Fall Out Boy: Done for good?

If statements today from frontman Patrick Stump and bass player/band pin-up Pete Wentz are to believed, platinum-selling Chicago rockers Fall Out Boy may have come to the end of the road, permanently.

Though the band announced a planned hiatus last summer, recent news points to a more final kind of break. On his personal website, Wentz wrote, in part, “As much as i don’t have a solo project, i also can’t predict that i’d ever play in fall out boy again. not due to personal relationships as much as a band we grew apart. in this statement id like to include there is the possibility that fob will play again with out me or i will be a part of it when everyone is on the same page. it is no ones fault and there is no animosity about the decision… i am the single biggest fan of fob and if this is our legacy than so be it. i am proud of it.”

In response, Stump told Spin.com, “I’m not in Fall Out Boy right now, but one way or another, the band will always be around. Steven Tyler isn’t in Aerosmith anymore, but his gravestone will probably say something about Aerosmith. Whether we play again or not, I don’t know. If we do, it will be for the right reasons. If we don’t, it will also be for the right reasons.”

On his own website, Stump posted videos of the solo project he is currently working on, while Wentz has collaborated with Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus on a song for Tim Burton’s upcoming Alice In Wonderland, and drummer Andy Hurley and guitarist Joe Trohman are reportedly still at work with the Damned Things, a band they formed in 2008 with Anthrax’s Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano, Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley and bassist David Karon.

For old times’ sake, revisit our 2007 feature on the band, and relive their breakout hit, 2005’s “Sugar We’re Going Down.” Then tell us how you feel about the end of FOB—and the musical future of its four members:

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  • jordan

    well, they are my favorite band, so it kind of sucks. at the same time, it had to end sooner or later and i was actually already under the impression that there was a good chance they weren’t going to get back together.

    • Ronnie

      They are getting back together now actually.

  • Thank God

    one of the worst bands ever. and Pete Wentz is the most annoying person ever.

    • UGH

      Thank God 2.

  • crispy

    Good. Let’s hope they take Panic at the Disco, Me Chemical Romance, Hawthorne Heights, Taking Back Sunday, and all those other crappy bands to emo hell with them.

    • KM


    • insomniac

      YAY! Death to EMO!!

    • steph


    • GGG

      BEST POST EVER. So funny!

    • Chelsea

      Um, they’re not emo

    • Willow

      come on you wouldn’t know emo if it fell over you….we have feeling too you, W>A>N>K>E>R

  • Jean Genie

    Bands break up all the time just like people die every day. That’s all I’ve got to say.

    • j

      only difference is people don’t come back from the dead. bands do. there are always reunions. i don’t believe much in bands breaking up “for good.” I think a lot of it is a publicity stunt.

  • yayFOB

    I too figured they were done for good, but it is still sad seeing it actually happen. That band got me through high school. Can’t wait to see what other projects they all have in store!

  • papito

    There is no doubt in my mind that those dudes HATED Petey W. He was more popular than the lead singer and a huuuuge douche-bag.

  • Deb

    I’ll listen to whatever Patrick Stump puts out next.

  • junierizzle

    Im not surprised. Even though they were in the same band, they each did their own thing. Especially WENTZ. IMO their music was better before they got famous. I didn’t like them as much as I used to. THey weren’t doing anything different or unique, they just got lucky. So, its no blow to the scene.

  • Heather

    I got over them before but they just aren’t as good or as memorable as they used to be.

  • Victor Eloy


    • jacson

      She does its freaky and stupid i hate her i hope this artical isnt true

  • S.O.

    I hope never to see or even hear from this band, especially this total douche (who thinks he the be all & end all of music) ever again!

  • JW

    1 crappy band down, now if only Green Day and Nickleback would follow their lead.

    • Fidel

      Green Day is easily one of the best bands of the past 10-15 years.

      • insomniac

        Green Day has been around for 21/22 years. THey had a couple of indie albums before they hit it big with their major label debut, Dookie, in 1994. But I do agree, Green Day is pretty awesome! THey got me through some rough times.

    • Jeff W.

      I couldn’t agree more.

    • GGG

      Nickelback sucks.

    • Bounty

      Lumping Green Day in with Fall Out Boy just shows your immaturity. Green Day evolved as good bands do, from high school crushes to political stances. Each elbom showed a step in their maturity as a band. FOB regressed, and started speaking to the Hollywood Scene which is pretty much middle school level if you ask me. That’s the story of so many poppy punk bands that somebody should write a song about it. People will forget them or be ashamed that they listened to them in 10 years, while Green Day will be thought of as one of the voices of our generation.

      • JW

        I’m probably older than you. The fake British accent, the POP PUNK music, annoying stage performances. Yeah, Green Day is great. Bands like GD and FOB are a dime a dozen. I really wish that the rest of the EMO and POP PUNK bands follow FOB’s decision to break-up.

      • Chelsea

        I have to agree with you on the immaturity thing. Only an a**hole can really put Green Day with all these other pop punk bands. The way I see everyone’s reason for saying good riddance to FOB is because we all have a different taste in music. Why knock what someone else likes? I am a fan of FOB and have been since before they became famous. I already saw this coming because with the combination of their music lacking luster and Pent Wentz’s ego, things were not going to last. Despite all of this, it still saddens me to see people saying such bad thing about FOB and a lot of other bands too.If people actually listen to their songs, they would see that they are talented. This may not be the same for ALL other bands, but I really thought FOB had something going. But I guess I just have really bad taste in music

      • 4rocket

        Exactly. Green Day has EVOLVED. Fall Out Boy DEVOLVED after From Under The Cork Tree. They started out decent and steadily became worse from that point on. People trashing Green Day are the stupid ones for expecting the band to continue writing songs about teenage rebellion when the members are practically into their forties.

  • Jeff W.

    Good riddance. This awful band will no tbe missed.

  • Jackie

    They have the most songs out of any band on my workout playlist.. so yeah I guess I’m a fan. But I wish they would’ve done more songs like “Golden”. That song is amazing.

  • donnywahls

    finally some good news today. lets hope it sticks.

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