John Mayer's 'Playboy' interview: Why does no one care that he also uses a gay slur?

John Mayer’s crazy controversial Playboy interview has already sparked outrage for his use of the N word and his comparison of Jessica Simpson to “sexual napalm.” But in the interview Mayer also uses the gay slur “f–s,” which seems to be yielding much less outrage. While discussing kissing Perez Hilton one night at a club, Mayer says, “I grabbed him and gave him the dirtiest, tongue-iest kiss I have ever put on anybody—almost as if I hated f–s.” Um, why has this not merited a twitter-pology? A spokesperson for Mayer told EW, “On Wednesday, JM apologized for his remarks via Twitter and again in public that night. His remorse is genuine and he has expressed sincere regret for all of his word choices.” Clearly this interview was meant to offend pretty much everyone, but I would still like an apology from Mayer on behalf of gays everywhere.

What do you think?

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  • Zach

    THANK YOU! I was thinking the exact same thing.

    • Dave Chappelle

      Dear Tim Stack,
      The line to kick John Mayer’s ass starts behind me, Questlove, Jen A, and the big-boobed Chicken Of The Sea chick here.


      • Ibsen

        Mayer did steal that penis bit from Dave Chappelle’s stand up act. If not, it was pretty close.

      • Dwight K Schrute

        Tim Stack must be gay.

      • QTPIE

        Ha ha ha! It’s all so funny. He HAS spent too much time with DAVE and the pipe. Just joking! Laugh people.
        PS: Dave, give me a call… “my body’s a wonderland”

      • SHERWIN XL

        Hey Leave John Mayer Alone!!! And let People Like Paul Mooney, Eddie Griffin, Charlie Murphy, Dave Chappelle & Sherwin XL Handle It…

      • Kumomap

        Saw your show last night Dave, you rock!

    • ziggy

      I don’t think he is racist or a tool, I believe he just says these things on purpose to give everybody reasons to bitch, he knows no one else has anything better to do so he plays games with you.

      • amy

        thank you!!! everyone knows of his dry humor. its ok for blacks to say the “n” word and gays to say the “f” word so what are the straight/white people allowed to say?…Lay off the guy and get a life already.

      • Tina

        There’s still no defending his gawd-awful music.

      • zkphill

        I guess some people think all press is good press, but I think he went way over the line. I am sure he is going to lose some fans over this which is probably why he apologized. On the other hand these comments were in ‘Playboy’ so maybe he thought he could broaden his fan base by appealing to
        ‘white trash’. He obviously doesn’t have principles unless you’re talking about his balance sheet.

      • ernie

        I think we should let it go. He apologized for being a jerk in general. I don’t think we (or he) should draw national attention to the fact that he said that. Not everyone read that interview. We should just let it die. The best way to get rid of this attention-seeking behavior is to ignore it.

      • kj

        I’m pretty sure that alone makes him a tool, though I seriously doubt this guy has enough brain power to think of screwing with people like that. That’s a little deeper than he goes.

      • Mike Lesch

        Playing games with people isn’t being a tool, it’s being a tease or a douche. Being a tool is when you change who you are to fit in… Provoking, and playing games, might very well be WHO he is. And even still, to be a tool, you have to do it consistantly, not just once. We all try to fit in.

      • Mel

        I don’t think he’s a racist or a tool either– I think he was so coked up his brain was about to explode. Not that it excuses anything he said, but can no one be a little concerned about the guy’s underlying problem?

      • mary

        John Mayer’s music is not awful. lets see you try and hitting those high notes while still sounding amazing and playing the guitar as well as he can. Suck it!

      • Rose

        Props for summing it up so nicely. As some have stated, he’s pretty much the white version of Kanye, who in turn is the black version of Andy Kaufman.

        The best part? No one wants to admit it.

      • Lillian

        Rose – Um, Kanye is NOT the black version of Andy Kaufman. For one, Kanye would have to be funny, and two, Andy Kaufman did the things he did because he was a comedian – and his audience was himself. Kanye West is just a self-serving jackass, he isn’t trying to amuse anyone. Don’t try to compare someone to Andy Kaufman unless you understand what it was Andy was doing…and you very clearly don’t understand at all.

      • Angie

        Yeah, we let it go. But that doesnt mean he gets a pardon. If straight/white people want to say something; there is always slurs that refer to themselves. I would stay away from slurs refering to other cultures or sexual orientations. What about his total disrespect for Jessica Simpson? Racist; maybe not. But he is definetly not getting anymore of my dollars. They ran kanye off the map for what he did ‘for’ taylor swift. John can get his track shoes on too!

      • Rose

        Like I said, no wants to admit it.

      • Greg

        Lillian, Uh
        One: You mean to tell me don’t find any of Kanye’s antics hilarious? Don’t take this the wrong way but when was the last time you saw a doctor?

        Two: One doesn’t have to be comedian to amuse people any more a person has to be a professional chef to bake a cake. As if comedians are the only ones allowed to make others laugh, honestly.

        Just for the record though, I personally don’t believe he is the reincarnated form of Kaufman or whatever, but I also don’t find the idea to be all that farfetched. We all know how obsessed Kanye is over all things artsy and untraditional so it really isn’t all that insane to speculate that his actions are an intensive form of performance art similar to Kaufman’s.

    • Elliot

      There’s been no outrage because in this country, gays are still fair game, sadly. Look at how a film like THE HANGOVER can become a 200 million smash, with a scene that heavily uses the word FA***T, and nobody says a word. Now imagine that the line had been “Paging Mr NI***R!” instead?? I bet you we would have seen picket lines and boycotts…
      Unfortunately, making fun of gays is still widely accepted…

      • Chana

        Thank you Elliot for saying that. I have to admit, that even as a Lesbian, I laughed at The Hangover and even at that scene. I found it harmless because it didn’t seem to be used implicitly towards a gay person, which is down-right ridiculous because you’re exactly right… If it had been the N-word, as an African American woman I would have been totally outraged! There is a double-standard for hate words, and I didn’t realize it was living in me. Thank you for making me aware of my own inconsistencies… And Mayer can count me out of the purchasing public going forward. I try not to make listening to someone’s music tied to their persona, because music should be about music alone, but in this case, I’m FAR too offended to go any further celebrating him and allowing his ignorance to continue to flourish. I do hope he is genuinely sorry, and we all deserve second chances, but… we’ll see who he becomes as a result of the media-storm. And while I don’t support violence, I gotta say, I sort of cheered Dave Chapelle on after reading his comment!

      • Elliot

        Thanks, Chana. Based on his Jessica Simpson comment, and his well-known platitudes about women and sex (the lovely and reductive way in which he references relationships and his never-ending quest to f**k), I could conceive he is a sexist pig too. He probably thinks he is a modern day Archie Bunker, and that he can say all the hateful things he wants but his charm will make people think it’s “cute” and witty.

        What a delusional twit, he isn’t even clever or smart enough to have some insight about how stupid he comes across…

      • eclav

        “based on…his well known platitudes about women..I could conceive he is a sexist pig too.” You could “conceive” that based on “his never ending quest to f**k” Well actually that used to be called heterosexuality.

        “gays are still fair game’ Really? Then why was Isaiah Washington fired for using the “F” word? Why was Patricia Mauceri fired from One Life to Live when she objected to a gay story line? Why did UFC president Dana White have to issue a public apology for using the F word? Why was KC Chiefs running back suspended for two weeks (loss of 600000) for using the F word? Why was the chairman of a Republican candidates campaign fired when he referred to the New Hampshire Democratic chairman as a “F”? Why did Scott Caan and Mickey Rourke both have to issue public apologies for use of the F word. How does any of that indicate that “gays are still fair game”?

      • ron

        Patricia Mauceri was fired because she refused to do her job. she refused to play the roll as written, which was important to upcoming story, so they got an actress who would.

      • Lillian

        eclav – Are you kidding? Can gays serve openly in the military? Are they covered under the Civil Rights bill? Are they able to adopt in every state in the nation? Are they free to marry? Are people still able to use gay slurs in interviews and movies and daily conversation without being chastised for it?

        You can’t answer “yes” to a single one of those questions. So, again, please tell me how you figure that gays are NOT fair game in this country? My god. Open your eyes and look around you – and while you’re at it, grow a brain and stop being such a bigot.

      • billy

        Who cares what someone said… Nobody cares what a Afro-African-Black American uses slurs against all other races. I say Sticks and stones may break my bones and names can never hurt me. People get a back bone. If a person uses names you don’t like punish them by not buying their product. Really the PC crowd needs to lighten up.

      • Angie

        Gays better get out their picket signs then. There isnt anybody stopping them from doing the same as anyone else. The black community wouldn’t stand for that and niether should the gay community. If you sit around blogging about it; instead of doing something about it, you will always be fair game.

    • Elliot

      I still don’t get Mayer’s logic of kissing a gay man real as if he hated gay men???? Does that mean that the cool, clever way for homophobes to show their anti-gay feelings is by tonguing them?

    • Musica1

      I guess I figured he was only referring to Perez Hilton and his sleazy type of guy, not gays in general. Any bad name anybody wants to call Perez Hilton, I’m all for it.

      • tomboy


    • topazbean

      What is WRONG with this guy. Frankly, who cares about an apology, I’m starting to resent that he is getting a single column inch anywhere.

      Besides, I’d be quite happy for him to apologise simply for giving an interview with Playboy in the first place. I mean, he quite happily sat down for a chat with the ultimate symbol of modern misogyny, and yet we’re surprised that he was offensive towards everyone else as well??

    • jared brannon

      Everyone get over this event! most everyone uses this type of language in day to day conversation. crucifying a man bc he feels a certain sense of comfortableness with people is wrong and the bigger of the two “crimes.” go get a real job and everyone look at themselves first. if your life is so miserable that you have to attack others to avoid your own mess then i feel terribly sorry for you and those around you.

  • Carlos

    Because gays use the word “f–s” as much as straights.

    • t.g. pierson

      yes we do and in more vicious ways.

    • HD

      Uh – no we don’t.

      • ChellBellz

        yea huh lol.

      • Elliot

        Can we at least use “some gays use the word” instead of just blanketing everyone??? Black people still used the N-word amongst them, but that doesn’t make the word less deplorable and unacceptable in “polite company”…

        I am gay, and I never use the F word, nor do I accept any of my friends to use it when referring to me. However, I respect others’ decisions to use it. It’s still nasty in my opinion…

      • chezrisque

        Uh, we do…

    • Season

      The same could be said for blacks and the n word. As a black woman who rides the subway in New York I should know.

      • Carlos

        It is totally hypocritical for blacks to use the N word as a pejorative but say it’s off limits to whites. It’s the whole Chris Rock distinction between blacks and N-words. Some white people are white trash and I can call them that. Why can’t I use the N-word to call N-words that? Isn’t this a free country?

      • WB

        New York is not the world. I wish black folks in the northern cities would realize that well over half of us don’t live there & we don’t use the N word. Most people in NY don’t even do it.

      • lorelei

        Well, based on your name, may I call you a wetback?

      • Season

        WB, did I say New York was the world or insinuate that ALL black people or a majority of black people call each other the n word?

      • Blue Silver

        Hey lorelei, don’t add any fuel to the fire. Carlos does have a point, to some degree. I’ve heard African American people dropping the N-word continuously amongst themselves many times. Does this make it ok? I don’t think so! Why does no one ever comment about that? This is hypocritical….and yet, a member of a different race gets chastised or worse for saying it! It should be even across the board–even for African Americans too!!!

      • renee

        oh don’t be silly and stupid carlos and blue silver. ethnicities, gays, women, etc can say certain things about themselves that those who don’t fall into that group can say the same way each of us can talk about our mother and no one else can … because she’s our mother. the context of usage is totally different and you know it so don’t even try to start a discussion, and for those folks within the group that don’t want to use certain words, so be it. their choice. end of story. no apologies.

        i have no words for mayer. he descended himself to a level previously unoccupied for i know no one else who has managed to offend so many in one interview.

      • Chana

        First of all, I’m toasting renee for what you said!!! I don’t advocate using ANY of the words that were previously or are CURRENTLY used to subjugate any member of our world community. Period. But if an Afro-Am wants to perpetuate such ignorance, or a fellow gay chooses to repeel their power or the mama thing or whatever-so be it. This is a free country and we all reserve the right to act a fool if that’s as deep as we desire to be here. But no, it’s never okay for a member of another race to use a racially demeaning word towards someone else, or a straigt to toss out gay-bashing words. I wish we’d all just choose to be above all of this bull but since change happens slowly… there you go. Get over it! Stop arguing a mute, ignorant point.

      • Molly

        OK, I have to ask the stupid question. WHY??? Why is the n-word bad? WHY is the f-word bad? Why is “negro” bad? Is “homo” bad? Is “black” bad? Why? And WHY, if the n-word is so demeaning so bad, do blacks use it? Would a black person answer that? And finally, WHY is “African-American” correct? My logic is that unless the person is 1st generation born in this country of African born parents, then that would make sense, but after that, not so much. Do other ethnicities follow that pattern? Not so much. so… WHY? And please, haters, I’m being totally honest and not wanting to offend anyone. I honestly believe too much power is given to the word. I’ve been called a b*tch and don’t take it personally – I refuse to give the word that much meaning. (Actually, I figure a “b*tch” is a tough woman and I embrace that belief.)

      • Racine

        Stop trying to always through that crap in with black people! As far as his penis not wanting a black woman, good! Now we don’t have to go out and find a pair of tweezers!

      • mimz

        i guess it would be wrong for me to say “the nerve of this bitch to say the n word in such a way.” for me about ppl of the same social group calling eachother derogatory terms it is alrigght, but depends on how you say it. im mixed race so i would sometimes call my family beaners or whities , and its alright for us. we say it out of love and something that bounds us as a black person with the n word. but if i said it to hurt them , i know that would be real low. its all in the meaning when you say it, if a black person or white said beaner to a friend in soemkind of friendly way i wouoldn’t be offend it, its all about the relationship they have more like a case by case bases;)

    • crispy

      So true, Carlos.

      • crispy

        Not true, Carlos. We prefer Mary.
        (Oh, and hi fake crispy. Still wish you were as witty as me?)

      • crispy (the fake one)

        Damn, man. How do you find me so fast? Do you have ESPN or something? It’s like you know where I am. I can’t hide from you. Okay, I’m going to take a break from this for a while.

      • crispy

        LOL! I love that ESPN line. Pick a unique name and stick with it so we can have real conversations!

      • paige

        i always thought “grrrrl” was a preferred word. Hiii crisp! oh and I hi fake crispy

      • chewy

        Done. I’m chewy now.

      • crispy

        Nice, reminds me of a certain wookie.

      • N-word 4 life

        You will get F’ed up real bad if the wrong n-word heres you say that. If you wanna put your life on the line just say it and we will read about you in the headlines! You know black people get psyco about it and it will never change! I just dont understand the (N-word) band that plays for Mayer, Well slaves are loyal to their masters! Those are the (N-word) Oh yea Im Black! (N-word)

      • barb

        It is a free county. You can use the n-word. I can be offended by it. You can decide whether you care if I am offended by it.

      • crispy

        Is he talking to us? I am so confused.

      • chewy

        Wow, I go to a meeting for two hours and I come back to find this. Niiiiice.

      • crispy lover

        Oh man. I’m starting to love chewy now too. I guess I can make room in my life for the both of you

      • Chris P.

        crispy do u mind if i use this name. lol

    • D

      is the word in question f@gs?

      • luke


      • Monty

        Figs i believe…

      • walter


      • Crispy

        It stands for fags, faggots or homosexuals and there are some really nice people on this planet who are gay or fags or whatever you wish to name them. Don’t start with the homophobia!! They are still human beings so please be respectful.

    • Brian

      I’m sorry, Carlos, but I was under the mistaken impression that John Mayer was straight. If he’s gay, then by all means, he can go on using the word — affectionately, ironically, or viciously — just the way gay men can.

      • Jeff

        If you tongue kiss Perez Hilton, you’re not straight – you’re definitely somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.

    • Will

      Not true at all.

    • dede

      Carlos…..u can call an Afican American the N-word if u want to….hopefully you’ll wake up from the coma! Also if u are so eager to call a person the N-word, go to the ghetto (where ever you think that is) stand in the middle of the street, make sure you make eye contact and yell the word N***** and if they don’t kill you maybe you can post what happened on a blog.

      • Blue Silver

        Such a stupid comment! Use your head and analyze the point that Carlos is trying to convey!! He does not want to call anyone anything. Don’t go making this a big deal! No one: black, white, hispanic, etc should say the N_word. Period!

      • Clt

        I agree with you. Nobody is stopping Carlos from using it. It is indeed a free country. Why do people want to use the word so bad? I see young blacks using it, not grown people for the most part. They don’t understand the history of it since these ignorant rappers started trying to intellectualize it. I also didn’t know John Mayer had a “hood pass”? Who gave it to him? I didn’t, I thought we all had to agree on who gets one. The whole thing is ridiculous, Jessica Simpson should have been more upset the Holly Robinson Peete. He put her business in the street and tried to make it seem like a compliment. Her father Joe probably thinks she is holding hands with all of those boyfriends!

      • Chana

        Hahahahaha dede! I’m busting a gut on that one!!!!!! Wow, the only unfortunate (and I guess necessary) thing in this situation is that John Mayer of all people has fueled such a heated, nasty, ongoing conversation about stuff that should have been buried with the Civil Rights movement, the end of slavery, a Black President, ummmmm… a gay mayor of San Francisco, legal gay marriage (in some states) I could keep going, but I think you guys will get the point. Why is this still such a hot topic. Play nice everyone!

      • bb

        “a gay mayor of San Francisco”

        San Francisco has a gay mayor?

    • ernie

      TRUE STORY. Everyone needs to watch the South Park episode “the f-word”. That word has had different meanings throughout history and is just too fun to say. It all depends on who is using it and the context.

      • Edmonton Girl

        I don’t think that word, or any other that could be hateful or hurtful, is fun to say. They are words that divide us from each other and I really regret that anyone uses them, whether it is their own culture or sexuality. They are ugly words – they even sound ugly.

  • Ed

    I think because we (gays) consider him one of us…I dont know maybe Im wrong

    • CCGuy

      you couldn’t be more wrong… we don’t want him, thanks…

      • Brian

        Word. This dude’s a massive tool.

      • Tools everywhere

        Shut up, Brian.

      • Brian

        I meant John Mayer! Nice use of “Shut up, [insert name here],” though.

  • Josh M

    Why exactly do you want an apology? What will that accomplish? Like him, don’t like him, whatever – but I don’t understand the value of a forced apology from somebody you don’t know.

    • Brian

      We want an apology because he apologized for other slurs he used. If he didn’t apologize to anyone, we’d be fine without one.

    • anonymous

      It’s less “John must admit he was wrong!” and more “He’s only apologizing because of the outrage, so where’s the outrage on this one?”

    • Tommy Marx

      Agreed. It’s the old cliche: the only thing he’s sorry for is that he got caught. He uses the n word, the f word, and tells people he would never have sex with a black woman – and all this to a national magazine? What a complete and total jerk.

  • datruth82

    Are you stinking kidding me? For real? The major media outlets are barely covering the fact that he went all out against black women (instead choosing to focus on his comments on Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston), and now EW tries to pull even more of the attention away from the dehumanizing and racist comments he made? Those were the largest part and most degrading parts of that interview, and because everyone’s so afraid for calling someone a racist (for fear of being accused of ‘pulling the race card’), they’re focusing on everything else he said. Bump that. Dude is a racist, mysogonist bigot, adn that’s what he needs to be called to the mat for.

    • Brian

      For reals, DaTurth82. Well said. Also, he shouldn’t use the word ‘f-g.’

      • harry

        your cute ha ha ha ha!!!

    • Will

      Most articles I have read have been about the racists comments.

      So are you saying all of the focus should be on the racists comments and everyone should ignore the homophobic comments?

    • kerrie

      I’ve read a lot more about the comments he made regarding black women than the comment he made on gays…there was an interesting post over on if you’re interested.

    • cc

      So what makes the race cause more important than the gay one???

      From a hetro female.

      • bb

        So what makes the gay cause more important than the race one???
        From a gay male.

      • Chris P.

        How about we make them both equal.
        From a person who thinks all people are equal.

  • Badshot

    EW – should be ashamed, and black women should stop supporting your magazine. You focused on the ‘N’ word usage. You focused on the celebrities. But, of course no mention of the way he degraded black women. Now, that’s a lack of journalistic integrity – it makes me wonder if more white people in this country are in agreement with his comments on black women, than want to admit it…

  • jan

    certainly, his whole interview is off the wall misguided… poor, poor choice. but i see what he’s trying to say… he’s trying to personify some type of id social rage… and satirize it. not malicious, but bad idea.

    • Jack

      Excuse me for pointing out the obvious here, but the reason why John Mayer’s remarks are important is that he has made himself rich by selling records to the same people who he is now turning around and making abusive comments about. Are you people really so ignorant that you think words carry no weight and do no damage??
      WORDS RUIN LIVES. Words destroy careers, words deny opportunities, words legitimize violence and hatred, words can kill. John Mayer is a sociopath who has made a career out of fleecing his audience and then stabbing them in the back with hateful, mocking words. Thank God I have never paid one penny for John Mayer’s fraudulent crap. BOYCOTT JOHN MAYER. STOP GIVING HIM MONEY.

      • Em

        Dude…freak out much? How about you get back on your meds and calm down just a bit. Can everybody quit whining now…it’s hurting my ears? Most ppl with negative comments weren’t fans of Mayer to begin with, so no loss there. I still love his music and will continue to support him. Oh…and I have black kids and a lesbian sister….booyah b!tches! Now, get over it and find something constructive to do with your lives.

      • Betsy Ross

        “Especially since the whole complaint started with WORDS here. We’re talking about WORDS. …And I don’t believe that there is any word that needs to be suppressed. There’s no scientific or realistic reason why you should keep people from hearing certain words. …Why are people afraid of words?” Frank Zappa

        This being said, I agree whole heartedly with Jack. If you don’t like what Mayer said (& gawd knows I don’t like ANYthing he says/said, nor do I like his horrible “music”), vote with your cash. Don’t give him any. He sucks. His music sucks. If you think his WORDS suck, then don’t buy it, don’t listen to it. Ask your dj’s in your clubs & on the radio not to play it. Just vote with your cash. It’s the only power you’ve got, Frankly. (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

  • Jeff

    Who cares?

    • t.g. pierson

      Exactly…Who Cares? This is ridiculous. There isn’t a celebrity or average joe out there that can’t open his or her mouth without offending someone. Get over it people.

      • LWilliams

        NO YOU GET OVER IT! That’s the problem, people like you just over look these things which just feeds into it because if you are wrong you are wrong and ignoring it just says it’s OK!
        As a black woman who got John Mayer tickets for her birthday and was super excited to see him live, this is the ultimate slap in the face. You can buy my music and sit in my shows, I can even let your fellow black brother EXECUTIVE PRODUCE MY CDS, but your not worthy of my penis because you’re not WHITE.
        Who Cares??? Why don’t you care, or maybe because it hasn’t degraded you for some reason, you have your Who Cares attitude. Maybe because you agree with his statements, his way of living his life, maybe you just relate all to well but won’t come out and say it.
        Who cares, I as a black woman who was a fan SHOULD CARE!!!!!!

      • Tracy

        LWilliams, it’s cool you care, but campaign against John Mayer in some way, but not people that have other opinions. I think people that don’t care about what he said aren’t caring because of WHAT he said, but because a lot of people think he’s nothing. He’s not much of an artist at all, and the way he talks of his sexual things is low class, I mean, he’s just not worth getting upset about, because he’s nobody. I’m sorry you liked him and he let you down, but take people’s lack of interest as a lack of respect for Mayer, not as people’s lack of respect for real issues.

      • Clt

        Lwilliams, he has the right to his preference. I’m black and don’t find him attractive in the least. He’s either bony or puffy alternately and he has a lazy eye. He’s attracted sexually to white women. That’s his choice. Nobody says anything when blacks prefer their own. He called his junk “david duke”, so what. I can’t boycott him because I never spent 1 dime on him. I did love his guitar solo with Jay Z and at the MJ memorial though. I don’t think he’s a bigot, just a big mouthed immature wannabe who doesn’t know when to stfu.

  • LOL

    Because no one read it.

    • His body is a junkyland

      Or because he put his tongue in Perez Hilton’s mouth, eww. No need of apologies, that was already a big punishment.

      • jenny

        Love your name..

  • Liz

    Remember when all John Mayer did was write songs and play his guitar with those weird faces? Can we go back to those days…please? I wonder if VH1 will ever do a celebrity Tool Academy and he can be on all of the seasons because he needs all the becoming an actual human help he can get.

  • walter

    EW stop milking this story. I can see it now, tomorrow there will be a post from some douchebag writer who is upset that Mayer has usurped his douchebagness.

    • TJ

      Yes I agree….John Mayer is a DB. We get it. You don’t have to make a federal case out of everything he said. Why don’t you write about something important.

      • kj

        because it’s EW. This is what’s important to them.

    • Cris

      Just wait … maybe he made disparaging remarks about Twilight, too, so EW can get a week’s worth of stories out of that, too.

      • Reginald G. Wilberforce

        LOL!! Or perhaps he said that Avatar is like Pocahontas and Dances With Wolves. The Avatards would have a field day with that one!

      • Brian

        Chris and reginald are so gay for each other.

      • Heywood Jablowmie

        I hear they have room for a third, Brian. You’ll *fit* right in.

      • TJ

        @ Brian…hahaha….good call. Reginald said “LOL”, what a loser.

    • anonymous


      • His body is a junkyland

        No way, I’ve never heard Kanye dissing his girlfriends. He just came to the rescue of Katrina’s victims and Beyoncé. Kanye is a “hood Zorro” lol

      • mmmmm

        I’m guessing you haven’t heard kanye’s 808s and heartbreak album. That whole project was a big F U to his former fiancee.

    • dctoronto

      Walter, I don’t think EW calling attention to the fact that the tool used the F word is “milking” the story. As far as I am aware, EW is the only major online osurce that has drwan attention to this. Everyone else has focussed on his use of the N word.
      I read the article and was very hurt by the fact that someone is supposed to be so “waiting for the world to change” would use such a derogatory word. Maybe he thought he’d increase his “hood” cred by calling gays F’s.

      • Chutney

        MSNBC had the NERVE to play “Waiting for the World to Change” yesterday while showing pictures of poor black women in Africa. Talk about poor taste and insensitivity…

      • blamegame

        “increase his hood cred by calling gays F’s”

        Yeah lets blame it on those people in the hood. Good idea. What do you call those people again? Some word that starts with an “N” isn’t it?

      • Mark

        Um… blamegame. Subtletly, please? Note that he said “(John Mayer) thought he’d increase his hood cred by calling gays F’s”. Which really doesn’t say as much about the “hood” as it does John Mayer and his perception of it, really.

  • Yes

    There is just so much not to like about what he said….and ever says. The guy is an idiot who loves the sound of his own voice and thinks he’s the most clever guy around.
    As Amy Poehler as Leslie said last night on Parks & Rec – “Stay away from John Mayer.”

  • Swam Saro

    John mayer needs to apologize for just existing on this planet. GO AWAY asshole! Only he can manage to make the term ‘douchebag’ want to kill itself for being associated with him.

  • Lala

    John Mayer is a bit dim, isn’t he? He may be racist, prejudiced against gay people and sexist. It’s BAD enough to THINK things like “I have a David Duke dick”, but to say them at all, especially to a reporter on the record, means that he’s not playing with a full deck of cards. He’s very offensive, for many different reasons.

  • Sandra

    Who actually cares what he thinks or says for that matter????????

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