Lady Gaga and Elton John's Grammys duet: Did you think they were on fire?

Lady Gaga and Elton John just sang their much anticipated two-piano-powered duet at the Grammy Awards—a fusion of Gaga’s “Speechless” and Sir Elton’s “Your Song.” The number followed the very first song of the night, a lavish performance by Gaga of “Poker Face” that culminated in a bit of stage business where she was seemingly set on fire.

The whole shebang was hardly lacking in spectacle, and full marks to the pair for adopting a rather, well, singed look for their collaboration. But will it go down as a really memorable Grammy moment, comparable with the Elton/Eminem performance of “Stan” in 2001? Maybe not.

But what did you think of the Grammys opener? Was it hot? Or overcooked?

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  • rob


    • Eddie Haskellbeck

      PINK was WAY BETTER!!!!!!

      • Kat


      • philip john

        i agree too, pink’s performance is the best

      • ohohoh

        It was good, but it’s friggin ELTON JOHN.

      • Sally in Chicago

        Pink upstaged them both. She should have opened the show.

      • raven

        I’m a huge fan of Lady Gaga but I agree, Pink was amazing and the best of the night.

      • xyz

        Agreed. Gaga sounded exhausted. Good, but exhausted. She needs to take a breather and go away for awhile.

      • Deb

        Pink was amazing. True, the acrobatics weren’t subtle, but the highlight of that performance was the power of her emotions. Love her even more now!

      • niite

        Yeah, I think the performance folks will be talking about tomorrow is definitely going to be Pink’s. It was classic, in a timeless kind of way. Just beautiful!

      • Shel

        Pink was great, but she was even better before – was it at the VMAs? That was the first time she was doing an aerial bit (a better one) and with a much better song, too.

      • Krissy

        Pink’s performance is a part of her tour. She has done it nearly 100 times before…what is exciting about that?

      • Jerry

        Why did ew give Pink’s performance a ‘C’ … what were they thinking?

      • KaiKai

        Meh i felt Pink kept doing the same acrobat thing and its getting boring, the WoW factor in that performance doesnt wow me at all, not like Gaga all her performance are different and never fail to suprise us!

      • Tagrid

        Pink was great, but she’s been doing that same act on her tour all year – it’s not unique for her – tho still amazing! But Gaga and Elton! WOW! What an inspired, brilliant pairing! And leave it to Gaga to bring Elton into the performance in such a creative way. She had that piano MADE just for their performance! And the soot on both of them was fitting to the whole performance. They started the show with a bang! My next favorite was Dave Matthews – all the singers and instruments were so joyful!! And it was so amazing to see/hear Leon Russell again – it’s been too long! I’ve missed that voice!

      • solowings22

        Pink’s performance was breathtakingly beautiful.

    • jb

      Wow! Another two-piano set featuring Elton John! How original. File it with Axl Rose, Eminem, Billy Joel, Lady Gaga……Bueller, Bueller, Bueller.

      • Patrick Frye III

        Eminem can not and did not play piano in duet. Get your history right….

    • KatyCharles

      Absolutely HOT. I love how Gaga is not only enormously over the top and doesn’t make an excuses for herself… BUT, she’s an incredibly gifted musician. She knows how to put on a show. Fantastic.

      Although, my favorite performance of the night was DMB. Those instruments and the choir. Just brilliant music. What the Grammy’s are about. :)

  • palmer

    amazing!!! more subtle then she usually is but still was an amazing peformer

    • Emporor’s Nude Clothes


    • Nick T

      It was definitely not subtle! That was the most overt indictment of pop celebrities ever by our Lord Gaga.

    • Tina

      It was good….Elton John’s style really meshes well with her. Whereas he would never mesh with Madonna.

      • PixxieTrixxie

        I absolutely loved this performance. I thought it was truly inspired to put the two of the most flamboyant artists on the same stage together. I have enjoyed Elton for years and Lady Gaga is the most refreshing new face out there IMO. Elton was willing to put back on the sequins and even appear singed all in the name of performance. It started the night off perfectly.

      • thorswitch

        I’m not much of a pop fan (Rush & Pink Floyd are more my speed) but I REALLY enjoyed these two together, and it couldn’t have been a better fit. Their voices have a similar timbre to them allowing them to mesh beautifully, and in terms of musical – and sartorial – style, well, they could almost be father and daughter, you know?

  • palmer

    performance!!! she shoulda beat beyonce…single ladies = most annoying song ever!!!

    • Elizabeth

      agreed but I liked Taylor better

      • NatyNormal

        did u hear Taylor sing??? if yes you better get your hears checked..LOL

      • Tagrid

        You ARE kidding… right??

    • sophie

      i know, right? i thought i was the only person who didn’t like single ladies!

    • Tina

      Beyonce is crap. Single Ladies is crap. So tired of her and her boring music.

      • Tagrid

        True. But “Halo” is the best thing Beyonce has done in years! That Grammy was justified. If Gaga had been nominated for “Bad Romance” she’d have deserved to win.

    • Susi

      Right there witcha, Palmer. Beyonce is a talented girl, but time for others to have a shot at a Grammy. To be frank, I see Beyonce going down a road I think she’ll regret in yrs to come, less and less clothing, too much of the head-tossing for emphasis, seems kinda desperate. No ,really, it DOES. It’s a shame, she’s a pretty,talented girl; she needs to get back to basics and the class she began with.

      • The International Nomad

        Beyonce isn’t responsible for handing out the Grammys, so don’t blame her if others aren’t “getting a shot” at winning it. And Lady Gaga isn’t much different than her, relying too much on her image to sell. At least it took Beyonce a few years to get to the point of over-saturation, Lady Gaga is already there and it hasn’t even been a year. Imagine 5 years from now. And Poker Face is also an overrated song, not even her best song.

  • Martin Haro

    Madonna never needs so much intro when she opens the Grammys. I’m just saying.

    But it was a neat performance. (Ha!)

    • amy

      when madonna first started out she did

      • Tina

        Madonna didnt play the grammys for a while at first. That said, I prefer Madonna to Lady Gaga…but that’s simply becuz she has more presence and personality.

    • Pete

      Unlike Lady GaGa, Madonna’s first 5 singles has didn’t hit number one spot back to back. And Madonna is been in a business 25-30 years, Lady GaGa only ONE Year! Just saying…

      • Scott

        But time will tell if GaGa can maintain a career for 25-30 years like Madonna has. Just saying :)

      • Luz

        your grammar skills are atrocious.

      • bananafish

        Shouldn’t that be a capital Y.

      • psychoanalyzer

        think of Madonna’s competition back then…Prince, U2, Michael Jackson, George Michael, Whitney Houston, and all the amazing rock artists of the 80’s. think of Lady GaGa’s competition now… Beyonce, Rihanna, the Black Eyed Peas, Taylor Swift? Her competition these days is definitely not like what Madonna was up against back then,

  • ednita

    they were HOT!! loved it!

  • Frank from

    They were great, and I am not the biggest fan of either.

  • Steffan Boodram

    NO ONE could have done it better than Lady GaGa! i can’t believe she didnt win song of the year. THE PERFORMANCE WAS THE BEST I HAVE SEEN IN YEARS!

    • NatyNormal

      Totally agree…this is the worst grammys ever…Lady Gaga should have win AT LEAST best album or best song of the year…instead they gave the best album to Taylor Swift that cannot sing!!! it is a joke this year!!!

      • jinnee

        cant agree more

  • TorontoTom

    BRILLIANT. They sounded great together and I loved the blending of two amazing songs. Hope it’s on iTunes – I’ll be buying it!

    • Shel

      They were AWESOME together – you could tell they were feeding off each other. Loved watching GaGa watching Elton…. Just as memorable as the Eminem duet.

  • Rozanne

    It was embarassing.

    • ohohoh

      for whom?

      Cause from where me & my friends where watching it was hella BRILLIANT.

    • Nick T

      …for every performance that had to follow!

      • Roma

        right on!

  • speechless

    AMAZING. speechless.

  • Sarah

    I’ve already rewatched it, so I’d say its a pretty memorable Grammy moment.

  • Agus

    It was soooo beautiful!!

  • Mere

    AMAZING! Lady Gaga usually stays in “character,” but if you watched her eyes, you could see just how excited and happy she was!

    • Anon

      I completely agree. You could see how happy she was, which just made the performance een more enjoyable to watch. Plus, I love how they both credited each other while singing. I would say this performance was definitely HOT!!!This act and Pink’s were the best of the night.

  • Kaley

    I wish she would have performed “Telephone” with Beyonce instead. That would have been much more exciting!

    • Manda

      No. That song sucks. I love lady gaga and I like Beyonce but that song is terrible.

    • Agus

      I was wanting for them to do a duet! Telephone or Videophone, anyone of those would have been nice for me :D

      • @Agus

        I was waiting for Beyonce to do Videophone with Lady Gaga, but I think three Lady G performances would have been too much since that would have outshone the ridiculousness that is Taylor Swift for Album of the year

    • Preston

      I wanted the Grammy producers to pair Beyonce and Lady Gaga to perform Telephone. It would have been fun to watch. They would have constructed a lot of phones, both old and new on the stage to define the song title and have a lot of dancers and choreography, a very big production! But maybe both singers wanted to focus on their own individual performances.



    • Ron Gensemer

      Elton John upstaged gaga, but it was unique and entertaining.

    • Emma

      Lame. Reminded me of what a ten year old girl from a small town might think is cutting edge.

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