there, so don’t use that bull excuse either. And lots of crap artists (*cough* Britney *cough*) appeal to tons of people, that just serves as proof that the masses will always go for crap while vastly better and talented artists remain relegated to the underground. Oh, and Taylor is a good songwriter alright, good if she were a 5-year-old girl.

      • wan

        u needs to be quick shes really a good singer so i wouldnt talk u probably suck

      • Tamio

        Sounds like an Ovation to me…or a Chet Atkins SST. Not bad, but a ltitle too bright for me.

    • anonymous

      One Who Knows… You’re RUDE and down right stupid! Samantha– I 100% agree with you! If you don’t like her music, then fine! Don’t listen to it, then. But don’t sit there and COMPLAIN about it! Seriously… get a brain!

      • May S

        To anonymous and Samantha – people are still allowed to have opinions and share them – this thread isn’t reserved for Taylor Swift lovers only. Not that I don’t like her or anything, but I do wish she would depart a little bit from her usual fare – I’d be interested to see how someone as talented as her could come up with.

      • One Who Knows

        Oh, I’m sorry. I wasn’t aware that we weren’t allowed to say anything bad about Saint Taylor. That’s too bad, because she’s a marginal talent at best, and she couldn’t hold a candle to the female country singers that paved the way for her. Face it. The worst part of Kanye West interrupting her at the VMAs is that he catapulted her fame to 50 billion times more than what it really should be.

      • Sabrina

        whats the point of arguing over opinions its stupid to defend someone who cant make a clean break up or keep a man shes really pathetic she does sing about the same thing love and being heart broken who cares the only reason she has fans is because they feel sorry for her stupid ass its ridiculous

      • Sabrina

        whats the point of arguing over opinions its stupid to defend someone who cant make a clean break up or keep a man shes really pathetic she does sing about the same thing love and being heart broken who cares the only reason she has fans is because they feel sorry for her stupid a** its ridiculous

      • Whatevs

        I know right if you don’t like don’t listen to her She is very talented singer. And if you don’t like her screw your self btw She is way better than mily

    • Bob

      one who knows. get a life. taylor swift is the best thing ever. ur just jealous. if ur gonna write a review write a nice 1. so shuv it up ur cram hole

      • Scarlett

        Um, by definition, reviews are supposed to contain your view on the thing being discussed, even if it’s negative. I think you’re confusing “review” with “fan letter” and “jealous” with “sick of Taylor Swift.”

    • castiella

      have you actually listed to the lyrics of her song? that’s not her message.

    • omgplease

      “grow a pair”???? you do realize she is a 20 yr old GIRL right? She sings what all us 19-24 year old girls would sing (if we could) and does it beautifully! You sound very stupid.

    • Whatevs

      If you don’t like her don’t talk about her

  • kelly

    Her music is directed at teens…so it’s appropriate enough. She’s a good role model.

  • Amy

    I’m not feeling this one yet. But I don’t care because Taylor Swift OWNS the rest of the Disney kid wannabes trying to be singers (ie. Jonas brothers, Miley “$kank” Cyrus, Demi Lovato, etc. Taylor actually writes her own material and sings from the heart and doesn’t need to curse or talk about sex in her songs. Taylor ROCKS!

    • Kelly

      Demi and the Jonas brohters write their own music too dumbass.

      • Jen D

        It shows, Kelly. And name calling is not nice.

    • anonymous

      Yeah!! I totally agree with you! I love Taylor Swift!

      • Amy W

        uhmmm the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato both write their own music…and what you think because Demi and the Jonas Brothers make pop/rock music instead of Taylor’s repetitive country songs that they dont write and sing from the heart?? honestly Taylor really does have as downfalls (as do Demi and JB im not denying that) but people act as if she is so amazing and that shes totally perfect! although im a fan of her music its always about the same stuff (love! whether its falling in love or getting your heart broken etc. etc.) it gets tiring after a while…also theres no need to trash other guys in her songs by naming them or saying who theyre about, why bother with putting the names in? and it really wasnt neccessary for the bitchyness that she put out against Joe Jonas expecially on Ellen with whole 27 second phone call and how she made an “emergency” recording session. i have no problem with her writing a song about Joe, she can do that but she didnt need to tell the world that story. noone needed to know that…and now pretty much every article i read about her contains something along the lines of “used date Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers who broke up with her in a 27 second phone call”…she needs to move on he clearly has…
        anyway im totally off topic…sorry about my rant but thats just my opinion…not really a fan of this song in particular. its to cliche…:)

    • dick dong

      Amy, You are stupid. I like Taylor but Demi Lovato is 1,000 times better than anyone around and if you don’t know that then you haven’t heard her and are just lumping her in with the rest of the Disney crowd or you have horrible taste.

      • tom

        taylor is better disney ppl always repeat the same words they gets annoying after a not fans for singers but disney songs r not good

  • Leslie

    I think the song is about Tay squared :] But at the sametime ever since the “Kanye” thing I’ve seen WAY TOO MUCH of Taylor, though I’m happy for her, she should tone it down

    • gh

      i totally agree with you that she should tone it down, and she does have the means and ways of doing that but she doesn’t, somehow she must really suck all this fakeness and use it to boost her own ego instead of being downright honest with herself. But then again these days young girls are not taught any thing like being true to themselves and recognizing the difference between being too full of themselves and honest to the world.. too bad she could be a really good role model for the younger ones and instead she seems to just suck it all and have some more lies to brag about herself.

  • Melissa

    Maybe people will finally realize that all Swift songs sound alike because that’s all she can sing. She has no range whatsoever.
    She will have a short-lived career

    • Emily

      Are you kidding me? Seriously. She has an amazing voice. And her career isn’t stopping anytime soon.

    • Vicky

      Ok i agree that this so those have the same feel as a few of her other songs but not all her songs are the same. The popular ones do have the same sound, but that means the public likes hearing the same sounding music not that Taylor only writes one type of music. Listen to Breathe, Your Not Sorry, Tied Together with a Smile and you will get what I mean.

      • laura

        Are you kidding?? THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!!! SAME EVERYTHING!!

    • anonymous

      Melissa- Ya know what? YOU are rude, and idiotic!! I’m sorry you have such strong opinions about Taylor Swift, but KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF!! Thank you.

    • alex sams

      buzz off she has an amazing voice just because u probably cant sing leave her alone

  • Cardsgal

    Not the best lyrics, but a nice melody. I like Taylor; she can do no wrong.

    • Nica

      But doesn’t someone else write her music for her?

      • alex sams

        she writes her own songs

  • couchgrouch

    poof country for teen girls. make the bad love songs stop. TS doesn’t writer her own songs…she brings idea scraps to pro writers who do the rest. she’s got a voice that belongs in next year’s chipmunk flick. long live auto-tune.

    • anonymous

      YOU belong in next year’s chipmunk flick. You and all your nonsense talk!


    thanks kanye .. for this monstrosity

  • mori

    This 20-year-old went door to door with her demo tape to music companies in Nashville when she was in her early teens. She’s worked to achieve her current success, no matter short-lived anyone thinks it may be. What wonderful things were you doing when you were 20? If you don’t like her music, change the radio station and don’t click on an EW item with her name on it!

    • anonymous

      Exactly what I was saying! :)

  • couchgrouch

    when I was 20 I was working hard to stay fed. I clicked on TS’s new song to see if she had anything different to offer besides cotton candy love songs. nope.

    • anonymous

      Guess you should’ve not clicked on it, huh?

  • Ed

    While I don’t really dislike Swift or her songs, I do find her singing overrated. I think she’s a good song writer (i like that her songs are mostly narratives), but I feel a distance between me and her songs, because I find her voice to be too thin. I want Swift to write a song for Kelly Clarkson..that would be sweet.

    • Nica

      I don’t think her singing is over-rated at all – everyone pretty much agrees she cannot carry a tune.

  • KEV

    i like her voice too much. the compositions, the instrumentals and the way she played guitar makes me inspire. shes one of a kind. TAYLOR IS A GOOD MODEL who always put her faith to GOD.

    • Hannah

      Yes, I admire that about her, also! She trusts in God, and is hopefully maintaining a good reliationsship with her Saviour!

      • Wondering

        and you know this how?

  • 4rocket

    It’s lovely that Taylor doesn’t lip-sync and writes her own material and plays instruments, but that alone should not automatically earn her credibility. She’s a terrible singer, a mediocre songwriter at best, and I do not recall anyone praising her for being a guitar goddess or a piano maestro. So all in all, she’s a mediocre musician who receives waaaay too much hype. The definition of overrated. Look, I’m sure she’s a sweet girl and all, so I don’t mean this at all as personal attack, but really the only reason she’s so popular is for the following reasons:
    1. She’s a young, cute blonde with a girl-next-door charm. Meeting the societal standards of beauty has never hurt an artist’s career. Just look at Britney Spears.
    2. People these days judge celebrities by their personal lives instead of their work, so marketing Taylor as a safe and trustworthy role model is almost certain to garner her a large legion of fans among the tweens, teens and parents. Seriously, whenever you bring up to a fan how limited she is musically, their answer is always “Well at least she’s a good role model, unlike that $lut Miley!” (as exemplified by the above comments)
    3. The standards for music today are so incredibly low, that we’ll accept just anyone who isn’t offensively bad. “Well, at least they play an instrument, that’s good enough”. “Well, at least they sing live, that’s good enough”. “Well, at least they write their own stuff and don’t swear, that’s good enough”. No, the mere ability to do something should not be good enough. Doing it well should be good enough. If this were 20, 30 years ago, Taylor would’ve been told to go home instead of being signed. Because back then, there were a plethora of artists in the mainstream who were 100 times more talented than Swift, and effectively would’ve made her look like nothing. Now people like Swift, the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber can all find success because of their carefully manufactured image and the overall poor climate of the music industry that now demands very little from artists.

    And the idiots who assume that all people who don’t like Taylor Swift listen to “garbage” are sorely mistaken. I think a hefty amount of non-Swift fans listen to artists that are easily miles ahead of Taylor Swift. It’s called musical taste. I don’t listen to mainstream music because most of it is soulless, materialistic, obscene crap, but I’m not gonna turn to Taylor’s Princess Barbie nonsense-lyrics either. People that listen to a certain artist because they believe them to be a “good role models” aren’t really listening to music. They’re buying into an image, an ideal. You judge an artist on their work, not what they do in their personal lives, period. A lot of legendary musicians were far from being role models, but it is their talent that they’re ultimately remembered for, and that’s how it should be. You want a role model for your kids? Here’s a novel idea, try being an actual parent and teach your kids morals and values. Don’t rely on celebrities to do it for you.

    /end rant.

    • spook

      perhaps, the reason for ms. swift’s popularity/success has more to do with the general disaffection towards pop music. given that she’s a country artist, the demographics are certainly more favourable.

      e other note: as “rolling stone” mentioned in 2008, ms. swift has an almost mechanical command of verse-bridge-chorus composition. this seems to be an inate talent. though her vocal skills are limited, considering the genre, the lyrics and construction of the tunes are perhaps more important. (at least, i don’t recall the ability to sing well being a prerequisite for music fame.)

      • shasha

        whatever, i’ll always be moving my hips like yeah

    • Hannah

      Have you ever watched American Idol? Do you know who Simon Cowell is? Everyone always boos at him because of his rude and very judgemental comments. Right now, YOU’RE being booed at. Often, Simon is saying what is true… but in this case, you’re the Simon that is NOT saying what is true, but instead stating YOUR opinion as a FACT. I don’t really mind if you like Taylor Swift or not, it’s that you are being so JUDGEMENTAL and OPINIONATED! People normally don’t like judgemental and opinionated people, like Simon. People avoid those kinds of people, and are put off by them. Whenever a judgemental/opinionated person starts talking, people don’t tend to listen. They don’t WANT to be INFORMED of your opinion WHEN YOU’RE STATING IT AS A FACT! For example, you could instead say… “I DON’T THINK Taylor Swift is the greatest singer because…” So please keep that in mind.

      • 4rocket

        Booed at by whom, other than you? Listen, this is a comment board, and the whole point of a comment board is for people to express their opinions, both positive and negative. You’re perfectly entitled to not agree with me, but keep in mind this isn’t a Taylor Swift fansite, so I don’t have to be nice about my opinions. And why do I need to predicate my comments with “IMHO” or “I think/don’t think…”? It’s pretty clear that it is an opinion, one that I strongly believe in, but an opinion nonetheless. I didn’t say “This is a SOLID, INDISPUTABLE fact”. Your criticism would’ve held weight if that was indeed the case, but it isn’t.

    • Keith

      Well said, 4rocket!
      There really are no standards at this point – Ke$sha is certainly proof of that.

    • Gina

      4rocket, I love Taylor Swift’s music. I respect your opinion, but i think YOU ought to respect other peoples’ too. If Taylor was as dreadful as you’re making her out to be, she wouldn’t have a billion fans. She writes her own lyrics about personal topics that almost every girl on the planet can relate too. Sure, lots of her songs are pretty similar (the chords are generally D,A,Em,G) but she can do a range of songs! Try comparing ‘picture to burn’ with ‘Breathe’. COMPLETELY different. Unlike so many calebrities these days, she is pure, free-spirited and is not afraid to be herself.
      You say that people who don’t listen to Taylor have “taste” in music. So do the people who DO listen to her. It’s just a different taste to yours! If everyone liked the same kind of music, the world would be an increadibly dull and boring place, would it not?
      So don’t say that this kind of music is crap. Because there are millions of people out there who love it. Don’t say she has “princess Barbie nonsense-lyrics” either; if they’re nonsense, how is it girls can relate to her feelings in every single song? How is she so popular? Why does she have so many fans?
      Because her music IS GOOD.
      People listen to her music, and always will. Get over it and go listen to some weird heavy metal stuff or whatever you’re into. But i’m cranking up the volume of “our song”.

      • 4rocket

        Gina, I respect your opinion and your right to listen to Taylor Swift. But please do not assume that having success and “billions of fans” automatically means you’re talented. The two do not go hand in hand very often as of late, so do not use the “well she’s sold millions of albums so she must be good” as an excuse. Britney Spears and countless of other mediocre artists’ success have pretty much nullified the validity of that argument. Now perhaps I was little harsh in saying people who listen to Taylor Swift have no taste, that’s generalizing everyone and I admit I shouldn’t have done that. But that was in response to a previous poster who assumed anyone who thought Taylor wasn’t any good listened to “garbage music”. Nonetheless, I feel her songs are plain and generic, and therefore that makes her an unremarkable songwriter. Yes, teenage girls relate to her lyrics, they also relate to the lyrics of the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and countless of other teen sensations that have come and gone. It’s not hard at all to please teenagers musically (well most of them, I don’t mean to generalize), hence why record labels almost always makes them their key demographic. But in case what I said has further pissed you off, this is just all MY opinion.

        And with the exception of a few bands, I’m actually not into heavy metal, so don’t assume that I’m an elitist metalhead who thinks any genre that is not metal is automatically crap if that’s what you meant by that. Believe me, I hate those types just as much as you do. I respect all genres of music, including country music even though it’s not my bag. For example, I acknowledge and respect Lady Gaga’s talent even though her music is something I could certainly live without.

    • Wow

      Half of you people need to get out more. Seriously. Go out in public.

      • Eykal

        s. I’ve used them mainly just so I can get ahonter run in, but it’s just making the injury worse. The hardest thing is that it starts at the upper hamstring just below my butt and radiates down the outer muscle towards the back of the knee so it is very hard to stretch.

  • shasha


    • Hannah

      Yea, you said that!

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