Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert, and Kris Allen: Awesome three ways in NYC

To folks who aren’t fluent in American Idol, there was probably zero appeal in the idea of Ryan Seacrest’s “Rock My Town” contest that brought season 8 stars Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert, and Kris Allen to the Highline Ballroom in New York City last night. Too bad for them. Because all three singers delivered such powerful, confident sets from their recent debut discs that blind devotion to Fox’s ratings behemoth was hardly a requirement for getting left weak-kneed, sore-throated, and ultimately elated by the time the trio combined forces to close the show with Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.”

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That said, seeing all three performers in an intimate venue like the Highline, as opposed to on a TV set or in the larger stadium setting of the Idols Live tour last summer, made it clear how each one connects to the audience from a different place: Allison, a teenager who at times seems blissfully clueless of the power her voice possesses, runs on pure instinct. Adam, acutely aware of the imposing force of his pipes (and, yes, his body), is happier in the role of a ringmaster guiding his rabid fans to the brink of collapse. (One woman had to be carried out in what Idoloonies affectionately term a “Glambulance”). And while Kris, the scrappy season 8 champ in the unenviable position of playing for an audience a third smaller than the performer before him, could have followed a crash-bang fireworks display with an intimate slide show (without anyone holding it against him), he did something perhaps not even his biggest fans would’ve expected: Casting aside the manacles of expectations and comparisons, he lost himself in the age-old art of rocking out with his very excellent band…just like a closing act is supposed to do. But onto specifics.

On the ballads “Just Like You,” “Trouble Is,” and “Scars,” Allison managed to plumb the depths of love’s dark side — bitterness, addiction, vulnerability — with a ferocity that ought to be impossible for a teenager who goofily explained to the audience that her keyboardist/musical director writes the command “don’t suck” at the top of her set list every night. (As IF!) In the night’s funniest and most instructive moment, Allison got halfway through the first verse of “Scars” before stopping her band and admitting she’d started in the wrong key, then proceeded to leave everyone breathless with a take-two vocal that chart-toppers like Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus wouldn’t be able to touch with 10 feet of Auto-Tune. And please check for a functioning pulse if you were in the audience and failed to flail during raucous stomper “Holiday,” the “down with technology” anthem “Robot Love,” and a positively epic take on Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly.” When Allison (rocking killer pig-tails and a black-and-white minidress that woulda fit in nicely in a John Hughes ’80s flick)  is connecting with her music — as she did in every single song of her “Rock My Town” set — you sometimes find yourself shaking your head in disbelief: “How is a kid capable of all this?” I can pretty much sum up her set in two words: “I mean…”

The crowd seemed to suddenly double in size the moment Adam took the stage for a set that can only be described as insane on every level. There were moments when you’d have believed the season 8 runner-up was 11 feet tall, the way he stalked and preened through uptempo numbers like “Sure-Fire Winners,” “Strut,” and “If I Had You,” and that’s not even acknowledging the gyrations! Adam doles out the hip-thrusts, the neck-twists, and the open-palm-to-the-pelvis shenanigans with an almost Tantric quality: His raw sexuality is so much a part of his show, it should get billing as an additional member of his band. But the over-the-topness of Adam’s act wouldn’t work if he didn’t have the vocals to match. On “Sleepwalker,” “Soaked,” and current single “Whataya Want From Me,” it felt like the force of his instrument could’ve filled a football stadium (sans microphone). Part of the reason Adam inspires such rabid fandom, I think, is that he’s so aggressively outre that he erases any feelings of ridiculousness his ordinary fans might feel when singing in the shower or dancing in front of the bedroom mirror or just generally dreaming of breaking out of the humdrum of everyday life. He’s at once fantasy and wish fulfillment. Dis him, dismiss him, ban him from ABC — the dude is having way too much fun to concern himself with such trivial slights. He’s a modern-day Pan for our TMZ times. Oh, and if his label has any shred of common sense, it’ll eventually serve the Lady Gaga-penned “Fever” to radio. Adam’s live rendition is a romping crowd-pleaser in a way that screams “song of summer 2010.” Seriously!

Adam is, undoubtedly, a tough act to follow, and when a wave of Glamberts left the building before the start of Kris’ set, you could feel some of the energy drain from the room. If that bothered the season 8 champ, however, it wasn’t evident in a performance that teemed with creativity, bravado, and moments of pure audacity. I mean, seriously, as groan-inducing as an acoustic “Heartless”/”Gangster’s Paradise” mashup sounds on paper, it’s downright magical delivered by the Pocket Idol and his harmonizing band of brothers. Ditto for the “Falling Slowly”/”With Or Without You” jam session that worked not only musically, but also thematically, capturing the excitement/angst of diving into, then maintaining, a romantic relationship. Better still, though, in a set that also found Kris covering the Beatles (a much more rockin’ arrangement of “Come Together” than he managed on Idol) and Michael Jackson, it was his original material that played best of all, particularly the bluesy breakup anthem “Is It Over,” the achingly bittersweet “The Truth,” and jaunty lead single “Live Like We’re Dying.” By the time Kris led a sextet of fans up on stage to help him deliver the “yeah-yeah yeah-yeah” chants of “Alright With Me,” the crowd in the palm of his hand, you could still see the humble season 8 everydude with the workmanlike charm, but also something more — a commanding solo artist ready to compete with the Mrazes and (ick) Mayers of the world.

Any of you catch the Kradison goodness in NYC last night? How about “Crazy” and that adorable group hug? Anybody wish deep down that these three cats would tour together for ever and ever and ever? Yeah, I know, my Idol fandom is showing, so let me just say two things: Follow EW’s Music Mix blog on Twitter @EWMusicMix, and do the same with yours truly @EWMichaelSlezak!

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  • Louise

    What a shame that people left before Kris’ set! Rude, too. All three are fantastic!

    • Jake

      Oh yeah, such a shame the venue f’ed up and the concert started over an hour late so people had to leave to catch their trains and buses. How rude of them to not want to be stranded in NYC in the freezing cold!

      • Vada

        Jake that is lame. Only Adam fans had busses to catch? Lame-o!

      • Jake

        Who said only Adam fans left? Were they quizzed at the door prior to exiting?

      • Amanda

        as if. His fans are rude rude people. Were during the AI tour. Continue to be post AI tour.

      • Awesomesauce

        Haha what a lame excuse. As if those who stayed for Kris’s set and the Kradison encore didn’t have to catch trains and buses and/or risk being stranded in the NYC freezing cold? Please. At least TRY to be honest and just say these Glamberts were walking out to prove a point, like they always do. Never mind that there were people who liked ALL THREE performers and would’ve stayed for their entire set, but didn’t get to win the tickets.

      • allie

        Doors opened at 7, dude. You honestly expected it to start then? When has that EVER been the case with a concert?

        Lame excuse is lame. Glamberts are a special breed of bitter and disrespectful. Whatever, this Kris fan got to stand front row thanks to them!

        Oh, and y’all missed an epic EPIC finale. Sucks for you guys.

      • allie

        Doors opened at 7, dude. You honestly expected it to start then? When has that EVER been the case with a concert?

        Lame excuse, sorry. Those Glamberts who left are a special breed of bitter and disrespectful. Whatever, this Kris fan got to stand front row thanks to them!

        Oh, and y’all missed an epic EPIC finale. Sucks for you guys.

      • Michelle

        It’s not an excuse, you poor deluded Krisberts, it’s a fact. Sigh…your bitterness is such a poor reflection on Kris.

      • Vada

        Jake, reality has obviously not made your acquaintance. Who do you think was leaving early? It wasn’t Kris fans. Adam fans have their own ugly history, and it has nothing to do with the bus schedule.

      • SweetTart

        JAKE, COME ON YOU CAN TELL-all the grandmas with glitter & pleather trying to be 20 again–Adam’s fans are easy to identify!

      • dona

        Vada, wts up with this bitterness and stereotyping? Me and many of my friends love Adam. All of us are educated (academics), activists, and i want to believe– nice people. My mom loves Adam and she is definitely a sweet soul. Please stop with the childish sobbing and generalizations.

      • Elaine20

        Dona, being educated *academics* certainly doesn’t make you any better behaved, so that’s kind of irrelevant, isn’t it? If you, and most of Adam’s fans really are nice, decent people, call a spade a spade and call out those who left specifically to diss Kris. There were numerous tweets that pointed to that being the case. I know some pretty nice Adam fans, but those making excuses for the rude people who left early (by all accounts – Slezak, Cantiello, and Lynsey Parker).
        I don’t think all Adam Lambert are like that, but I’d hope that his better class of fans would admit those that left were rude.

      • Paula

        Go to any article on the Internet that mentions Adam and you’ll see Kris fans flock over their with their downright ugly, vile selves. Of all 8 seasons Kris fans are the nastiest, vilest fans I’ve ever run across. No one can write something nice about Adam without them stampeding like a herd of elephants to trash and name call. You guys need some serious therapy. Stop being so bitter and concentrate on your own guy and stop stalking Adam and his fans.

      • StarLight

        right on Jake, looks like some people will never believe it, cause they judge others and can’t wait to hate others because they don’t think like they do.

      • Jannie

        It was only an EPIC finale if one would want to suffer through the other 2 performers.

      • AdamLambert

        More fake arse excuses by the worst fanbase in history, the Glamberts.

        They tweeted early on they were going to do that. Many of the Glamberts are low class be-otches.

      • Niix Starkyller

        Interesting … the three artists themselves seem thick as thieves (and if they don’t put out a single together it’ll be a missed opportunity) and yet some of their fans are like mortal enemies. By ‘interesting’ of course, I really mean: sad.

      • tinydance

        Actually there were no bad remarks on any Adam articles UNTIL the Glamberts started to post nasty remarks on Kris articles.

        For every action…there is a re-action…duh.

      • UGH

        It was probably getting past all of the Cougars’ kids’ bedtimes.

      • Idol insider

        SEE SLEZAK;
        You see once again the Glamberts have targeted ANOTHER article that shows how they really are. They blame others but they should really look at themselves. They cry that they are innocent, but their actions show their true nature.

      • mick

        I’m more then certain from what I’ve see of Kris fans that had Adam been on last Kris fans would have been out of there so fast they would have been stampeding each other in exiting. I would suggest they not get on their high horse.

      • tinydance

        People have been saying that Kris fans would walk out on Adam.

        Why would they walk out on Adam?

        What would be the reason they would? There would be no reason for them to walk out on Adam’s set.

        That to me is a lame argument.

      • melissa


        You think Kris has the nastiest, vilest fans ever? Some Glamtards were complaining about how Kris was planning on going to Haiti, saying that he was just going as a publicity stunt and that he had no good motive in going. THAT pissed me off when I heard about it, so you can’t just assume that Kris has rude fans. Glamtards (I’m not saying all of them) proved that they were rude again by walking out before Kris’s set. I’m not surprised that they were being disrespectful again.

      • Lisa

        Amanda you sound like a darling.

      • Kiki

        We left not to catch a bus or to make some point (what point that would be eludes me). We left because we came to see Adam and Allison. We saw them and so we left. What’s the big deal?

        People are going to leave when the act they came to see finishes. Fact of event life from rock concerts to poetry readings.

        Don’t like it? Then don’t attend concerts in which your favorite is one amongst several/many because ticketholders will come and go inside the venue.

      • Peg

        Get a life people. The last time I checked we lived in the US where people – especially adults – are free to do whatever they want. If people didn’t want to stay and watch the rest of the show guess what – THAT IS THEIR CHOICE. You can’t force people to stay in a place they do not want to be. Good lord – who the F cares about all of this BS. Kris’ fans are a bunch of whiney babies – if I’d been there I just would have been glad th at there was more room to move around. Besides, Slezak seemed to be commenting more on the energy level going down than anything else and that is to be expected – Adam and Kris are different types of performers.

      • elaine20

        Peg, if you read the sentence again, Slezak said that the people leaving caused the energy level to drop, not Kris’s performance. A different type of performance might mean a different type of energy, but it’s there all the same. Kris just communicates more subtly, and draws it out of you. It’s still there, though, just achieved in a different (not saying better, not saying worse) way.

      • Jaizel

        I was one of the ones who left early.I don’t know why this is a big deal. I go to a lot of concerts and if you get to see the act that you like, there is no need to stay. SO right after Allison’s set, we left the venue.Btw,she was amazing, loved Holiday and Killing me softly.but as i said earlier,concerts are like this.I am sure Kris’s fans would have left early if he was to put his set first.and yeah, it was a great evening,we left some of my friends behind,for Adam’s set and they were blown away. thats when I was like shoot, I should have stayed.but it was cool, at least I get to see my rocker chick live.Go Allison!

      • G-Mom

        O!M!G! Kris’s fans are rude??? Adam Lambert’s fans left really rude reviews of Kris’ awesome CD. They just need to get over it!! KRIS WON!!! There is room in the music business for both of them!

      • Shiizuko

        Am I seriously the only person who loves both Adam AND Kris? Jeez, I think they’re both equally amazing singers and I’m so sick of hearing about these so called “fans” fighting and bitching with each other.

      • G

        You must not live in NYC, Jake, because public transportation–and that includes New Jersey Transit–runs into the wee hours of the morning. Check your facts, kiddo.

    • Alycia

      Slezak is wrong. I was there, and only a few people left. People were going crazy for Kris, just not in the same way they did for Adam or even for Allison. Deliberately trying to fan the flames of the fanwar drama is a very poor reflection on Slezak.

      • Awesomesauce

        People (namely the Glamberts) were planning to leave before the event even started.

      • Michelle

        So? If a few people wanted to leave after Adam played so what? Really, who cares? Was Kris unable to continue out of grief that a few people left?

      • Tony

        Kris Allen fans come across really WHINY. Including that Jim guy and Slezak.

      • Elaine20

        Alycia, Slezak, Lynsey Parker, and Jim Cantiello all reported about the fans who left early.
        Kris just finished a week long tour of SE Asia, only flying 16 hrs the day previous to the concert to be there on time. He had another early departure (along with Allison) to do a gig in Florida tonight. If I were him, I’d be pissed that people would be so disrespectful to not even stay and see if they liked him. Many, many people would have loved to see all 3, yet AL fans seem to think it’s okay to be so self-centred as to not consider someone else’s feelings.
        Slezak is not trying to fan the flames…those who left early with no regard to anyone but themselves, not only fanned the flames, but actually started this fire in the first place.

      • valerie

        Maybe reading with a critical mind would help rather than believe anything, or believe what you want to be the truth. The actual truth is that there was a 20 mins break between Adam and Kris’ sets. Most people went to get fresh air and use the bathroom, and then they came back to hear Kris after the break.


        Critical thinking would realize that there were Glamberts tweeting that they were going to walk-out after Adam’s performance in mass, which they agreed on.
        Then at the concert after Adam’s set Glamberts walked out of the concert before Kris came on.
        It is easy as pie to figure out.
        Using the critical mind of course…lol

      • Sydney

        I am getting tired of all these fan wars. GROW UP!!! Why can’t you all just enjoy your artist without putting down others? I am only 19 and yet I find myself acting more grown up than you people here. It is so sad.

    • LTG

      LOL, why so butthurt.

      People leave concerts EARLY ALL THE TIME. Ever been to a gig?

      There’s no point staying for something you don’t wanna see.

      Anyway, those people missed Adam when he came back to join Kris with Alli.

      • Mary

        The point being the concert was for fans of all three. Many couldn’t get tickets. Those fans would of stayed for all three.

      • Elaine20

        Absolutely, LTG. There’s no point staying, other than courtesy, respect, some degree of civility. I’m sure Kris could care less, but it sure reflects poorly on Adam. I wish he’d rein some of them and teach them some manners.

      • Hanna

        I so agree that if people wanted to leave, it’s their own business. If I were a Kris fan and a bunch of people left so I could then get up to the front rows, I surely wouldn’t be crying about it. And to the Kris fans who sent nasty, obscene tweets to Tommy and Adam about Adam’s fans–way to represent Kris.

      • Elaine20

        Hanna, I honestly just want to see all of these hard working artists treated with equal respect. I agree that if some of Kris’s fans sent nasty tweets to Tommy and Adam, they were seriously out of line.

      • Emma

        It’s funny how much Kris and Adam fans fight considering Kris and Adam are such good friends!

      • AdamLambert

        The only people who are still BUTT HURT are the Glamberts who are still upset and still acting like idiots.

      • Obama

        Oh hell if you are Adam Lambert then I am the freaking President of America and I say STOP THE FAR WAR NOW!!!!!!! You people are RIDICULOUS AND SO IMMATURE!!!!!!!!!! Why would anyone be butt hurt? All 3 artists have their own careers and they don’t need fans who are constantly fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Sydney

        How do any of YOU know that the people who left weren’t Allison fans who maybe had a curfew? Why is it always have to be fans of Adam that leave? WERE you there? Were any of you that are complaining? Did you stand by the door and check to see who they were a fan of? NO YOU WERE NOT AND DID NOT! I don’t understand how you all can just grip about something so stupid when there are children and people in Haiti going through REAL life tramua. ALL YOU COMPLAINERS HERE MAKE ME SICK! SHAME ON YOU!

      • james

        It was a concert of three people. If Adam fans wanted an Adam concert, they should have waited and gone to one of his own concerts, not gone to this concert and then walked out on another peformer. I’m very surprised the Adam fans here aren’t admitting this behavior was rude. Why defend these people? Are you exactly like them?

      • grow up already

        seriously, people leave concerts early all the time. or come late. i regularly skip the opening act at shows where i go to see the headliner. u can consider it rude if you like, but it’s par for the course and performers know that and don’t get their panties in a bunch about it, so why should you? maybe if you would all stop overreacting with one another, this childish crap would stop. it looks like alison fans are the most mature!! jk.

    • Cathy

      Don’t judge unless you know the reasons why they left.

      And Amanda you sound condensending and judgemental….traits that more than one Kris fan seem to have in common

      • anonymous

        How kind of you to take the higher road and not perpetuate that behavior.

      • Adam Addict

        First, I am an Adam fan. Second, I am not a “low class beotch” a term used to label Glamberts, third, we are anxiously awaiting a tour by Adam and we take what we can get. Personally, Kris’ music is not my type, so why should I have to sit through it? If I go to see an artist, I am there for him/her, and shouldn’t have to stay for other artists if I don’t want to. It is not our fault if our favorite artist is put with others we don’t care to hear. Plus, I hear it was standing room only, I’ll bet most of the fans couldn’t wait to sit down SOMEWHERE, so they stayed for their favorite artist and left. I know I would have, and wouldn’t have felt guilty for not staying. To each his own. Don’t be so judgmental of others without really knowing the FACTS.

      • Palin

        I am going to see Adam live in Palm Springs on February and I CAN’T WAIT!!! Sorry, but Kris is just not my thing and I have no idea why Kris’ fans are so immature. Good god – just be glad you got to see him perform. Who cares if text messages went out or whatever – it’s no big deal. Kris won, Adam doesn’t care and neither do I. I will continue to support the artists that I like from AI and I could care less what these whiney babies think about it.

      • ranmat73

        ALL of the Glamberts may not have left just to spite Kris, but a number of them stated at MJ’s blog that they were going to do just that…leave right after Adam. Sad.

    • Virginia

      Several of the people standing near me — two separate groups — reluctantly left after Adam’s set. Both groups agonized over it and were bummed not only to miss Kris, but sad and well aware that they’d probably be missing a Kradison group number at the end.

      They left because after standing in line in the freezing cold for hours and in the packed and pushy venue for hours of concert and a very long between-set break, their feet were killing them (I noted that all those who left were wearing high heels), they were hungry and dehydrated and exhausted and felt like they just couldn’t take it anymore.

      I’d be willing to bet that if there had been rows of seating rather than just open standing room with flying elbows, the vast majority of those who left wouldn’t have. Especially if there had been assigned seating so that we wouldn’t have had to spend hours freezing in line beforehand.

      That said, though I felt the same way as those around me who left did, and would very much have preferred seating, I was able to deal because I anticipated the problems — I drove into the city so I wouldn’t be dependent on train schedules, prepared myself with water (though I gave one up to the girl who passed out), brought a pair of sneakers to change into, and had snacks in my bag so I was able to stick it out and was glad I did.

      I’m mostly an Adam and Allison fan, but was very glad to see Kris and his band too.

      • Kiki

        You are so right — we would have stayed if we’d been sitting down. But after standing in line for hours in the freezing cold, (even with fairly comfortable boots on), being bumped and hit and elbowed by fans trying to get in front of us during the show, going thru the wonderfully-high energy experience of Adam and Allison’s sets, we were exhausted. Standing there, anticipating another 30 minute setup/sound check between Adam and Kris, plus a set of music that isn’t our cup of tea, was just too much trouble for what we might gain — a few minutes worth of an encore? Not worth it at that point.

      • Shel

        Thank you both, Kiki & Virginia. Finally some sanity. Thank you for making some great observations. How sad to read such an AWESOME review by Michael about what seems to have been an AWESOME concert by 3 GREAT artists and then hit the blog and read this dreck. I was looking forward to hearing more about the CONCERT, people! – what you thought, if you agreed with Michael, what your favorite numbers were, etc. Instead, this blog is just really disappointing and really not very supportive of your favorite artists, either. I have been to amazing concerts where I have stood thunderstruck as people start to stream out before the encores so they can beat the rush, or get to the trains/subways – I can’t believe they are leaving, but that’s what they are doing. It is their choice. I also had friends who absolutely had to deal with the lack of mass transit after one of the Springsteen concerts recently. (And, by the way, “mass transit” is not a terms which covers one freakn train line, and New Jersey doesn’t have just one train stop in it. You CAN need to get your train while someone else’s last train on their line might not leave for another hour. Grow up, people!) Lastly, someone up there ^^^ said that “everyone” knows that concerts don’t actually start when they are supposed to start. Well, perhaps it is time that someone mentioned that to the mass transit authorities so that people can avoid these kinds of things happening.

    • Obelisk

      A lot of people go to concerts just to see one act and then leave. It’s not odd.

      • seriouslyff

        I find it so annoying how Kris fans think everyone should cater towards him.

      • Shellie

        I just don’t understand why it is such a big deal if people decide to leave. I thought we lived in a free country. So it is up to Kris fans to dictate on when someone can leave? Give me a break. Hell I am a Kris fan and NO I would not care if or who left. That just means there would have been more room for me enjoy. And for those other Kris fans who are complaining about Adam fans, well you should be happy that they left, because if you don’t like Adam fans then you wouldn’t have to put up with them if the left. So why complain? Just have to have something to diss Adam fans, right? Make you happy?

      • Elaine20

        You’re right that it is a free country, and I’m free to criticize the extremely rude and self-centred group that left. Does it make me happy? No, of course not. I’d love to see everyone treated with equal respect, but it’s obviously not going to happen.

      • JeJe

        Elaine20, you are one sorry excuse for a human being. I just don’t understand WHY it bothered you so much about a group of people leaving. IF they were Glamberts then hell woman you should have been standing up and celebrating because apparently you don’t care for them so why would you want them to begin with? YOU make no sense and your arguements are getting old!

      • Shel

        Has no one here ever gone late to a concert because you had no interest in the opening act? Of course you have. This is really just a silly spitting match between a small (hopefully!!) subset of Kris’ & Adam’s fans. Because NO ONE has gotten their panties in a bunch about Adam fans DARING to arrive late and thereby dissing Allison! You guys are transparent……..give it a rest, and let’s hear you celebrate these great artists.

    • Martina

      who would want to stay for an ice cream after a Whiskey? I think I would have done the same,no disrespect to Kris but after that kind of insane performance by adam I think I would need to catch my breath, u know, the guy is insane! and I am seriously considering buying his record right now, on my way to walmart!(sigh)

      • Cindy

        Martina, you are gonna LOVE that CD, I promise!

      • Spike

        welcome to the Glamworld darling! I honestly was in the same position as you but I managed to get the CD and guess what? it is the best purchase I have made this year, totally worth it. FYE for the win!
        and I totally agree at the “who wants to stay for ice cream” comment..LOL…I was like hell NO!WTF!

      • Julie E.

        Why are you pretending you don’t already have Adam’s album? The lame analogy (ice cream after whiskey) gave you away as a glambert.

      • so strange

        more of JeLo actually, Noone wants to stay for JeLo after Whiskey Suckers!

      • christine

        @julie E.
        Not everbody can afford to buy records my dear. there are people who tune in to youtube to listen to music and some of us download illegaly, so there is no need to pretend here…I myself don’t have the album but I would love to have it, and hoping someone will give me as a present…(cross finger)

      • Siobhan

        Adam’s music is great. You won’t be able to stop listening to the FYE CD. You’re so lucky to have seen Adam, Kris and Allison perform. I’m so jealous.

      • Elaine20

        Ice cream!? Whiskey!? Why would I want something that makes me ill and rots my insides? Whan an analogy!

      • Shellie

        Elanie I don’t know what your problem is but you sure have a chip on your shoulder. Everything you say comes out negative. Are you that sad of a person?

      • Elaine20

        Shellie, my only problem here is the actions of a few (or lot) of fans. I like Kris Allen, and I even like Adam Lambert. What I don’t like is that this whole thing started with either:
        1. people blaming Michael Slezak for reporting what he saw; or
        2. defending the actions of those who were rude.
        Others jumped in and started trying to diss Kris. Hell, what did he do to anyone here?
        BTW, everything comes out negative because of the crap I’m responding to.

      • james

        Oh, great, now they’re trying to turn the comments thread into an ad for Adam’s album.

      • Chris

        I can totally tell that u are crying right now (sob sob sob…). it is ok Honey, u can’t do anything about a sucky people are here to comment. I personally agree that I would want to stay after a hot performace. I totally woul want to hit the bars in town after that crazy show before I lose the mood girl. so chill out and just got with the flow. anso you fill good, go buy the kids album, i think that will help him with the “visibility” issue for one. good luck!

      • elaine20

        Chris, it’s not to call Adam a sucky performer. I have Kris’s album, thanks, but probably not in the quantity you have of Adam’s.

      • Chris

        actually I was calling Kris a Sucky performer, FYI.
        but you and I tend to get along well, and good for u for getting Kris’s album.Atleast you are a fan who supports an artist with her wallet, so proud of you gurl.

    • Kradisson Rocks

      you people just can’t wait to bash Adam and his fans, no excuse is too small, just like your minds. Did you all take a survey to see who left. I was there and only about 20 people left and some were “Allison and Kris fans because of the late start, some too were Adam fans. But you Krisberts would have done the same if Adam closed, make no mistake, even though the guy they rooted for won, they don’t support his music ,look at the sales, where are the legions that voted, you Kfans are ridiculous,jealous, and the most ungracious bunch on the the planet. Quit your infernal whining and go open you wallets you skinflints buy buy, remember bashing Adam and his fans isn’t going to make Kris sales any better and I would have left because K fans are so rude , why not make a point , you give Kris a bad name and no one will want to go see him because of you silly morons.

      • Usuck

        How do you know they would have left? You are just guessing. What I have seen the lowest forms of cow waste have been the Glamberts so far.

      • FOUL

        Kris Allen fans are absolutely DISGUSTING. Adam Lambert fans do not TWEET Kris degrading, disgusting, vile, bitter HATE COMMENTS where he can READ THEM. F—-g Krisberts are lucky Adam’s such a thick skinned f—-g tolerate NICE person. The tweets Adam AND SOME OF HIS BAND MEMBERS get sent from fans of Kris are beyond merely childish and ignorant. They are revolting. You nasty lowlives should be ashamed. This is exactly what makes me hate Kris.

      • J

        There is an equal amount of bashing coming from both sides and both sides should stop denying it. It’s mostly likely always going to be like that, despite the fact that the artists themselves get along great.

      • Elaine20

        Wow, you’re bashing a whole fan group!? It’s wayyyy out of line if fans are doing that to Adam. Hating Kris because of it makes no sense. Some of Adam’s fans were extremely rude to Kris (that’s basically what this thread has been about), but I have no ill will towards Adam.
        Grow up!

      • Mrs. E

        Wow, just wow. I am a true Kris fan and happen to like Adam and Allison too. My Kris addiction has led me to many places, but honestly very FEW negative comments are ever voiced regarding Adam. You may hear “not my cup of tea” comments but nothing worse. Honestly, why is it all so blown out of proportion? It’s CRAZY, (loco).

    • Jenny Lee

      I left early. I love all three. I’m a big time Kradison fan. I have all 3 CD’s. This to me was a dream concert. I would have loved to stay to the end but the concert ran over and I have to catch the last bus out to get back to PA or spend the night alone at the bus terminal. I would have stayed longer but it took so long for them to set up for Kris’s set I couldn’t. It’s ignorant of people to assume that only Adam fans left early. Extremly ignorant actually. The concert was held in an area that a lot of us had to take public transportation to get to.

      • Elaine20

        You know what they say. If it looks like a Glambert and quacks like a Glambert…

      • lovely

        And you Elaine20 are yet another example of how disrespectful Kris Allen fans are.

      • Shellie

        Elanie20 you make me ashamed that you are a Kris fan. I am a huge Kris fan but I sure don’t act like you. Here you are calling Adam’s fans rude and disrespectful and yet you are doing the same. YOU ARE NOT WHAT WE WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW AS A KRIS FAN.

      • Shel

        Elaine20 also exposes herself as someone who has never had to take mass transit! Jenny Lee – thank you for posting, and I am so sorry you couldn’t stay for the whole thing. But you made the right choice – being stuck in a train or bus station overnight is not a good thang. And I doubt Kris would have wanted any of his fans to do that.

    • Paula

      I have to say that Kris fans are the meanest, nastiest, ugliest people I have run across in all 8 seasons of AI. They stalk the message boards waiting to spew their hatred and vile ignorance. It’s ironic that the fans of a sweet, kind, Christian do-gooder are some of the most vilest creatures out there.

      • Jannie

        Paula, the Kris fans are jealous and jealousy, like stupidity, is very contagious. Just because Kris “won” the scripted reality show (not the competition), the fans will have to fight and struggle for anything positive. Adam was signed a month before AI8 even ended – what does that tell everyone? That is why we never need to argue – we can confidently sit back and enjoy Adam’s successes.

      • NEIL


      • anonymous

        Isn’t it interesting that both sides blame the other? You’d think the best way to dissociate from that behavior would be to tell your own crazies “get off my side, you’re making my side look stupid”.

      • GC

        NEIL WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING!!!!!!!!!!!!

        “If Jim Cantiello, Slezak, Top Idol…” they are all KRIS ALLEN fans you muppet lmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao. WHY DO YOU THINK THEY WROTE THAT?

      • Charlie

        thats so true. Kris’s fans are very disturbing. I feel sorry for Kris, atleast Adam’s fans buy his album, as for these Krisberts, they are just nasty idiots

      • Ash

        Lambert fans are equally mean and nasty as Kris fans are, so you should really come down off of your moral high horse.

      • Musica1

        Actually the Adam fans were the ones who stalked the message boards all last season, ruining the boards for other fan bases. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen that happen in all the years I’ve been hanging out on Idol boards. And Adam is a really nice guy, so I never understood why his fans could be nice as well. Kris fans are very laid back and hardly even post on his boards, much less other people’s boards. (Although I remember Glamberts on the boards last year trying to pose as other fan base members to stir them up against each other. We could usually spot them a mile away, though, because their posts weren’t like others from that fan base.)

      • jessie

        yeah, Paula, they do that when they aren’t whining and going boo-hoo, I guess.

        You, however, are one of the nicest, sweetest, fairest people in the owrld, right? You never say a mean thing, yourself.

      • Georgia

        Projecting a bit, are we? I’ve found Kris’s fans, like Kris himself, to graciously acknowledge that we each have different (not right or wrong) tastes in music.

    • Rararahah

      Louise, please get over urself! Get a life for GLAM’s sake!

      • LMFAO

        SRSLY! that was my thought…LOLLlllZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    • TedW

      I leave concerts when I have seen who I went to see – period. You Allen fans sound like a bunch of idiots..

      • Jannie

        Totally agree with you. Why should we have to stay? We had to suffer through that last time for the AI8 concert tour. And why didn’t they have Adam go last? You’d think the organizers would know better.

      • Usuck

        TedW you are the typical idiot.

      • Whatever

        Maybe because these were free tickets that could only be won. It might blow your mind, but there are some people who actually like all THREE of the artists and would have stayed the whole time. Those that left just screwed over the Kradison fans. If you only like Adam, then wait for his tour to get tickets. A Kradison concert will probably never happen again.

      • Done Deal

        Come on it’s about time for the Glamberts to forgive those immature Allen fans. They probably are still watching cartoons!!

      • TedW

        @Usuck…I have no interest in watching Gomer on stage, Hog calls, or the same boring music I can hear at the fair..So go back to the Alien Allen world and enjoy your snooze fest.



      Glamberts are denying this happened?
      So are you, MTV’s Jim Canteillo, or Top Idol making it up to defame Adam’s fan?
      That is what they are implying.
      I believe you over them anyday because they have down it before on tour.
      So they have a history of doing this.
      Now they complain about Kris fans but if YOU, Top Idol, and Jim Canteillo saw it and have seen it for months now.
      It is the Glamberts of course.
      They have been rude and nasty for months and call those who call them on it “whiners”.
      But in reality they are ones who have been BUTT HURT and whining since Adam lost…
      and their own actions show reveal it to be true.

      • DD

        Oh Slezak, please just remove your story. Can’t you see you are making people mad!!!!!!! Fan rivalry is not entertaining!!!!

      • Paula

        Lol!! I love the load of butt hurt Kris fans are feeling..LMAO!!! Booo hooo…so some people left. Big effing deal. Boo hoo, get over it. It’s a free world and people don’t like Kris’s music or had to leave to catch a hoo. They should have locked all the doors and forced people to stay and endure the music

      • james

        Why does saying people are selfish and rude constitute boo-hoo? We’re saying you people act like jerks, and you do, and you can’t suck it up.

    • John

      Do you really want the truth? Go to then click on Kris Allen and on the thread about his Philippines tour. A huge Kris fan actually witnessed a lot of people leaving before Kris started to perform. Some people just aren’t interested to see Kris perform. It’s sad but it’s true. Now stop hating the Glamberts.

    • Musica1

      I do want to say that it’s not really rude to leave a concert early. If you’re super-polite or enjoy the last act, then stay, but if you don’t then it’s okay to leave, especially in a standing-only venue, so the closing act’s fans can get closer. SOME Adam fans can be rude. They emulate his on-stage persona instead of the nice guy Adam actually is in person. And they taint the image of all Glamberts. But I do want to say here the most Glamberts are nice.

    • Rebecca

      Im an adult. I get to make decisions like what time I want to leave a concert. It is not rude. If Kris and his fans cannot handle that then maybe Kris should have performed first. And maybe his fans need to toughen up. You people are so whiny. Such drama queens.

    • Sydney

      Here we go again. I was there at the concert, and let me tell you there were plenty who left before Adam even came on. I was one of them. Since the concert started so late, and I should have prepared for this, I had to leave at a certain time. I don’t know why Slezak is trying to start this fan war again, you don’t know if all of them were glamberts. So lay off Kris bitter fans. OK? People have the right to leave when every they want. Stop with the nonsense.

      • Shel

        Slezak reported the event, period. I did not take it as he was trying to start any kind of war. And, in fact, he wrote glowingly about all three acts. I certainly wish I could have seen ALL THREE, based on his review.

    • Rebekah

      Whatever the reason–trains, plains, automobiles or just a simple dislike of the upcoming act, people are entitled to their opinion. Why would you stay and watch an artist you don’t care for perform? Instead, you can leave and make more room for that artist’s fans who want to be there. It’s not necessarily rude; it’s common sense.

      Also, just want to point out that I am a big Adam fan, but I also really love Kris and Allison. So sad that I couldn’t see them perform live together!

    • JeJe

      Ok it is this simple folks, just enjoy your artist and forget the rest. I am a fan of Kris but you won’t find me putting down Adam. I don’t find the need to put down one artist to make me enjoy mine. Makes no sense.

    • JLM

      I went to see Rod Stewart in the 1980’s and Dave Marshal Band opened for him. Some people left after Dave Marshal. No one cared it happens all the time. Please it is not illegal to leave a concert early!! Also no one knows who or why people had to leave, so get over it. Rude would be staying and acting like asses. Stop making mountains out of mole hills.

      • Kiki

        Exactly. I remember a friend of mine went to see Gaga when she opened for another act (can’t even remember who it was). She saw Gaga and left and gave her ticket away to someone outside trying to buy one. People do this ALL THE TIME — it’s the way concerts are.

    • Awwww


      coming from you, the comment is laughable. You are contributing to giving the Idol fanbbase a bad name.

      Rght on Kraddison. Shame on those who stir up fanwars. The contest is over. Try and remember that folks while you are out there throwing stones.

    • piano

      I could not believe that this adam-porn guy has a fan base?????

      • Nickie

        I can;t believe you actually have a braincell piano.

    • Sara

      *sigh* This is such a disappointment. What happened to our ability to disagree civilly? Why has it been replaced with stereotypes, invective, and blind hatred?


      We cannot assume motive for everyone who left early. If some of them were Adam fans who did indeed choose to boycott Kris’s set, that’s disappointing for them and for Kris, but those fans don’t represent all Adam fans. Likewise, the Kris fans who reflexively bash anything and everything about Adam aren’t representative of all Kris fans.


      If you are ascribing one person’s individual beliefs to everyone who happens to share a very widespread generalized preference (and this can refer to politics, religion, and others), you’re not much better than they are. Generalizing your hatred doesn’t matter you better, smarter, or more attractive – it just makes you tough to be around.

  • Chris

    Sounds like an awesome event! Fun review of a favorite threesome – lucky you if you were there. Love the Crazy videos I’ve watched. They were having so much fun – made me feel good to see that. Obviously much affection among them and band really smiling as they rocked.

    • valerie

      I’m with you Chris. I like them all and they were great. I am so tired of the silly fan wars when Kradison are such a devoted loving three-some. People: stop fighting!

      • Imogen

        Did I misread this article? Is the main point of it that some people left early, coz thats what it looks like when you read the comments. I thought it was talking about a great concert

      • Rebekah

        Agreed. The “fan” wars need to stop, especially between Kris and Adam fans. Kris and Adam are such good friends. They’d think all this fighting was lame and unnecessary. So really, it just needs to stop.

  • Nat

    It sounds like it was amazing Slezak! Am soooo jealous *sigh*. I guess I’ll go catch the highlights on mjsbigblog.
    Can’t believe the Glamberts are so rude as to not stay for the entire night’s set, but I guess it’s their loss that he came back on for ‘Crazy’ and they didn’t see it :P

  • Sarah

    Sounds like it was a blast! As for them touring together for ever and ever and ever? NO.

  • Ugly Jenny

    Allison + Kris + Adam = the perfect AI trifecta. They should just launch an all out Kradison tour. I would definitely buy those tickets!

    • mirrorb

      It was amazing.

      Sad that the comments here are all about the fans instead of the performances, the bands and the singers, themselves.

    • valerie

      would buy tickets too, but I their touring together is bad for their careers. They have to get out of the AI mold and establish themselves.

    • jesus bloody christ

      They were absolutely incredible!

      I was just sitting shaking my head and laughing at the catty comments above. Weird, and sad, that they can’t all just take a leaf out of the 3 guys’ books – and CHILL OUT.

  • Amy

    I’ve seen some of the vids from this concert, and all I can say is “ADAM YOU NEED TO GO ON TOUR NOWWWW!!”

    • Imogen, 24

      He needs to come to LONDON! :)

      I can’t believe 4 girls passed out during his set roflmfao.

  • Vada

    Kris did put together an awesome band, didn’t he? Allison’s keyboardist is her musical director? I get the feeling that Kris is his own musical director. Kradison was wonderful last night. At least it seems that way from the videos.

    • SMK

      Adam has a kick azz band too. I mean a guitarist for Madonna with him? How great is that. Yeah Vada I noticed you didn’t mention Adam, it is plain to see you don’t care for him, how sad, you’re missing out.

  • Laura

    Awwww sounds like fun. I’ll have to go to YT to see some more videos.

  • Mel

    I was there with my wife, she won tickets. All three are very talented. Adam had the crowd in a frenzy, they sure love that boy.

    • Issac

      I’m not an Idol person but Lambert can sing his ass off and is the consummate entertainer, respect. His band are impressive also. The finale was with all 3 voices and styles was ace.

  • mrgrk

    If I couldn’t be there, I at least got the Slezak play by play, which was excellent! Thanks. The videos I caught look (and sound) great.

  • DW

    I would absolutely love to see this, but unfortunately don’t live in NYC. Why don’t these three just go on tour together? It’s not like any of them are doing that well on their own (sad but true).

    • Debbie

      I suppose a top 5 Hot AC radio and top 15 Top 40 radio single (and still climbing) for Kris and top 25 single (and still climbing) for Adam is somehow “not doing that well.” Come on, be informed before you say things like this.

    • Cathy

      OMG NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ummmmmmmmmdd

      LOL WHAT?

    • Vickie

      Oh hell to the no. I hope Kris is never EVER subjected to the glambert granny fans again.

      • Jen

        I hope Adam is never subject to the deranged rambling of the over the hill, wrinkled deaf Kris fans.

      • ANGIE

        you know, I actually got lucky and went to the show and most of the ppl were very young ( well younger then my 30+)and most of them were Adams fans. And I was standing next to a Kris fan who looked a little older than me which is fine by me, and what a great concert, enjoyed it so much, thanks Ryan Seacrest and Z-100!

      • Idol insider

        Once again the Glamberts show their lack of class at the concerts, and surprisingly many are old heifers. I guess you don’t get classier as you age, only worse.

      • FOCK

        Bwahahaha Adam has triple the amount of fans Kris Allen has. Fans of ALL colors, orientations, ages, genders…why does that bother you so much lmao? There were gorgeous gay and straight yong boys and girls there as well as older men and women. Get over yourself.

      • Kiki

        One wonderful TRUTH from that concert was seeing the wide demographic variety of the fandom. In the group around me in line were gays and straights, Asians, blacks and whites, men and women, people of all ages.

        Haters like to equate Adam’s fans with being old women because it is still acceptable in our society to hate women of a certain age, so the best way to diminish him is to try and paint his fandom with that brush. Not that it’s misogynistic or anything, right?

    • valerie

      ??? Adam and Kris are doing rather well!

    • SMK

      @Idol Insider and how you just posted was class? Watch it because one day you will be old of those old heifers as you as classless stated.

  • Mandee

    Wish I could have gone!

    • Millia

      Same! :(

      And I am sitting here dumbfounded at the bitc.hy comments after such an awesome recap from Slezak.

      You’d think the comments section would be about 3 super talented artists who poured their voices/souls out onstage and blew the roof off and has funnnnnnn. Yet it’s about the fans, themselves? Way sad and obnoxious.

      • Rebekah

        Well said. I totally agree.

      • @elaine20

        Millia, you’d also think that the concert itself would have been about 3 super talented artists who poured their voices out onstage. One of those super talented artists was denied the pleasure of performing to a full house, and I think that’s sad for him. That’s all.

      • Shel

        Grow up – nothing Slezak said implied that Kris was singing to a few stragglers. He mentioned how much fuller the room got when Adam first came on, too – yet you aren’t crying over poor Allison singing to less than a “full house.” Grow up. Kris was not personally hurt by this. I totally agree with you Millia.

    • Millia


      And I am sitting here dumbfounded at the bitc.hy comments after such an awesome recap from Slezak.

      You’d think the comments section would be about 3 super talented artists who poured their voices/souls out onstage and blew the roof off and has funnnnnnn. Yet it’s about the fans, themselves? Way sad and obnoxious.

      • Thorne

        I agree… sheesh..
        I was happy to see the top video with all of them doing Crazy… little did I know that a scroll to the bottom would reveal a whine-fest to rival anything I see between my teenagers. Good heaven. I like all three of them… get over it people. You don’t like Kris… don’t buy his album… you don’t like Adam…don’t buy his album. Seriously? This is how we comport ourselves these days? No wonder our politicians from the various parties can’t get along long enough to get some legislation passed if this how we act about some music (albeit very talented) performers. Civility is dead and there the high-road has been over-run.

    • Millia

      *HAD fun

  • Sasha

    Adam reall does have some of the rudest fans. I would have LOVED to have been there to see all three of them. How greedy and rude of them. They really reflect poorly on him.

    • Alycia

      LOL why hello there Krisbert!

      • Sasha

        More like Rocker-fan, sorry hardcore glambert.

      • Awesomesauce

        Why so sensitive? You’re a member of those “rude Glambert” groups? If you don’t want to be stereotyped, don’t stereotype other people.

      • Alycia

        LOL WTF is a Rocker-fan?

      • Idol insider

        I am an Allison fan and I have seen what has been going on and Glamberts ARE THE WORSE. I used to like Adam, but his fans have turned many people off. His career should have rocketed from the gates, but because of his nasty fanbase his career stalled. They harass DJs and radio stations. They flood polls and attack anyone who writes a column about Adam they don’t like. Face it you Glamberts ARE ruining his career. Even RCA told you fools to stop, but have you? Nope, that is because you fans don’t THINK.

    • ahem

      LOL, I do love how Kris fans always do this when he has one of the most RIDICULOUS fans. You should have seen the things they were tweeting Adam last night “Kris, don’t let Adam sing with you!” “Whatever you do, do NOT allow Adam and his band to join you onstage, do not lower yourself (as is Kris is god lmfao) like that” so much deluded hilarity. These 3 are so tight and so fun and so respectful of each other. Their fans need to grow UP.

      • ahem edit

        as *if*

      • puzzled

        I don’t understand why people blame/hate Adam for the behavior of his fans. He has no control over those people and it is certainly unfair & rude to punish him for their behavior.

      • Vada

        Adam has no trouble smacking down his fans, when they hurt his career. He has never said a word about them trying to ruin his ‘friend’.

      • Anne

        Vada, I see your hatred of Adam has not abated after all these months. How in the world could Adam’s fans ruin Kris?

      • Usuck

        Just go to any Kris article and there will see some low class Adam fans posting sh*t.


      • Lisa

        How is leaving early from a concert trying to ruin Kris. Get real. You people are unbelievable.
        So whiny. Poor Kris, Poor Kris, noone respects him, noone remembers him..noone treats him like the Idol King that he is wah wah wah wah. Because of Kris’s fans I cannot listen to his cd, watch a video of him or read a review of his.

      • LOL

        WRONG. Every time an interviewer or a fan has said he deserved to win over Kris, Adam ALWAYS says “Kris is my friend!” and goes on defending him. They’ve both moved on. Their FANS still need to grow up and MOVE ON.

      • Vada

        Dear LOL. When has Adam ever told his fans to get up off of Kris’ neck? NEVER

      • same ol

        Why would Adam know whats being blogged about Kris. I think he has more than enough of his own haters, you being an example.

      • same ol

        Sorry, this was in response to Vada “Dear LOL. When has Adam ever told his fans to get up off of Kris’ neck? NEVER”

      • Vada

        As I said upthread, I don’t hate Adam. I don’t follow google links to articles about Adam to spew garbage. Adams fans spam c*ap on every single article about Kris, most of which don’t even mention Adam.

      • Light

        and I can say that Kris fans spam and write the most rude and disgusting things on articles about Adam and I am so tired of it. OPen your eyes, Kris fans are just as bad as some of Adam fans so get over trying to blame one side, you can’t , there is such ugliness on both sides, so be careful as you are starting to go more and more on the ugly side yourself. Ignore the haters, they have no self respect, they don’t deserve your time , they are such unhappy people, nothing you say can change that.

      • Julie E.

        This is just not true. If anything, Kris fans are just sick of the Adam fans’ obnoxious behavior, which has been going on for WAY too long.

      • Davey

        Julie E, you said it right.

      • Wicked Glitter

        Oh gee Davey, go back and read some of Vada’s comments if you you want to read something ‘obnoxious’. I change what I said about a few of Adam’s fans leaving early. Who wants to sit next to a bunch of judgemental assholes anyway? At least Adam’s fans are honest about what they do, but that might be because honest people tend to find other honest people, Thats one reason why we love Adam so much.

      • staciegirlie

        Vada, You misrepresent. In most of the Kris articles, they put Adam’s name in the title or mention it once in the article in an attempt to get more clicks. I get so annoyed when I take the time to google Adam, click on an article that comes up UNDER ADAM’S NAME and an article about Kris comes up instead.

        So don’t accuse us of deliberately looking Kris up. We don’t.

      • Idol insider

        Now if you notice they are articles about Kris have you figured it out…why do people have to post nasty comments?

      • Kelsie

        So? That shouldn’t mean you have to be nasty about Adam. Just ignore it!

      • To Vada

        Yeah Adam has never said that. You are right.

      • Kelsie

        Your comment confuses me. How can being a fan of one person endanger someone else’s career? Lay off the crack.

      • Kelsie

        Your comment puzzles me. How can being a fan of one person endanger another person’s career?

      • Confused

        How are Adams fans RUINING Kris? Don’t ya think that if his fans had the “Power” Adam woulda won?

      • LindaT

        Is this a joke comment? Are you really serious?

      • LindaT

        Sorry, this comment was meant for Vada. How can someone’s fans “ruin” another person’s career? Doesn’t make sense.

      • jean

        Adam seems to be pretty busy with his career and I don’t see Chris telling his fans to lay off Adam with the ugly remarks either = tit for tat & so on!!

      • Wendy

        What does that even mean?

        Go eat something, I think your blood sugar is getting low – you sound delirious. You’ve been here too long feeding the drama and expressing your hate – take a break!

      • baffling

        What’s even funnier is that EVEYRONE has these types of fans. Everyone. Kris has some grossly rude and bitter and ignorant fans who TWEET absolutely disgusting comments to Adam, yet no one notices because they’re sly. People leave gigs early ALL THE TIME. There is NO logic in staying for something you don’t want to see. I don’t understand Kris fans who claim others should have stayed for Kris. How does that make ANY sense?

      • Vada

        Obviously, you don’t get out much. It is NOT common for fans of an earlier act to leave ‘en masse’.

      • Anne

        Vada, I have read many reports that it was only a handful and many people just needed a break for the bathroom or air and came back. These ‘en masse’ reports are misinformed and overblown IMO.

      • Wendy

        Sweetie, we can tell you don’t get out AT ALL.

      • Angelraj

        I like Kris a lot, but in most concerts the biggest “draw” usually performs last. That wasn’t necessarily the case here (unless you prefer Kris’ music). In any case, there was still a large audience at the end. It is preferable to most artists to perform for people that really dig them anyway.

      • Dale

        Gokey, tho.

      • Julie E.

        He encourages them on Twitter constantly.

    • Cathy

      Sasha…I will be deliberately rude since you want to paint me with that brush. Go jump in the lake. Some of the rudest most vilest people I have come across on the internet are Kris fans

    • Hanna

      How do Adam’s fans reflect poorly on him? He doesn’t hand pick his fans. He doesn’t even know 99% of his fans. LOL Is Kris responsible for all his whining fans? Of course he isn’t, although I imagine he’d be embarrassed by them.

    • Jenn

      How is having to leave early rude and how do you know whose fans they were? And why lump all Adam fan’s into a little pile. It seem like people are getting bent over nothing here…

  • dee

    I not only hope they don’t tour together but that this was the swan song of the Kradison insanity. Adam seemed to say Adios in every which way possible there and that’s as it should be. He’s long flown away from that flock and those who still nurture delusions about Kradison/Kradam got served a sweet, glorious goodbye. But a goodbye it was.

    • Lana

      I completely agree. Just these comments alone and the rehashing of stale fan wars seems to indicate to me that perhaps it’s best if the ‘Kradison’ thing was put to rest. On to Season 9!! : D

    • Kiki

      Oh, agreed. Don’t get me wrong, we were thrilled to have a chance to see Adam and Allison in one concert because it was convenient. And they both put on AWESOME shows — so glad we went!


      Truth is, it’s highly unlikely that MOST fans of Kris’ music are going to also be fans of Adam/Allison and vice versa. Sure, there are some folks who will like all of them, but MOST won’t. Given that reality, it was actually stupid of TPTB to have them on the same bill — it pretty much guaranteed that there would be folks leaving.

      I hope this is the last Kradison concert ever if only because I am sick of the ridiculous and apparently incessant fan warring between the factions that AI foments.

  • Hills

    I don’t get it. Why was Kris playing for a smaller crowd?

    • Hills

      Ah, never mind, I just read the last paragraph again!

      • SMK

        Like you are funny. Right.

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