Kelly Clarkson responds to Taylor Swift's record-label defense: 'Take a lesson'

Today’s passionate defense of Taylor’s much-maligned performance at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards by her record label president has drawn the ire of one its incidental targets: Kelly Clarkson.

Big Machine Records head Scott Borchetta said, in part, of Taylor, “”She is the voice of this generation. She speaks directly to [her fans], and they speak directly back to her. This is not American Idol. This is not a competition of getting up and seeing who can sing the highest note. This is about a true artist and writer and communicator. It’s not about that technically perfect performance.”

“Maybe,” he went on, “she’s not the best technical singer, but she’s probably the best emotional singer because everybody else who gets up there and is technically perfect, people don’t seem to want more of it.”

Clarkson, who has taken her own knocks in the press before, seems to have genuine sympathy for Taylor but is none too pleased with Borchetta’s defense—or the accidental Idol insult it implies.

This afternoon on her blog, Clarkson posted the following note:

“Wow …..Dear Scott Borchetta,

I understand defending your artist obviously because I have done the same in the past for artists I like, including Taylor, so you might see why its upsetting to read you attacking American Idol  for producing simply vocalists that hit ‘the high notes’. Thank you for that ‘Captain Obvious’ sense of humor because you know what, we not only hit the high notes, you forgot to mention we generally hit the ‘right’ notes as well. Every artist has a bad performance or two and that is understandable, but throwing blame will not make the situation at hand any better.

I have been criticized left and right for having shaky performances before (and they were shaky) and what my manager or label executives say to me and the public is “I’ll kick butt next time” or “every performance isn’t going to be perfect” ……I bring this up because you should take a lesson from these people and instead of lashing out at other artists (that in your ‘humble’ opinion lack true artistry), you should simply take a breath and realize that sometimes things won’t go according to plan or work out and that’s okay.


One of those contestants from American Idol who only made it because of her high notes”

Honestly, Borchetta seems to have done Swift more harm than good today; the best defense is not, in all cases, one that is actually offensive to not only your own star, but also any artist who sings better than she does.

Things he could have emphasized—Swift’s songwriting chops, her relative youth and inexperience, general human frailty in a high-pressure situation—were played down in favor of, well, coming off like kind of an ass.

But you tell us, readers—Team Kelly or Team Scott? Ultimately, they both seem to be on Team Taylor, though Swift herself might prefer the less-divisive rule book Kelly is using to play the game.

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  • John C


    • Lisa

      always team kelly

      • Aaron


      • amj


      • Sergio

        always always

      • Lady Caca

        I’d like to tap Team Kelly.

    • UGH


      • LL

        Yes! Scott should have Blamed it on the Rain!

      • jen

        yeah or blammed it on the wishing well!

      • phantom

        LOL! That’s pretty funny.

      • pop

        omg jen’s comment made me snort.

    • Dee

      Team Kelly and Team Taylor Rule!!!

      • RPM

        LL, that was hilarious! Thanks for the great comment.

    • LadySolitaire

      TEAM KELLY ALL THE WAY. (And Team Taylor Swift!)

      • MB Chicago

        Taylor Swift is a terrible singer, and seems like a twit. Can. Not. Stand. Her.

      • gen

        Totally agree with you MB Chicago.

        I do like Kelly Clarkson though. I’m pretty sick of all her songs, but she sings well, she’s funny, and she’s likable.

    • Sally in Chicago

      Team Kelly. One of the best voices in the business.

    • Elliot

      BS! Taylor isn’t the best technical singer and she isn’t the best emotinally-connected-to-the-material singer either. Give me a friggin’ break. She is an annoying moppet who writes childish Dear Diary lyrics and sings them badly. “Voice Of Her Generation”? Please. More like “Latest PreFab Artist Of This Generation”

      • Sally in Chicago

        As soon as her handlers decide she’s a Tracy Chapman-Alanis Morisette short-lived artist, they will drop her.
        I don’t mean to be mean, but Taylor IMO is out of her league. She’s lightweight.

      • Stephanie Tanner

        I could not have said it better.

      • amj

        Wow, did you have to attack Alannis Morissette? I loved that debut album of hers!

      • CMU

        Except, Sally, Tracy Chapman and Alanis Morisette are both super talented and made some iconic music. I can’t even think of how Taylor’s music goes, it’s so forgettable.

      • LauraT

        Alanis Morrisette had a very successful career after Jagged Little Pill. She had another hit album in the US with Former Infatuation Junkie, and she played God opposite Damon and Affleck. I don’t know her level of success after that in the US, but in Canada she remained pretty huge. And she still is!

      • LauraT

        Oh, and she’s awesome.

      • Diane

        Um Tracy Chapman has been in the industry since the 80’s. She’s released 10+ albums. The woman is pure genious. And Alanis has had a great career after Jagged Little Pill too. Don’t ever put Taylor in the same catagory as them.

      • Elliot

        I don’t think Sally was trying to slam either Alanis or Tracy. She was basically talking about a reality…once Taylor doesn’t sell big anymore- and we know it will happen, teenagers are very fickle with their music taste, and once they move on from Miss Swift, she’ll be history- the label will do an about face, and they will stop “embracing” her “artistry and capacity to connect with a song” or whatever was the absurd excuse they gave…they will dump her ass.

        Alanis and Tracy are both on a whole ‘nother Universe of artistic integrity, light years away and above Taylor’s rainbows, and unicorns and castles and fairytales…Ugh, the girl can’t wrte to save her life…
        I feel sad that a legend like Stevie Nicks would stoop so low…

      • rashmi

        Fri 02/05/10 12:11 AM

        BS! Taylor isn’t the best technical singer and she isn’t the best emotinally-connected-to-the-material singer either. Give me a friggin’ break. She is an annoying moppet who writes childish Dear Diary lyrics and sings them badly. “Voice Of Her Generation”? Please. More like “Latest PreFab Artist Of This Generation”

        Hats off to you Elliot. A truer word was never said.

      • Elizabeth

        Guess what her generation is?

      • Nihilistic

        Taylor SWIFT – what an unfortunate name for someone destined to have a very brief career.

      • Tess

        Hear hear! What’s all this talk about Swift’s amazing songwriting skills? Balderdash! Read her lyrics off the page and they’re childish laments. Hopefully she’ll develop more depth and relevence…and maybe she’ll just fade away. Just because she’s the latest “it girl” doesn’t mean she’s actually got “it”.

      • Rich

        Maybe in two years Taylor can start a band with Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton, and Avril Lavigne. I suspect her shelf life will be that short.

      • jen

        Alanis – she dated Ryan Renolds and lets face it after dating Ryan “da man” Renolds all other things are not worthy and pale in signifigance!! :)

      • Nihilistic

        Tess, how can you not consider “She wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts” among the most profound lyrics ever put to paper. She’s Generation Y’s answer to Bob Dylan.

      • Nihilistic

        With all the Swift-negative comments on these 14 (so far) pages, it makes me wonder who these idiots are who are actually buying her album.

      • Dave

        I got a great idea. Instead of maligning this young woman, because you have different musical tastes, and have nothing better to do than comment on every post on Why don’t you listen to the music you like, and let the people who like Ms. Swift enjoy her music.

        I like her lyrics, and her voice, and I think that it is much better than the manufactured teenie boppers like Kesha.

      • jpratm

        Sally from chicago check your facts alanis won three grammys after jagged little pill n sold over 4 million records n continues to tour n sell out shows maybe not at the same rate and polpularity as jlp but shes still making awesome music TEAM kelly,taylor n morissette!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Nancy

        Sally in Chicago…please don’t compare Tracy Chapman and Alanis Morisette to Taylor Swift! They are both talented and on a different level than Taylor.

      • simsa

        Tracy Chapman got famous by flat-out ripping off Joan Armatrading. Period.

      • sharon chrtistman

        elliot and rashmi…I am so with you on this. the girl is a twit and sings songs like the poems I used to write as an overemotional pre-pubescent. She thinks like a 15 year old, that’s why she connects with them and from the music being offered up for consumption now-a-days, these kids are tone desf anyway and wouldn’t know MUSIC if it bit them in the ass!

    • wino

      TEAM KELLY….he just made a fool of himself and only empahsized that Taylor cannot sing. period. forget the high notes, she cant hit any note. and i say this as a fan of hers… cute girl, with cute songs, but not a true singer.

    • Mells

      Team Kelly – no question!

    • brook

      Team Kelly. It seems logical that a singer should be judged on how well that singer can truly sing. His comments just made the situation worse. I bet it wont be long until Taylor starts using Autotune so that she wont get as much slack for her bad live performances.
      Taylor should just sell her songs and let someone who is a technically sound singer sing them.

  • please

    can we stop with the “team so-and-so” or “team so-and-so” thing now, please? it’s almost as bad as the “wait for it [pause] [exclamation]!!!” thing. blah.

    • Q

      Can I add “_____ nailed it” to the stop list?

      • Ellipsian

        Let’s also tack on two people talking candidly and negatively about a third party… who is revealed to be right there with them and says, “I’m right here” or “I can hear you, you know”. Ugh.

      • sting314

        While we’re getting rid of stupid, overused phrases, I want to add “epic fail”. Just saying it is an epic fail.

      • Ginny

        As long as we’re making a list, I’d like to add “pwn” to the list. So annoying!

      • ericalina

        can we also add “so and so, anyone?” as in, “Not every Idol contestant can hit the high notes (Danny Gokey, anyone?)” I am so tired of it.

      • Moffi

        Boy Team Kelly really nailed this thread right here, because Team TaylorTard is an epic fail and so and so anyone who knows what pwn is.

      • Elliot

        WHile we are at it, can we get rid of written language, formal or informal?? It’s so annoying…everywhere you look, people writing words, trying to communicate and stuff…Ugh, so pointless…

      • gigi

        I’m going to add “FTW” or “For the Win” to the annoying catch phrase list. But that’s just “IMHO”.

      • SusieQ

        Uhm….”FTW” never meant “For the Win”!

        Another one I want to get rid of is “it is what it is!” That grates on me so much, it is so apathetic!

      • SusieQ

        I meant that “FTW” never meant “For the Win” to me!! Actually I had never heard it used that way before…

      • Nihilistic

        Please don’t contribute to this comment section hijacking. This ridiculous, futile tangent has NOTHING to do with the Swift-Clarkson throwdown.

      • bootsycolumbia

        I was going to add “epic fail” to the list, but damn you, sting314! You beat me to it! How about “spot on”? It only works if you’re British, and I don’t even think British people use the phrase that much.

    • Emma

      Team Kelly! Sorry “please” but I like it!

      • Harrison

        I’m with Emma, please: Team Kelly!

      • terie

        I think Kelly said what needed to be said in defense of the American Idol slur from Taylor Swift’s manager. He could have put across his point without the SLAM against AI contestants, BTW … I don’t think Taylor would have made it past the Idol judges at the auditions. Not slamming … just stating my opinion.

    • Rachel

      Can we also add ‘someone is the love child between soandso and soandso’ or a song is ‘suchandsuch meets suchandsuch’ to this list of wornout phrases.

    • M

      Ugh, I agree the whole Team so and so is just stupid.

      • Suntrap

        I’m totally on Team Please.

      • Emily

        It really should only be used for Edward and Jacob, and that’s IT.

    • UGH

      Thank you!
      I said this the other day!

    • Dee

      I’m on Team STFU. :)

      • mishka

        I’m on Team “Girl, be true to yourself and get that sh*tty voice autotuned or sing playback” ;)

    • Stephanie Tanner

      I agree, let’s bring back “how Rude!” instead or “totally rad!”, or “oh my lanta”, “pin a rose on your nose”. Oh, and Taylor really stinks, her songs are just teen angst, nothing more, her vocal stink so all that is left is her songwriting which again sounds very much like something a 12 yr old would write, she is not Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen people.

      • Joe Jack

        Exactly, her ‘songwriting’ is hardly the voice of a generation, just the voice a typical lovesick 13 year old. Nothing special.

      • Michelle Tanner

        You got it dude!

      • DJ Tanner

        “Whoa Baby!”

      • Uncle Jessie

        Haaaave Mercy!

      • Joey

        Cut! (sissor fingers) It! (points) Out! (thumb thrown back)

    • sdm

      If this is all you have to complain about in life good for you but personally I say get over it life is short. If you don’t like a saying ignore it. That is the fastest way you can get people to stop using or saying it is by not participating in it yourself which means stop drawing attention to it.

    • Ginger

      I’m on Team Please!

  • Allison

    Team Kelly all the way.

  • Matt

    Team Kelly.

    That guy was douchy… but of course, I still don’t think Taylor can sing a lick at all. One of the most overrated artists out right now.

  • skiiboski

    Swift may be the voice of a tone-deaf generation.

    • mishka

      “Can’t sing! Can’t sing! La la la la la!”

    • hill

      So is Swift’s management saying that she can sing better than Kelly C, Fantasia, and Carrie Underwood? Please stop!

      • cdw

        He admits their better singers … but,that they only hit high notes.. sing with NO passion and don’t connect with music fans. Wow! What an idiot!!!! I’m afraid he’s doing his girl Taylor more harm than good. Great letter Kelly!

      • amj

        Yes, I agree this guy is not a very good supporter of Taylor’s much more harm than good! I like Taylor (not sure I thought she should win Best Album) but Kelly Clarkson is hugely talented and deserves her own kudos. This letter was just rude! Hitting the high notes is important if the song requires it! And, let’s remember that alot of those really fantastic high note hitting AI contestants are younger than Taylor! Alison Iraheta for instance who was younger on the Live AI stage. She was amazing most of the time.

  • AH

    Wow. Let’s all build someone up by tearing someone else down. Stay classy, Scott.

  • Sarah T.

    As Sheldon would say, “BAZINGA!” that was a good report without maligning Taylor in the process. though I agree that Taylor isn’t the best performer, I like her and like her songs. Though honestly, i would rather hear someone like Kelly live. I don’t think Taylor would have made it to the top on AI

    • Dave

      Taylor would have been lucky to make it to Hollywood Week on AI.

    • whatevs

      Taylor probably also knows that she wouldn’t have made it on AI, which is why her talent lies in songwriting. Or maybe next time she should use autotune like most people who don’t even write music?

      • erin

        No, no, no! Her talent does NOT lie in songwriting. Her songs are crap, both musically and lyrically. Can people please saying this stuff? She is not a good songwriter and she is a wretched singer. End of story.

      • Jalisa

        “Which is why her talent lies in songwriting”
        Please…..”She wear short shorts, I wear t shirts” is not great songwriting.

      • kms

        @Jalisa – LMAO! good one

      • Ginny

        Now, now, Jalisa. Give her a break. The line is really “she wears short skirts”. That’s so much better than short shorts. That was sarcasm by the way, in case anybody missed it.

      • April C

        I agree. She must have studied at the “Jewel School of Songwriting”.

      • sheilakyuchang

        @JAlisa….u’ve nailed it!…hahah

      • bkwurm1

        Have to give her credit. She managed to rhyme T-shirts with bleachers, that’s something.

      • gigi

        Haha! Loving this thread of comments! “Jewell School of Song Writing”…hehehheheee!

      • Vishal

        Thanks Kelly! We had so much fun at your wedding. I pisorme that I will let you know when there are more photo up. It will take me a few weeks to finish all the editing, because you and Jeff were so gorgeous and there are SO many GREAT ones! I pisorme to work as quickly as possible, as I know you can’t wait to see them!

  • FHE

    Team Kelly, easily. Scott had no reason to knock others in the process of defending Taylor Swift’s poor live performance skills. The girl can’t sing live, and this isn’t the first instance and it won’t be the last. Stupid to make excuses about there being technical issues too, since this keeps happening time and time again.

  • Jael Paris

    “People don’t seem to want more of it”? Oh is that why we keep buying their records?

    • erin

      Popular does not equal good.

      • Jael Paris

        I didn’t say it did. His comment was that people don’t want it, and I’m pointing out that those singers he is bashing happen to be popular.

  • Marti

    Kelly’s all class, and it doesn’t surprise me that she would “tell it like it is”. Borchetta’s only trying to deflect the blame away from his “little money maker”. Seems to be the way of the world these days. No self responsibilities, always someone else’s fault. Taylor needs to realize she needs work…alot of work. She’s been HANDED way more in the past couple of years, than most TALENTED artists work their asses off their whole lives for.

    • kms

      @Marti – couldn’t have said it better!

      • prgemgirl

        amen to that Marti!!!!!

  • Stacey

    Team Kelly. Or Team Carrie. Or Team American Idol. It’s ridiculous to criticize other artists for singing well. When it’s obvious you own artist isn’t strong in that area. So yeah, I am Team Kelly in the choice. And yeah, he has made the whole controversy even worse because it’s now dragging in fans of artists who actually CAN sing!

    • amj

      I have to say I agree with the fact that he is dragging in fans of other singers. I paid absolutely no attention to this supposed controversy until I saw that Kelly Clarkson became involved somehow. Once I read that horrible letter I had to join in to defend Kelly! That guy is ridiculous. Defend Taylor, that’s fine, but why insult a great singer like Kelly Clarkson!

      • Boejang

        To answer any qstneious anyone may have. I use these live. I am an endorser. The bright sound may be off the computer. Mine is very warm and lively. The eq is one of the best on anything I have played. Also, the XLR jack is amazing. Really opens up the full tone of the guitar, and is way hotter than the 1/4 inch jack. My singer used mine in the country band I am with, and he loves it. He switched after his Martin got trashed on stage. My main acoustic WAS a Martin BC will hang with it.

  • Dave

    I already liked Kelly Clarkson, but I really just gained a whole new level of respect for her. Seriously, who does this guy think he is, saying that “people don’t seem to want more of it” in reference to the people who sing well? What a jacka**. And honestly, Taylor Swift is certainly not the “best emotional singer.” What a moron. You can defend your artist, but don’t be so delusional about it.

  • austinrob

    Kelly’s got the right answer. Taylor Swift and her songs are cute. And I guess I like her. But I must admit, I like the studio versions of her songs MUCH MUCH better than her singing live. She might improve as she matures, and I hope she does. I want the best for her, am happy for her; but yeah, not a power singer.

  • duffy

    i don’t see why kelly is upset? he just said the grammy performances were not a compition like american idol-which is true. i see nothing in there for kelly to take offense at.

    • Allison

      No, he didn’t just say that. He basically dissed live singers, particularly from AI, as only hitting high notes rather than telling a story vocally, as a defense of off-key singing from Taylor. There’s some offense to be had in that.

    • Dwain

      Kelly has always been AI’s best ambassador. She’s proud of her AI experience, and is proud of all the others who represent AI. It is a tough trial by fire that very very few would be able to navigate. I am very proud of Kelly for defending all the AI alums the way she did.

    • annie

      He implied that people from AI who sing well couldn’t also be good songwriters or even artistic in their musical expression in general, which is really uninformed and stupid. Kelly writes some of her own stuff. David Cook has been writing his own stuff since he was a teenager like Swift. Daughtry wrote his first single. Kris Allen didn’t win on vocals. The list goes on…

      • Moffi

        Allison co-wrote the best track on her album.

      • Kiki

        Kris Allen didn’t win AI by singing his own songs either. No one on AI sings their own songs while on AI.

      • to KIKI

        No, but Kris Allen certainly wasn’t Mr. High Note, either. He was a fairly versatile musician, and I think that was the image that helped him win. As for signing original songs. there have certainly been AI participants who COULD have sung an original song if it was allowed. David Cook and Brooke White both had indie CDs that were pulled from Amazon due to “fairness” I think when they started to sell.

    • Edmond

      Great interview. I love ahireng how people are inspired to write a specific story. I’ll have to check out Kelly’s author page on Amazon. I just made mine yesterday and last time I checked, it was still processing.

  • Someone is Jelly – Kelly

    Kelly Clarkson sounds jealous and bitter (and you know she is seeing as how she barely got one nomination and lost that to the BEP). She definitey should have kept her mouth closed on this issue. Especially seeing as how her second flop album of in a row just fell off the billboard 200. Trying to take on the biggest artist in music as well as her handlers isn’t smart move when you are a struggling artist such as kelly clarkson. Clue to Kelly please keep your mouth shut until you hit it big again or you just look like a hater like everyone else. I know it is hard to be jealous especially since it’s likely you’ll never be nominated for AOTY much less win it. But Taylor is a sweet and talented girl you should just strive to better yourself as an all around artist instead of focusing on singing, it takes more then singing to win top grammy for AOTY.

    • wow, did you type all that or did your mom help you out? that was pretty good for a 7th grader.

      • erin

        You insult 7th graders, sir.

      • Zoey

        Touche, erin. And seriously, are you deluded, jelly? Kelly Clarkson could kick Taylor Swift’s ass as an artist any day.

    • Mike in Moncton

      Well, let’s see how Taylor Swift does three albums into her career (Kelly Clarkson’s third…second according to you… did well considering the real bomb was her second one, tough to bounce back but she did). I would have thought after countless performances that Taylor Swift’s chops would be considerably better today, but they seem to be diminishing more than anything. She needs an extended break or she’ll be a victim of overexposure.

      • kat

        Actually Kelly’s 2nd album was no bomb. It won a grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album and sold 12 million copies worldwide. Her present album is her 4th album. Her 3rd album which you’re actually referring to sold 2 million copies worldwide. When 2 mil in sales becomes bomb status, then no one has a chance in hell of success. Just sayin’

      • chrissy

        “My December” was her third album which didn’t sell as well as her other ones. It sold 2.5 million worldwide. I don’t think of that as a failure. She branched out and took some chances. That takes a lot of courage in that business. I really liked that album. Some of those songs were so raw and moving. Try listening to “Sober”, “Never Again”, “Irvine”, and “Chivas”. The entire album was written by Kelly. And you can feel those songs and what she was going through. Her voice takes my breath away, and she is amazing live. She actually sings better live than on her albums!

      • me

        I get a welly from listening to Kelly. Just kidding. Kelly is fantastic. Her 3rd album, My December, went gold, I believe. It’s also very personal, very deep and very good. The song Maybe is fantastic. I want Taylor Swift to fade away soon! I am afraid all these awards will make her believe she’s good and I seriously wonder how she can be winning? How?!?

    • Beau

      Taylor Swift shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence as Kelly Clarkson. Swifty’s a Kelly wannabe.

      • Reinz

        Nope.. I think “Swifty is s CARRIE wanna-be” would’ve been a better choice.. It’s kinda obvious the label is directly lashing at Carrie Underwood, cause she is TS’s biggest “competition”. It’s in “” is because we all know that TS can’t compete with CU even on her best days!!

      • Tyler

        how is she a kelley wannabe, or even carrie wannabe, she sings a different style than they do. She sings more romantic, teenage drama stuff, while the other two are more edgy women
        they are completely different
        thats like saying the lead singer of AC/DC Brian Johnson is a wannabe of Aerosmith’s lead singer Steven Tyler

    • Brian

      Kelly made it quite clear she is a supporter of Swift…it’s Scott Borchetta she has issues with, and rightfully so. His comments were inappropriate and rude.

    • Brian

      Also – Kelly’s latest CD was awesome and she is incredibly talented!

    • CDT

      From what you write, it seems that you believe that Kelly is hating on Taylor, which is not how I see it at all. She starts off her letter with “Dear Scott Borchetta”, which in my opinion would imply that her sentiments are directed at him, not at Taylor. She even says that she LIKES Taylor. I believe that her problem is with the industry itself, and how Mr. Borchetta conducts himself in it. Also, how can we as fans even COMPARE these two female artists; they obviously have different strengths and abilities.

      • hen

        CDT, you are a class act. nicely said.

    • Allison

      Yeah, two things. One, Kelly isn’t hating on Taylor. Two, only entitled people get to have an opinion? Get real. Kelly’s status on the charts (which, ahem, she’s doing more than fine, thanks, in particular with AG on radio) isn’t even relevant here.

    • ksoze

      Kelly Clarkson is a fantastic singer, and people who appreciate her music don’t need for her to win an award to feel justified in their support.

    • Tasha

      Did you just call Kelly Clarkson a “struggling artist”? Wow. Kelly is nothing but an amazing star and singer how maintains a huge fan base while garnering new fans with each single, album, and concert. Kelly wasn’t dissing Taylor. So don’t crack on Kelly for supporting the music community.

    • kat

      I know you didn’t write this, because you obviously can’t even read. Maybe you should learn to read before you try to develop an argument that makes absolutely no sense and is so factually incorrect it’s embarrassing. You=idiot!

    • Corey

      Kelly isn’t hating on Taylor. Do your research before you make stupid comments, she’s been one of Taylor’s biggest celebrity supporters. Look at her blog and you’ll the nasty letter she wrote to Kanye West defending Taylor’s right to win her MTV VMA and has even congratulated her on her grammy wins. The issue she has is with this overly defensive Scott character, and his insulting of AI. Which is how she became famous, that show and the fan’s that voted for her are what made her who she is today, and she defends them fiercely.

    • chrissy

      Your comments are ridiculous. Kelly Clarkson is amazing, successful, and has proven longevity. Why are you getting so defensive when Kelly was not attacking Taylor or her performance? Kelly doesn’t take crap from anyone, and doesn’t care if she is the most popular singer. Kelly is a true artist who likes to sing different kinds of music, and she takes risky chances to grow as an artist. I think she shows guts and integrity. She is a vocal powerhouse, and the most talented singer out there. Taylor is a nice girl, but she will never sing as well as Kelly Clarkson. Kelly has a gift from God.

    • LL

      I fail to read where Kelly is insulting Taylor. She is directly insulting Borchetta’s lack of class trying to put down other singers to deflect criticism of his own. You shouldn’t equate an attack on Borchetta as an attack on Taylor.

    • Bren

      Kelly already has a couple of Grammys, so your whole “jealous” thing is kind of lame.

      Taylor has shown on multiple awards shows that she is a poor live performer. Why her management felt the need to slam artists, who are quite capable of writing their own songs and playing instruments, and have the courage and skill to perform week in and week out on live television with people critiquing them is beyond me. As far as being the “voice of her generation,” it’s kind of interesting that the current hit show TV set in high school (GLEE) has used both Kelly and Carrie songs, but hasn’t touched any of Taylor Swift’s. And they’ve used plenty of other non-AI artists, so it’s not like they’re only pimping AI. Heck, they’ve even used Kanye.

      • Matt

        Amen. Kelly is my favorite Idol. I knew she would win before the top 10 was decided in Season 1. The live version of “Beautiful Disaster” is so amazing! As is “Sober” from the 2.5 million selling “struggling” December album, so much heartache and pain you feel it. Taylor is what Nashville is banking on for teen sales, she is no true talent. P.S. Poor Stevie Nicks!Hope she was well paid for that mess of duets.

    • SD Tim

      Um, yeah — think your comment is way off base. I think Taylor is a very talented writer, especially for her age, but vocally she is not the strongest singer. Technically, Kelly is the better singer – but that’s not the point. Kelly was taking offense to the whole “American Idol can’t produce artists” tone of Borchetta’s letter. And she wasn’t putting Taylor down. Rather, she was saying “Taylor had an off performance, I’ve had off performances and we all will — no one is perfect.” So jealous? No. I think she was pretty darn insightful — which is why I’m “team Kelly.” ;-)

      • bill hater

        wait, american idol can produce artists? must’ve missed that season… was that the one where the winner ended up actually being successful and their first “record” wasn’t a horrendous flop that got creamed by the loser? for some reason i just can’t remember that one… fine, i’ll give you the first season, but even heroes was supposedly good the first season. but you’re right, clarkson is the better singer, but look what you’re comparing. it’s like trying to see which cancer is better for you

    • tickles

      Yes, Taylor is a sweet girl. But on what planet would Kelly ever be jealous of Taylor? The true test of a singer is acapella without the music to cover up flubs. If Taylor sounded that bad with the music…just imagine how bad it would have been without? I don’t like to be mean to children but at some point honesty has to take precedence over niceness. I can easily name 10 singers without even thinking about it from american Idol who are head and shoulders above Taylor in vocal ability. Heck, 20 or 30 if I gave it a little thought.

      • tickles

        Kelly, Carrie Underwood, Kimberly Locke, Frenchie, Mandisa…Jennifer Hudson ring any bells?
        And as far as emotion…sure Taylor is reaching her target audience. All the little preteen girls who are experiencing “first love”. My god, remember Fantasia singing Summertime? Even the memory of that still gives me chills.
        Look, I may be older and not quite as “hep” as some of you “young cats”(!) but give me a Kelly Clarkson anyday. But what else can I expect from the music listening public who have routinely put the likes of Miley Cyrus and Britney at the top of the charts.

      • bkwurm1

        No kidding. Thanks for the reminder about Jennifer Hudson who basically won an Oscar for her ability to convey emotion in her singing. An Oscar trumps a grammy, even a whole mess of Grammys, any day.

    • Seriously

      Are you effing seriously Jelly? Taylor has no skill whatsoever. If i stole my neice’s diary it would be the same crap that Taylor’s song contain. Kelly and most of the AI contestants are hands down on a completely different level that TS. HELL EVEN SANJAYA COULD CARRY A TUNE LIVE, SOMETHING THAT APPARENTLY TAYLOR WILL NEVER DO OR LEARN!

    • theastuteone

      Now, who’s struggling?? And with what? By the tone of the argument, one can say that this controversy sparked when Taylor Swift apparently ‘struggled’ with hitting the right notes, which sadly, did NOT happen. What’s music all about? Can you call it music when the singer is like a wailing banshee?? Cudgel your brain, will you? When that singer is a wailing banshee and all you can hear from her are annoying screeches that are irritating and not pleasant, then it’s not music anymore. It’s called NOISE. And that’s what Taylor Swift emits- NOISE. And if she’s an all- around individual, or versatile, if that’s what you mean; then how come she only won music awards (which she did not deserve)?
      All I can say is that she’s extraordinarily horrible to the ears. Good day!

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