Courtney Love finds new home for Hole: 'Nobody's Daughter' hits stores April 27

The ’90s revival rolls on with the musical return of one Ms. Courtney Love, most recently known for her train-wreckish exploits and last seen in this space losing custody of Frances Bean, her daughter with Kurt Cobain. After five years, Love has finally found a home for a new album from the reanimated corpse of Hole, which includes no original members (much to the displeasure of long-time guitarist and songwriter Eric Erlandson): According to SPIN, Nobody’s Daughter will be released April 27 by Mercury/Island Def Jam.

As a huge fan of Hole’s first two albums — oh, anger issues, how you opened musical doors! — and someone who tentatively came around to embrace both 1998’s glassy-eyed Celebrity Skin as well as Love’s flirtation with Hollywood glamour, I am of two minds about this. I’d like to see Love succeed (grunge needs more happy endings), and I can’t help but feel that a segment of the younger female population would benefit from her hard-worn perspective. But while her February performance of new track “Samantha” on the BBC’s Friday Night with Jonathan Ross was by no means an utter destruction of the Hole legacy — watch it after the jump; her wrecked voice has, if anything, just gotten more interesting in the last 10 years — I’m not sure that song is much more than a retread of old material. The increasingly pained lyrical repetition is there, but it’s no “I made my bed I’ll lie in it/I made my bed I’ll die in it.” Much like I have a hard time with her old pal Billy Corgan and his stubborn insistence on calling any group of nearby musicians “Smashing Pumpkins” (let’s not address the Guns N’ Roses issue), it’s tough to embrace an Erlandson-free lineup. Then again, best-known Hole bassist Melissa Auf der Maur was herself a replacement, after Kristen Pfaff died of an apparent overdose following the release of Live Through This. See what I mean about this story needing more happy endings?

What do you think, Mixers? Are you prepared to open your tortured hearts to the new Hole?

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  • j

    Hole was a great band. Courtney Love was awesome, and she was also a pretty good actress. I’m not sure I can embrace this “new Hole” either, though.

    • Tim

      Yep. I can’t imagine any of this being better than ‘Violet’ or ‘Boys on the Radio’.

      • Lin

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    • Nick T

      Yeah. I would like to see her succeed, but wouldn’t bet on it.

  • Tom

    No. Snore. Hole’s best work was actually done under the aegis of Kurt Cobain and then Billy Corgan. If you can’t see their respective (ahem) influences all over “Live Through This” and “Celebrity Skin,” you’re just not listening. Move on, nothing to see here, just the latest in a series of increasingly desperate grabs for a tiny fragment of the spotlight. Now Soundgarden, that’s a different story. They broke up while they were still mostly good and haven’t made fools of themselves repeatedly in the years since–OK, some of Chris Cornell’s solo choices are a mite questionable, but Matt Cameron elevated Pearl Jam and Kim Thayil and Ben Sheperd stayed, basically, out of sight.

    • Tom

      And I realize I should’ve written, “if you can’t hear their respective influences,” but oh well — the point stands.

      • pthomas

        It pains me that legit music press and critics even give Love a paragraph of press.

  • Quirky

    I’m I the only one who would love to see Courtney Love guest judge on American Idol just for the amazing train wreck factor? Maybe she could mentor the top 12 and totally scare half of them out of the entire music business.

    • Mothra

      OMG, Quirky! I almost got busted in my cubicle farm from laughing out loud at the thought of that! “Love Traumatizes Pop Tart Wannabes” I want to go to there!

    • Andy

      Actually they is a good idea, I haven’t watched American Idol since the first season, but I would watch her on it.

  • Mothra

    I’m sorry, but I am a purist. This isn’t Hole, it’s a Courtney Love solo project like “America’s Sweetheart”. Hole Rocks. This doesn’t. And I am one of her biggest fans, too. What a shame she either couldn’t get the band back together or let it RIP (rest in pieces…peace)

    • Fynn

      Ooh, that’s almost saecrlige not responding to emails until you get back from vacation. I often do the same. It’s a way of simplifying I check for urgent emails and try not to reply unless it’s really important.

  • Andy

    I like old Hole and I will say she looked better then I thought she would and she even sounded better then I thought she would, but I just couldn’t get into the song.

    • Sahrawiyaljabha

      I’m sorry to hear of your loss.Remember, that your husband lost this baby too. We all take drefeifnt amounts of time to grieve and heal .and though he might say a year or two, he might be ready sooner .But what’s apparent is that he is not ready now.He may be so struck by grief that he can’t bear the thought of risking it again Try to work this out together .He can’t fix the emptiness inside you while he’s got the same emptiness himself .just take this time to be there for each other.Best wishes.

  • janeygotagun

    The world needs more Courtney, more often!

  • Eric P

    I will give it a listen. She may be a mess but shes never boring.

  • Tam

    Has there ever been anybody in recent history who was a more shameless star***ker than Courtney? The doubt about who wrote the songs on Live Through This is still up for debate.

  • artemis

    Am I just blurry-eyed, or did Courtney get a complete face lift? Last time I saw pix of her, she was look a little rag-tag. Her nose is definitely not her original.

  • Salome Arsinoe

    It’s really not that bad. it’s got a nice beat and I can dance to it.
    But is this a diss at her former drummer Samantha Maloney? what is it about cancer chicks and how they can’t get over anything and thrive on drama? CL is a perfect example.

  • Dave Hurds

    If you’ve heard any of the demos – they’re actually really really good. Not Hole – Not yet anyway.

  • Shaun

    Wow, this is random. I was a big fan of their’s with “Celebrity Skin” and their cover of “Gold Dust Woman” on one of “The Crow” soundtracks, but this just sounds kind of…lame.

  • Jen

    Yeah, the demos that have been floating around youtube sound REALLY good. But this performance was just eh. It breaks my heart that she did not invite Eric and Samantha (or Patty even) or MAdM to tour with “The New Hole.” Definitely there cannot be a Hole without Eric- he answered her freakin ad in the newspaper about forming a band back in 89/90-? I wish she wouldn’t call this new band Hole. Make up a whole new name for the band if you don’t want to go solo, but don’t call it Hole. Hole has a place in musical history. These guys in the band are good, but it’s no Hole line-up, that’s fer sure! Nevertheless, Courtney always has a place in my heart and I eagerly will pay my dollars for the album if and/or when it finally comes out!

  • Jen

    I love her effin Rickenbacker though! Reminds me of EARLY early Hole days when she had a 12-string Rickenbacker!!

  • pthomas

    Please she is should spare us all. She is completely untalented and awful. Tom is correct with Cobain and Corgin she is a bad singer with a decent backing band. With out Cobain four people would have ever listened to her shreak ….she is a total mess and not even a nice person as a consolation prize.

    • Prince

      I think the miscarriage was elulaqy devasting for both of you. He is more than llikely afraid to try again just because he dosen’t want it to happen again. I would suggest you both reach out to some support groups with other couples that have experienced the same loss. They do help immensely.

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