Taylor Swift and Stevie Nicks' Grammys duet: Out of sight, or out of tune?

The last thing I want to do is ruin another awards ceremony for Taylor Swift. But there’s no doubt that someone was badly off-key during the version of Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon” that the country superstar just performed with Stevie Nicks at the Grammy Awards. And I’m afraid my money’s on Taylor. Moreover, I’m not the only person at the Music Mix who cringed at the sight of Stevie acting as Taylor’s backing singer on “You Belong To Me.” As one of my colleagues just emailed me: “Stevie Nicks is the ‘Gold Dust Woman,’ goddammit!”

But, hey, that’s just one, uh, music department’s opinion. What did you think of the Swift/Stevie collaboration? Do we owe Taylor a “Kanye”-esque series of apologies?

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  • dj

    My 8-year-old daughter absolutely worships Taylor Swift, so it pains me to say this…but that girl cannot sing outside of a recording studio. Even my daughter asked me why Taylor was singing so “funny” when we were watching the show tonight.

    • Amy

      Hope TS watches that performance. Sure seemed like an insult to Pink who was spinning up in the air and could still be on key and yet Swift won all these awards for talent.

      • Holly

        I agree completely. I have seen her on SNL and now the grammys. She obviously can’t sing liveand honestly, she is not that good, regardless.) Pink, however, was amazing.

      • Steve

        Uhhh, hate to surprise you but as good a singer as Pink actually is, you can’t sing when you’re under water. It was a pre recorded track which would have been a very good idea for taylor Swift

      • tom

        Pink’s performance was completely live. She was “dunked” in water for maybe 2 seconds, and obviously they didn’t put the microphone underwater. When she came back up, she was singing live. She even said after the performance that “no one ever has an excuse anymore for lip-syncing”.

      • @tom

        Pink is wrong. Taylor has an excuse for lip-syncing. She needs to save our ears. I thing a lot of people will be understand and be glad if taylor starts lip syncing so we don’t have to go through a performance like this again.

      • rene taylor

        steve if you noticed she was dipped during an interlude in the music…pay attention

      • DVRd

        Pick up a copy of the Funhouse DVD and you can see Pink get dunked, see her complete performance, and her training routine. She is one of the best performers around. Taylor is a “pop” singer….because in the real world her voice is weak and the reality is “popped”

      • JA

        Absolutely. I’m tired of all the overrated singers who can’t carry a tune when they’re live (Katy Perry and Gwen Stephani, I’m talking to you, too). Pink showed how it’s supposed to be done.

      • catloversmatch

        Taylor is the best singer!

      • k

        My thoughts exactly. Pink is swinging upside down soaking wet and still on key…Beyonce is writhing on the ground flinging her head all over the place on key…you are standing still in front of a mic. Find the note and stay on it! It’s YOUR song, for pete’s sake! I’m sorry, you can’t blame nerves EVERY time…you’re a performer sweetie! I don’t hate her or anything, but Taylor, maybe you should just stick to writing.

      • pthomas

        it is unfortunate – but Ms. Swift cannot sing live – she was also off-key on the Haiti telethon performance…

      • kellybelly

        Taylor Swift = the Bob Dillion of our day.
        (great songwriter, bad singer).

      • Laura

        Is he related to Kevin and Matt Dillon?

      • Taylor

        I don’t believe you people… Taylor Swift is a good singer not matter what.

      • Are you for Real?

        @KellyBelly..it’s actually Bob Dylan. Kf you are going to insult someone try to get their name right, could you?

      • mimi

        Shame on TAYLOR Swifty. Coward for having not even a speaking voice to answer the critics. She can dish it out to Jonas and Kanye but cannot accept responsibility for her own failures!

    • Edd

      Taylor Swift is the Christopher Cross of “our” time in 1979 Cross won 5 grammys (Best Record, Song, Album, and New Artist)and he could not sing in tune to save his life Live. What I want to know is the people around this girl must of known how this 18 yr old sang the auto tune bill alone must of been in the 1000’s even Stevie Nicks must of went to rehursal right doesn’t Nicks have someone anyone to say come on now people if we let this go then thats our bad.
      The empress has no clothes if taken literally that would be really cool well Pink style OK but singing wise come on this was bad really bad. So when all american idol rejects saying I can sing as good as Taylor Swift and yup they can who you going to call then. Sad Sad day in show biz I was going to say music but that would give her to much credit.

      • Cardsgal

        Yes, Edd, they “must of” known…

      • Ginny

        Well, I would reply to this but I have no idea what it says. Edd, you might want to use the punctuation keys on your keyboard. It would probably help some.

      • Sally in Chicago

        Edd is right — Christopher Cross anyone?

      • JT

        Gotta disagree… sorry. I have performed with Christopher and he sings incredibly well.

      • World Traveler

        Why was Stevie Nicks singing that stupid teeny boppers’ song? And Taylor just butchered the classic song, no surprise there! But mostly, I’m fuming at the album of the year. Looking through all the album of the years’ past and 2010 will always be known as the year we all went deaf and brain dead. I thought Grammy was stood for quality, not the popularity. They failed epically and it’s very disappointing!

      • watchingthedetectives

        Christopher Cross was much more in tune than that fiasco that Taylor Swift just perpetrated on the unsuspecting audience. And his songs still get airplay, do you really think you’ll be hearing this dreck anywhere 30 years from today. Oh, no no no.

      • j9

        Taylor Swift deserved that Album of the Year award more than anybody else.

      • ConcernedSoul

        I agree with Ginny, I think I just lost my grasp of the English language.

      • Rich F

        If you can’t spell or have no knowledge of the English language you have no right to poke fun at others. Yeah, Edd, I’m talking to you.
        Taylor Swift’s people blamed the out of tune incident on a faulty in-ear monitor mix. She was standing only a few feet in front of the band so I’m not buying it. I’ve seen her on TV many times and she always seems to have trouble hitting the high notes. I would categorize her a “lazy” singer. Stevie Nicks was not much better. As far as I could tell, Pink was singing live and did a great job considering her acrobatics, etc. An obvious lip-synch disaster was Katy Perry singing “Mary Ford” with Jeff Beck. Bet she’s never even heard of Les Paul, Mary Ford or Jeff Beck.

      • Katie

        RichF, That was Imelda May not Katy Perry.

      • Diego

        Interesting analogy as regards Taylor Swift…although like many others, I would venture that Christopher Cross in his day was lightyears better than Ms. Swift. OK….all things being equal: she is a child, she shouldn’t be anywhere near the “star” she apprently has been marketed into. As recently as 8 months ago, other than kids of the age that watch the Disney Channel, no one knew who this girl was. What is known: Taylor Swift is terrible. She CAN NOT SING. Her music is sophomoric and not based on any life experience or reality. She is not for me (I am not in her age demographic) or anyone who appreciates real talent and creativity. When I get angry like I did the night of the Grammy’s to hear her absolutely butcher a rock legend’s signature song, I have to take a step back. I understand how the business works….we have all seen/heard untalented people become successful. Madonna can’t sing, Jennifer Lopez can’t sing and has NO talent, the idiotic BlackEyed Peas are all hype and no talent. This has not kept them from making millions and pulling the wool over the eyes of millions. What is sad is how low standards are. Taylor Swift is The Wizard of Oz behind the curtain. SHE REALLY SUCKS. What is sadder is that Stevie Nicks people thought is was a great idea to have her back up this untalented child.

    • GREG

      I felt sooooo sorry for Stevie nix. Here is a true legend in the singin gindustry and she is paired with a tween idol. Can we finally face the fact that Taylor Swift CAN NOT SING! she is sooo far off that at times Stevie looked at her as if to say .. God Girl find the key! She writes cute songs and looks pretty and thats about it. LIVE THERE ARE NO PITCH CORRECTION SOFTWARE OR ENGINEERS TO CORRECT FOR SINGING OFF KEY<< you either have it or you dont..The more people see Taylor live the more they realize there is somethign wrong with her vocals.. IF I were Stevie I would have walked off stage and grabed a piece of paper and written down the number for a good vocal coach and given it to Taylor….

      • Jebb

        That duet was painfully awful … Taylor was so off-key and had no range. What a shame not to get to hear more of Stevie.

      • floyd

        there is real time pitch correction and kudos to taylor for not employing it.
        look she is a kid, it’s her first huge record and i say give her a break and let her mature.
        she wasn’t the only one that hit bad notes last night.

      • floyd

        and i 2nd jay below on butch walker..

      • kayk

        Interesting point! Every time I’ve seen Taylor Swift perform on live TV I keep wondering how she can sound so mediocre, thin-voiced, or even badly off-key and yet win tons o’ awards. It never occurred to me to listen to her RECORDED music, which apparently sounds better than her live act. I never wanted to listen to her CDs because I assumed she would sound as bad as she is on TV. Who knew! (IS she any better in the recording studio?)

      • Denise

        I agree this duet did not work. As for Stevie Nicks … she has appeared on stage with new performers many times. I think she does this just to give them a hand. Early in her solo career, she credited Tom Petty and Don Henley with doing the same for her.

        I believe this is the first time I have ever seen/heard a duet with Stevie that did not sound good at all. I am not a Taylor lover or hater, but I have to agree that she sounded bad.

      • Kiki

        Ffloyd: The problem is that this was not the first, second or even third time Taylor has sounded like crap live. I do not think I have heard her sing well ONCE on a live show. Not ONCE and I’m tired of hearing the excuses for it. I can go to my dd’s high school musical and hear kids singing while dancing and they are on pitch and on key, so there is no excuse for someone simply standing there — someone with a kazillion-selling record and tons of money to buy private voice lesssons — to be such a poor singer.

      • SAM

        I don’t think anyone – anyone – tells Stevie Nicks what to do.

      • jimmy

        Actually, “Auto-tune” can be a computer program, or a hardware devise, and can be and is often used live. Just wait for the part of the song you know the singer has trouble with, and hit the button for that section. Or have the prercorded part of the show (yes, often there is one) automatically engage the auto tune button for theat section. Used all the time live.

      • FelisCatus

        well actually there IS pitch- correction software for live performances! its a variant of Auto Tune and A LOT of “artists” use it in live performances- especially mainstream artists… so for all we know Pink and Beyonce could be using it as well

      • Taylor

        You are very rude. She is still learning and she may not sound good at times, but she tries her hardest and all these people out here who are saying Taylor Swift is a bad singer have no room to talk. She is a very good role model to A LOT of young girls and they look up to her and you people just need to shut up!

      • @Taylor

        That’s fine if she tries hard and is still learning. I simply don’t think Grammys should be awarded to people just because they “try hard” though.

    • Mary

      The worst duet of the night! I’m glad I’m not the only who noticed Ms. Swift way off key…didn’t get why they were paired up. And Stevie, one of the the greatest, most-recognized voice of Rock…Let’s not make that mistake again!

      • Tagrid

        I have to say – in such close proximity to just-turned-20 Taylor Swift, Stevie Nicks (around 60?) LOOKED FANTASTIC! Clearly pairing up newer performers with older, well-established artists was a sub-theme of the Grammys this year. With Gaga/Elton – and those new guys with Leon Russell – it was a great pairing. but poor Stevie got stuck with Taylor. Maybe they KNEW how bad Taylor is and were hoping Stevie’s strong voice would carry it – but clearly Stevie wanted out – so backed off and played the tambourine and let Taylor fail on her own. The girl has no excuse – she’s been on tour, singing live, all year. She’ll never hear/see her performance either, she said she was leaving right after the Grammys for Oz, NZ, the Philippines and Japan. It’ll catch up to her eventually – just not soon enough!

    • Happster

      I must agree. I love Taylor Swift, and my best friend knows her personally….but she was really off key. I think she was A-nervous
      B- stinks on stage, C-sad or D- All of the Above!!!!!

      • Taylor

        I think you are A) rude B)just plain stupid or C) need to get your ears checked or D) ALL OF THE ABOVE!

    • Lavin5

      I totally agree! I was so disappointed. Incredibly off key. Another thing…Stevie Nicks is a goddess on her own. Why did she have to sing with anyone else anyway!!!

      • Joyce

        Lavin5: I agree with your remark 100%

    • regina

      i took my 10 year old son to see the Mac in concert last summer-last night he asked, why did stevie do that?. my question exactly–the gold dust woman should never have allowed that to happen–i’m sure it won’t happen again.

    • Sally in Chicago

      Taylor is “out of her league”….really…she’s a featherweight…hopefully she’s around another 10 years, maybe she’ll be fierce….but she does things like acting on TV, trying to break into the multi-entertainer role and she has a dull personality.

      • Taylor

        You simply don’t know her. Also she is a great role model to younger kids and they look up to her. You have no reason to talk about her when you really don’t know her at all.

    • rene taylor

      Pink rocked it. The BEST performance of the night. Taylor swift and Stevie Nicks pairing? Big thumbs down. lady GaGa lookd like a freakin transformer at the end of the night. I know alot of people like her but too…theatrical for me. But I know where shes going with the get-ups—like the greaty Gene Simmons—If your always in costume you will appear ageless on stage–Brilliant

    • AcaseofGeo

      All of Taylor’s awards have been for recorded work, which is completely fair; She’s given us some great music. I suggest she get a vocal coach or something so that hearing her sing “LIVE” justifies all the hoopla. I cringed during her performance and felt bad for her.

      • michelle

        If they are awarding on the basis of good albums, then the grammy’s should go to the producers and sound engineers whose talents made Taylor sound like a humming bird.

        Taylor should have known what she was walking into when she agreed to perform with Stevie…

        She didn’t earn those Grammy’s. The men in the recording studio did.

      • michelle

        If we are going to judge the merit of awards on the basis of them being the best live recordings, then Taylor shouldn’t have walked away with any of those awards. It should have been her producers, sound engineers, and manager who walked up and gave their thanks instead.

        Taylor has too many allusions about her talent. I know she’s a sweetheart, but she is a manufactured “girl next door”.

    • Eddy

      …the performance was definitely “OUT” of tune. although i am somewhat happy for a fresh new artist to get as much as attention as Taylor Swift, her performance made me wonder if the Grammy voters regret giving that award to her especially after that fiasco with Stevie Nicks.

      …honestly, i have always had respect for her or should i say the “the little singer that could.” but that respect has its limitation…especially when it comes to her singing.

      …although she is appealing (aesthetically) and charming, i feel that her weakest part seems to be the most important part of being in her profession and although we would like to forgive for her performance lastnight…it is a reoccurring problem giving those Kanye wannabes the right to go up and just say, “Imma let you finish…but!”

      …either way, i think the grammy did a good job lastnight despite of its awkward moments. personally, i would want Lady Gaga to win something…I mean, for goodness sake they allowed all that bleeping. i am sure whatever Lady Gaga says in the stage wouldn’t be out of character…seriously.

    • get real

      Taylor said she is aware of the criticism and that she is going to take some time of to work on her live performances. She didn’t want to be one who ever lipsyncs. She does write all her music and she is fantastic at composing music.

      • Taylor


      • Marie Gaggero

        I like that she writes her own songs and people her age can relate to them. That’s why she’s so popular. She just can’t sing. Her voice doesn’t have to be a Martina McBride type voice, but it’s not pretty sounding.

    • Stephanie

      I was so disappointed to see that the queen of rock was blasted over by Taylor Swift. She may be the next up coming star, but her out of tune overpowering of the best rock female rock star ever was a disgrace to Stevie

      • valerie

        Stevie should have stood up for her song and not let Taylor blast over her. When you perform you need to step up and take people’s attention, and do the music all the justice you can. Stevie used to do that so well, but the few times that I’ve seen her on televised concerts she seems to have gotten a little boring. It looked like Stevie just gave up. It was disappointing. It could have been a great performance, with Taylor’s “heart on her sleeve” enthusiasm and Stevie’s experience and sophistication.

    • TJ

      DJ, Maybe you are right about her vox off a little bit, but you are so full of it regarding your 8 year old. If she worships Taylor so much she would never notice the slight vocal imperfections. Stop making things up to prove a useless point!

      • vpura

        actually, i used to be disappointed as a child with live performances from my favorite singers. i hated how they never lived up to the studio versions. i am now just getting used to it as an adult. kids are the first to notice imperfections.

      • Brian


      • k

        That’s actually not true. My nieces know when something sounds wrong and when it sounds like they are used to hearing it. They are 5 and 7. The 5 year old actually will say “that’s not who sings that” or “that’s not how it goes” when she hears a cover of a song. Don’t underestimate kids. They are brutally honest and keenly aware.

    • Sheila

      I think Taylor’s biggest asset are the songs she writes-her singing pales in comparism outside a studio setting, sorry Taylor

    • noizeegirl

      she can’t even sing IN a studio. She’s AUTO-TUNED. It’s not her, it’s a computer.

      • Taylor

        You just need to understand a computer can’t just make a voice it has to have a different GOOD voice. Taylor Swift is a GREAT singer and a GREAT role model.

      • @Taylor

        Honey, you need to stop. You’re not doing her any favors. A computer CAN “make a voice.” It’s used all the time, both live and in the studio. It’s called auto tune, dear. If you want to like her, fine. But just because you like her a lot doesn’t mean she’s good. Sorry to say.

      • info

        Actually in her early days, Madonna was frequently accused of being unable to sing well and being computerized. Many speculated that she could only sing in one octave and the rest was all synthesizers. And, look at Madonna considered one of the greatest pop artists of our time.

    • kellybelly

      Taylor cannot sing. I cringed during the duet with Stevie Nicks. I couldn’t believe it when I first saw/heard Taylor sing live – on SNL or some Awards show about a year ago. I could NOT BELIEVE what a bad singer she is. And couldn’t believe or understand all the buzz on her. I guess it is her songwriting. She is a sweet girl, and definitely a great songwriter. But singer? Not so much.

    • jaf

      I agree completely..I took my son to see her in concert and she wasn’t good. The recording studio REALLY improves her vocal ability. I think there are other people more deserving of all these awards…

      • info

        Yes, Pink or Lady Gaga.

    • Blossom

      There are so many young performers these days who cannot sing and rely on the recording studios and their gimmicks to make them sound better. After hearing Lady GaGa, Beyonce and Pink, if I had been Taylor, I would have feigned illness!

    • Dave

      In addition to her poor singing, what was the deal with the way she was chewing up the stage? TS couldn’t stop flicking her hair around and tossing the microphone stand, while SN stood still and outperformed the tennybopper. It was like watching a kid with ADD standing next to a college professor. Flicking your hair around does not give you stage presence.
      Really it’s the producers of the show who should be taken to the woodshed, not just for this performance, but also for doing all these pairings of artists who have stood the test of time – like Elton John and Stevie Nicks – with flash-in-the-pan artists. If you want to put on a good show, why not pair the Elton and Stevie on stage? You wouldn’t hang up a Picasso next to my 3-year old’s crayon drawings in a museum, it’s degrading and embarrassing to both artists. Same idea here.

      • Megan

        Well said Dave. Why can’t they keep the legends together and actually give us good performances for once, instead of young pop singers always trying to outshine the actual stars? Anyone remember the Jonas brothers last year? Ugh. I’m getting sick of it.

      • Megan

        And I did notice the hair flicking…which made me cringe even more. I love love love Stevie Nicks, and I would like to hear her reaction on how the performance went.

        By the way, I’m the same age as Taylor Swift and I keep thinking, is this what I have to look forward to the rest of my life? Where has all the talent gone?

    • Karen

      I cringed when I heard the Taylor and Stevie duet. Taylor was yowling “have you ever seen a woman taken by the wind.” I thought she was trying to be funny at first. I’d say the jig is up.

    • Matt

      It wasn’t her best, but it wasn’t as bad as everyone is saying. I think it’s a backlash against a beautiful, talented girl who’s getting too much attention for some people’s liking.

  • Angel

    Yup. She was painfully offkey. She’s such a sweet and nice girl you want her to be good at what she does….but singing live on a big awards show seemed beyond her tonight.

    • Celia

      She’s never good live if you ask me.

      • Holly

        Maybe she is tone-deaf.

      • Tiffany

        Nope she has NEVER been good on awards shows, ever!

  • ellen

    I love Stevie Nick- great artist in her day, but it’s Taylor’s moment.

    • jay

      also, you didn’t even notice butch Walker, did you? your music dept SUCKS

      • jay

        ha ha haters, suck on that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Pete

        Taylor is horribly off key, which is nothing new. The girl is awful when she sings live!!

      • kaia

        not a hater, but know a good singer when i hear one. she’s awful and if she didn’t appeal to the tweens of today, she wouldn’t be up there. i personally don’t want to listen to music about behind the bleachers !!

    • Sally in Chicago

      Sorry but Taylor is a neophyte. She could learn from Stevie, one of the greatest rock singers & performers. Taylor was def off key.

      • David

        Taylor Swift is tone deaf. This is the second time she was horribly off key in a live performance. Maybe she should stick to recording that a sound engineer. can cover her lack of talent. I was embarrassed for Stevie Nicks. She is a great star and performer, how did she get hooked up with this not talent kid?. Taylor could not even sing her own song correctly. WOW!

      • Steve

        Taylor Swift failed badly at the Grammys. I have no idea how she won the album of the year!!!!

      • queesy

        Can we all just admit that Taylor Swift can’t sing? Bad karaoke, as Simon would say. Stevie Nicks looked great and it was nice to see her. Same goes for Roberta Flack, who counded great but could use a new wig.

      • LoveGrammys

        I agree with queesy. Roberta Flack’s voice still easy to listen to, but that was a bad wig.

      • Sally in Chicago

        Love Grammys: That was Roberta’s hair. On the red carpet the hair was in big curls and it was blown out for the performance w/ Maxwell. They both sounded amazing.

    • jb

      Nicks. It’s Steve Nicks.

      Their harmonies didn’t sound too bad, but no one can defend her solo…she was definitely off for whatever reason.

    • Wil

      And Taylor really just mucked it up.
      Stevie ftw.

      • queesy

        Did anyone else notice the look on Stevie’s face when Taylor was caterwauling? It was sad and funny at the same time.

    • mark

      Taylor was terrible during Rhiannon. You Belong to Me was aublime between the two of them. Everything worked with that song….loved the banjo player!

      • gigi

        Agreed. The banjo player was the best part of that performance. Stevie was holding back for Taylor. Stevie…girl, you should of took over that song. Taylor murdered it.

      • craig

        was the Banjo Player Butch Walker?

      • Cardsgal

        Again with the “should of.” It’s “should’ve” and “must’ve,” people…

      • Fred

        Way to go, Cardsgal! Correcting the grammar of morons typing on their iphones. You are so smart.

      • joely

        I gotta disagree with you on “You belong to Me.” The cool part of the hook, the high-pitched “meee-hee” was not only totally missing, the lower notes Taylor chose were completely out of tune. But singing aside (because to me, it doesn’t get much more pitchy than Beyonce, but only about seven living people agree with me on that) the thing that got me was when she said she wrote every song on her album. Wait a minute! Wasn’t she a co-writer on most of them?? And we all know co-writing can range from Elton John and Bernie Taupin to “let’s change that word from limbo to bimbo!” Come now, where’s the humility??

      • DiMi

        I think you mean “sublime” and I don’t think Taylor tossing her hair while she was singing off-key to her own song, which Stevie saved for her, is at all “sublime.” It was substandard.

    • cindy

      If you thought Taylor is great, you must have poor hearing – she is out of tune…as are most of LIVE performances…she may sing ok with the help of a studio, but live, she stinks…songwriting, geez…every song is the same…she needs an imagination….
      Stevie Nicks is a legend – Taylor Swift is a fly-by-night….

      • Taylor

        You really don’t know what good singing is. You need to listen to songs that are “in” and stop listening to the totally forever ago music.

    • Kim

      Taylor Swift sucks……and Stevie Nicks is saying, “What was I thinking” this morning.

      • robin

        taylor swift and stevie who came up with that bozo idea stevie is clearly in a different league taylor was awful!

      • omg

        Yes, it was Taylor’s night but she seemed like an amateur next to Stevie Nicks, on top of being off-key. Nicks has stage presence by the ton! Taylor doesn’t. She was awkward, imature and barely seemed like a runner-up for American Idol. I was embarrassed for her. Hopefully she gets better in time.

      • Jason

        Actually Stevie is saying thank god I was on tv again for the first time in twenty years.

      • Nuff

        @omg, sorry but any runner-ups at American Idol can easily crush her voice with a single note. There’s no way she’d even make it to Hollywood on that competition. She’s sweet and pretty, but should stick to writing songs for 15 year olds.

    • Sean W. Surrey

      Taylor was awful! I’m sure Ms. Nicks had quite a few drinks after that fiasco.

      • Taylor

        HAHAHAHA I find that not funny at all

    • KLH

      I too don’t want to bash taylor but if that girl had any self awareness last night it was not obvious. Her singing was cringe worthy. I was impressed Stevie could stay the course. Taylor exposed herself last night as quite a weak singer and butchered Rhiannon.

      • lynn

        Taylor sort of reminded me of those people on American Idol auditions who are singing and smiling and can’t hear that they are terrible. That child has NEVER been good in any live performance. Sge us bit ab artist – she is a package. I agree with the person who said that it was a shame she won when you had truly good people there performing and showing how its done – like Pink.

    • Gemini

      Yes, it was ‘Taylor’s moment’ to show the world that she cannot sing in tune.

      • Other Mel

        I have yet to hear TS sing decently in a live performance. Thank goodness they can process the hell out of her studio vocals, huh? Rhiannon… ::shudder:: my ears are still bleeding.

      • Ana Maria

        …so true…

      • Tralfaz

        Taylor was horrible. Kanye we needed you last night!

    • omg

      Talor blew her moment!!!

      • JJ

        I had to leave the room!! I felt so sorry for Stevie.

      • Holly

        It was like a train wreck.

    • TAK

      Stevie is a great artist in any day, a legend. She should never has been put in the position of singing back-up for Taylor. Although she couldn’t get near the front of the stage because Taylor kept flinging her hair in Stevie’s face

      • TK

        I know, right? Watching the performance I was struck not only by the odd pairing of two quite different singers (at which Taylor did NOT do very well live) but also how Taylor kept putting her hand in front of Stevie, flipping her hair in Stevie’s face and other theatrics that seemed straight out of a slumber party instead of the Grammys. Stevie may be old enough to be Taylor’s grama but she still can rock! Kudos to Stevie Nicks and shame on Taylor for trying to upstage her.

      • omg

        Yes, it showed immaturity and a lack of professionalism. Very poor.

      • Elaine

        I totally agree with you. Stevie Nicks is a true professional who should never have been paired with Taylor Swift. I would have much rather heard Ms. Nicks perform her song Rhiannon alone, as she did not need a young amateur to mess it up.

    • Debbie

      WOW! Are you tone deaf? I have enjoyed a lot of Taylor’s music, (recordings that is) but last night that performance she was miserably hitting the sour notes. Stevie passes her with flying colors. She CAN sing live OR in the studios. Obviously Taylor can’t.

    • Katyo

      But that’s the problem ellen, why should someone who can’t carry a tune have any kind of ‘moment’ at a music awards show??? The girl can’t sing, end of story, let’s put her in movies or something but get her off my TV set when people with actual TALENT are making music!

      • Katyo

        Wow my reply got way off track there, not even sure where this ‘ellen’ is that I was replying to. Sorry TAK, this wasn’t meant for you!

      • rene taylor

        She should just stick to songwriting and sell her songs to real singers. She cant sing and she has the worst stage prescence ive ever seen in a performer. singing isnt the only thing she cant do…she absolutely cannot dance either. yuck.

  • Jennifer

    Is it just me or can taylor swift not sing at all? I don’t know what the big deal about her is…she can write songs really good, but she can’t sing!

    • Lisa_Da

      I agree so much with that statement

    • Lisa_Da

      I agree. Its like a bad Kareoke (sp?) of her own stuff

      • Rashad

        I agree 100%!!!! I think Taylor Swift is SO OVERRATED….she sounded HORRIBLE

    • Anna

      It’s definately not just you. Gifted songwriter? yes. Singer? not so much.

      • klc

        horrible and very overrated. a fiddle and a twang does not make one country music.

      • JJ

        I’m thinking Taylor should thank Kanye everytime she looks at her Grammys. They must not be about singing ability, but then there have been other very successful poets who can’t sing – Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, to name two.

    • Judith Gilbert

      Taylor needs to stick to writing. Stevie Nicks is an icon…what a slap in the face to see her singing backup to Taylor. Taylor was flat and off key on every song she did tonight. No wonder she looks shocked and aghast everytime she wins an award.

      • gato


    • maiv

      No, she can’t really sing at all. She is definitely one of the singers who can write songs for a big audience to enjoy. I listen to the Haiti Relief album and always cringe when her song comes after Mary J. Blige’s and before Christina A.’s.

      • maiv

        wtf? just read that she won album of the year….i guess i’m not too surprised

      • Sally in Chicago

        Who votes the Grammys? I can’t believe “industry” officials vote for the awards.

    • Nikki

      I agree completely, that was painful…um Kanye… you were right…

    • lynn

      She is always bad live – they must really work wonders in the studio – She’s cute and writes cute songs; so I guess the music industry figures it no longer matters if you can sing.And the legendary Stevie Nicks singing back up was just sad. The comparison between the two was also sad.

      • pat

        the “wonders of studio engineering” have made Taylor Swift what she is today. I agree, she would not have made it to Hollywood on American Idol. To her credit, she relates well to the teens and she appears to be a decent songwriter. She is refreshing, smart and a good little business person. She should stick to acting, which she does very well. On another note, radio needs to wake up! All we hear is the same old, same old. Give some new talent a break!

    • Judith Gilbert

      I’m not a Taylor hater, I’m a music lover and Taylor is not musical. No way she deserves album of the year or to even sweep up the stage after Stevie Nicks has walked on it.

      • Brett

        Please. Stevie Nicks has a mediocre voice at best.

      • Reese

        Um, Stevie Nicks has a strong, beautiful and highly distinctive voice. She was the off key person – it was Taylor Swift. Those high notes on Rhiannon were truly heinous.

      • Reese

        Meant to say re: Stevie –

        she was NOT the off key person

      • ks

        I agree Judith

      • DD

        I agree Judith!!!!

      • omg

        Stevie Nicks has a mediocre voice at best??? Not at all!!! She has a very distinctive voice and knows how to use it to great and beautiful effect. She also has stage presence and the kind of star power that Taylor can’t touch. Bravo Stevie!! Good grief, my ears are still hurting, Talor.

      • omg

        I also wanted to say I agree Judith!!!!

      • Tralfaz

        Bret go clean out your ears.

    • pop

      i totally agree. i remember when she had some performance where it rained down on her and everyone was going crazy over it and all i kept thinking was: this girl cannot sing.

    • Sally in Chicago

      Totally agree. She hurts my ears. She got famous through twittering (I HATE TWITS!) and My space promos.

      • MirandaJ

        Yep, all the Swifttards!

    • Anon

      My first thought was that her performance sounded like a bad American Idol audition. I have never heard her sound decent at any live performance (SNL, etc.). I just don’t get it.

      • LiLa

        Taylor Swift wouldn’t make it past Hell Week on Idol.

    • kaloalo

      i totally agree
      her songs are cute but she can’t sing to save her life

      shame on kanye not for dissing taylor on stage but for blowing up her career so she’s now the most overrated artist of the century

      • KayKay

        Where was he last night?! Finish the job Kanye!!! Sheesh. No one would have even been angry with him,

    • Pat

      I agree. Taylor can’t carry a tune and it was terrible to hear her with Stevie Nicks.

    • Scott

      My thoughts exactly

    • to Jen

      That would be “really well” , so I guess I was right. Her fans are 13 yr old morons.

    • PixxieTrixxie

      I too agree – I thought that this Grammys show had a lot of really inspired pairings but this was a mistake. Taylor cannot perform live – whether it is SNL or whatever venue. Stevie is a trooper for singing back up for this young poptart. When recording her songs, the sound engineers must really have their work cut out for them. I appreciate Taylor’s ability to write a good song but she should really refrain from singing her songs live. This performance really did color the win later.

      • omg

        There’s something called Autotune that can digitally correct an off-key vocal in a studio recording.

    • Jayo

      she can write songs really WELL

      • Edd

        let’s get this right “Co-wrote”!!

    • Kaye

      Not just you! I give her credit for song writing, and actually playing guitar, unlike the Mileys of the world, but she really does not have a good voice at all.

      • Lyn2

        Yeah, But Miley also plays the guitar and sings on pitch even live.

    • rene taylor

      all the junies lover her..shes like the new britney spears

    • Nuff

      Not only she can’t sing, but can’t stand her songs. They’re songs for 12 year olds, my god, talk about shallow! However, I will give her a break on that knowing that she’s very young, but please stop singing.

  • MJ4ever!

    Taylor’s Swift live is almost always hard to listen to to say the least. Plus she is winning awards for songs she wrote when she was 12 and it shows, fairy tales, white horses, 15,17. This is the beginning of the end for her “career”. Kanye was the best thing that ever happened to her.

  • Celia

    OUT of TUNE!! Leave it to Taylor Swift to make Stevie Nicks…THE Stevie Nicks sound like a rookie.

  • Kym

    No, you are right, that was a horrible performance by Taylor. Totally felt bad for Stevie, who is AMAZING. Taylor just cannot do live singing.

    • Debbie W

      I felt bad for my IDOL, Stevie also….

  • Yesenia

    Out of tune. Taylor just isn’t that great live ans Stevie…well she’s an icon but even icon’s can be off now and then.

    • Jane

      Stevie was not the one who was off.

    • MirandaJ

      Yeah, you bet…..Stevie’s gonna sing Rhiannon off key! Are you out of your freakin’ mind?????????

      • rene taylor

        yeah right? Think of how many times stevie has belted that song out…Im sure shes got hitting her own notes down pact.Really douchbag…she wrote or co-wrote all her songs that she sang with fleetwood mac, I think she knows what shes doing

    • omg

      Stevie Nicks was right on!!! Taylor is in desperate need of a vocal coach to help her train her ears!!!

  • Zach

    This is really its own article?? Anyway, yes, there were some awkward moments because Taylor was singing in a higher key. But when they did “You Belong with Me,” even though you could hear Stevie less, it worked better. A great idea, subpar execution from Taylor.

    • kit9

      Higher key? Taylor was OFF key. And, you have it exactly backwards, when Stevie was heard less, it only showcased Taylor’s awful voice. ‘You Belong with me’ was downright cringeworthy.

    • watchingthedetectives

      Higher key? What are you talking about? They were singing in the same key, A minor, but Taylor was a half-step flat. And speaking of keys. When she sang her own song, they dropped it down 2 full steps because they were afraid her head would blow off if she tried to sing it in the original key. Which she could only do with hours, and I mean hours, of pitch correcting. That was an embarrassment.

  • Lisa_Da

    omg it was horrible, i was sure that in the middle of the performance stevie gave the look to taylor of “what the f*** did you just do to my song”…. Stevie is a legend and taylor is just a footnote

    • Deeds

      I thought the same thing! Taylor’s still young. Maybe she’ll get better. Hopefully?

      • Cindy

        You either have a talent or you don’t. When you can’t even stay on key to your own songs over and over again, it’s time to hang it up.

  • Gaby

    Anyone who had the volume on at all during that performance heard how awful Taylors vocals were. I am so tired of the “shes taken over the world so we can forgive how bad she is”. The girl can’t sing….pretty, great songwriter, but CAN”T SING.

    • Bernice

      That performance would have been one where Kanye would have had the right to get up there and tell her Beyonce was better than her. Ughhh EPIC FAIL. and I actually like her.

    • Sally in Chicago

      She’s NOT a great songwriter…she writes for teenies.

      • MaryJane Watson

        THANK YOU! Someone above compared her to Bob Dylan- arguably the greatest songwriter ever. Get a grip people- she writes crap songs and can’t sing.

  • CPK

    Holy crap that was horrible. Who on earth put that duo together (or more specifically why would Stevie agree to that)? Taylor is not in Stevie’s league and it showed.

    • Gina

      You said it!! I agree 100%.

    • Sally in Chicago

      Stevie must need the exposure…you think?

      • Brett

        Well, she certainly isn’t going to get much attention for her singing anymore.

      • Peterson

        I don’t get it – Stevie does not need the ‘exposure’. She just finished a major world tour with Fleetwood Mac and is universally considered an icon. I can’t imagine why she would agree to it.

      • omg

        I agree with you, Peterson, 100%!!

      • Chris

        Stevie was being a good sport. The whole night was a night of pairings of old starts with new upstarts: Lady Gaga with Elton John, for example.

        I’m assuming, however, that there was a dress rehearsal … so imagine Stevie going on to stage to perform knowing from the dress that Taylor would veer off-key. I wonder if she tried to give her any coaching?

        I also think that big hug after the song was Taylor’s “oh my god, I’m so sorry” hug …

      • Hannah

        I think Stevie probably agreed to it because she liked the idea of performing at the Grammys and genuinely liked the idea of supporting a young singer. She probably didn’t count on the young singer being a disaster.

      • Tralfaz

        Stevie doesn’t need “exposure”. They asked her to sign w/ Swift and she was being supportive.

      • Tralfaz

        That should have been “sing” not “sign” …. hell if Taylor would haved SIGNED that performance it sould have been better.

    • DIna

      Very few are in Stevie’s league!

      • Debbie W

        Amen, Dina

    • ng

      Alison Iraheta would have been a better pick.

      • rm

        I agree with you about Allison Iraheta being a good choice – remember her singing with Cindy Lauper in Idol. But it was Taylor Swift’s night, so… (If Allison’s fine album’s sales weren’t so anemic, she would have a chance to be invited…)

    • rene taylor

      i said the same thing…who thought to put them together? who ever it was…YOUR FIRED!

  • KB

    Stevie shouldn’t have to share the stage with anyone!

    • sagirl

      100% agreed

      • chris culotta

        taylor was awful i wish stevie wouldhave been able to be heard more she sounded beautful and looks great

      • TAK

        I agree!! Stevie is a classic talent. She was giving Taylor funny looks and I was hoping they would have her come out alone and do a song.

    • golfdoc

      couldn’t agree more! in sports terminology, taylor can’t caddy for stevie’s, let alone compete with her.

    • chelle

      Had to turn the tv off – told my husband that Stevie shouldn’t have to sing back-up to that. ick

      • Kiki

        My dh has ALWAYS watched the Grammies and never turned it off — Sunday night, he turned it off and said that if Swift is the future of pop music, forget about it.

    • DiMi

      Stevie is a generous artist who has kindly sung with others. And, remember, Fleetwood Mac has GORGEOUS harmonies. I think Stevie did the best she could to save Taylor, but Taylor was just too awful.

  • Susan

    Bad duet on Rhiannon for Taylor but she was MUCH, MUCH better on her song, You Belong to Me.

    • JJ

      No she wasn’t

  • bob

    ugh taylor swift has and always will be annoying and that performance was horrendous. vocally, she seriously would just barely get by the first round of auditions on american idol. not worthy of all the awards/attention.

    • David

      Taylor Swift is WAY overrated, and in the words of Kanye “Beyonce had a better music video”.

      • natynormal

        Absolutely right

    • sheilakyuchang

      agree totally….100%

      • don ho

        The bad thing is she actually made Stevie Nicks sound GOOD.

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