Lady Gaga at Radio City: Best. Concert. Ever.

Last night, I had the great pleasure of seeing Lady Gaga kick off a sold-out, four-night engagement at New York’s legendary Radio City Music Hall and, lemme tell you Music Mixers, I almost wept with joy. Gaga’s Monster Ball tour is one of the greatest concert experiences of my life. AH-MAZING. I can’t stop thinking about it. In the past week  Gaga had some health issues, but you would never have known based on her tireless energy and robust vocals. This lady is the real deal! She opened the show with “Dance in the Dark” and hardly took a break until the climactic, floor-shaking performance of “Bad Romance.” My personal fave was “Boys Boys Boys,” which she began by asking, “Where are all the gay boys at?” Obvs, I immediately jumped up and began dancing. But there is no doubt that “Bad Romance” was the ultimate showstopper, with all of Radio City on its feet for Gaga’s hit single. The only downside was that Gaga never did one of my fave tunes off The Fame Monster, “Telephone,” but I’ll let it slide. Music Mix-ers, if you have any chance of going to see Gaga at Radio City, I heartily endorse. It could change your life. Or at least just make it really sparkly for a couple of hours.

Have you seen any of Lady Gaga’s shows? Were they as good for you as for me?

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  • Mojo

    Best concert ever? You must not have been to too many concerts. No offense to you or to…um…”Miss Gaga” but there are certainly better concerts to attend.

    • Abbie

      Did you go to the concert? I did, and have been to many others. I certainly would put it up there in my top two or three. If not number one.

    • Sol

      Here’s the thing — why does Lady Gaga look and move like Andrea Martin — now I love Andrea Martin — she’s one of the best comics out there. But until Lady Gaga quits imitating her, I can’t take her seriously.

    • 4rocket

      Yeah, I don’t mind “One of the best concerts I’ve been to”, but THE best concert EVER? I wonder if the author is a 14-year-old girl and Lady Gaga is the first concert she’s ever attended. I’m not against people praising Gaga, but what I can’t stand is people overdoing it by overrating her. “OMG, SHE’S LIKE THE BEST ARTIST OF THE PAST 25 YEARS! SHE’S THE FUTURE OF MUSIC!!!”. It’s almost as bad as the Twilight-maniacs (I’m not comparing Lady Gaga to Twilight, I’m just noting how similar their crazy hardcore fans are. It’s the same thing with Adam Lambert fans.)

      • psychoanalyzer

        I agree. I like Gaga, and I like Adam, but I don’t worship them…

      • Bob

        The only thing is, Lady GaGa IS actually REALLY good, unlike Twilight, and the others you listed. This is why your just a hater, of anything popular both good and bad. Yay trolls! Not.

      • 4rocket

        Grow up and learn something about reading comprehension. I CLEARLY said I wasn’t comparing Gaga to Twilight in terms of quality, I was noting how both fanbases will have a tendency to overhype the product. And your childish comment is proof of that. BTW, it’s “you’re a hater”, not “your a hater”. Learn how to spell too. God, you must be 12 or something.

      • JiiRAHhh

        You really need to get over it, okay? Seriously, this guy liked the concert and he thought it was amazing so why go shooting down his opinions? If you thought that the title was “overrated” then why even read the article?
        And also, who cares if there was a misspelling in that reply to your comment, people get homophones get mixed up quite easily. You’re just a little too arrogant.

      • Lammy

        she’s a performer/artist/songwriter, the grandmaster! she’s nt one of the best, she’s THE BEST!

      • Ancilee777

        Your obviously a hater or something.

        Lady GAGA`ROCKS!!!

        Your opinion doesn’t even matter. You are very immature. This is America and we can love whoever we want too!!

      • Lon

        Plus ‘one of the best concerts’ and ‘best concert ever’ are two different statements. Which is it, Tim?

    • Rich

      I guess if you’ve never seen Radiohead… Arcade Fire… Wilco… Damien Rice… the late Jeff Buckley… then yeah, this would probably be your Best. Concert. Ever.
      I suspect it’s definitely better than a Black Eyed Peas or Britney show, at least.
      And BTW… I saw Madonna on the True Blue tour… AKA Lady Gaga Version 1.0!!!

      • Wil

        Gotta agree with Rich on this one.

      • IcyNDicy

        Oh my god are you kidding me? Radiohead SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!!! And especially live…

      • Jackie

        Damien Rice?? Snooze.

      • Renee

        I saw her in Chicago AND Detroit. She was amazing. She’s a totally different kind of show compared to Jeff Buckley/Wilco/Damien Rice. Plus, it’s a matter of taste and preference. She’s my new fave, and THE best concert I’ve been to, and I’ve seen all the people you’ve listed except Arcade Fire.

      • Bob

        Quit trying to act smart and cool on a blog dude, your lame. First, say if you went or not. If you didn’t go, don’t posture by showing your bad concert credentials, and then claiming Lady Gaga’s concert can’t be better. If you didn’t see it, you didn’t see it, plain and simple. I’m not defending Gaga, I’m defending logic, sanity and rationality.

      • ConcernedSoul

        Wilco and Radiohead? Can someone say HIGHLY OVERRATED? Oh and also, SNOOZEFEST?

      • John

        “Let me rattle off some names of some indie bands and show how cool I am. Yeah that’s what I’ll do. I am typing in a real cool poser style right now.”

      • joey

        Those are of a different genre though. More chill coffee shop fare than superstar extravaganza.

      • Damion

        Um, Madonna never had a “True Blue Tour.” She had the “Who’s that Girl World Tour” but never anything called “The True Blue Tour.” Right away, your opinion is negated…

      • MultiPass

        I have seen all those bands and it’s a good list. I would add Lucinda Williams, Springsteen, Blur, Prince, Soundgarden, RHCP, Bowie, Madonna, Kasabian Pet Shop Boys. And Gaga easily has jumped into that stratospheric realm in one glittery leap. Kudos to her. It was an AWESOME show, great spectacle, nonstop effin cabaret disco insanity. And she sings her lips off, which is an unexpected treat.

        What’s exciting to me is how good she’ll be in the future as she improves on this.

      • Rich

        Hell Damion, I was 10 years old! Madonna had short blonde hair just like the cover of the “True Blue” album and played all those songs… “Papa Don’t Preach,” etc. It might’ve technically been called the “Who’s That Girl World Tour.” It was the summer of ’86, okay??

        Kudos to MultiPass. I can’t believe I forgot Springsteen. And Prince. Bowie was a letdown when I saw him… Foo Fighters blew RHCP off the stage… and I’ve seen some great NIN shows too. And Herbie Hancock!

        I mean, everyone’s taste is different. My friend LOVED Lady Gaga in Miami for NYE… but he also confirmed there was only five non-gay concertgoers in the entire venue. As a straight indie rock fan, I have my opinion… and Tim Stack, as a gay man, has his.

      • Stephanie

        Speaking of Madonna, doesn’t that pic look like GaGa is trying to emulate Madge during her Blonde Ambition Tour days?

      • Krissy02

        I find it so funny that the people who are saying he is wrong are the people who haven’t been to her show. How can you even comment? First of all, “best” in music is always in the eye of the beholder, so if that is Stack’s opinion, so be it. Second, she really does put on an exceptionally good show. Regardless of whether or not you think it qualifies as “best ever”, you gotta give Lady Gaga props for busting her toosh this hard on her first headlining tour. I saw her perform in San Franscisco, and it rocked my world. Thought about it for days afterwards, it really was amazing. Haters can’t really change that.

    • Nick T

      You obviously didn’t go to her concert. I went to the one here in Chicago and I totally agree with Stack.

    • amj

      Now I have not seen her live yet and I know I love her and have grown to be a giant fan (may fav xmas present this year was her cd) but I agree….I have seen alot of concerts and not sure if Best Concert Ever is accurate. I have seen some incredible concerts over the years…one of the best is probably a more accurate phrase. I mean did you ever see R.E.M. in concert? Or Tom Petty and the Hearbreakers during the Dogs with Wings tour? I know..I know..showing my age but still great concerts!

      • amj

        Or Aerosmith during their heyday…

      • Damion

        Sorry, but it is impossible for any “rock” band to ever have a better tour than a dance-music artist unless you’re Pink Floyd or Bowie. Without a troupe of back-up dancers, your show is INSTANTLY rendered less-than. Every truly great tour is becuase of the energy and the visuals and the beat…something that is impossible by any “rock” band on the planet. Seeing guys play instruments and singing will never compare to a show where the band is secondary to the entertainment going onstage.

      • Leena

        You’re wrong, Damian, completely wrong. It always depends on the artist, but having a troupe of backup dancers does NOT necessarily make you a better live act than a rock band. People like Britney Spears and Rihanna, I don’t think you’d be crazy enough to say they’re better seeing live than Springsteen? Granted, Britney used to be a really good performer back in her glory days, but now the one talent she had going for her has inexplicably died. She now performs like a zombie, totally lifeless. And not every rock band just stands there and play. You ever heard of Queen? Guns N’ Roses? Perhaps Muse? Those bands have a great reputation for being great live acts. The performance level varies with each act, you can’t ever say that an artist is better because of their genre.

      • Rich

        Springsteen at 60 blows the doors off acts half (or even a third) his age. And Gaga needs to call me when she has a disco ball the size of the one Floyd pulled out in ’94… hahaha…

      • amj

        Trust me there was plenty of performance at the Tom Petty Dogs with Wings Tour definitely not rockers standing still here!

    • KS

      I went. It certainly was the best concert ever.

    • Tim

      Shame the music’s so lame.

      • Damion

        Anyone who calls Gaga’s music lame must be reflecting, seeing her debut album is one of the strongest ever released on every level from production and songwriting to solid vocals and subsequent mind-blowing videos.

      • duffy

        the music is catchy but its nothing special. its all been done before. especially the lyrics. also if you listen close you begin to realize that all of the songs are very similar, with minor tweaking here and there to make some distiction between the songs.

      • Rich

        We’re gonna have to keep disagreeing up and down the board, Damion. The Fame is great for what it is… but it’s really four standout singles and some filler. “Eh Eh,” for instance, is incredibly weak. And she’s done better since… “Bad Romance” is already better than ANY track on The Fame except “Paparazzi.”

        So yes, The Fame is incredibly strong compared to dreck like Black Eyed Peas or Kei$ha. But it’s not a legendary debut on the level of R.E.M., The Clash, GN’R, Velvet Underground… or more recently, Arcade Fire or Daft Punk. In terms of dance/electro-pop, I think the recent Robyn and LCD Soundsystem records were far stronger as well.

        BUT her videos are damn impressive. She’s about the only person keeping that art form alive.

    • Damion

      Uh, Mojo, were you there last night? if you did not see the concert first hand, you couldn’t possibly know what you are talking about and should learn to think before sounding like a moron. The Fame Monster is one of the best concerts I have ever been to myself, and I have been a concert-goer for over twnety years and have seen Madonna five times.

      • Zig

        I think Damion sums it up when he says what makes a good concert is not actually the music. I thought the reason people went to concerts was to hear music? But maybe I’m just old-fashioned.

    • Lady Caca

      x2. Straight up wack job.

  • catlin

    I wish I could have gotten tickets to see her in San Fran, they sold out though.

  • Jen

    I was there. She puts on a good show but there’s no need for hyperbole. I wouldn’t even put it in my top ten concerts.

    • Kate

      who was better than gaga? i’d really like to know, because i find it hard to believe that there are too many concerts better than the shows she puts on.

      • Barry

        Bette Midler is 1000 times better than her.

      • J.

        Bette Midler is a 1000 times older too, why even compare. 2 totally different genres.

    • Damion

      Evidently you haven’t seen too many concerts then…this show is phenominal on Madonna-worthy standards. Saying anything else is ridiculous. I saw the very first performance here in Montreal and even with the first-night technical difficulties, her show was on par with performers who had been doing it for years. This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime shows that if you miss it, you will regret it until you die.

  • mtraptor

    I didn’t see her when she came through Chicago, and since then I keep reading about how great the show is and kicking myself.

    • Ugly Jenny

      I know exactly how you feel. By the time I realized I wanted to go in Miami, it was all sold out. I’m kicking myself for waiting so long.

  • Len

    You’re clearly just still on a high from the spectacle of it all. Not the greatest ever.

    • joey

      What’s wonderful about her though is that she really does have the talent to back it up. Plays the keys wonderfully, kept up with her dancers, and has quite a set of pipes.

  • pdoggity

    awesome concert… one of my favorites too

  • Cee

    I’m SO MAD she’s not coming to Houston–she was originally coming with Kanye, but after they cancelled their tour she’s not coming back. Come on Lady G…it’s one of the top 4 biggest cities in America! Come to Houston, please!

  • Jane

    I actually like this performance that Lady Gaga did of “Pokerface”
    It’s so cool because it shows that she really knows her stuff musically and that she’d probably bored with singing the song, but she’ll oblige her audience if she gets to sing it without all the bells and whistles.

    • amj

      Jane, thanks a ton! I loved this clip!

  • ERIC

    I wonder how old the writer of this article is,I mean,the best concert ever?????

  • jp

    It is definitely in my top 5 of concerts I’ve attended. I too missed “Telephone” not being in the set list considering some of the less known songs from “Fame Monster” are included.

  • Sara

    I went to concert in Seattle during her last tour, before she had all the flashy screens behind her, and yes it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended. She’s amazing. And we had the best time — dancing and singing and escaped our world for a little bit with Gaga.

    She isn’t coming to Seattle this time around though, which is really disappointing.

  • Stephen

    I actually saw her when she opened up for NKOTB… and I knew then that she was something special on the stage, it must be amplified to the zillionth now that she’s by herself!!! Great for GaGa!!

  • Agustin

    Of the “young 20 something female performers, Gaga is BY FAR the most entertaining. Spears has never done anything for me, great dancer but no singing at all, no instruments NOTHING. Aguilera great voice but no performance relevance (I saw her live in Shangai… bo-ring!). I think Gaga is smart, edgy, good vocalist, great producer and songwriter… maybe, just maybe (in a few years), the new M?

    • psychoanalyzer

      I agree with everything you said… except for the last part. Madonna is an irreplaceable league of her own. We’re just watching the early stages of Gaga creating her very own league.

    • lal

      new madonna dear? absolutely not. what is this poor tour compared to blonde ambition tour, the virgin tour ,confessions tour?? absolutely nothing. gaga is more like spears. madonna is too genious comapred to gaga,. gaga is just trying to copy madonna image and style for ppl say shes like M . M is immortal. and unique live. her concerts are the best thats why that shes at 51 solds out all her concerts with 80 thousand ppl per night and she never had a break down. in wurope gaga is receiving really bad critics. they call her poor madonna imitatin. what she s done we saw madonna doing all before with more controversy and style.

      • joey

        I also compared this tour to Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour – I’m a Madge fan, but there’s no way you can compare Madonna’s vocals to GaGa. I even love Britney, but GaGa has made it clear that she controls her career, whereas Britney ended up becoming a prisoner to her own team.

      • Damion

        Sorry, but you are incorrect. I have been a huge Madonna fan since the utter beginnings and music is my entire existance. And Gaga is the first female singer to ever show signs of being able to take over the Queen’s throne. Spears doesn’t write and produce her own material, nor does she even sing live for most of her performances. Gaga writes, sings, produces, and is the very first female artist to ever deserve to be compared to Madonna. If Gaga can keep this up, Madonna will pass on the crown to her….but hopefully not for at least another ten or fifteen years ;)

        Gaga’s tour is absolutely mind-blowing, and this was far from my first concert.

      • Erik Shor

        I am still recovering from my Monster Ball cancellation last weekend.

        This is not GaGa’s Blonde Ambition. We all have to remember that Madonna had been 7+ years into her career when that happened. No doubt that GaGa is the next Madonna and yes, Madonna seems poised to pass her crown. However, LGG is going to have to prove her staying power for a few years. Audiences are more fickle today than they were 25 years ago and the media is always coronating pop’s next princess (Ke$ha/Tik Tok). We need to give LGG the chance to grow into the legend she is meant to be. If we as her “little monsters” prematurely make comparisons to the legends before, I fear her popularity will be short-lived. Pop does have a way of eating itself.

  • Sarah

    I saw the concert last night too, and I’m with Tim on this one- I’d rank that right up with my top concert experiences ever. Partly this is due to how fun the crowd was, with so many of them arriving in Gaga-esque costumes and make-up. Speechless was fantastic, but then again I’m a sucker for a ballad. And I agree that for me the high point of the evening was Boys Boys Boys and watching every single person around me jumping along and singing to the song (the hot dancers didn’t hurt either). I went with my coworkers and we were absolutely still on a high from it today, despite staying out later than was wise. I just wish I could afford to go to another of the shows!

  • Kyle

    @everyone who is making fun of him for saying it’s the best concert ever–it’s his OPINION. Just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t make him wrong. Let him think what he wants..that’s what we do. Chill out.

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